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Idk why, but I sorta hc as Michael being VERY into birds. Like, he knows so much about them!!!


  • michael fell in love with birds because of various wildlife documentaries he watched as a child. he’s always wanted one or two as a pet, but his dad has awful allergies set off by furs or feathers of any kind, and thus michael just watches birds wistfully as they fly by.
  • “so what’s your favorite bird?” is a question you should only ask michael if youre ready for him to talk for an HOUR. he has a favorite bird for physical adaptation, behavior, plummage, badassery, Just Cuz They’re Really Pretty, and sentimentality. even then, he still gets really emotional and always ends with “but they’re all my favorite. i just….love birds…so….much…..” “michael, oh my god, are you crying?”
  • he has binoculars in his bag!! he will not hesitate to stop mid-walk upon hearing an bird call to immediately take it out and look for the feathery friend responsible! (yes, this has happened while michael was crossing the road. yes, jeremy almost had a heart attack because mICHAEL)
  • he is very, very knowledgeable about local birds!!! you could just vaguely describe it to him or even just mumble the bird call and he’d tell you exactly what it is and he’d be right.
  • speaking of bird calls, he’s pretty good at making them!!
  • michael absolutely did a presentation as a kid about the differences between a raven and a crow. at the end of it all, he’s like  “The outermost primary feathers connected to the phalanges are called pinions. If you look closely you can tell that ravens have four of these feathers while crows only have three……..I guess you could say the difference between a raven and a crow is just a matter of a pinion.”
  • (nobody laughs except himself and jeremy)

In a chaotic flurry of bubbles and webbed feet a great white pelican keeps his eyes on his dinner as he dives underwater at Jurong Bird Park, in Singapore. The bird uses its large throat pouch, which can hold up to 10 litres of water, to catch the fish before letting the water drain out…
…The hungry pelicans spent just 10 minutes fighting for the fish before returning to their nests to rest and preen.
Picture: Nikhil Rasiwasia/Solent News