singapore icons

  • First, Seungri was guiding Jiyong to the center like a little child = Cute.
  • Then both of them burst into a sexy dance = Hot.

That’s BigBang for you. The transation between Cuteness and hotness is in mere seconds.

Gardens by the Bay - Singapore 

A national icon of Singapore, Gardens by the Bay is a nature park, spanning 250 acres, in the heart of Singapore. The most famous section of the park, Super Tree Grove, features vertical gardens, ranging between 25 and 50 metres high. Each Super Tree houses unique and exotic species of ferns, vines and orchids. The Super Trees are able to harness solar energy, which power the light show that happens every night. They also collect rain water, which is used for the parks water fountains. Sky High walkways between the trees offer visitors great views of the park, and nearby Marina Bay Sands.