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Masking Fluid Tutorial

So! A few have asked me how to use the masking fluid… here you guys go!

Things you will need include:

  1. Masking fluid (the one I used for this tutorial is from molotow, there are other masking fluids but I find the other brands very smelly and clog and damage my nibs). It comes in marker and liquid (refill form which was what i used).
  2. Watercolour paper
  3. Calligraphy holder and nib

Remember to shake your bottle before using!

I transferred mine into a small pot/ dinky dip so that I can use it with my dip pen easier!

After you transfer, shake somemore!

After you write with your dip pen, make sure it’s DRIED. I didn’t video my writing process because most of you who are looking at this tutorial would be already familiar with how dip pen calligraphy works and how to use/ write with it. I used a heat tool but it’s optional if you don’t have it. THE DRYING PROCESS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Next, go ahead and paint over!

Get erasing at those lines! YOUR WATERCOLOUR SHOULD BE DRY, before you proceed to this step. You may use a heat gun if you have one. You can use an eraser/ your fingers but I used this weird sponge thing that Sue gave me!

Please leave any questions or comments in the chatbox if you have any :)


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