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9th August 1965 was the day Singapore separated from Malaysia and thus, leading to Singapore’s independence. Singapore was one of the 14 states of Malaysia from 1963 to 1965. Malaysia was formed on 16 September 1963 as a new political entity from the merger of the Federation of Malaya with former British colonies of North Borneo, Sarawak and Singapore

This marked the end of a 144-year period of British rule in Singapore, beginning with the founding of modern Singapore by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819. The union, however, was unstable due to distrust and ideological differences between leaders of the State of Singapore and the federal government of Malaysia. Such issues resulted in frequent disagreements relating to economics, finance and politics.

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Art Collab with: @ask2pphili / @mango-guhit !!

One half she does the lineart and I colour, the other half is I do the lineart and she colours!

Also this is a Southeast Asian Hetalia/MysMe AU

anonymous asked:

Who would you FMK? (except the F is changed to hanging out to "halal" it lmao): With the ex British colonies! Australia, New Zealand, Singapore 💕

Malaysia: Well…

F/Hanging out = New Zealand

Marry = Who else if it isn’t that kiasu a.k.a Singapore

Kill = …..

Malaysia: These guys can be annoying sometimes except for NZ but i would never think of killing them. They’re too precious Q_Q

1p--seychelles  asked:

Does Indonesia have any siblings?

Indonesia : I would consider whole Asia are my siblings, but nation wise, my siblings are the nations who also have a close relationship with my grandfather, Majapahit.

These are my siblings, except for my provinces which also can be considered as my siblings.



(( Also, Osomatsu-san ended yesterday -Monday for others, Tuesday for Philippine time eheke- and well, ending still summarized how wacky the series is though , XD ))

(( So if you guys still remember, I posted the ASEAN countries chars who I thought would fit these guys, so… I had fun kek. ))

(( Might do the rest of the ASEAN members if I still have strength left ahaha ))