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bts dna mv youtube trending right now: #1 USA & south korea. #2 united kingdom. #3 the philippines. #4 japan. #5 mexico. #9 singapore. #10 indonesia. #12 brazil. #14 canada & germany. #18 france. #23 argentina. #24 taiwan. #32 malaysia. #40 spain. they're worldwide trending.


Spotify National Charts Update 2/8

Louis currently is the 119th most listened to artist in the world. His average monthly listeners went up with 461,475 today, making his average now total: 10,475,857. He has 362,757 followers on Spotify. 

BTY current Global position: #23

#5 Hong Kong

#6 Malaysia

#7 Singapore

#8 Indonesia

#12 Lithuania

#14 Bulgaria

#15 Malta

#18 Finland

#19 Slovakia

#19 Taiwan

#21 Australia

#21 Greece

#21 Czech Republic

#21 Estonia

#23 Ireland

#23 Andorra

#23 Liechtenstein

#24 United Kingdom

#24 Hungary

#24 Latvia

#25 Canada

#25 Poland

#25 Japan

#26 New Zealand

#27 Norway

#32 United States

#36 Portugal

#39 Switzerland

#41 Belgium

#41 Denmark

#48 Austria

#49 Netherlands

#50 Iceland

Almost Top 50: 

#51 Sweden

#57 Bolivia

[STARCAST] Meet the Hallyu Star Lee Jong Suk who is fatally charming

- The Asian man who came out from comics, Lee Jong Suk, gathers total 20 thousand people for 5 countries and 7 cities

- Exclusive photos behind the fan meeting held with 3,000 fans in Thailand

STARCAST readers! How have you been?

For the fans who have waited long for Lee Jong Suk’s news, STARCAST has prepared a special gift for you! (Heart beating fast)

On last September, Lee Jong Suk started Asia Fan Meeting Tour and successfully toured in Japan (Osaka and Tokyo), Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand! He went to 5 countries and 7 cities! (#He surely worked hart even he isn’t shooting any dramas)


Do you remember this? The previous fan meeting poster (#ThoseDays #LookingNew #A man with variety of facial expressions)

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Joanne World Tour Starting Times

Below are the starting times for major cities of the Joanne World Tour! Please note, this is the time Lady Gaga is expected to take the stage in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

  • Vancouver/LA/LV - 8:30pm
  • Mexico City/Chicago - 9:30pm
  • Toronto/New York - 11:30pm
  • Rio de Janeiro - 12:30am
  • London/Dublin/Lisbon/ - 4:30am
  • Amsterdam/Paris/Rome/Vienna/Oslo/Cape Town/Madrid - 5:30am
  • Tallinn/Athens/Jerusalem/Beirut/Istanbul - 6:30am
  • Dubai - 7:30am
  • New Delhi/Mumbai - 9am
  • Jakarta/Bangkok - 10:30am
  • Perth/Beijing/Shanghai/Hong Kong/Singapore - 11:30am
  • Tokyo/Seoul - 12:30pm
  • Sydney/Brisbane/Melbourne - 1:30pm
  • Auckland - 3:30pm

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1) Nicknames: My IRL nickname is my preferred name, so…

2) Gender: neutrois 

3) Star Sign: ??? no one talks about this here

4) Height: 157-158cm

5) Time: 1.33pm

6) Birthday: 21 December 

7) Favorite Band: ABBA

8) Favorite Solo Artist: no idea

9) Song Stuck In My Head: Ces Soirées-là

10) Last Movie I Watched: Moana

11) Last Show You Watched: Under One Roof (Singapore TV show)

12) When Did I Create My blog: July 2015

13) What Do I Post: Classical music stuff, music memes, ace/aro/agender stuff, Christianity

14) Last Thing I Googled: Cette année-là translation

15) Do You Have Other Blogs: too many

16) Why Did You Choose Your URL: I love F major (but I love F minor, D major and D minor too)

17) Following: 1733

18) Followers: 1480

19) Favorite Colors: Blue

20) Average Hours Of Sleep: 6-7

21) Lucky Number: don’t really have one

22) What Am I Wearing: jeans and a shirt with slightly longer sleeves

23) How Many Blankets I Sleep With: 1

24) Dream Job: Anthropologist

25) Dream Trip: France

26) Favorite Food: Carbonara

27) Nationality: Singaporean

28) Favorite Piece: don’t make me choose (but generally my fav pieces were composed in the 1700s)

I have no idea who to tag so go ahead and do it if you want, I guess


The Henderson Waves is pedestrian bridge in Singapore that is 12 stories high. It is made up of seven undulating curved steel ribs that alternately rise over and under its deck, forming alcoves that function as shelters with seats within. It connects two hilltop parks