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[STARCAST] Meet the Hallyu Star Lee Jong Suk who is fatally charming

- The Asian man who came out from comics, Lee Jong Suk, gathers total 20 thousand people for 5 countries and 7 cities

- Exclusive photos behind the fan meeting held with 3,000 fans in Thailand

STARCAST readers! How have you been?

For the fans who have waited long for Lee Jong Suk’s news, STARCAST has prepared a special gift for you! (Heart beating fast)

On last September, Lee Jong Suk started Asia Fan Meeting Tour and successfully toured in Japan (Osaka and Tokyo), Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand! He went to 5 countries and 7 cities! (#He surely worked hart even he isn’t shooting any dramas)


Do you remember this? The previous fan meeting poster (#ThoseDays #LookingNew #A man with variety of facial expressions)

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The Henderson Waves is pedestrian bridge in Singapore that is 12 stories high. It is made up of seven undulating curved steel ribs that alternately rise over and under its deck, forming alcoves that function as shelters with seats within. It connects two hilltop parks 

[TRANS] Lee Sem's letter to MINEs

Hello everyone^^ This is Lee Sem.
This year, 2013 has come to an end. Did you spent the year-end well?
I’ writing this letter on christmas night.
The day that people spend it joyfully. And I’m just staying quietly in my room.
I’m trying to write a letter with a sincere heart.

Sunday, not too long ago.
Nine Muses had a fanmeeting after Glue goodbye stage.
Actually, on that day i feel restless.
It was actually the last fanmeeting where I stood as Nine Muses’ member. So, I was trying my best to look at every fans in front of me, and I was hoping my eyes can catch every one of you.

I officially end my activity as Nine Muses member at an event in Singapore on 2013/12/30~2014/½.
It’s very regretful, and this parting is very saddening. But,
From now on, not as Nine Muses’ Lee Sem, but I will pursue my life as Lee Hyunjoo.
And I’m trying to bear this wistfullness and sadness.

Although fans’ face who regretting this as much as I am now; keep swimming in my head.
I personally think about this carefully for a long time.
It’s a conclusion that came after consultating with agency.
And we think positively about this.

I’m going to keep all the precious days we spent and memories we made during my activity as Nine Muses member for 4 years.
Of course, there were a lot of tough things happened, I will also keep all of it.
There will be time when I cry because I recall all the joyful moment, happy moment, thankful moment, sad moment.
Thanks for being together with me at those moments.

Nine Muses friends and dongsaengs who are just like a family to me..
Please keep supporting and giving them love just like how you do now.
Wherever am I, I will always support Nine Muses and our Mines.
Thank you very much. To me, all of you are my everything.
And I will never forget you. A sincere that I receive from all of you.. the proofs of all that sincereness..
It will be a great strength for me to live the upcoming days and I will be a strut.

Although I can’t promise when,
I believe we can re-unite through my personal activity.
At that time,
I promise I will meet you all with broaden heart and mind.
Let’s overcome wistfullness we feel now.

Then, I will end this letter.
I love you all so much.
I hope every one of you know how much you mean to me.

-Lee Sem who love you more than anyone doe

© 아유 

[FANFICTION] I Wear It (Mark)

“I saw the fantaken photos,” I said in the middle of our usual pointless facetime conversation. Mark questioned with his eyes, wordlessly asked me to continue. “Where’s the thing?”
“What thing?” he asked. I rolled my eyes.
“Do I need to tell you like thousand times about it?” I whined.
“Wait, babe I don’t understand what do you mean by the thing,” Mark answered confusedly. Suddenly I could hear Jaebum’s voice asked for razor.
“Go for him first while you think about it,” I said sarcastically. Mark shouted the location of the razor and went back to me.
“Babe what’s going on?” Mark asked again. He never thought he did anything wrong during GOT7’s press conference.
“That wasn’t even a showcase, Mark Tuan,” I said annoyingly.
“Ah,” Mark seemed to get the idea what did he ‘did wrong’. Then he folded his left sleeve of his hoodie and showed his Cartier bracelet. “On the left side. I wear it right.”
“Oh,” I flustered.
“The ring is on my pendant. Don’t worry,” he reassured. “And how’s your showcase?”
“Some mistakes though, but everyone worked hard,” I said.
“I also saw the fantaken photos. You wore those,” he said. I rolled my eyes.
“At least that’s the way I can prove to you that I’m taken,” I jokingly said. “Because few knows duh.”
“By the way, are you on your period right now?” he asked.
“Do you need to say it out loud when I can hear Bambam’s voice right there?” I growled.
“Seems I am correct,” Mark laughed. “It’s 12 in Singapore. So 2 in Seoul. Sleep.”
“Why should I?” I asked in a sarcastic tone.
“I am right you are in your bloody week,” he said again. “I don’t want you to be stressed by acnes tomorrow morning.”
“So you don’t want to be with me if I have acnes?” I shouted. “I am the same age as Joey, though. Bye, Mark.”
“Kidding,” he laughed. “Sleep now. I’m tired. Morning flight tomorrow.”
“Okay bye,” I rolled my eyes and put my phone aside after I ended the video call.

And who knows the next day, straight from the airport, Mark showed in front of the studio with a small bouquet and a box called ‘BLOODY WEEK SURVIVAL TOOL’ which contained all the snacks I like?
“Trying to be a sweet boyfriend to repay the weeks we couldn’t spend together,“ he cleared his throat. “I’m up for any food munching and netflix calls anytime,” he added with a cocky smile.
"With some Ben&Jerry’s?” I asked.
“Cookies and cream this time,” he claimed and I nodded.


Taylor stops during ‘Sparks Fly’ to sing to Kikaycaleigh, a young girl battling Leukemia. Singapore- 6/12/14

So…Troyler’s in Singapore. They are literally 12 hours ahead of me (As Troye often is…same timezone as Perth and all). Why did Troye just now post a picture of him and Tyler out for drinks. It’s 10 in the morning there? They probably shouldn’t be drinking at 10 in the morning…so logic tells us it was last night…so…what have they been doing all night? *winky face*


- - - SEPTEMBER - - -

September 4 CALVIN: Las Vegas, Nevada / TAYLOR: Salt Lake City, Utah

September 5-6 TAYLOR: Denver, CO

September 6-7 CALVIN: Las Vegas

September 9 TAYLOR: Houston, TX

September 11-12 CALVIN: Las Vegas / 11-13 TAYLOR:  Saint Paul, MN

September 16 TAYLOR: Indianapolis, IN

September 17-18 TAYLOR: Columbus,OH

September 19 CALVIN: Las Vegas

September 21-22 TAYLOR: Kansas City, MO

September 25-26 TAYLOR: Nashville, TN

September 28-29 TAYLOR: St Louis, MO 

- - - OCTOBER - - -

October 2-3 TAYLOR: Toronto, ON, Canada

October 8 TAYLOR: Des Moines, IA

October 9-10 TAYLOR: Omaha, NE

October 12 TAYOR: Fargo, ND

October 17 TAYLOR: Arlington, TX

October 20 TAYLOR: Lexington, KY

October 21 TAYLOR: Greensboro, NC

October 24 TAYLOR: Atlanta, GA

October 27 TAYLOR: Miami, FL

October 31 TAYLOR: Tampa, FL 

- - - NOVEMBER - - -

November 7-8 TAYLOR: Singapore

November 10-12 TAYLOR: Shanghai, China

November 22 LCALVIN: Mexico City, Mexico

November 28 TAYLOR: Sydney, Australia 

- - - DECEMBER - - -

December 5 TAYLOR: Brisbane, Australia

December 7-8 TAYLOR: Adelaide, Australia

December 10-12 TAYLOR: Melbourne VIC, AU

December 12 CALVIN: Quito, Ecuador 

- - -