Haze Woes

Hi guys!!! My fellow Singaporeans! The PSI has reached to unhealthy levels again so you know what that means….It’s that time of the year again! The smokey smell in the air, natural Instagram filter, mask wearing 24/7 etc etc.

  • Buy those N95 masks or use the ones in your house. I personally recommend the AIR+ smart mask 

ST Engineering subsidiary has invented the World’s First Smart Mask, with a micro ventilator for fresher air. Furthermore, being innovated in Singapore, the masks are designed for Asian faces, and in sizes to fit both children and adults. The engineers focused their R&D efforts on a design that will provide better seal protection for all ages, as well as front line workers, who have to wear masks for prolonged periods in exposed areas. It’s sold in watsons, guardian and many other health stores for $7.20++ (I’m not sure) but it’s affordable for the masses to use! 

  • Drink lots and lots of water and stay indoors at all time (if outside, try to stay in the air-conditioned areas) if PSI have reached unhealthy levels!
  • Health before pokemon GO !
  • Avoid outdoor activities, especially outdoor sports. Exercise indoors (like gyms) for the moment until the PSI is back to the usual stable healthy range 
  • Cut down on coffee and alcohol – these promote fluid loss and leach nutrients from the body.
  • Build up your immunity with foods rich in vitamin C (oranges, guava, strawberries), vitamin E (nuts and seeds) and omega-3 fatty acids (oily fish). 
  • Pay attention to NEA PSI updates 
  •  In case PSI levels reach to unhealthy/ very unhealthy levels and it becomes unbearable, close all windows, doors and any openings that may allow haze to enter your home and office. Turn on the air conditioner if you have one.
  • Take your medication regularly if you are suffering from an existing disease, especially heart disease and respiratory disease.
  • Limit or avoid smoking indoor and the use of gas stove, wood fireplace, candles, incense and anything that burns and emits smoke.
  • Lastly, relax and go on with life. There’s nothing much we can do besides government intervention. Life goes on so let’s keep our spirits up and find the best ways to adapt the situation :) 

Singapore Skyline from Singapore Flyer

Shot handheld from Singapore Flyer (giant Ferris wheel) at twilight. Which photo do you like more? Looking similar, but 1st photo was shot at 19:27 (10 mins before dusk) from a slightly higher point, and 2nd photo at 19:31 (6 mins before dusk) near the end of the Ferris wheel ride. I like the 1st photo’s higher angle, but the 2nd photo might look better with more city buildings lit-up. Don’t say that these two photos look same. ;)

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A marriage of ice and fire: a cool marble fondant cake with luscious red roses and warm copper geometric patterns. Perfection.

Red and white also has special significance to me as a Singaporean.

I’ve always been proud of my little red dot, but I’ve never been prouder on August 12, 2016, when Joseph Schooling brought home the nation’s first Olympic gold. Well done, you.

Cake: Sugar Suckle


2nd May 2016 // Day 26/100

Studied with a bunch of friends today! Although we got kicked out of coffeebean (smh, it wasnt even peak period or a weekend), I’m glad we studied at the grass area as it was much more comfortable aND WELCOMING. 😾Malay paper 1, 3 and Social Studies tomorrow. Wish me the best of luck😬

Vending Machines Are Installed In Singapore to Promote Literature

Bookworms your dreams are slowly coming true all over the world. Last week we spoke about the Taiwanese bookstore, which allows one to read endlessly 24/7 without buying a thing, and last week Singapore’s local bookstore BooksActually, has installed three book vending machines!! Take a look at the bibliophile mania below!

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'Please don't leave me'

Please help support the ONLY shelter for transgender people in Singapore. 

If you have Paypal, send your donation to:

Update 29 May 2016: They now have a fundraising page! >>–2

She claims the transgender community faces discrimination everywhere they go.

“They get rejected at job interviews, social welfare centres and healthcare service providers,” she says, adding that homeless transgenders struggle to survive every day.

“It is a vicious circle,” explains Miss Chua.

“Those with early transition might get kicked out of their homes by their families and drop out of school.

"Without adequate educational qualifications, some resort to becoming sex workers to make money.”

The transgender women who have stayed in the shelter have their own heartbreaking stories of abandonment and rejection.

Miss Chua was recently informed that The T Project might be relocated to a dormitory that houses 70 migrant workers.

She says: “I was devastated when I thought about Rose. I do not know if she can cope at a place full of strangers.”

Miss Chua says its costs about $500 each month to operate the shelter.

She hopes she can raise enough money to keep it going.


This year’s ramadhan felt more meaningful for me alhamdulillah and that made Eid all the more special this year. I’m so blessed to celebrate it again with my family. I know I’ve said like 2 times before but Eid Mubarak from my family to you! I pray that we will see ramadhan again next year insyaAllah.