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There was something idealistic, stupidly sentimental about him driving around with the foolish, pining mess of a gift and not even realizing it.                             

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Can we just take a minute to appreciate how Adam probably listened to the “Shitbox Singalong” tape every time he was in the car alone and on every trip to college and every time he wasn’t with Ronan and let’s be honest he probably had a portable casset player so that he could listen to it at any point and it just makes him smile a loving smile because it was a gift from the person he loves

Forest of Chest Hair
Forest of Chest Hair

This is the story
Of a mighty forest of chest hair
It belonged to the sexiest dwarf
Who most will admit was beyond compare

He stood 4'3"
Had eyes that shone like lyrium
Had no beard but his chest alone
Had my heart from day one

Varric when I met you
Didn’t have a sovereign to my name
I’d met your awful brother
But you weren’t the same

It must’ve been cupid’s arrow
You shot at me that day
Introduced me to Bianca
And now all I can say

Varric! You bastard!
You wooed me with your low-cut shirt
And then you left me out to dry

And Varric, Baby
I’d drop everyone else I’ve ever known
If you’d promise to be my only guy

Who could ever choose a mage
Or a sparkly warrior?
A pirate who doesn’t wear pants
A blood mage who wears fur?

I’ll tell you what they share
Why they don’t make my heart explode
They don’t have any chest hair
So they won’t be exploring my Deep Roads

But Varric, he can
He can go spelunking any time
As long as he promises to be true

And Varric, baby,
I’ll love you till we fall into the sky
I’ll do almost anything for you

You may be married to your crossbow
But she ain’t the only one
She can never love you
Like a Champion

Varric! Darling!
Let me be a lumberjack
In the forest on your chest

And Varric, baby,
Let me get a little closer to you
And learn why Hawke’s the very best
(Even Andraste’d be impressed)
(At that thing he’s got on his chest)

(Request) Dating/living with Michael:
  • “Michael you can’t play your Xbox all day" 
  • "No we can’t have pizza again" 
  • Wearing his sweatshirts 
  • Mario kart 
  • Ignoring the winner after playing Mario kart
  • Lots of "Luke did this” and “Luke did that" 
  • Playing you new songs when he shouldn't 
  • Tummy kisses (both you giving and receiving them) 
  • Video game shopping 
  • Pranks 
  • Hiding Daniel as payback 
  • Lots of hair dye stained pillow cases 
  • Not knowing how to make you feel better when you’re upset so he calls Ashton for help 
  • Convincing you to dye your hair the same colour as him 
  • New-hair-colour selfies 
  • "Michael those are my jeans" 
  • Stealing his over-sized band shirts 
  • Sleeping in his shirts and shorts 
  • Inappropriate jokes around parents 
  • Laughing at inappropriate times together 
  • Inside jokes 
  • "Babe have you seen my Nintendo ds charger" 
  • "Want to have a Pokemon battle?" 
  • "You suck at league" 
  • Him making fun of Luke 
  • All time low singalongs 
  • Teaching you how to play his songs 
  • Singing while he does things 
  • Him trying to help around the house but not knowing how stuff works or what to use on what surface 
  • Letting him get louder when he gets excited about things when he’s talking 
  • "Michael why is there blue hair dye on my white beach towel?" 
  • Behind hugs 
  • Getting a say in new tattoos 
  • Getting to watch him get a new tattoo
  • Buying him new bars for his eyebrow piercing

calum, luke, ashton


EXO as preschoolers

Xiumin: Baekhyun got fingerpaint on his clothes and and he turned quiet, glaring at him as well as he can with his cute squishy face. Later, Baek’s shoes were somehow found buried in the sandbox. Apart from that, he always plays nicely with others and shares his snacks with Luhan.

Luhan: Always impatient to play outside, he rolls around during naptime and laughs with Xiumin or sits up to see what else is going on. He’s the best at puzzles he gets really into it, forgetting everything else, including food, which means he gets cranky unless someone makes him eat.

Kris: He spends a lot of his time drawing, proudly handing over stacks of his artwork to his mother at the end of the day. He trips over his own feet when he runs out onto the playground with the others, but always keeps playing, even if his knees are scraped up.

Suho: He’s the only one who never stays awake giggling during nap-time (except Kai) and he builds worlds out of legos when he’s awake. He tries really hard to act cool when his ‘awesome’ older brother comes with their parents to get him but the other kids see through it and joke playfully.

Lay: Sometimes he stops right in the middle of doing something because he gets distracted and leaves a mess, but none of the teachers have the heart to admonish him because he’s such a sweet child, always hugging them and playing well with the others, often following at Kris’s heels.

Baekhyun: He’s picky during snacktime and pushes his vegetables over to Chanyeol, He plays so hard that he’s nearly asleep when his parents come to get him. When it’s time for singalong, he’s always the loudest and claps along with the songs.

Chen: He spent an entire week trying to unearth ‘dinosaur bones’ in the yard, somehow able to hide it under the sandbox cover, until they found it. He gets messy on a daily basis, be it paint, dirt, or even holes in his clothing - but when his parents come get him, he’s always grinning brightly.

Chanyeol: He brought his pet ferret to school for show and tell, but it got away and he had to spend half a day running after it. He never wants to slow down for nap time, but this means that sometimes he falls asleep while playing with something.

D.O: He absolutely will not share his toys with anyone and can often be found in one of the beanbag chairs, looking through the picture books, though with a little prodding, he will happily run out onto the playground with Kai, smiling brightly and holding hands.

Tao: He still cries every morning when his mother drops him off, not wanting her to leave him there. But he soon forgets once the others pull him along to play. He has been known to throw tantrums every once in a while, when something doesn’t go his way.

Kai: He gets antsy sitting around during storytime, kicking his legs against the ground as he lies down on his stomach. The reason why Chanyeol’s ferret got lose is that Kai brought in one of his dogs on the same day. He was a little shy, but now he always shares his sleep mat with Sehun.

Sehun: He’s a very snuggly child, hanging all over his hyungs and he loves having his picture taken. However, sometimes he’ll pout for hours and refuse to do anything when he doesn’t get what he wants until someone gives him his stuffed animal (or he forgets).

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samyazaz  asked:

Matt/Foggy - road trip

(This turned into Five Car Rides To The Nelson Family Summer Trip.)


“Matthew Murdock, I am here to bring you the most exciting news of your year.”

Matt tilts his head. Foggy sounds nothing but honestly happy, the lingering smell of cafeteria around him, so whatever it is must have happened on his way back from lunch. “Debate results were posted early and you beat Marci Stahl?”

“I wish,” says Foggy, easily derailed as ever. “I mean, I’m not afraid to say that I think I won that one, because Marci is terrifying but doesn’t have you to tell her to sit her ass down and work on her research, but no. You’re officially invited to the Nelson Family Summer Trip!”

Matt pushes away from his desk. He still has one final, but clearly he’s not going to get to studying for it right now. “What do you mean?”

“One week, late June, we’re going upstate to swim in lakes, you can go swimming and make all my little cousins swoon, I know you secretly enjoy their crushes.”

“It’s a family event.”

“And apparently you count as family! You’ve been to our house three times now, Nana Patricia likes you, you’re stuck with us now. Come on, Matt, I checked, no summer sessions are running then so you won’t even be tutoring. You can take a week off and get some fresh air, right? I’m kind of worried you’re a vampire.”

Matt should say no, that he’s glad the Nelsons like him so much and that he’s honored, but that he can’t interrupt a family event when he’s just been Foggy’s roommate for a year. It’s probably pity from Foggy’s mother, who he can sometimes hear on the phone with Foggy asking him if Matt’s eating enough, has enough warm clothes, if he’s doing well.

Foggy sounds so hopeful, though, and Matt would know if he were unhappy at all about Matt being invited on their family trip. “Okay, I think I can do it,” he says, and can’t really regret it when Foggy immediately cheers and starts making plans.

He regrets it a little a month later when he’s stuffed in the back of a van containing six Nelson cousins, all of them singing “Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog” in six different keys, but Foggy sounds so happy, leaning into his shoulder during the chorus, that he knows he won’t mind even if the campground they’re going to contains seventy Nelsons who insist on having a singalong the whole time.

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If anyone ever asks me why I love the Arendelle historians so much (especially Erik!), I’m just going to show them this video.


verse 1:

here in our little…
world within a world…
i pull her close as i can, each…
breath a line of poetry
as we hold eachother’s heart…
safe in the other’s hand.


she types out in whispers… real love’s indelible font,
overwriting everything…her gaze will forever haunt, 
chasing me into our song… her eyes are a singalong.

verse 2:

time keeps its distance…
outside of space and mind…
find myself lost in her kiss, as…
though wandering in dreams
a fantasy can never be true…
yet, right here with me, she isssss!


she types out in whispers… real love’s indelible font,
overwriting everything…her gaze will forever haunt, 
chasing me into our song… her eyes are a singalong.


the palette…

the mallet…

a muse
on display.

the orchestra,


she types out in whispers… real love’s indelible font,
overwriting everything…her gaze will forever haunt, 
chasing me into our song… her eyes are a singalong.

thought that won’t leave me alone:

Ronan deliberately put the Murder Squash song first on the “Shitbox Singalong/Parrish’s Hondayota Alone Time” mixtape because he knew Adam would just instinctively freak out and eject it

Every other song is an incredibly embarrassing love song (or at least Ronan Lynch’s definition of one) because he knows Adam won’t actually listen to it.

Adam does, but never mentions it until about 5 years later when he’s just mercilessly making fun of Ronan on their anniversary.

— a good hyung. —
pairing: jimin/jungkook. 
length: drabble (~950w). rating: pg. 

author’s note: heyo so here’s yet another kookie bday drabble! this time it’s canon and inspired by jimin’s more than obvious thirst for his (now legal) maknae. click here for the taekook ver!!

Jeongguk was going to be alone on his birthday, and it was all his own fault.

Well, sort of.

He cursed himself repeatedly as he marched down the Big Hit hallways, determined to get back to their dorms and bury himself in a pile of video-games. There was truly only one person he wanted by his side, and he’d made it pretty clear that his attention was (falsely) unwanted. Don’t get him wrong - the maknae more than enjoyed the company of his bandmates; Taehyung’s careless humour, Hoseok’s unfazed vibrance, Yoongi’s discreet way of taking care of him, Jin’s cooking, and even Namjoon’s not-so-discreet sarcasm and occasional condescension. He loved them all. By their third year post-debut together, Jeongguk thought of them as family as much as his own kin.

All of them except one.

Park fucking Jimin. Scratching barely over 170 cm and now sporting chocolate locks, the damn vocalist had the audacity to be the cutest and yet hottest thing Jeongguk encountered in his shy, fresh eighteen years on planet earth. He sincerely doubted that would change anytime soon. It was embarrassing how easily the elder rendered him into a kindergaden-level boy in love. How he ardently refused to reciprocate the teasing and flirting, how fervently he pretended to be burdened by the vocalist’s approaches. Had Jimin donned a ponytail at some point, Jeongguk would probably have pulled on it. It was that bad.

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  • Me: So I have to duck out of our orientation thing on the 27th like half an hour early.
  • Female Co-Worker: Why, what's up?
  • Me: Going to Disney World.
  • Female Co-Worker: Seriously?
  • Me: Yep. Best friend's mom has all of these points from traveling so we're going super cheap.
  • Female Co-Worker: Awesome. Are you going to see the Frozen thing?
  • Me: *carefully tilting Frozen picture frame on desk away from her* Proooobably.
  • Female Co-Worker: I saw ads for that. The mountain guy is CUTE.
  • Me: *mentally screaming*
  • Me: ...yes. Yes he is.

more ideas for panels for 2015 dash con:

  • british man with………. esophogus?
  • bdsm: kids addition
  • a five foot by six foot ball pit in an abandoned gymnasium nearby the hotel
  • my little pony: why it was never actually for young girls but actually for college aged men with an abundance of body hair and confidence
  • the fetishization of gay men and why any two males that have spoken to each other and are attractive are probably fucking each other
  • les mis singalong in hotel lobby; time tbd (whenever the most tired-looking hotel employee is working)

we’re also taking suggestions now, so if you want something there get to it because the planning has just begun