I’m glad I didn’t go to the Sadie Hawkins Dance, because I read in the Muckraker that everyone was just doing really bad things. But I’m kinda sad that I missed out on the dancing and listening to Julian’s angelic singing voice. I stayed in my room all night and danced with my cats to Katy Perry but it just wasn’t the same.

Friendly reminder that I wish I was at comicon

obsessedwithvirtualrobots  asked:

Mccree dealing with his s/o who is deathly afraid of the dark during a power outage?

I’m all for this 

  • he sits them in his lap and wrapes them up in his serape/scarf to keep them close
  • before that, he gathers up as many candles as he can and lights them
  • he swears to protect his s/o from anything and everything while kissing their cheeks lightly
  • if his s/o starts to cry, he rocks them lightly and sings to them
  • he stays up all night to make sure his s/o sleeps soundly
[Dubbed Cover] Everything Stays - Peridot Cover
Picture can be found here: Music used from here: https://www.yout...

I made an extended version without the blabber with Lapidot laced in my previous recording. Thought I’d share it on here as well!