‘Studio’ Sesh

okay so i got two similar requests so im just gonna blend it together okay? okay

here are the requests:

Can you do one where you agree to do a duet with Niall and Justin gets all jealous because you won’t do one with him and you say something like “maybe I didn’t want to sing some stupid love song with you when you probably wrote it for someone else”


OK an imagine where you famous af and in the recording studio with him?? yes? no? 💓 ily btw

btw probs first & last time ill right about 1d on this account so yaa




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“I told her that I loved her, was not sure if she heard..” Niall sung beautifully into the mic, and I smiled at him.

“The roof was pretty windy so I didn’t say a word” I sing next, both of us looking at each other and smiling.

“All I know at the end of the day is you want what you want and you say what you say and you follow your heart when you know itll break some tiiiimes.” We sing, before I burst out laughing .

“Okay lets take 5” Niall says and chuckles along .

“ Im sorry, the end always gets to me” I giggle, as we both take our headphones off and walk into the studio room, and I stop short when I see Justin sitting on one of the couches . Shit.

“Oh, hey Justin” I say, walking over to him and pressing a quick kiss to his lips, one he doesn’t return.

“Hey.. you guys sound good out there” Justin says, but I could hear the hurt in his voice and I feel bad immediately .

“Thanks mate, Y/N is very talented over here, now I see why everybody is trying to sign her” Niall compliments and I smile at him .

“Yeah, shes something. Hey Niall can you give us a second to talk?” Justin says, and Niall nods before walking out .

I sit down, already knowing how this conversation was gonna go down, so I mentally prepared myself.

“Soo, you and Niall huh?” Justin says, and I nod.

“He asked me to duet with him.” I defend.

“I recall asking you too, but you rejected me, multiple times.” Justin retorts, his jaw clenching .

“Its not the same Justin” I sigh.

“Whats not the same? You can sing with him but not me? Your boyfriend?” Justin snaps, and I groan.

“I just cant okay?” I say, standing up.

“Why not? You know how important that song is to me and now im singing it with Ariana because you didn’t want to! But here you are singing with Niall.”

“I didn’t want to sing your song!” I say, feeling myself get caught up.

Why Y/N, I wrote this song. Its really special to me. Why wouldn’t you want to-“

“Because why would I want to sing a love song with you when you probably wrote it for someone else!” I shout, before stopping short.

Justins face blanks, and I bite my lip, shaking my head.

“Y/N, w-what are you-“ Justin starts but I cut him off.

“I read the lyrics Justin, that song is clearly not about me” I say, voice thick with unshed tears.

Justin doesn’t reply, only confirming by words, and honestly it hurt.

“Why on earth would you think id sing that song with you? Our very first song, and you want it to be about your ex? How mad is that?” I say, shaking my head.

“Its not about anybody! Its just about facing hardships and overcoming” He defends, and I laugh through my tears.

“Over coming what? Her dumping you? You dumping her? That endless, unhealthy cycle you guys had for years on end?” I spit, before walking out, only to be faced with Niall.

“Raincheck?” I sniffle, wiping my eyes, and he nods sympathetically, and I storm past him, ignoring Justins crys behind me .

Before I leave the building I stop, turning around.

“Paparazzi is waiting for me out there and I really don’t want this on the headlines so please, just stop” I plead, putting my glasses on to hide my distraught face.

Justin fights a battle in his head before cursing .

“This conversation isn’t over” He promises, before turning and walking away.



Literally you guys got over 100 notes withing an hour . ILYSM HERES PART 2

Black Butler: What Each Character is Bound to Do
  • Ash Landers:Go to balls and tell people how impure they are.
  • Sebastian Michaelis:Burst into song. "Be out guest, be our guest!"
  • Ciel Phantomhive:Make no comment what so ever as Sebastian parades around like a mad man singing stupid disney songs.
  • Claude Faustus:Lie. And be sexy. Yeah, I went there.
  • Alois Trancy:Take those lies and shove them down Claude's throat. Also, prance around his room naked singing a PewDiePie song.
  • Elizabeth Midford:Be an angel.

I’ve always wondered if the Hetalia seiyuus enjoyed speaking/singing in the target language



anonymous asked:

What kind of daddy are you looking for?

One who’s nice to me. One who understands that I have days where it’s not easy for me. One who likes video games and will sing stupid songs with me and tell jokes with me. Who won’t get annoyed when I get clingy. Also one who’s relatively tall because I’m kinda tall.

Perks of being my bf/gf:
1. I’ll write, sing, and play you stupid songs on my ukulele on your birthday, holidays, when you’re sad, when ever you want
2. I’ll text you the weird but funny ideas I get at like 2 am when neither of us can fall asleep
3 I’ll snapchat you pictures of me, my friends, my family members doing funny things
4. I will absolutely try my hardest to make you laugh
5. One of my favorite activities is listening to others vent. If you’re my bae, I’ll love it all the more
6. We can buy cheesy matching clothes that we look stupid in, and we can laugh and be embarrassed together
7. I’ll always let you copy and cheat of my homework, as long as I make sure you understand that most of my answers are wrong anyways
8. If you’re stressed out, I will rub your back and play you more dumb songs on my ukulele until you laugh
9. I will look up snacks on Pinterest, make them, and let you have all of them
10. I will love you. I’d never ever be with anyone who didn’t make me feel like I’m floating, and if you make me feel like that, you’re rare

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I found Onision when I was 12. I was in 7th grade and my friend wouldn't stop singing the stupid banana song so I looked it up, within like 5 minutes I went from laughing to literally crying because of the way he was talking about self harm. At that time I was about 5 months clean then I watched him and read the comments and ended up relapsing. He doesn't seem to understand that people can start self harming younger than 16. I started when I was 10. I hate him so much.

He’s not worth your hatred baby.
He’s a terrible person and heartless but he’s not worth the negative feelings.

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I have a hatecrush on Kaito because I despise his voice so much and people always make him sing stupid yandere songs despite how ridiculous and non-threatening his dumb punchable face is.

and there really is a lack of male vocaloid songs that arent kaito,len or gakupo so its really hard to find a better sounding male.. theres kiyoteru.. i actually cant think of another male vocaloid that isnt any of them. i hate kaito. what has he even done for anyone. nothing