sing me the body electric


i work the late shift at the ice cream shop and i don’t leave until it’s dark, almost ten o'clock, but when i do i get on my bike and put in my earphones and ride through the mystery of suburban night, follow hazy streetlights, avoid cracks in the sidewalk, and everything is a little mystical when the sun has gone down and the lawns are all the same in rows upon rows, and you can’t be sure if the fuzzy shape in front of you is a person or a tree, but you swerve anyway, and keep on going, the smooth pavement under your tires whispering away. and i ride and ride.


That’s when you rise, finally. You rise out of the mud, in the rain, and suddenly everything gets really cold and calm. No one is going to come and save you even if you beg them to. Especially if you beg them to. You’re on your own, like you’ve always been on your own. You have to keep going forward, until you can’t go forward anymore.

—Jeff VanderMeer, Acceptance

since a few people have asked here’s my fave clexa fics

this heart, fossilized and silent (once was tender and once was violent) ok so this is my all time fave its the most slowburn fic ive ever read also its set after the s2 finale so before s3 so it diverges from canon obviously 

move on me this is a clexa reincarnation fic and the only fic thats ever made me sob out loud have fun

Those Icy Fingers Up and Down My Spine (That same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine) the best harry potter au

The Note my fave modern au fic the modern characterizations are so good

and here comes different modern aus in order of my faves 


She was nearly twenty, with dark hair, darker eyes, and
a hint of something deeper within. There was a freshness
about her that the surrounding harsh landscape had failed to
eliminate. Anyone glancing at her would have thought her
soft: a serious error of judgment.

a playlist for rey, somewhat following her story arc in the force awakens.