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Red Velvet Reaction to: Getting Paired With You for WGM When They’re Huge Fangirls of You And Their Fans Notice

Irene: the fans find it so cute so watch the usually polite and mature rv leader blush and stutter and giggle like a school girl. you two become one of the most popular wgm couples and the fans are genuinely upset when your season ends. if you and Irene end up together, there will be so much excitement and support from the fans, who were glad to see their unnie happy

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Wendy: was honest about her crush to the camera’s, but acted cool around you. when she met you, she did have a bit of a fangirl moment but then calmed down. and she was acting her usual self from then on. but when it was just her and the camera’s, she’s sing your songs/act out the lines from your drama or movie, having a mini fit and gush that “omo, s/he touched me, my ultimate bias touched me. is this real life?”

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Seulgi: couldn’t contain her nerves. she just wanted you to fall for her like she had you. so she would put extra effort into her appearance, wear perfume in the hopes that it would leave an impression on you, act very kind and polite. she’ll probably show off her singing/dancing as much as possible (in a shy way, but also hoping it would get your attention since she knows she’s talented).

the fans had an idea that she genuinely liked you but it wasn’t until joy let it slip that they knew

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Joy: couldn’t contain herself. even when she wasn’t aware who her partner would be, she was telling her manager and the camera’s that she was hoping for you. when she finally met you, she screamed and freaked out, asking for your autograph. and if you ask her her birthday then go to say yours, she’s already said it before you can.

“don’t worry, I already know everything about you” she’ll assure. is such a dork that the fans can’t help but ship you two together so hard

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Yeri: she tried to maintain her composure but the second you would look at her, she’d giggle and blush. she acted like a typical teen in love; twirling her hair around her finger, wearing her prettiest clothes, her nicest jewelry. and hoping you’ll pay her a compliment. she’s always trying to gain your affection, in the hopes you’ll like her back.

it’s clear to everyone watching that she’s got a crush on you. and if you like her back then you two will be called the “puppy love couple”

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Repetition Physically Changes Your Brain

Have you ever wondered what a memory is exactly and how it gets   formed? You have hundreds, thousands, perhaps millions of memories in   your brain. Songs you remember how to sing. Scenes from movies. Memories  of last year’s holiday. Facts such as the names of all the planets, and  on and on. Do you know what a memory is and how it gets created?

Neurons firing – There are 10 billion neurons in   your brain that store information. Electrical impulses flow through a   neuron and are moved by neuron-transmitting chemicals across the   synaptic gap between neurons. Neurons in your brain fire every time you repeat a word, phrase, song, or phone number you are trying to memorize.  Memories are stored as patterns of connections between neurons.

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sound check highlights: dublin

songs played
Wrapped Around Your Finger
Outer Space

  • they came out singing & dancing
  • “what movie title describes the others?”
    luke: michael is mean girls
    michael: ashton is school of rock
    ashton/luke/michael: calum is a bug’s life
  • “how does it feel that we know you but you don’t know us?”
    ashton: but you don’t really know us
    (all the fans went oooooooooooOOOOoo)
    he got angry & ranted + said “we get to meet people and kind of know them but it’s on a different level and fans can’t really know us”
    luke: it’s like the difference between liking a girl and like-liking a girl…wait that’s completely not the point
    michael: we try to do as much as we can for the fans but it’s difficult
    ashton: i disagree. we do a lot. we travel constantly and do all the shows for them
  • luke: in our groupchat this morning michael & ashton were surprised we were driving here
    michael: i was sure we were told we were flying & i was mentally preparing. i hate flying. every flight i pray and think “if this is the end…” and i hate plane food
    ashton: i like it
  • “do you ever stalk fans on twitter?”
    ashton/luke/michael: yeah. but we only try to stalk the fans that actually love us and not the anti fans.
    michael: i have to avoid it sometimes because you can find haters easily and it brings you down
  • “you inspired me to start playing drums again. have you ever thought about quitting your instruments?”
    ashton/michael: no
    luke: i don’t get how people can stop. what’s the point of starting if you’re gonna stop?
  • “has any artist influenced you?”
    they got off topic but michael said “we want to make something of ourselves. and that’s influenced us”
  • “which band would you want to get back together?”
    michael: MCR…or guns & roses. no, MCR
    5sos: they’ll definitely be back together
    (luke started singing what a feeling)
  • “can you do the macarena?”
    luke did all of it sitting down
    5sos: we learned this in primary school
    michael: i learned heel-toe
    calum: i learned soulja boy
    michael: i learned that too!
    ashton: …you went to a christian college!
  • “what world record would you hold?”
    ashton: biggest gig in dublin
    luke: i thought you said biggest DICK in dublin
    michael: most guitar notes played in a second
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nickname:akane, lola, luchis, lucy, luce.

starsign: aquarius

height: 5′0″ ( I barely made it…lol)

time right now: 3:20 am (listen..its just because i didn’t want to do my hw yesterday)

last thing googled: short mini dress (it’s almost formal and i might go)

favorite music artists: bts, gfriend, exo, vixx, dean, infinite, aoa, and so on. i also like some colombian musicians like juanes and I like the spill canvas

song stuck in your head : sing for you -exo

last movie watched: collateral beauty ( i cried around 4’s sadd)

last TV show watched: Healer

what are you wearing right now: pjs

when did you create your blog: in sophomore year so 2 years ago.

what kind of stuff do you post: text pots, some kpop, basically just whatever i want.

do you have any other blogs: ye…like 4 others.

do you get asks regularly: nopppe

why did you choose your URL: it’s my first username i ever used for anything. I like pie and i am also just very dead inside.

gender: female

hogwarts house: Slytherin

pokemon team:  team mystic?? 

favourite colour: red

average hours of sleep: 6 hours…perhaps

lucky number: 17 ( my lucky or favorite number tends to be my age)

favorite character(s): the cast of hwarang <3 and typically second male leads

how many blankets do you sleep with: 2

dream job: A singer..I’ve auditioned but i need to get better 

following: 126

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brendon’s periscope recap 7/1
  • “‘your hair looks like a lampshade’ you’re not wrong”
  • “how tall am i? i’m in an inch and a half taller than frank sinatra was. i’m 5’9.”
  • brendon has been working all night, and he filmed a portion of the new video for new politics. he can’t us what he was doing, but he was part of it, and proud of that.
  • on fourth of july plans: “i will set everything on fire. because that’s ‘merica”
  • brendon doesn’t seem to appreciate people bringing up the bottling incident, so maybe we should stop
  • *a long vulgar joke curtesy of zack hall*
  • “i will not rename my band pepe! at the disco because that sounds stupid”
  • “everyone loves memes. they relate to us”
  • “when did i realize i could sing? i don’t think it was a realization. you watch your favourite disney movies, you sing along to the songs.”
  • “how’s the new album going? it’s coming along great. i’m so excited, you guys don’t even know. it’s really fucking cool”
  • brendon collects all of his tour passes. and he collects all his hotel keys, as well. he’s got a couple shoe boxes full of them.
  • brendon’s advice to getting a boy: “be honest. don’t fuck around. don’t play the game.”
  • “’in 90% of fan fiction you’re gay’ maybe that’s why it’s call fan fiction.”
  • “favourite chick flick? mean girls. i love that movie.”
  • “‘nachos are tight’ nachos /are/ tight”
  • “‘are you ever going to do something like coeur de guimauve?’ um, maybe, i don’t know. that was pretty funny, though. i was trying to write in french, but i realized it wasn’t a good idea because i don’t know how to speak french.”
  • “‘do you like being called beebo?’ i don’t really give a shit”
  • according to brendon he was a chubby little baby
  • about if he can tell us stuff about the new album: “not really. just that it doesn’t sound like stuff form the past”
  • “there’s gotta be footage of me sneezing somewhere”
  • “‘why is sarah so beautiful?’ i ask myself the same thing every day, i don’t know.”
  • brendon can’t eat five hours before he sleeps, two hours before he goes on stage, can’t drink coffee or eat chocolate to help maintain his voice.
  • about talking to past members: “yeah i talk to spence. no, but no one else has tried to hang. after a while it became so long that i didn’t care.”
  • favorite band in middle school: weezer
  • about interviews: “i was an asshole at first. in the first two years of interviewing.” he was being told what to say by band members and from the interviewers, so he just kind of “imploded”
GOT7 reaction to you being a Studio Ghibli fan

JB - Seeing as you like SG so much, he’d take this into account once special dates are nearing. He’d love to see your face light up from the SG merch he bought you and he would certainly would make your interest an advantage in making you smile and happy! He’d be so encouraging with your interest!

JUNIOR - Would honestly be the type to learn a few songs from your favorite SG movie and sing it with you. He’d also be the type to let you enjoy your interest and he would ride along in whatever you say. Jinyoung would willingly watch a few movies with you as well!

JACKSON - Jackson would be the type to recite a few quotes from the movies with the most horrible impersonation of a character just to make you laugh! He’d find it adorable how you like something so much and he would certainly do his best to keep up with your interests. He would even ask a bit about the films and the creator.

MARK - He would certainly keep in mind how much you like SG. He’d have this small smile on his face whenever he observes you talking about your favorite scene in your favorite SG film, and whenever you giggle or scrunch your nose, he’d giggle as well. Mark loves seeing you so happy about something!

BAM BAM - This kid would hold your hands, jump around with you and encourage you to talk about your love for SG more. He’d be so fascinated with how much you know about it and it would make him want to watch some SG movies as well. He’d compliment you how engaging you were while you were talking about your favorite song from the movie.

YOUNGJAE - Would be genuinely curious about it. You would explain to him the plot and how it really made an impact on you. In the end, the both of you watched a whole lot of SG films and Youngjae would gladly talk to you about it. He’d love to sing you a couple of songs from your favorite movie just to make you smile a whole lot brighter.

YUGYEOM - He’d find your interest in Studio Ghibli adorable. Of course, Yugyeom would tease you to no end and would probably want to annoy you. He’d act like Totoro and even do little voice imitations to make you laugh. Yugyeom adores how you express your interests.