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So I’m just saying, there are a lot of supercorp fics out there but tbh a lot of them I’m just like. Eh. About.

So here’s a list of my favorite supercorp authors and/or their fics—10/10 would recommend, and sure I may have only mentioned one fic, but if they’re on this list they’re quality all around and they’re good for all the fics (the ones I mention are just personally my fave). This will be a link to their ao3 page btw not their tumblr (and again–this is STRICTLY about supercorp fic, although if they do have other pairings lol i’ve read them they’re also good but then i’d need a longer list)

Sunlight Honey and Lavender Sunsets
honestly this is an amazing outside look at supercorp, featuring non-human “passing” aliens and a wonderfully crafted Jess the Secretary!!!

love all your fix it fics and oneshots!

listen closely and the stars will sing
Wish that Mon-El would have been a smol little girl who gets v attatched to lena instead of the gross dudebro and see Kara do what Clark wouldn’t?

ALL the fics. Cant really pick out just one standout tbh p much trust anyone by them

such unruly heads and hearts
HP supercorp au!

literally read every single up. 10/10 would die for. You don’t understand I die every single time I read one of your fics holy shit please go read there’s ALL the ships I more than lowkey scream every time I see an email saying there’s a fic update

hi I also love you but my favorite is probably wonderful electric (cover me in you)


I don’t think I can do a better job than the description: “
“Lena has a crush on Kara.
Lena’s too afraid to tell Kara.
Obviously the only solution is to make Kara jealous by dating Supergirl.”
It IS as great as it sounds


there’s a moon in the sky (she calls me)
“The one where Lena finds herself falling for both eager cub reporter Kara Danvers and the mysterious caped protector of National City”
When Lena has a crush on BOTH supergirl and Kara and hijinks ensue it’s great

Honestly if you’re in the mood for multi-chapter fics and supercorp heroism is a full time job is one you’d probably wanna read. Also danishes and other sweet treats feature actual!genius!kara! which makes me v v happy because she’s not an idiot

The Death of Supergirl
Kara forgot to leave a note when she went to the Flash Universe and Shit Happens

i follow just to find you (a kiss we had to wait for)
sometimes you gotta just read Sin and if you do it might as well be well written sin?

Her Brother’s Keeper
holy fucking character study of lena batman

this list is for @pyrotechnician originally but everyone feel free to enjoy!

Ha Sungwoon as your boyfriend

Wanna One Boyfriend ღ 1/11

When he first saw you, he couldn’t help but to just admire you from afar

You felt like as if someone is staring at you so you look at him and he just
“!!!!! ABORT MISSION!!!!”

You find his reaction to be cute and smile/giggle at him and instantly he becomes a blushing mess
“Hyung, your ears are so red right now”

He wants to get to know you but is too nervous to approach you alone so he brings (hides behind) Junhyeok

And Junhyeok is annoyed so he flat out tells you (much to Sungwoon’s protest) that his band mate likes you

“Yeah this one, the smol one, the guy hiding behind me, he thinks you’re cute and wants to know if you want to get coffee with him?”
and Sungwoon is just like “fml”

But then you say “yes” and now he’s just 

Cue a now vvvvvv confident Sungwoon
“Hi, my name is Sungwoon and what’s yours, beautiful?” (ew i’m cringing at my own writing)

And that’s how you and Sungwoon started dating and the day when he asks you to be his s/o and you say “yes” he is like
“Really? really???? Are you for really???”

And then he becomes a super excited puppy

However, this puppy also gets insecure, especially about his height, so sometimes he gets all pouty
(the cure is to give him lots of love and encouragement)

On the other hand, you also like to tease him about his height 
“(Y/N), istg if you call me short one more time”

get you a man

who can do both

Loves to buy you little gifts 
“It’s cute, just like you”

Always too prepared when you two go on a trip
“And I also brought a jar of honey”
“Sungwoon why tf do we need a jar of honey???”
“You never know!!”

Spotting you out of the crowd during their performances 

Still so mesmerized by the little things you 

You like to jump scare him bc his reaction is just so priceless

Tries to act sexy for you/ seduce you

But you know that this dork is the real Sungwoon
“Sungwoon stop lying to yourself!”

Absolutely loves whatever you cook him

Sometimes he’s not even trying but he makes your heart go asfhjksdg

Taehyun and you are the president and co-president of the Ha Sungwoon fanclub

Whenever you have trouble sleeping, he will sing you to sleep
(which is always bc you like to act like you have trouble sleeping just so you can hear his beautiful voice)

Overall, Ha Sungwoon will be the fluffiest and softest boyfriend. Although he can act childish and be a little too energetic it’s bc he just loves and adores you so much that his heart is doing somersaults all the time. Even though he is happy and loud most of the time, he still gets insecure so make sure to give him lots of love and make sure he knows that he is loved. Protect and love this smol happy cloud puff! :)

*Gifs are not mine. Credit to gif makers*

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Mccree with an s/o who plays the fiddle? Like just what happens when he hears them playing when he comes home.

Originally posted by sleepyspacedad

  • McCree loves some good music. 
  • If he hears you play, he’ll hide just to dance to it.
  • He might spook you to a halt cause the spurs on his boots are loud as hell.
  •  He’ll probably shyly poke his head out of the closet, big old puppy eyes on your blushed face.
  • “Honey… Sugarpie… could you, um, play that fiddle some more? It sounds wonderful!”
  • With a little hint of confidence you play again and he’s dancing his little heart away.
  • This time infront of you.
  • The two of you decide to start singing too and it just becomes a party for two.
  • Giggling and laughing would echo in the room as the two of you goofed around.
  • Don’t let him have a go if the fiddle is nimble, because when he plays he has a tight grip on any instrument.
  • He’d be so sad if he broke your fiddle.
  • He’d probably get you a new one the next day.
I Want Her Part 4: The Week

I Want Her Masterlist

Author: @riversong-sam
Word Count:
Jensen x Reader
I hope you enjoy this! .  Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Jensen flew back to Vancouver the next night and you packed getting ready for your drive up having taken some vacation time. Slowly you hauled your bags to your garage haven’t having made up your mind what car you were taking. You had three of them, a 1973 dodge charger.

A 2015 or so Chev. Camaro.

And your favorite a 1967 Chev. Impala.

Biting your lip you decided on your Charger. Throwing your bags in and locking up you get in and head to Vancouver.

Day one
Jensen had already said you were coming so when you arrived on set they waved you in. parking where directed you got out. You chose to wear jeans and one of your marine shirts today and watched Jensen jog over.
“Hey (Y/N) ready for the convincing?” he smirks.
“Sure but know anyone that scares me will get hurt. It’s not good to sneak up on me.” You were warning him because hurting someone was your biggest fear.
“I’ll keep that in mind come on I’ll show you around.” You follow him around as he introduces you to the cast and crew. You smile politely and greet them. He had you sit as they began a scene and you watched intrigued. You loved learning new things and learning firsthand how a TV show was filmed interested you. Smiling you watched taking in all the information. You had a minor in film and acting not that anyone needed to know that. 

Day 4
By now you were beginning to become comfortable. The cast was growing on you as was Jensen. You didn’t know if any of this was good or not. You were still very reserved about all this, but boy did Ackles try his damnedest to get you on board.  
“Hey (Y/N).” Jensen greets you as he walks up. He had a break while Misha and Jared filmed a scene together.
“Ackles” you say smirking
He was about to retort when a loud and horrible sound of singing drifts over.
“Ahh” you cover your ears wincing. “What the hell is that?”
“That’s probably one of the try outs for your spot in case you don’t take the job” he winces.
“Well lets go pay them a visit so I can shut that down. Bloody hell that’ll trigger me.” You storm off to where it’s coming from and walk in. Jensen was hot on your heels as you walk in unannounced and unplug the amp.
“Hey!” the girl screeches
“Oh shut it.” You shudder “Do us all a favor and shut the hell up.”
“Who are you bitch.” She sneers
“Technically I’m the one whos part your trying to get but damn if I’ll take the job just to spare everyone the pain of having to hear you.” You snark back.
“Like you could do better.” She sneers
“Oh honey lets not go there I can definitely out sing your ass any day.”
“Proof it she snarls.”

You were never one to back down from a challenge so you swipe the guitar from her hands. Strumming it you begin the tune of “Whiskey Lullaby” by Brad Paisley.
Softly you begin singing,
“She put him out like the burnin’ end of a midnight cigarette
She broke his heart, he spent his whole life tryin’ to forget
We watched him drink his pain away a little at a time
But he never could get drunk enough to get her off his mind
Until the night”

Jensen joins you in the chorus and harmonizes with you,
“He put that bottle to his head and pulled the trigger
And finally drank away her memory
Life is short, but this time it was bigger
Than the strength he had to get up off his knees
We found him with his face down in the pillow
With a note that said, ‘I’ll love her till I die.’
And when we buried him beneath the willow
The angels sang a whiskey lullaby”

The two of you finish the song your eyes never leaving each other’s. Your voices has gathered quite a crowd you didn’t see before. They all start clapping and you flush slightly.
“Did you mean it?” Jensen asks.
“Did you really mean you take the job?”
“Yea I think I did.”

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An Ed Sheeran One Shot
A request: He has a nightmare and you comfort him

Word Count: 4,878

The chair was uncomfortable no matter how many times Ed switched between sitting with his left leg tucked beneath him or sitting cross legged on the seat.  He sighed and rolled his head to stretch the stiff muscles in his neck, tilting it left and right to try and get it to crack.

When he’s in the studio he isn’t easily distracted, not like he is at home, which is why he chooses to spend full days there and then some when he’s feeling creative.  He’d been there since early that morning and every so often he’d check his watch for the time, making sure he’d stick to his schedule and be out of there before eight, since he made plans to have dinner with you at his house.

From the kink in his back and the yawn he couldn’t help but let out, he checked his watch again, double taking when he saw that it was already ten minutes past eight o’clock and he was nowhere near being done at the studio.  Without another thought he quickly pulled his phone from his pocket and dialed your number.

It rang unanswered and Ed sighed against the phone when it went to voicemail.

“Baby, I’m so sorry,” he started, “I lost track of the time, but I promise I’m leaving here in fifteen minutes, no later, please wait for me.”

With a final ‘I love you’ he hung up and got straight back to work editing the last bit of the song he’d been working on.  He kept getting stuck on the last verse of the song and when he started to run his hand through his hair and rub his eyes under his glasses, he knew he had to leave it and come back to it another time.

Ed stood up and stretched his back, curling his arms up beside his head with another yawn.  Though his stomach had been grumbling for the past hour or so, he ignored it to try and finish the song and stayed put in the dim room, handwriting lyrics he’d been trying to complete for the past week.

Sometimes songs would come so easy to him that he’d get overly frustrated when he got stuck on one or two of them.  When he would start feeling angry or frustrated he was well aware that he had to stop, and so he did, closing up his leather bound notebook and gathering it in his left hand beside his hip.

“’Night guys,” he called once he left the room, rubbing under his nose before he nudged his glasses up a little further.

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"I don't want to let go"

Hey my lovelies

This is another request, I’m so happy that I’m finally getting request from all you lovely people. I really hope you enjoy this one.

Summary: you and Dylan are parents and your dropping your daughter off to school and he’s to scared to let go

You rush about checking your pockets looking for your car keys. You sigh as you look everywhere and find out they were sitting right in front of your face on the kitchen table. You grab your keys and shout up to Dylan

“Come on Dyl, we need to go” you shout up as you grab your bag and your daughters jacket from the front door. You hear Dylan and your beautiful daughter running down the stairs giggling and laughing. You feel your heart swell up as your see how lucky you really are to have a perfect family.

“You ready for your first day Charlotte?” You ask your daughter has you put her coat on and her little hat as it was cold outside.

“Yayyy come on mommy,daddy lets go” she says as she tugs on your leg and was eager to get out of the house and start her first day at school. You laugh as she dances about waiting for you to open the door. You look over to your husband Dylan to see a tear roll down his cheek. You rush over to him and wipe the little tear away and whisper to him.

“What’s wrong Dyl?” You say to him as he looks at your with his eyes watering. He sniffs and wipes his cheeks and answers you

“I just don’t want to let go, she’s my little princess and I don’t want to let her go out of arms I’m not ready for that yet (Y/N) say she doesn’t even want to go, say she just wants to stay home and play and watch movies and dress up” he says as he looks over to Charlotte as she tried to put her little bag on.

You smile at him and kiss his cheek,“she’s gonna be alright Dyl I promise as soon she comes home we can do all those things. I know she’s your little girl but your going to have to let her go at some point” he nods and kisses you and picks up Charlotte

“Okay lets go Charlotte,lets go for our first day at school.” He’s says as you walk out the door and head to the School

It was a noisy car ride with,l Charlottes favourite Disney songs playing on the radio and all of your singing along. You were sitting behind a red light just a few blocks away from the school when Dylan turns round to face Charlotte,“you don’t have to go honey if you don’t want to I can come in with you” he says, your heart melts as you see how over protective he is of his little girl Charlotte laughs, “don’t be silly daddy” she says as she starts to sing her song again. Dylan turns back round to face you and you whisper to him “She’s gonna be okay”

You finally get to the school and get out of the car to meet Dylan and Charlotte. He unbuckles her seatbelt and picks her up in his arms, “Your gonna be okay daddy’s gonna be here as soon as schools finished and we can go and get ice cream yeh?” He asks your daughter, she nods her head and Dylan puts her down you say your goodbye and she runs off into the school playground. You and Dylan tried to get into the car when he stops you over to him and see that he was looking into the playground in Charlottes direction and tried to walk over in her direction but you stop him.

(Y/N) what are you doing, she-she’s not moving" he says his voice shaking but he stops trying to move in grasp, you look back at Charlotte and see that she was running into the doors waving back at you and Dylan and disappeared behind the doors.

Dylan pulls your into a tight hug and whispers in your ear, “our little girl is all grown up”

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TMB/TB2 Soundtrack Sentence Starter Pack
  • *Can change to fit gender/sexuality etc.
  • "I'm not the kind to fall for a guy who flashes a smile"
  • "Sad to say, our times come to an end"
  • "Crashing like a wave of energy"
  • "And you might be the bubble to my gum"
  • "It almost feels like a dream."
  • "It almost feels like we never were."
  • "This little thing talks back to me."
  • "This is right where I want to be"
  • "We seem to fit perfectly here."
  • "Look in her eyes and tell her even if your scared."
  • "Don't dress for him, it's better when you dress for you."
  • "There's only one girl that's on my list."
  • "You know I don't kiss and tell."
  • "You make me weak when you speak"
  • "There are 43 muscles to use."
  • "Twist that frown upside down."
  • "It's easy, anyone can do it."
  • "Take it from me, don't try to resist."
  • "It doesn't get any better then this."
  • "What's happening to my face."
  • "There's only so much time before the school bell rings."
  • "The lights, camera, action thing."
  • "Not a hair is out of place"
  • "And no one ever breaks your heart."
  • "Everybody dances when the music starts to play"
  • "Would you rescue me?"
  • "Darling it's such a breeze"
  • "Thing is, honey,I'm unique."
  • "Without you I sing the blues"
  • "You're laid back, and I get stressed."
  • "That's no reason to say goodbye."
  • "You're my someone who is lovely."
  • "I make my own destiny"
  • "What I had before is out the door and it just won't do."
  • "Little voice in my head, saying you can't let this last."
  • "Yeah I'm dreaming of something new."

Dipper followed the sorrowful tug on his heart through the Shack until he ended up in the kitchen. He felt throbbing waves of blue and grey coming from under the sink and he smiled a bit despite himself.

Willow would probably keep hiding under there until she couldn’t fit anymore, he thought to himself, as he knelt down to the cabinet door. He opened the door to reveal, as expected, his youngest niece.

“What’s wrong Little Fighter?” Dipper asked, sitting down on the floor. (Not even demons were immune to say, trying to crouch for an extended period of time and then falling backwards on their butt.)

Willow sneezed and a little poof of blue flame came out from the darkness under the sink. There was a blort noise as she tried to suck snot back up her nose. “Nothing.”

“Well, it must be something if you’re in Sink Town,” Dipper gently teased, scooting a little closer.

“No don’t! Don’t get closer!” Willow suddenly cried, a sharp yellow wave of panic coming from her. Dipper froze.

“Willow honey-”

She sneezed and another tiny flame blew out of her nose.

“I’ll hurt you like I hurt Daddy,” she murmured miserably.

His heart clenched. So that was what this was about.

“You didn’t hurt your Dad, his shirt just got a little singed, I promise.”

This time,” Willow muttered. She crossed her arms and curled up tighter.

“Can you take it away?” she asked in a small voice. 

“I can’t,” Dipper responded. He didn’t need to look to know that there was fire in her veins, entwined around her soul, flashing with every beat and pump of her heart. It was fire (his power) that had saved her life, fire that kept her alive. There was no telling where flame ended and Willow began; the two were one.

Another sniffle interrupted his thoughts, and Dipper reached into the cabinet and gently pulled his nibling out and onto his lap. He cradled her head as she began to cry, her little sneezes of flame failing to leave a scorch mark on his dress shirt.

“It won’t always be like this, it will be okay Willow,” Dipper soothed as he stroked her long wavy hair.  

“How do you know? You never sneeze fire or make Acacia’s drawings go on fire or make the sink go on fire or-“

Dipper held his hands up. “Whoa whoa whoa! That’s not true.” Dipper thought about it. “Well, it’s true now but it didn’t used to be.”

Willow knuckled a tear out of her eyes and looked up at her uncle.


Dipper laughed.

“Oh yeah! I can’t tell you the number of times when I first got my fire that I burnt holes in your mom’s bedroom carpet. Your Grandma Pines thought your mom was playing with firecrackers inside for awhile. There was a two month period where your mom had to use a fire extinguisher on me or something I did every night.”

Willow chuckled, just as he hoped.

“One time your Grandpa summoned me to sit down to dinner with them and I sneezed and lit the entire table on fire.”

Her eyes had gone wide.

“No way!”

“Seriously. Your mom still makes fun of me for that.”

Willow looked down at her hands. A tiny blue flame popped up on her right index finger, disappeared, and appeared again on her left pinkie.

“How come you don’t do that anymore?” she asked.

“Practice. Lots of trial and error.” Dipper thought back to a back yard in Piedmont and Mabel throwing multiple buckets of water on him and shuddered. “Lots of practice. Luckily you got something I didn’t have.”

He held out a hand and she put one of her own in his. “What Uncle Dipper?”

He used his other hand to point at himself. “Me!”

For further effect, he shot some confetti from his sleeves.

Willow furrowed her brow. “But…don’t you always have yourself? If you’re you? Uncle Dipper, you’re being silly!”

Okay, that went over her head, but to be fair, she was six. He closed his hand over hers, and then lit their clasped hands up into blue flames.

“I’ll teach you how to control your fire Willow.”

“No more accidents?” she asked seriously, far too seriously for someone so small.

“I can’t promise that-I still have accidents too, you know!”

(and she didn’t need to know about the scent of roasted meat that filled his nose even as he said that)

Dipper went on. “But not as often as now. Sound good?”

Willow nodded.

“It’ll be hard work at times,” he warned.

“That’s okay.” She thought for a second. “Don’t I need to make a deal?”

Dipper ignored the part of him that was screaming out “YES” and squeezed Willow until she squeaked and laughed.

“How about you promise to try your hardest? Sound like a deal?”

Willow nodded solemnly and held out her pinky. He wrapped his pinky around hers and they shook.

“Deal Uncle Dipper.”

He hugged Willow until she squeaked and laughed. “Excellent. How about we get started now. Can you light your hand on fire?” A better thought occurred to him and Dipper took his hat off and fished around inside until he pulled out a package.

“I’m hungry. Let’s practice on these instead.”

(When Henry came in to make dinner an hour later, he found his daughter and brother-in-law still on the floor, with burnt and melted marshmallows all over the laminate around them.

Henry pinched the bridge of his nose, counted to ten, and tried to remember that he could at least guilt Dipper into cleaning up this mess.)

1.6k of high!jensen post karaoke or w/e it was at vegascon. cause moofy made me… kinda. mostly jensen. let’s blame it on jensen. (ao3)

He really shouldn’t have done those shots that they offered him backstage.

He’s fine, more-or-less. He made it all the way back to the hotel and found Misha’s floor easily enough. He only knocked on like… three other doors before he found the right one.

“Miissssshhhhhaaaaaa,” Jensen whines as he rests his forehead on the cool hotel room door. “Missshhhhhhhh! Let me innnnnnn!” 

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my first asthma attack -
fresh air, sweet cheese, 7alaweh
mosquito bites at my uncle’s farm -
alcohol, rose water.
burns on my thighs -
salt vinegar don’t don’t cry
mama mama sing me that lullaby,
the one Fairuz sings about the sleepy curly haired girl
at 4am the cream and bread, honey and sugar
and remember that one summer
when you finally danced

loss murder heartbreak
- no nothing,
I can’t find anything in this recipe book
about having to take refuge
in the heart of another land, lover
where is the hand that held you when you cried
the hand that cleaned you, throwing rocks all those times
the hand that held you when they all died
hands like the sunflowers that came out first thing in the springtime,
your little toes tried so hard not to step on them -

remember the ladybugs
on the back porch
under the tree swing
little wings red and black
dark grey steps
the big metal door that slammed.
and there you are
little girl in the strawberry shorts
under the vine leaf tree -
no no not yet. you have to wait
don’t let your little fingers pick them off just yet
don’t let your little fingers get grazed on the black stones just yet
you’ve got time before
heartbreak holocaust
catch up to your freshly skinned knees -
don’t wipe the sugar off your mouth;
I would give anything to taste it again

—  remedies from the homeland by Tala E.
the moment she knew

She was in denial. There was not a power on earth that could make her change her mind. She was stubborn, she’d always been. But when it comes to Luke, she was the little creature most stubborn on the earth. 

It was December and it was cold. It had been her sister’s idea to make her a birthday party, inasmuch as it’d been years since her last birthday party. And she’d said yes, because she just loved to see her sister happy about something. 

The morning of the party she’d woken up with a little feeling on her chest. And a little excitement on her stomach. And the wishful thinking that maybe that day things with Luke were going to find the right way again. 

The whole day she spent her hours on her room, with her phone on her drawer. She couldn’t call him, he might think she was annoying. 

She sat in bed, thinking of what had happened to that strong, independent girl that swore that a boy was never going to make her feel less. Where was that girl when she needed her the most? 

Hours passed by and the Christmas lights were the only thing that illuminated the house. She was wearing a beautiful black dress with some really big high heels, also in black. People that loved her surrounded her and she just fake smiled at them, pretending she didn’t had her stomach on her throat. 

She kept her eyes on the door, picturing him bursting through the door with his baby i’m right here smile. The thought of it made her heart jump and it felt like a million shinning stars had just aligned. 

He said he’d be here. She reminded herself, biting her lip. 

The door burst open and her heartbeats raced. Three tall boys entered the room and looked at her with big smiled on their faces. She smiled back, and looked behind them, expecting to find someone else but, when she returned her eyes to them, she knew. And it felt like the weight of the world was falling on her back. Like someone took her heart and broke it into a million pieces right in front of her. 

She stood and walked to the bathroom, locking herself. Her breathing had quickened and she felt sick. She heard footsteps outside and then some voices whisper. She leaned on the door and glued her ear to it, so she could listen closely.

“What should we do?”

“I don’t know.”

“Goddamit, Luke.”

“I know… He’s an asshole.”

“How do we tell her?”

“Let’s just… let’s just tell her the truth.”

She didn’t have to listen more to know what they were talking about. She had the suspicion of it since a long time ago, but she couldn’t bring herself to believe it was real.

The tears were burning her eyes but she was not going to cry for an idiot. That was it. That was the last time she felt sorry for Luke. That was the last time he was going to break her heart.

She got out of the bathroom and walked past the boys who were waiting for her outside. Everyone on the room was waiting for her… it was cake time. She was fine. She was strong. She was walking like nothing had happened and smiling and laughing. Until…

“Honey, and where’s Luke?” Her mom asked, just before everyone started singing Happy Birthday.

And everything suddenly was in slow motion. Her family and friends singing, the three boys staring at her with pity, the thought of Luke.

And that was all she needed to break down.

What do you do when there’s tears streaming down your face in front of everyone you know? And what do you do when the one who means the most to you is the one who didn’t show?

“Honey, what’s wrong?”

Everyone stopped singing and with the little strength she had, she stood and left. She left the house, and ran to her car and screamed inside and cried her heart out, and started the car when the same three boys were running towards her with worried looks on their faces.

And she remembered when everything was okay.

“No, I love you more.”

“Na-ah. I love you more.”

“No. I love you more.”

“Princess, I love you more.”

“No, you dork, I love you more.”

“But I love you moooooooore than you do.”

“Noooooooo. I love you more, and that’s the end of the discussion.”

“You guys make me sick.”

“Well, then go to the doctor.”

“Don’t laugh Hemmings, it’s not funny.”

“Yeah it is, my girl is funny.”

“And she smells good.”

“Shut up, Ashton. I can only say she smells good.”

“Ugh. You two are adorable.”

“Aren’t we?”

“Yes… we are, princess.”

The tears kept falling, and falling and she was sure she was going to drown on them, just like Alice on Wonderland. The difference was that in her case… it wasn’t a dream.

She stopped the car outside her building, were their shared apartment was. And she wondered: How do you forget the person you love the most? How you get over it?


She took a deep breath and got out of the car. The department was just like they left it two months ago. The sheets messy from the last time they had sex… the last loving sex they had. The last time they saw each other. She took all her belongings and left the key on the little bowl they had next to the door along with a note. And without looking back, she left.

She drove for hours, until her phone rang on the pocket of her dress. It read Luke on the screen, and she bit her lip.

Just to hear his voice one last time…

“Hello?” She answered, trying to make her voice as normal as she could.

“Hey, sweetie.” She stopped the car again, outside a bakery and closed her eyes at how he acted like everything was fine. Like he hadn’t been cheating on her for months.

“Hey” She said back, her voice an octave lower.

“I’m in erm, London… yeah, London. The flight got cancelled. But I’ll be there tomorrow to make it up to you okay?” There was a silence and then he added: “I’m sorry I didn’t make it”

“I’m sorry too.” And then she hung up. She laid her head on the seat of the car and let her feelings flow, and cried until there was nothing left to cry for.

She already saw it coming, but she was in such a denial. But now she could see it as clear as the water. It was over. Completely over. There was not even a piece of the caring and sweet boy she used to love on that boy that lied to her.

And that was the moment she knew.



Luke entered the place and left his keys on the bowl, not noticing the other pair and the little note in there. He walked around, searching for his girlfriend. She was nowhere to be seen on the kitchen or the living room. He walked to their bedroom and smiled when he saw how messy the sheets were.

He remembered that day, and how beautiful she looked. How hot and romantic that night was. How good it felt to make love to her. How his chest felt when she moaned his name and how the butterflies flew on his stomach when she said that she loved him before she fell asleep.

He remembered that night because that was the night in which the picture of their bodies all tangled made him realize that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. That was the night.

His shirt was all smelly from walking on the sun too much, so he walked to the closet to get a new shirt, but he was greeted by the sight of only his clothes in the little piece of furniture. Her clothes and her shoes and all of her belongings were gone.

The blood started to run fast on his veins as he looked around the room and noticed it. Everything she had was gone. Gone.

He took his phone out of his pocket and dialed her number.

Beep. Beep. Beep… The number you have dialed has been changed.

And suddenly everything was in slow motion. He walked out of the room and made his way to the couch, feeling dizzy. He looked around the apartment, and because everything seemed to be in slow motion, he saw it. How he couldn’t have noticed it before?

The note.

He stood up and took the note that was on the bowl, along with her keys.

His breathing was terribly slow and his body was shaking when he started to read.

Dear Luke,

I’m sorry too. I’m sorry that this didn’t work out like we thought it would. I’m sorry that I wasn’t good enough for you anymore. I’m sorry for being the stupid girl who was too in love to notice the facts. Like the fact that I was so disgusting that you didn’t want to have sex with me anymore, like the fact that my company wasn’t enough anymore, like the fact that you were cheating on me while I was crying at home thinking of where I was wrong, the fact that you are an hypocritical asshole who broke my heart. I’m sorry for not noticing the facts.

Have a nice, mundane life.

I sure as hell am going to have mine.

Goodbye Luke.

Love, the girl who loved you too much.


How that happened? How she got to the crazy conclusion that he was cheating on her? How?

He looked down at the note and read it a thousand times before collapsing on the floor, his back on the door, some tears streaming down his face and on his hand the ring he spent months looking for and that was going to represent how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with the girl that he loved too much.


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