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JY: i love u guys, see u tomorrow.
VIPs: nooo!
JY: he said..he said..he told me to shut up & sing…
VIPs: 😂
also JY: yes sir!

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I have one question but pls answer honestly do you think bigbang truly loves their fans I started to lose hope these days that they dont really care abt us

Uhh idk what made you think that but i truly think they really really love VIPs. They have always treated VIPs with respect and VIPs have always been there for BIGBANG. They always tell us the truth. If anything happens they address us instead of the press cause we deserve an explanation from them not the press. Remember that time when a concert was over and VIPs were leaving but ji still kept watching them leave from backstage and smiled like an idiot tell me that’s not love. Remember that time when they were in another country for a concert and when the concert was over and VIPs kept singing for encore but it was against the rules to go on stage after the performance was over but top still went on stage and showed everybody fingerhearts even tho they can’t perform an encore but still went on stage risking being banned tell me that’s not love. The way yb constantly keeps liking and commenting on vip accounts on insta the way he always keeps feeding us on airports, the way dae is not having a surgery on his throat the way he keeps smiling the brightest to make us smile doesn’t matter what’s going on inside him the way ri keeps learning new languages so that he can talk to more and more VIPs all over the world he is always super energetic in concerts and fanmeets even tho he is super busy and probably haven’t slept properly in days i once read somewhere that a vip ran into seungri in a restaurant and he greeted her and asked her and her family to join him for dinner and was super nice to them tell me all of this is not love? They didn’t have to do this. No one told them to. Still they always try to give us the best of theirselves.

What made you doubt their love sweetie?


So I decided to compile most of the iconic most memorable audios of VIPS singing Haru Haru for most of the shows so far from Big Bang’s MADE tour! Enjoy. :) 

Hong Kong, China / Bangkok, Thailand / Kallang, Singapore / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / Manila, Philipines / Jakarta, Indonesia / Taipei, Taiwan / Las Vegas, U.S / Los Angeles, U.S / Anaheim, U.S / Mexico City, Mexico / Newark, U.S / Toronto, Canada

But imagine Seungri's reaction
  • Kwanghee: I'm really good at singing Seungri's part in this BigBang song~
  • GD: Seungri is good. Our Seungri is good.
  • /~later~/
  • Seungri: *watches the clip with tears in his eyes*
  • GD: The hell is wrong with you?
  • Seungri: Hyung said our Seungri...
  • GD: ... Uh..
  • Seungri: Hyung complimented me...
  • GD: ... *starts to back away*
  • Seungri: Hyung loves me... *looks up with teary eyes*
  • Taeyang: Told you he'd cry.
  • TOP: pay up smily.
  • Daesung: *passes 20$ to Taeyang and TOP*

Jared and Stevie singing Conquistador on Vyrt VIP, 24-03-2016

Loved his gestures when singing “I am, I am the best…” 


GD: The tension is so high here. Are you guys having fun? Have you made your resolutions for this year? Have you? For me, I really, really so badly want Seunchan to do and sing well. That’s my ultimate wish for this year.

SR: Aw, that makes me so happy, so happy.

GD: Work hard. With that thought, I really want to sing this song with V.I.

SR: Wait, so GD’s wish for 2016 is for me to sing well?

GD: *yells* Sing properly!

SR: I will work hard. Let’s do this.

DS: What song are you going to sing together?

GD: Bad Boy.

SR: Okay, let’s sing together although my part isn’t in the beginning…

GD: You’re so noisy!

SR: Okay, I’m sorry *laughs*

GD: You’re nois~ Okay let’s go.

*GD starts rapping then SR raps GD’s second part awkwardly*

*All BigBang laugh*

GD: *yells* Sing it properly!?!!

*DS jokingly hits SR*

SR: *laughs* Hey, this is funny but you know, this is THE FIRST TIME EVER I RAP THIS PART!

DS: But how many times have you heard this song? You couldn’t even keep up with the rythm.

SR: Hey! When I go to Karaoke, I don’t sing BigBang’s songs you know!

Top: One more chance. Give him one more chance.

SR: Okay, once more! This is the first time I sing this part! *he kept repeating that this is the first time ever he raps it*

YB: Let’s listen to him one more time. If he doesn’t do good, after that…

DS: *completes YB’s line* let’s become a four members group.

YB: Exactly.

SR: No, no, include me as well!

YB: Let’s use this as an audition.

SR: Then, I have to dance and all…

DS: Stop and hurry up.

Top: Okay, Let’s go 1 2 3

SR: All the fans please sing with me.

GD: *motions to VIPs to not sing* Shhh

SR *starts rapping then stops*: It was too high! Too high! Teach me the right range once more.

*GD raps and SR follows along*

GD: You have to be cool.

SR: I can be cool. I can do ‘cool’ too!

*SR starts rapping and the VIPs sing along* *he did well until he went out of tune at the end*

DS: Stop you messed it up…

SR: *yells* This wasn’t fun! Let’s go, Bad Boy!

Translated by @seungrisvip​. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.


Bigbang AU 4/?
Coffee Shop

While working in a local coffee shop, five teenagers found themselves becoming best of friends with their coworkers. From the broken plates to the occasional scolding from their boss, an incomparable bond is formed among them. Although they started as part-time waiters, the shop soon became theirs to manage.