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JY: i love u guys, see u tomorrow.
VIPs: nooo!
JY: he said..he said..he told me to shut up & sing…
VIPs: 😂
also JY: yes sir!

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I wont ever forget the rush of emotions I felt watching a simple man named @markiplier singing his heart out, answering questions, being himself during the VIP show on 10/11/17 at the Boch Center in Boston.
It was so much more than what i expected. I was excited and proud of Mark for were he was then and even now. I got slapped with anxiety right when he walked on stage because i was so close during the VIP part of the show to the stage.. I just couldn’t believe I was in the presence, the same room of one of my idols, one of my inspirations, one of my motivators. Someone who I felt like I was never going to “meet” since PAX East was ruined for me. I finally there after 4 and a half years got to see him in person not on some screen and I wanted to cry but I didn’t. I just laughed and smiled cause I was just so happy. It still doesn’t feel real that I went but it was so so worth it.

@markiplier thank you so much for what you do. I hope maybe I’ll be able to meet you face to face <3

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white night in toronto things

  • okay first of all it goes without saying that yb’s voice was even better live, his dancing (especially his spins) was magical, and he’s just as sweet as he seems aha. and ahhhh he’s so beautiful like he was glowing totally made my lil dae stan heart swerve a bit oops
  • he was so sweet the whole time. kept thanking us every few songs, asking if his music was okay, that this was the album he had the most fun making, that bigbang made him who he was and that he missed his members. oh and telling us that he loved us lol
  • he would shyly smile after speaking a bit and ask if we were having fun
  • he kept answering ppl who said they loved him in the crowd: “i love you too !! “thank you !!” someone even threw him a hat and he wore it like a total dork 😂
  • at one point he kept asking what time it was and someone shouted “4 o'clock” (it was 9pm btw) and yb was like “YOU’RE A LIAR!” then someone else said “1am!!” and yb was like “no ! that’s my song !” anyway someone finally said the right answer (9pm) and he was happy, but then he was like “ahh we’re at the final song. it went so fast” T.T
  • then he said he would only do an encore if he felt we deserved it then left for quite awhile and made it seem like he wasn’t coming back out (a troll !!) but then he did and did a reaaaaaally long encore
  • he sang some bb songs (last dance, bang bang bang, & fantastic baby). during top’s part in fantastic baby he sang the parts that all vips usually sing, i.e., “HAN SUWI” & “-HAN URI” which i thought was hilarious. he can’t even match top’s speed 😂
  • he seemed like he didn’t wanna leave us.. he kept going to leave but then he’d be like “ahhh okay 1 more song !!!!”
  • and in true yb fashion he ended the concert by asking us who he was aha
  • anyway it was The Best. 60/10 would recommend lmao

So I decided to compile most of the iconic most memorable audios of VIPS singing Haru Haru for most of the shows so far from Big Bang’s MADE tour! Enjoy. :) 

Hong Kong, China / Bangkok, Thailand / Kallang, Singapore / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / Manila, Philipines / Jakarta, Indonesia / Taipei, Taiwan / Las Vegas, U.S / Los Angeles, U.S / Anaheim, U.S / Mexico City, Mexico / Newark, U.S / Toronto, Canada


The stage effect and backdrop designs were just only part of the embellishment, WHITE NIGHT can be as raw as Taeyang serenading every vip only with his voice and it will still be worth it. Thank you for this experience, everything about this was just purely sincere and beautiful. 

It was epic.

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I have one question but pls answer honestly do you think bigbang truly loves their fans I started to lose hope these days that they dont really care abt us

Uhh idk what made you think that but i truly think they really really love VIPs. They have always treated VIPs with respect and VIPs have always been there for BIGBANG. They always tell us the truth. If anything happens they address us instead of the press cause we deserve an explanation from them not the press. Remember that time when a concert was over and VIPs were leaving but ji still kept watching them leave from backstage and smiled like an idiot tell me that’s not love. Remember that time when they were in another country for a concert and when the concert was over and VIPs kept singing for encore but it was against the rules to go on stage after the performance was over but top still went on stage and showed everybody fingerhearts even tho they can’t perform an encore but still went on stage risking being banned tell me that’s not love. The way yb constantly keeps liking and commenting on vip accounts on insta the way he always keeps feeding us on airports, the way dae is not having a surgery on his throat the way he keeps smiling the brightest to make us smile doesn’t matter what’s going on inside him the way ri keeps learning new languages so that he can talk to more and more VIPs all over the world he is always super energetic in concerts and fanmeets even tho he is super busy and probably haven’t slept properly in days i once read somewhere that a vip ran into seungri in a restaurant and he greeted her and asked her and her family to join him for dinner and was super nice to them tell me all of this is not love? They didn’t have to do this. No one told them to. Still they always try to give us the best of theirselves.

What made you doubt their love sweetie?

But imagine Seungri's reaction
  • Kwanghee: I'm really good at singing Seungri's part in this BigBang song~
  • GD: Seungri is good. Our Seungri is good.
  • /~later~/
  • Seungri: *watches the clip with tears in his eyes*
  • GD: The hell is wrong with you?
  • Seungri: Hyung said our Seungri...
  • GD: ... Uh..
  • Seungri: Hyung complimented me...
  • GD: ... *starts to back away*
  • Seungri: Hyung loves me... *looks up with teary eyes*
  • Taeyang: Told you he'd cry.
  • TOP: pay up smily.
  • Daesung: *passes 20$ to Taeyang and TOP*

Bigbang AU 4/?
Coffee Shop

While working in a local coffee shop, five teenagers found themselves becoming best of friends with their coworkers. From the broken plates to the occasional scolding from their boss, an incomparable bond is formed among them. Although they started as part-time waiters, the shop soon became theirs to manage.