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MC bringing home RFA (and V &Saeran) S.O. to meet their family over the holidays?

Tis the season!! ⋆ᗰદ૨૨ʏ⋆ᐠ₍⁽˚⑅̆˚⁾₎ᐟ⋆ᘓમ૨ıડτന੨ડ⋆

~I’ll base some of the things on Christmas since it is the holiday I know the most about

◉ Yoosung 

  • Not nervous at all?
  • Just suuuper excited to meet them, honestly
  • The week before you guys left, he was dragging you through the mall asking a billion questions about what your family likes and what to buy each of them 
  • Took almost a whole day making sure he wrapped them beautifully and was so excited when everyone opened and loved their gifts 
  • Fits in like he’s known your family for years 
    • “You guys know you can’t trade me for Yoosung, right?” 
  • They urge you both to kiss underneath the mistletoe and then take pictures when you finally do
  • You both are blushing like crazy 
  • Yoosung always making sure to help with dishes and even gets up early to start breakfast for everyone 
  • (they’re so shocked and happy about that)
  • Your family is so sad when it’s time for you both to leave 

◉ Jumin 

  • Laughs when you ask if he is nervous 
    • “Should I be? I think I’m actually quite likable, wouldn’t you agree?”
  • He still makes sure you both are dressed in very nice clothes and he has expensive gifts from his company to give to everyone 
  • Can’t stop talking about how much he absolutely loves you??????
  • It’s honestly embarrassing but your family is eating it up because he is saying all these lovey-dovey things with the upmost seriousness 
  • She is LIVING for all of the attention she is getting 
  • Is already planning family trips around the world 
  • Tries to show your parents photos of your guys’ travels but they’re all terrible and blurry and your family just has to smile and nod 
  • Asking questions like crazyyy 
    • “What are these…socks, hanging here for? What is their purpose?”
    • “What is this eggnog? Quite the peculiar taste, but not disagreeable.”
    • “I don’t understand the origin of the tree, but Elizabeth 3rd seems to enjoy playing in it. We should get one for the penthouse.”
  • It actually became a new family game where everyone picks something and bets on whether Jumin will know what it is or not 
  • And Jumin loves the game so much 

◉ Zen 

  • He changes outfits like 17 times before he finds something he is comfortable wearing in front of your family 
  • Praying like hell they have never seen any of his stuff/don’t know who he is, he wants to meet your family as someone they don’t have preconceived notions about 
  • Holds your hand the whole trip there, for comfort 
  • When you arrive, he is the pinnacle of calm and polite (but you can tell he is nervous by the random, almost undetectable fidgeting he does)
  • Mostly he just tries to be himself, and your family adores him
  • He is taking photos with EVERYONE 
  • Christmas filters with antlers and santa hats and you all are laughing so hard 
  • King of playing charades when it’s family game time 
  • How many times can you hear the joke “What’s such a handsome man like that doing with someone like you??” they probably broke the record for it 
  • But Zen is at your side every time, explaining how HE is the lucky one 
  • And everyone just goes “Awwwwww” when he kisses the top of your head 
  • Everyone is blown away when he sings along to the holiday songs on the radio and even more blown away that he could play piano and lead everyone in the songs 
    • “You didn’t tell them we ride a motorcycle….right?”
    • “Zen, for the 100th time, no. They’d kill us both.

◉ Jaehee 

  • A bit nervous but for the most part, collected 
  • She’s planned the entire trip, packed the correct number and type of outfits for you both, looked at the weather forecast, and grabbed appropriate gifts for everybody 
  • Okay maybe she’s a bit more nervous than you thought because that’s when she starts planning like a crazy person
  • Your family loves her, she is so intelligent and can have a conversation with anyone on just about anything 
  • Offers to bake christmas cookies as a thank you and your family decides she is never allowed to leave because they are SO GOOD 
  • Shows your family self defense moves 
  • It’s such a relief that they can feel safe that you’re with someone so capable as her after seeing her throw your dad across the room LOL
  • Ends up baking all of the desserts for the entirety of your stay because everyone loves them so much 
  • You guys decorate ornaments together and get embarrassed when your family keeps making remarks on how cute you two are together 

◉ Saeyoung 

  • Says he is totally fine but on the inside he’s screaming
  •  He has NO CLUE how to act in family environments and he wants to make a good impression 
  • On top of the fact that he’s never been a fan of holidays 
  • Gets strangely reserved and you have to kinda pull him out of it 
  • When he first meets them he is so not like himself
  • Quiet, awkward
  • As time goes on he starts to warm up and get comfortable 
  • Gets really teary-eyed when he sees his name on presents under the tree and a stocking for him next to yours 
    • “They…did this for me?
    • “Well, of course! You’re family now,” you smile and grab his hand 
  • After that he starts to really dig the whole holiday tradition thing 
    • “I wonder if we can bake honey buddha chip cookies and dip them into PHD Pep-”
    • “Saeyoung NO”
  • Surprises everyone by dressing up as Santa and handing out the presents on Christmas Morning 

◉ V

  • All he wants is to meet your family, so he is thrilled when he finally gets the chance
  • Right away he thanks your family for raising such an amazing and beautiful person 
  • Captures everyones hearts with his flowery way of speaking and plethora of life experiences 
  • AND with how much he adores you 
  • So observant and attentive, he is grabbing things for your family members before they even ask or cleaning up before they can even notice 
  • No matter how much you try to stop it, this boy is getting every single story about you growing up and what you were like
  • Also asks to borrow photos and videos of you as a child so he can make copies because he loves you so much and he loves them so much  
  • You didn’t even know he snuck in gifts for everybody but he did and somehow they’re all perfect??? How??
  • Over Christmas dinner he brings out several bottles of champagne and offers a wonderful toast to your families hospitality and again thanks them for bringing the love of his life into this world 
  • He blends in so well 
  • And he wishes he could just sit there forever around all the people you hold closest to your heart, listening to them laugh and talk about old times 

◉ Saeran 

  • Much like Saeyoung, he is crazy nervous
  • But also crazy stubborn and doesn’t want it to show 
  • Puts on a Christmas sweater before you head over 
    • “I look stupid.”
    • “Nooo! You look so cute and handsome! They’re going to love it, and they’re going to love you.” 
  • When you first arrive he’s a lot like a lost puppy and he doesn’t quite understand what to do and how tradition works 
  • B-lines it to the sweets 
  • He is literally never without a cookie or candy cane in his hand
  • So much so that he becomes the honorary family taste-tester for the baked goods 
  • Will NOT share the bowl or spoon when he gets to lick them and only sticks his tongue at you when you call him rude 
    • “Honey, leave Saeran alone. Let him enjoy his treats, it’s Christmas!” 
    • Saeran:  ;P
  • Can’t decide if he likes eggnog but he hasn’t stopped drinking it since you got there so that must be a good sign 
  • Brought Poinsettias as a gift 
  • Your family kinda loves that he doesn’t really speak much 
  • Laughs at your old embarrassing photos and you have to smack his arm playfully 
    • “Tell me more about that time you peed your pants”
    • “Saeran I swear to god.”


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Modern Losers Club headcanons?

did you say give my kids technology??? OKAY

  • The amount of poetry slams Ben performs at is ungodly, but Bev always gives him a kiss before each show and the losers club comes to each one without fail (Richie’s snapping is shockingly enthusiastic when you take into consideration that he can’t actually snap his fingers)
  • Stan vlogs and his youtube channel has exactly seven subscribers (the other losers and one man – bot – who swears he’s an African prince and Stan is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen) the editing is incredible but the content is mostly just Richie doing horribly embarrassing things and cringy flirting with Eddie and Stan looking into the camera like he’s in the office
  • Bev and Mike are Fitness Buddies. They have fitblrs and share recipes (listen, vegan mike, just – listen to me. this is canon okay? just lis-) and love to go on hikes together
  • Bev beats Mike in pushup contests every time the girl is strong as a fukin tank holy shit (one time Georgie sat on her back as a way of challenging her and maybe helping Mike win but nope, she was still going and with a smile because Georgie loved it)
  • Eddie is a wreck, the internet Does Not help him, his chrome homepage is set to webMD like. boi
  • Um!!! Modern!reddie did you mean the cutest boys in the world, they (meaning Eddie and by association Richie because theyre always together)  run their school’s GSA and honestly it’s the best community Eddie’s ever been a part of because??? They encourage him to let himself embrace his feminine side and Richie get’s a fucking nosebleed when Eddie shows up to his house blushing in a fluffy pink sweater and little frills from his socks peaking over his sneakers, asking if Richie thinks he looks okay (he obviously can’t wear the sweater every day but the socks become a daily thing – Richie showers Eddie in different colours and styles)
  • Georgie (he’s part of the losers club because he never dies what are you talking about) learns how to make paper boats on his own thanks to youtube (it breaks Bill’s heart that his little brother doesn’t need his boat making skills anymore) and then that sheep love the taste of paper boats from Mike
  • He catches Richie giving a sheep a piece of unfolded paper and gasps before ripping it out of his hand and plopping down cross legged right there in the barn because “They like them better as boats. You can’t just give him paper! That’d be like if Billy didn’t make the pancakes look like Mickey Mouse!” he is dead serious and entirely offended
  • Georgie scowls very hard and Richie is coerced into paper boat making lessons (Stan get’s the whole thing on tape, talk about Good Vlog Content)
  • RICHIE AND BEV ARE IN A BAND!!!!!!!! They post videos to instagram and it’s all very artsy and #punkrock and they do small gigs in town but mostly just do it for the fun
  • They do mostly covers but Bev wrote a soft piano song to play while Richie sings and it beautiful omfg
  • My man Big Bill rocks the hoverboards he’s so good at it – Richie always wants to use it and he also always falls, when he’s face down on the ground Bill will just step on and ride away #disappointed
  • Bill loves Siri because it can’t understand a damn thing he says, the losers will sit around an iphone for hours and have Bill ask it questions just to see what words it makes out of his stutter – it gets funnier the longer they go because Bill’s stutter gets worse as he gets further into his laughing fits

Bruce: *walks into Batcave and sees Jason with a guitar* 

Jason: Hey B I wrote you a song! *sings to the tune of Piano Man by Billy Joel*

It’s 12 o'clock in Gotham City 
The Joker is busy killing everyone
There’s an old man sitting next to me
Makin’ love to his Catwoman cuz he’s nasty 

He says, “Son, you gotta stop shooting bad guys”
And I’m like “Bruce, don’t tell me what to do”
Cuz I died and he cried but I came back and stuff
When I wore green Robin panties

(Batkids join in)
La la la, di da da
La la, di da da da dum

Sing us a song, you’re the Batman
Beat up some thugs tonight
Cuz you’re boring and brooding and it’s getting annoying
And you’re the one and only Dark Knight

Now Roy from the Outlaws is my BFF
I hang out with him and Kori
And he’s quick with a joke or to shoot an arrow in your foot
And together we like pissing off Batman
He says, “Jaybird you’re the most awesome guy ever”
As we kicked an alien’s ass
And I’m like “I know I’m the coolest
“Learned it all from the All Caste”

Oh, la la la, di da da
La la, di da da da dum

Now Dick was Batman while you were dead
He never had time for Barbara cuz he sucks at relationships
And Tim’s dead inside cuz everyone he likes died
And he probably hasn’t slept in five years

Oh Damian is a murderous freaking demon spawn
Who is probably gonna kill someone the second he’s left alone 
Also Steph keeps stealing all the food from my fridge
But I don’t mind cuz I stole it from the manor anyway

Sing us a song you’re the Batman
You have a cool British butler 
Also you don’t know when to stop adopting orphans
And you probably need an intervention by now

By the way Cass stole my jacket yesterday
And you didn’t even care when I told you
So I went to all of your Rogues and gave them your number
So suck it old man, you totally deserved it  
And you’ve had seven sidekicks so far
And at least six of them have died at some point
Now I’m starting to think maybe that’s a bad sign
But oh well it’s too late to deal with that now 

Oh, la la la, di da da
La la, di da da da dum

Sing us a song you’re the Batman
And you’ve got a pet cow for some reason even though I’ve asked you several times for a dog and you kept telling me we couldn’t have animals in the Batcave but I guess that’s just a big fat lie so fuck you Bruce  
Well we’re all in the mood for some crimefighting
And by the way you’re really old 

Jason: *guitar solo and ends song* What’d ya think old man? 

Bruce: … 

Bruce: *tired sigh* Where is the sweet embrace of death when you need it 

Little Ghost song details I love

• Female background vocals in Jigolo Har Megiddo, Bible, Depth of Satans Eyes, and Missionary Man
• The latin phrase Papa says during Prime Mover
• The way Papa’s voice changes when he says “…..makes her one of us.” in Elizabeth
• How you can tell Papa is a bit too close to the mic in the beginning of Crucified
• Papa rolling his R’s big time in Crucified
• The demonic voice in Death Knell
• Anytime you can hear other voice parts Papa sings
• The Laugh™ in Zenith
• Air’s piano in I Believe and Bible
• Anytime Papa hits the higher notes
• Everything in Genesis
• The choir at the end of Deus in Absentia
• Everything in Infestissumam
• “You’re set free.” from Zenith
• The part in Majesty where Papa sounds like a legit choir
• The long note Papa holds in Cirice

Sweet Collaboration

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A/N: I said I would stop… I said I would take a break from smut… And what do I do? Take my friend’s suggestion to heart and write a KaiBaek threesome smut. Do I hate myself? A little. Do I hate her more? Hell yeah. Anyway, this is my first threesome smut, so, enjoy I guess. (This is pretty long, I think)

~Admin Allie

You stood in the middle of the room and practiced your breathing techniques. Your belly expanded as far out as it could before you exhaled the air that made snap back into place. You did this a few times, making sure to stretch out your lungs and to get yourself ready for the notes you’d have to belt out in just a few moments. You bent forward and took the top of your feet into your hands. You inhaled for three seconds and exhaled for the same amount of time. You were to repeat this exercise until you got to ten but before you could even reach eight, you felt someone’s cool hand on the exposed skin of your lower back. You shot up with a curse on the tip of your tongue but when you saw Baekhyun grinning at you, you just rolled your eyes.

“I’m impressed. You started doing your exercises without me.”

“That’s because you’re late.” Your words came out from deep inside of your chest, showing that you were more than ready to start your lesson. You made your way to the stand that the songs you practiced with sat upon. You looked down at the song you would be practicing for your Wednesday lesson and your eyebrows were fixated in a confused expression.

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Distraction (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

 Request:  HI HUMAN ! Can i have a bucky request where the reader is buckys girlfriend and he’s been on a mission for the past couple weeks and it’s finally the day he’s coming home and so she’s pestering all the Avengers repeating herself and bouncing up and down going, “how about now? how about now? how about now?” and she’s easily distracted so they keep getting annoyed and just handing her random objects like lucky charms or something silly? and it’s just general fluff and humor? Thank you so much!!

Words: 2,794

Warnings: None

To say you were annoying was an understatement.

It’s not like you were a bother, or a pain to the other Avengers, you were annoying in a cute way. At least that’s what they decided once the pestering and nagging and bouncing had stopped. You were one of the younger Avengers and your personality showed it. You were bubbly, energetic, kind, fast, and most certainly saw the good in just about everyone.

Perhaps that’s why you ended up with Bucky Barnes, you didn’t care about what he did in his tragically sad past and you certainly brought a sense of positivity to his life. He had changed a lot over his time spent at the Avengers tower with the rest of the team; in a good way of course. You fell for his smile, it was near the beginning of his time at the tower when you saw him smiling with Steve and you caught a glimpse of the breathtaking smile.

From then on you were a nervous mess around him, you fell unusually quiet whenever he was in the same room and often because a stumbling mess of words that never made sense. You choked on your smoothie one morning when he scared you in the kitchen. It had only been you, him and Bruce home that morning as everyone else was on missions, running errands or out of town.

You were casually sipping your smoothie in the dark kitchen when he came in and turned on the light, you jumped and a large mouthful of smoothie got caught in your throat. This led to you dropping your drink, hitting your hip on the counter, and you were coughing while holding your hip while a chunk of your drink slid down your chest and stained your white shirt. It was embarrassing but once it was over you two started laughing together for what seemed like forever in the early hours of the morning.

Two weeks later you went on your first date together and you had been together ever since.

However during those years together, every time Bucky went on a mission longer than a weekend, you drove everyone crazy. You would pester and talk and prank and become so overly dramatic. Everyone knew you did it as a distraction, a way for time to go by quicker until you saw him again. You liked it better when he was not on some dangerous mission, you worried more than usual while he was away. What if HYDRA found him? What if he got hurt? What if he got kidnapped? What if he died?

The aching feeling in your chest while he was away felt like you were suffocating. So many things could happen, one thing could go wrong and he would be gone. The stress caused painful headaches and anxiety.

But today was not a stressful day, it was not a sad day or a painful day, it was a happy day. Bucky was coming home from a two week long mission and you couldn’t be more excited. Considering the mission was only supposed to take two days, this day was even more exciting.

For the rest of the Avengers, today was a long day. Today was the day that you would pester to no extent, and it all started at precisely 5:00am. 

“Wake up! Wake up! C’mon, wake up!” Sam cringed and covered his face with his pillow more, pressing it against his face to try to make the noise stop. His body bounced lightly as you stood on his bed jumping up and down. You were not a morning person, that was one thing you and Sam bonded most over; sleep.

So for you to be up before the sun had risen, and even before Steve went out for a run, was most certainly a surprise.

Sam groaned into his pillow, he was glad his face was being covered or else the bright overhead light of his room would certainly cause pain to his sleep filled eyes. The sun hadn’t even risen but yet you had opened all the curtains to his windows. 

“Sam! Sammy! Sams! Samother! Samillion! Sam, bam, dam, tam, pam, wam-”
“What do you want, woman?!” Sam shouted into his pillow but it was muffled enough to not wake anyone else near Sam’s room. 

“Let’s go to breakfast! We could go to Panera, Starbucks, Ben’s, Harold’s Coffee, Strange Donuts-no! Let’s go to Steak and Shake! Wait no, we should go there for lunch, yeah lunch is better! Where do you wanna go? I don’t know where I wanna go - but oh my god, we could go to Denny’s-” 


“No? Okay well there’s always Russ and Daughters, I’ve never been there, I wonder if it’s good, do you think it’s good? Oh what about Kitchenette, I went there with Clint last week it was good-” 



“What’s the time?” 

“5:00am, bright and ear-”

“Get out.” 

“No need to be hasty-”

“Have you been drinking?”

“Only coffee! You want some, you need some, you’re grumpy-”

“How much coffee have you had?”

“Oh, only three cups-”

Three cups?”

“I know, I need more-”

“It’s only five, how long have you been up?!”

“Mm, not for sure, I needed the energy-”

“I highly doubt that.”

“Oh I know! Let’s go to Big Daddy’s!” You giggled, you were still jumping on his bed trying to get him out of bed but also the caffeine that pumped through your veins caused you not to stop moving.

“Get out!” He grabbed one of the pillows he was using and tossed it in the direction of your voice. You only laughed, but he could hear it hit you. You jumped off his bed and landed with a thump before he could hear his door crack open.

“So no Big Daddy’s?”

“Out! I said out!” He threw another pillow and you giggled before slamming his door shut just in time as the pillow connected with where you previously were.

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What instruments would each dad play or be interested in playing?


-We know about the guitar and piano, but he really strikes me as a french horn guy


-He would be the cool youth pastor who uses ukelele to sing Jesus songs


-He would play some sick drums, as long as the kids aren’t home


-Not to be stereotypical but either piano or violin. He would use them to disguise the anime theme songs he’s playing.


-Two different directions, I know, but he would either play slap bass or cello.


-Saxophone, just visualize this man playing a sick sax solo at the Dover Ghost


-I don’t know why, but I could see him on a woodwind, like a clarinet


Chocobros and Instruments!

yeah so i was reaaalllyyy bored during my free period in school today and this was made???? idk i don’t understand like half of this?????? oh well

also i am a choir student who has taken piano only from ages 5-7 and exactly two violin lessons and five guitar lessons. my only qualification for music outside of singing is i like music :/ so if u play any of these instruments im so sorry

also excuse my poor grammar in this. normally im a stickler but today im just done dealing with all sorts of bullshit, i am not bothering myself with proper grammar. any and all good grammar in this is purely microsoft word’s autocorrect

aight thx


·       Everything screams “piano boi”

·       But am I wrong tho

·       Totally classically trained

·       Also a 10/10 player

·       Really enjoys that one Mozart song that was like No. 4 in G Major or smth

·       not because he can play the piano while Gladio plays the violin lmao

·       Has always wanted to play the lyre, but for some reason he can’t find anyone who sells them

·       Also can’t find a lyre tutor :,( poor bab

·       Has a separate pair of gloves just to perform the piano with

·       Has a small synth keyboard in his room – he can literally play any song on it

·       Because it has more instruments that just the piano, yeah?

·       So he’s basically a one-man-band on the keyboard (o_O   )

·       Noctis is totally not jealous

·       Prompto totally is

·       Can also secretly sing pretty fuckin low, but rarely does it

·       Doesn’t really like it

·       Used to get teased a lot in his middle school choir bc he used to sing higher than all of the girls in the choir

·       Honey, boys who sing high are treasured in choirwhat r u doing BOI COME BA-

·       Uncle totally supported his piano lessons

·       When noctis was younger, ignis used to get him to plunk out Heart & Soul

·       But never got past that

·       Favorite song to play: can’t pick one. He does like the look of awe on people’s face when he plays all three movements of moonlight sonata from memory without looking at the piano

·       Came into use later huh (pls don’t kill me thx)

·       Can’t improvise for shit. He really likes at least guidelines for his music, and he can’t just sit down and pull notes outta his ass

·       Kinda can improvise if he’s given sheet music and was told improvisation is ok but it’s not very different from the original

·       Goes without saying that he is nOT okay with songwriting

·       But he can totally write lyrics bc poetry man

·       “hey hey hey hey iggy”

·       “yes, Noct?”

·       “play that fast song”

·       “…excuse me?”

·       “well, it’s not really fast, but its like”

·       “you use two fingers, you know?”

·       “I can’t remember what the name is!”

·       “well, do you remember who it’s by?”

·       “I know its by chopin!”

·       At this point iggy knows but he’s dragging it out

·       “alright… any idea what it sounds like?”

·       “like if you took eating utensils and hit random piano keys!”

·       “Uh huh…”

·       “like you took chopsticks and kinda shoved them on the piano!”

·       “…you mean the song ‘Chopsticks’? by chopin???”

·       “I hate u. I hate u I hate u I hate u I ha-“

·       “noct ur not functional w/o me”

·       “shuDDUP D:<”

·       “as you wish”

·       That exchanges still makes iggy smile to this day


·       Percussion boi

·       Not just your regular drum kits you see in pop bands, we’re also talking:

     o   Tambourines

     o   Timpanis

     o   Them big ass festival drums (yo his muscles are perf for that shit ok don’t judge me)

     o   Marimbas

     o   Xylophone

     o   Etc

·       Totally was percussion section leader in his high school

·       Clarus was not happy

·       who_cares.jpeg

·       But a boy can only go so long listening to those loud motherfuckers

·       So he joined the orchestra when he was a sophomore

·       It wasn’t big enough to be a class so it was a club

·       Meaning he could be a percussion boi and a viola boi at the same time :D

·       Fuckin natural at the viola

·       Tried the cello once. He thought it wasn’t too different from the viola.

·       No one told him you didn’t hold it like a viola

·       whoops.png

·       tried it the right way. Hated it no thx pls 😊

·       owns like 1800000 instruments just hidden away in his closet and cabinets and under his bed and whatnot

·       not very good at hiding it :/

·       Clarus was even less happy

·       Okaymaybeicare_alittlebit_causedadisscary.jpeg

·       “Son what the fuck”

·       “Dad-“

·       “How’re u gonna protect the King of Lucis”

·       “Dad please-“

·       “if ur too busy”

·       “dammiT DAD PLE-“


·       “…”

·       “what”

·       “…dad how do u know paganini”

·       “come on. Anyone who’s ever had any classical training in orchestra knows pag- fuck.”

·       *insert the gladio I drew a while ago*

·       Clarus totally played the bass

·       Gladio never let him live it down bc Clarus learned in secret just like gladio

·       #primeblackmailmaterial

·       So you have this big beefy guy who took these big ass mallets and played those enormous festival drums like a badass motherfucker last night, and tonight you see him putting rosin on his bowstring for his orchestra club performance in precisely 43 minutes

·       Good music boi

·       8/10 in percussion, 9/10 in viola (damn son)

·       0/0 in voice

·       Its out of zero because anything divided by zero is undefined. Doesn’t exist

·       This boy does nOT sing no thank you

·       Unlike iggy, it’s not because he doesn’t like it

·       It’s just cause he so bad

·       However if he could sing he would totally fuckin nail that falsetto

·       Misleading body types ftw


·       Musical capabilities are severely lacking in comparison to the rest of them

·       Can only play guitar

·       Still impressive since he’s pretty damn good at it

·       Think steve vai, my guy

·       Also cannot sing, much like gladio

·       But it’s honestly not as bad

·       Its…

·       …tolerable. I guess.

·       Really likes the acoustic guitar

·       But he’s played others, like electric and classical

·       Likes the way the bass sounds, doesn’t like playing it

·       He knows how, just doesn’t wanna

·       Nobody played the guitar at his school for some reason

·       And if anyone did, he never found out

·       So he kinda hid it

·       But then the sunshiNE BOI

·       “yo noct can I crash at ur place”

·       “ye sure”

·       “hey whats this lump”

·       “uh prom-“

·       “ur not a hiding something r u?”

·       “prom don’t-“

·       “is it a BODY?!”

·       “what! No prom-“

·       “cuz if it is I’ll totally hide it with u :D”

·       “wh- I mean, thanks for the sentiment- but its not a body!”

·       “*zzzzip*”

·       “PROM-“

·       “:OOOO u play the guitar!!!!”

·       “well, yeah but-“

·       “dude that’s so cool!” *insert prompto’s pure glowing aura*

·       So noctis totallyserenaded played for prompto because prompto asked and not because he wanted to show off

·       For some reason he realllly likes the idea of using the guitar as percussion

·       Look it up its pretty lit


·       Cannot play a single fucking instrument

·       Youd think with his dexterity with his guns, he’d be able to put fingers on some keys or strings or some shit

·       Nahhh son he can’t fuckin play anything

·       BUT

·       His last name might mean silver

·       But his voice is fuckin gold

·       His range is amazing

·       His falsetto is to die for

·       He has such amazing breath control – like u don’t even know

·       He can hold out notes for sooooo long and stay on pitch the entire time!!!! Holy shit!!!!

·       He also has amazing self-tuning capabilities like damn son

·       Hot af vibrato

·       You know the Queen of the Night Aria? Yeah he learned that shit like a pro

.       But an octave down bc his falsetto is good but not that good.

·       Always wanted voice lessons but could never afford them

·       Since his parents were basically never home, all places of the house were optimal places for practice


·       “shut thE FUCK UP” some neighbor probably

·       “never” prompto, probably (but quieter bc he’s a good neighbor)

·       Took choir all throughout middle school and all throughout high school

·       Was a stellar boi and perfect example of a good choir student

·       Vocal runs? Pffft

·       He could do those

·       Melismas? Double pffft

·       He could totally do those!

·       Dance while singing like a fuckin pro? Pffft x3!!!

·       He took show choir bitches!!!

·       One time when noctis was serenading playing guitar for him he recognized the song and sang along to it

·       *insert guitar strumming here*

·       “ooh! I know that! When you get older, plainer, saner, when you remember all the danger we came from…”

·       “dude.”

·       “what?”

·       “…dude.”

·       “whaaat??? D:<”

·       They totally sang stuff together, Prompto with his astrals-blessed voiced and noctis with his wicked guitar skillzzz

·       You can’t tell me they didn’t go to seedy coffee shops around town and sang songs together live but in disguise

·       This is totally fun for them

·       Until regis finds out and is like “bOYS-“

·       Oops_weintrouble_now.tiff

·       Grounded for 20 years

·       welp

·       also that song “Lost on You” totally becomes Prompto’s favorite song of all time

15th September; today is a day to celebrate Jae, so I’ve decided to try and put into words just what he means to me. I’m sorry if this gets cringy or cliché but I had to.

Passionate; every show, every concert, every stage, seeing Jae perform always leaves me breathless. He give it his all, always driving the performance forward and losing himself to the music. His smile when he’s singing live wins over any spotlight anyone could give him.

Amazing vocals; his voice. It was what first made me fall in love with him. He sings with emotion, he sings with joy, and every not he hits is filled to the brim with feeling. 

Reliable; something I’ve always admired about him. He chases his own dreams, always encourages other people to do the same, but he also knows that it takes work and he doesn’t shy away from it. Don’t just dream. Set Goals

Kool; because as mature as he can be sometimes, he’s also a grade A dork. Meme connoisseur, extra™, he’s forever making me laugh, which is something I will always be grateful for.

Joyful; his laugh, even better than his singing. He’s always ready to gift us with a smile and make us all melt.

Amazing musician; he plays guitar, piano, he composes. He bleeds music. He works on day6′s songs, helps make them as good as they are and no one can deny how talented this boy is.

Enthusiastic; day6′s number one hype man. He doesn’t miss a chance to promote their music and he’s always running around on stage when they perform. His energy is a fundamental part of the group and one of the many reasons why I love him.

Handsome; with or without his glasses, his visuals are no joke, something I’m grateful to note he’s beginning to realize himself. This man can go from fluffy softie to rude and disrespectful like it’s nothing.

Youthful; Jae’s old now, our hyung is growing, but he doesn’t feel like it. He’s young at heart, teasing and joking around, always knows how to make the mood lighter.

Unpredictable; be it on twitter or on a vlive, he comes up with the oddest things to say and do. He’s often making me ask what even? but it always serves for a nice laugh.

Nickname hoarder; hashtag king, chicken little, yellowpostitman, gallinita. He’s a man with many names indeed.

Good heart; Jae’s kind, Jae cares, he supports us and his band members, always gives encouragement when needed and he keeps us my days in mind. He’s a role model, one I try to follow because he goes after what he wants but doesn’t fool himself into thinking that it will come easy to him. He’s humble, always remembers what it took to get to where he is. He’s Jae and I love him with all my heart. ¡Feliz Día!