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Love Is Love

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Request-Hello! I was wondering if you could write a fic where something happens and John comes back from the dead. When he does he somehow finds out you’re a lesbian and have a girlfriend. Like he doesn’t really accept you so Sam and Dean instantly get defensive so that John can’t hurt you? Thanks, Love💕

Word count-1095

Warnings-Mild swearing,homohpobia and John gets violent

A/n-Okay so I changed the request a bit were the reader does get hurt. Please let me know if you would like me to rewrite it <3

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Ever since you met Steph your entire life changed. Steph was nerdy like you and you would constantly fan girl together. You would both sing your favourite songs at the top of your lungs until one of your older brothers told you to shut up. At first you were both really close friends, but you had a huge crush on her. However you didn’t know if she was straight at the time and didn’t want to ruin your friendship if she didn’t like you in that way. You suffered in silence until you had your first kiss and you remember it like it was yesterday…

“So erm can I tell you something?” You asked nervously picking at your nails.

“Sure (Y/n) what’s wrong?” She asked putting down her Harry Potter book and moving to the foot of your bed so you were sat next to each other.

“I…I’m…” You stuttered on your words.

You were nervous as hell when you told Sam and Dean but they accepted you. “You’re not dying are you?” She laughed but fell silent when she saw how nervous you were. “(Y/n) I’m your best friend please tell me.” She says taking your hand and giving it a tight squeeze.

“I’m gay and I like you.” You say rapidly and covering your face. There was a few seconds of silence but it felt like hours until Steph removed your hands from your face and looked into your eyes.

“Thank God.” She whispered and pulled you in for a gentle yet passionate kiss.

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I am a drug

I am a drug.

I am an addiction that you don’t want to have but you end up getting anyway.

I am a thirteen year old’s first alcoholic beverage in the basement on the First of July,

Surrounded by peers who are encouraging your first sip of that grainy tasting poison.

I can make you feel mature and grown up.

I can get you up on the floor and make you dance as if nobody’s looking.

I can make you sing until your voice hurts and your lungs feel like collapsing.

I can make you feel alive.

But there are consequences that come with falling in love with me.

I am a blunt being passed around at a High School party.

Your friends are gathered around you on the couch, cheering you on to take that first puff.

I can make you believe you know the meaning of life,

Or why certain things happen.

I can make you feel like you’re floating on air,

And there is nothing cruel and deranged about the world you’re currently absent from.

But there are consequences that come with falling in love with me.

I am a prescription drug being prescribed for the first time.

You’re sitting in the Doctor’s office with no reason to exist anymore.

People will tell you that I’m good for you,

That I can help without consequences, without a risk of addiction.

I can take the edge off of the pain you feel.

I can help you sleep soundly at night.

I can help you smile for the first time in a long time.

I can help you fall in love with having something take the pain away, just for a little while.

You can temporarily forget about me sometimes,

You can even try and walk away from me,

But you’ll always come back because you can’t live without me.

But there are consequences that come with falling in love with me.

I am a line of coke being snorted in the bathroom of a College dorm room,

Somewhere far from home, far from everything familiar and uncomfortably comforting.

Droplets of blood are a sign that there’s a heart that still beats in a chest that still breathes.

I can help you fall in love with the wrong person.

I can help you get through your exams.

I can help you stay awake during classes.

I am the gates of heaven and hell, and everything in between.

But there are consequences that come with falling in love with me.

I am an ecstasy pill being taken in the back of a van on your thirteenth date.

Your nervous hands grope the small pill like a mother cradling her newborn baby,

But down the hatch it goes to prove your trust to me.

I can show you what affection feels like.

I can put your doubts aside and show you how to love.

I can make you think you’ve hit the jackpot in heaven’s casino.

I can show you the world in a very different light.

I can make you feel everything and nothing all once.

But there are consequences that come with falling in love with me.

I am a shot of heroin being done in the basement of an abandoned house.

You know you shouldn’t be there doing this,

But I enchanted you.

I can give you reasons to fight for me.

I can show you a strength that you’ve never had before.

I can be the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning,

And the last thing you think of when you go to sleep at night.

I can give you reasons to want me,

Even though you know I’m not worth it in the end.

And even though you know you’re better off without me, you still love me.

But there are consequences that come with falling in love with me.

I’m a drug, and you’re an addict.

I will be the death of you if you don’t quit,

Because I am poison.

But so are you.

I’m your addiction and you’re mine,

You’re my first drink in my basement that night,

My first puff at that party,

My first prescription drug that I took that grey morning,

My first line of coke in the bathroom while my roommate got some dick in the next room,

My first ecstasy pill in the back of your van on our thirteenth date,

My first shot of heroin in that abandoned basement in the dark.

We are slowly killing each other with poisonous love.

But I’ve never gotten high before so I’m not entirely sure how this compares.

  • *Randy takes out a big book*
  • Randy: This is my philosophy. A hardbound collection of all the life lessons I've learned, such as....*opens the book* always look people in the eye, even if they're blind, just say "I am looking you in the eye". If you get pulled over for speeding, just tell the police man your spouse has diarrhea. You only get one chance after a first impression. I suggest Julia Child, because it's easy to do "Save the Giblets" .The most amazing things that can happen to a human being can happen to you, if you just lower your expectations. Dance, until your feet hurt, sing until your lungs hurt, act until you're William Hurt.
  • MC: Take a lesson from parakeets. If you're ever feeling lonely, just eat in front of a mirror. Never be afraid to reach for the stars, because even if you fall, you'll always be wearing a parentchute.
  • Luca: Marry someone who looks sexy while disappointed.
  • Klaus: Older black ladies make the best iced tea.
  • Elias: Success is 1% inspiration, 98% perspiration, and 2% attention to detail.
  • Amelia: You can tell a lot about a person from his biography.
  • Yukiya: Watch a sunrise at least once a day.
  • Azusa: If you love something set it free, unless is a tiger.
  • MC: If you're ever in a jam, a crayon scrunched up under your nose makes a good pretend mustache.
  • Randy: And when life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all like: Whaaaat?
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All the boys who the dance floor didn’t love
And all the girls whose lips couldn’t move fast enough
Sing, until your lungs give out
—  ‘This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race’
-Fall Out Boy