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From this request: Can you do a Sam x reader where the reader is shy, quiet, and sweet, is listening to Empire (Let Them Sing) by Bring Me The Horizon and Sam overhears and is taken by surprise. Like, he thinks it’s cute that she rocks out to that band and they stay up late to talk about music and other things

Here’s the song



Sam had decided to stay at home during Dean’s bar adventure tonight. He was kind of tired of that scene and would much rather stay at the bunker.

You also turned down Dean’s offer, saying you needed a night in after so many nights on the road.

So Dean went off on his own, leaving you and Sam in the bunker to amuse yourselves.

After a few hours, Sam wondered what you were up to. He hadn’t seen you since you’d disappeared into your room.

He headed down the hall. The closer he got, he realized he could hear the faintest strains of… something. Voices?

Your door was cracked open and the sound was flooding through it. Sam knocked gently but didn’t think he could be heard over what he now realized was a song.

He carefully pushed your door open. You were sitting on your bed, eyes trained on your laptop. Your fingers were flying over the keys. The music was coming from the speakers on your computer.

It was certainly different from anything Dean played in the car. But the lyrics… while said in a harsh tone, they meant something.

Sam couldn’t help but laugh to himself as he watched you. Your head was bobbing slightly and Sam saw one foot bouncing along to the song. This was not something he would have expected you to listen to. At first glance, you were what everyone would call ‘cute’ or ‘sweet’. You were short-ish (granted, practically everyone was short to Sam) with brilliant eyes that sparkled against your rosy complexion. You somehow managed to almost always have a smile on your face and a kind thing to say about everyone you met. You weren’t the typical hunter, but damn it all if you weren’t one of the best the Winchesters had ever come across.

You were constantly surprising Sam.

At that moment you shifted on the bed, stretching. Your eyes darted to the door and your hand darted to your chest. “Sam! You scared me!”

“Sorry!” Sam said.

“What are you doing?”

“I just…” Sam took a step into your room. “What are you listening to?”

“Oh,” you said, glancing down at your computer. A faint blush lit up your cheeks. “It’s, um, Bring Me The Horizon.” You looked back up at him. “Was it bothering you? Sometimes I forget how loud it gets.”

“No,” Sam said. “No, nothing like that.” He paused, listening. “Is this the type of music you listen to? I wouldn’t have expected that.”

You scoffed. “Okay, Dean. Sorry my music collection isn’t made up entirely of classic rock.”

Sam bit his lip. “Fair enough.”

At that moment, the song ended. The next song that began to play was much slower, much more… enchanting. A soft female voice began to sing. “What’s this? The same group?”

“Um, no.” Now it was your turn to bite your lip. “This… is a song from Tangled.”

A small chuckle left Sam’s mouth. “That’s… quite the change.”

“Shut up,” you said with a tiny smile. “If you’re going to be so judgmental, tell me what song should have followed.”

Sam shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“Then don’t make fun of my diverse taste in music.”

Sam stood, thinking. You stared up at him. “What?”

“I…” Sam shook his head. “You know, I’m not even sure I have my own taste in music.”

You laughed once. “Come on.”

“No, I’m serious. My music was always determined by my dad, or Dean, or my roommates. I listened to whatever they chose.”

You cocked your head to the side. “Sounds like someone needs a music education.” You patted the mattress next to you. “Come on, sit.”

You and Sam spent the next few hours talking and laughing. You played him assorted songs from your iTunes library, found some on YouTube. You and Sam explored music of all genres, from all countries. Amidst the lyrics and melodies, the two of you began to talk about… everything. Eventually, the two of you slid down from a sitting position to that awkward propped-up-on-your-elbow position to laying side by side on your bed.

The conversation slowed between the two of you. The silence was filled with So This Is Love, the beautiful ballad from Cinderella.

‘Ironic,’ you thought, feeling your face heat both from the song and from the gaze from Sam’s hazel eyes. You leaned forward to switch the song before things got too awkward, but Sam stopped you.

You glanced down at his hand on yours before looking back up at his face.

Sam slowly leaned forward, your faces drawn to the other, lips begging to meet.

If you want to hear a sweet song AND listen to me singing some mouth words, you should check out my pal Freddy Hale’s new song Beach Day! I make an appearance on it and it sounds pretty sweet if I say so myself 👌🏻✨
You can find the song (and music video) on YouTube, Spotify etc, just search “Freddy Hale” 💋

So I just saw literally my favourite band of all time live for the first time and I was on the front row and they were everything I expected and more like this is pretty fucking lame ye but Whenever, If Ever is the album that got me through the second worst part of my life and their half of …Are Here to Help got me through the actual worst and like I have the artwork of Whenever, If Ever tattooed on the back of my leg and like I had to choke back tears when they played January 10th, 2014 because like idk this band means so much to me and they were there like fucking in front of me singing songs that have become fucking huge parts of my life and like everyone singing the end of Getting Sodas to end the show was honestly one of the high points of my life so thanks @theworldisa

  • バレンタイン・キッス
  • 手塚国光 with 青春学園中
  • バレンタイン・キッス

Song: Valentine Kiss
Artist: Tezuka Kunimitsu (Okiayu Ryoutarou)
Original song: Kokusho Sayuri

Today, I’m posting this song because Okiayu Ryoutarou ♥ SAGA AND KANON SEIYUU so try to imagine them (Kanon to me please) singing a Valentine song for you.

Also, I have this song by:

Suwabe Junnichi / Sphinx Pharaoh & Orion Eden
Namikawa Daisuke / Aquarius Camus LOS
Hoshi Soichirou /  Cait Sith Cheshire

Romaji & English translation  ↓

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I just rewatched On My Way Home and I just realized at the part where they’re all talking after the last concert and they’re making jokes about their next tour and Scott goes “Take Me Home Tour” and then sings Take Me Home he teased another song from the album and it was so damn subtle like WOW


Happy Valentine’s.

Black Gold

I did see you in the wavering mirror

Sing me the song about the black t-shirt

I did see you in the fast-running river

Sing me the song about the black gold

I did see you in the thin quickly expiring dream

Sing me the song about the black sky