sing along for me baby

Favorite EXOLUXION NY/NJ Moments

Fans screaming in unison when Lay appeared in the VCRs


How /packed/ the venue was !! We really filled up the Center very well !!

Fans singing along to the entirety of Don’t Go, Growl, Call Me Baby, Overdose, and Love Me Right

No I mean they were singing along the entire time it was GREAT

Suho speaking e n g l i s h 90% of the time

Xiumin speaking english!

Chen naming off all the cities in North America they visited then screaming “NEEEW YORK !”

Chanyeol being sad that this is their last stop in the Americas :( but promising to come back soon!!

Suho promised to come back soon too !



Baekhyun wore a hat a fan threw on stage and he looked so cute <3 <3 :)

The entire crowd jumping up and down or otherwise just MOVING a lot during FULL Moon + Drop That +Machine

all the scREAMING

No really during ments or quiet times before VCRs you would always hear some random fan scream “I LOVE YOU SEHUNNNN” or “I LOVE YOU XIUMIN!”

The fan in the pit who held an “I <3 Chanyeol” banner upside down

How totally lit up the audience was during Love me Right, which was their last song before they left and then fans chanted for an Encore

How n i c e EXO L are to each other and how we all enjoyed the concert together !!!

How everyone still missed Lay and wanted him there !!

The VCR where EXO talked about having hardships and how we still loved them through it all, and they want us to stay right there, loving them and they want to do their best for us :’)

Xiumin’s fanservice

All of their fanservice actually

Baekhyun screaming

Chanyeol choking on confetti he was play with right when suho asked him to speak (everyone laughed it was pretty funny)

Realizing how thirsty the EXO fandom is for Park Chanyeol (I’m 100% serious you should have seen and heard the screams whenever he /appeared/ in a VCR it was beyond that of most other members; not to mention there were a lot of PCY banners around and screaming for him on stage in general)

Getting to actually S E E the members live doing everything in person

Everyone collectively losing their voices

Actually I really loved how peaceful we were lining up to enter the venue and crowding out to leave the venue Good Job everyone !

Chenyeol during Playboy (they were just… all on each other… bless)

Sekai during Playboy (sehun’s lil dance moving away from the stage)

Suho’s “I love you”

EXO + EXO L together saying “EXO We are one! Saranghaja! / Saranghae” (some fans said saranghae some said saranghaja, we were a mess but the sentiment was there <3)

All the EDM, the energy, the jumping around, the fun the screaming the laughter … everything was fantastic and the performances were amazing. I cannot wait for them to come back and I hope to see them soon!