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Because he wanted fanfiction...

Wilson Gonzales was an eighteen-year-old guy who just wanted to about life like any teenager. He just wanted to get into college, make some decent grades, bang a few people, watch loads of Degrassi episodes, and hang out with his friends. But, what no one knew about Mr. Gonzales was his deep secret.

He told no one. He was very good at hiding things. He suspected that his mother was close to figuring it out but she had not confronted him with unusual questions. It was best that he told no one. If people found out, he would be shunned from society like a leper. He would be ignored and made to live in the outskirts of Mckinney (a terrible place he had heard about from his very attractive and amazing friend).

The thing is, Wilson had this secret power. It was nothing like the movies. No ability to fly as high as the winds would take him. No freedom to read the thoughts of others in order to intrude in the secrets of others. If he could read minds, he would find that his secret wasn’t so bad anymore. These little power of his was the ability to biologically change his body to female.

Now, that wouldn’t be so bad, if he didn’t use it as he did. At times, Wilson would get bored with his life and Tumblr nor his Degrassi role-play could aid him. This usually happened on weekends (you’ll see why in a minute). So Wilson, filled with his boredom, would transform himself into a woman. He then would dig into the pile he gradually built in his closet and pull out a duffle bag.

Inside the duffle bag lies skimpy dresses in all sorts of attracting colors along with accessories and shoes. His favorite one is a little purple number that has less material than my thong. Anyways, he (or she I should say from now on) pulls on one of these dresses and makes her way to the nearby strip club or to meet up with her pimp, Sugah Dahdee.

Yes, Wilson, or Wilhelmina, is a protistuting whore.

That was her secret.

No one could know.

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