sinful sisters

I love that Ghost creates a safe space for their female fans

Let’s just appreciate that for a minute, with the way they handle the Sisters of Sin thing during Monstrance Clock. They don’t make their fans wear some sexed up nun outfit. They are not sent out to be a sex object on stage. They are treated as people. Then every time before the song, Papa warns the audience, in a light-hearted way, but still warns, there will be absolutely no touching, grabbing, licking of fingers…no harassment will be tolerated. Then they send the ladies down to the pit with their manager, who has a flashlight and watches out for them while they hand the stuff out.

Just think about that for a moment. They really do go out of their way to make sure we’re safe and are having a good time. ❤ Y'all don’t know how much that means to me. Small measures, but they put them in place every time for us.

So last night I met cowbell ghoul and he signed my wristband lmao. He was so cute and funny and his accent..omg adorable. He said he got a lot of fan art in his inbox really fast after his lil debut. And he was shocked that people instantly knew it was him. 😂 (like those legs didn’t give it away)
He showed us one drawing someone sent him and he said “This one actually looks like me. See! Haha I’m gonna have to frame this and put it up.” Aww he was so energetic and excited about the fans.
It was so funny when he told us about how he ended up being the cowbell ghoul because he said “Well I’m always with them you know I was a sister of sin that time?? Yeah I just had the outfit on one day and was joking around and I thought hey I need an instrument..*mimics banging a cowbell* COWBELL yeah haha! Then everyone was like YES but I didn’t have one.. So I went out all over Lubbock looking and ya know what?? *pauses* I couldn’t find one! *laughs hysterically*”
It was just the way he said it I was like omfg. 😂
Then someone asked him about the outfit he wears like who it belonged to and he said “Oh I don’t know. I have a little bit from everyone. Just the extra pieces laying around. And ya know what? They can really hold a smell!” Lmao he was cracking jokes left n right like what even are you?!? 😂💘 I love him.
He said Earth helped him make his symbol but he added his own flair to it with the cross. Lol he said he’s a “really bad drawer” too.
I think I talked to him longer than I did Papa bc everyone kinda swarmed him of course. But it was so great! I’m glad they came out to see us. I was sad I didn’t get to hug Aether tho 😢

Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahuAllāh is mentioned to have said that the one who criticises someone for their sin is actually worse than the one who sinned.

I remember the first time I heard that and it didn’t really affect me. The thing is, we don’t understand something until we go through it.

A couple of years ago there was a sister who had fallen into some sin, and because she didn’t take the advice that I had given her at the time, I felt extremely frustrated and angry with her - So much that I ended up judging her.

What’s worse than this is, that this sisters sins was on my tongue a lot and I clearly remember feeling better in some kind of way, Allahu al-Musta'ān!

Years went by, and the sister repented back to Allah - Me on the other hand, I suddenly found myself falling into that exact same sin that I had criticised this sister for some time back.

And not only had I fallen into the same sin, I went further than she ever did.

And every single time I struggle with my Iman or I am stuck on a sin, I remember this sister and I am left with no doubt in my heart that the punishment for judging her was falling into the same and worse.

I told a sister about this today and she said: “You know sometimes when you can’t even look yourself in the mirror because the reflection disgust you? And you know how bad of a person you are so you’re just in constant shame?”

After answering yes to all that she then said: “How can you know all this about yourself, and still think you’re better than the one in front of you who has only showed you 2 % of their sins? Isn’t yours enough?”

What do you even say to that?

Driving past this mud, I just had to get out of the car and take a picture. Not only to share it with you, but to remind myself that, I am not better than anyone else.

The beauty just behind this mud, made me think of every person I ever looked down on because of their sins, and so I found myself talking to Allah asking Him:

“Allahumma, let not this tongue of mine send me into destruction because of what it used to utter. I stand before you acknowledging my sins and I plead guilty to every single one of them.

Take my heart out of the mud my own hands dipped it into and save me from drowning into this quicksand of unfair judgement”

We are to busy with what fulan and fulana did yesterday that we forget what we ourselves did just today.

We are covered in mud and instead of taking a shower in Tawba, we are busy with other people’s faults.

Don’t judge or belittle anyone because of the sins they commit. Because not only will you be sinful while doing so, but you will end up in that exact same action one day, only so that you can be taught a lesson by The Only One who puts people to account.

Focus on you .. You can’t afford anything else.