sinful sisters


Pairing: Ivar x Reader
Summary: Modern Au. Reader needs some self defense and meets Ivar the trainer.

Length: Long

Warnings: NSFW, Swearing, ex-boyfriend situation, explicit, slight choking, detailed smut
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I didn’t fall to temptation – I rose to it.

I ate that apple because I was hungry.
I wanted what lay outside of Paradise,
a world without the burden of perfection.

Now you call all sinful women my sisters.
I say, let them claim their own damn sins.
The apple may not be perfect, but it’s mine.
—  Diane Lockward, from ‘Eve Argues Against Perfection’

If God is a man
(and he must be,
for there have been wars 
over religion, and death
has always been a man’s game)

then the Devil is a woman
(red and fiery and full of secrets,
condemning the men
who have done wrong 
and then called themselves Savior) 

because there is a river on fire
and a man on his knees crying
as though his tears will put out
the flames, but her and I,
we both know it won’t

it takes charring skin to stop
the burning of something so
holy, holy, holy -hallelujah-
and its a pain that just isn’t worth
the reward anymore;

but, really, who needs heaven
when you can drown to feel clean?

—  for Sin and all the burning rivers you’ve crossed || O.L.
– Be still, don’t jump. –  he whispered.

     His hand was now climbing up your thigh under the long table. The great hall was crowded and you were having diner. His brothers were sitting so close that they could hear him if wanted to, thank gods they were kinda drunk. You looked at him and widened your eyes. His fingers found your slippy crevice. 
      – You’ll keep acting like if nothing is happening – he groaned at your ear while pinching your clit.  – You may not moan, close your eyes or try to hide your face. Just cum for me. 
     He stucked two fingers inside you, moving slowly. You took a sip of mead.
      – Y/N, may I eat this?  – Hvitserk asked, pointing at the last potatoe. Ivar rushed the pace and you felt your blood rushing like fire to your face.  – Are you ok? You’re red. 
      – Su-ure!  – he narrowed his eyes suspiciously and you forced a smile. Ivar kept pressing your g-spot  – It’s the mead. 
     Hvitserk was busy again with his plate and you frowned at Ivar.
      – What the fuck?  – you whispered at him. 
      – You like it. You can frown at me but your cunt can’t lie. You soaked my fingers. – his grin was devilish  – Hvitserk! – he called loud –  Let’s train tomorrow? 
      Now they were having a conversation and you tried not to scream between them. You looked furiously at Ivar but he pretended not to see, laughing. Hvitserk noticed something odd was happening and studied your face once in a while. Ivar was right, you liked it. The orgasm was close, it would be massive since you tried to avoid it for so long. 
      – Ahhh, fuck  – the low moan escaped you throat. You grabbed their thighs, one with each hand, and panted for a few seconds. 
     Ivar’s smile was wide and Hvitserk didn’t even tried to hide how turned on he was. His eyes were dark with lust. You scanned the room and felt relief, no one else noticed. You didn’t know what to say, they were both staring at you. You wanted to kill Ivar and hide from Hvitserk forever. 
      – Excuse, me. – You drank the rest of the mead in one sip and left the table.

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I’m sorry, I’m a sinner. 

Don’t Touch My Things

Daddy! Ivar x sub reader

@ivars-heathen​ can be blamed for her role in this trash.

Happy Fornication Friday Loves!

Warnings: NSFW, forced orgasms, dirty talk

for my B @synnersaint love you booboo

Ivar smiled and reached out to playfully twirl his fingers around a lock of your hair as he passed by on his way to the nightstand “…and just what have you been doing while I was gone all day pet?” he queried.

You bit your lip and smiled after him coyly. “Well…you did leave me all alone and…you know how I am Daddy.”

Ivar sucked in a breath through his nose and stood silently removing his bracers with his back to you for a while before finally speaking. “So you thought that meant you could be a bad girl, is that it?”  

He threw that stern look over his shoulder and you felt your pussy clenching in anticipation. You hadn’t really done anything, but what was the harm in a little white lie? You liked being a good girl for Ivar, but sometimes you longed to be treated like a bad one.

“No, but I was all by myself, and you didn’t leave any instructions.” you pouted.

Ivar slowly pivoted in his spot and started to move towards you on, his crutches dragging and scraping along the planked floor. Resting his knees on the edge of the bed, he leaned in close to where your noses were almost touching.

“Y/N, what did I tell you about touching things that aren’t yours, hmm?”

“N-not to do it.” you stuttered, the closer he got, the more you subconsciously slid back along firs. You didn’t get very far before Ivar’s hand shot out and crudely grabbed you between your legs.

“Tell me, who does this belong to?” he hissed, jaw clenching and nostrils flaring. He drew his hand back slightly and quickly brought it back down again, slapping your cunt through your small clothes. You nearly came right then and there.

“You, Ivar, it belongs to you!” you cried, feigning  a little pain and humiliation. You had to put on a little show for him, else he would know you were playing a game, and that…now that would not be good.

He let his crutches drop and maneuvered to sit himself down on the bed. “What is it that belongs to me my pet?” he asks, leaning back on his elbows and turning his head to look at you.

“This pussy, it belongs to you Daddy.” you purr, keeping your eyes locked on his as you crawl across the bed to climb up on top of him. Straddling his hips, you roll your into his and lean in down to peck his lips, but he just tuts at you and pushes your shoulders back.

“Oh no, my pet, you aren’t going to get away with this that easily.” He smiles wickedly and taps your nose with his finger, “Do you remember what happened last time I caught you touching my things?”

You gulp recollecting the way he had edged you for nearly a week. It was truly torture, and not the good kind. You didn’t want that. You would take anything but that. You were starting to regret your decision to lie to Ivar. You wanted to be a good girl again. You wanted girl girl punishments. Too late now, if you admitted the lie, he would just punish you more. You frown and nod your head slowly.

He smirks and narrows his eyes, “And after all that, you still haven’t learnt your lesson? Perhaps I have been too soft on you.”

“No you hav-”

Your cut off mid sentence when Ivar suddenly shoves you off of him with a strong, one armed shove. You land on the hard floor with a loud thud. Ivar leans over the side of the bed and sneers down at you. “You are boring me, you can sleep down there on the floor tonight.”

You sit up and scoot towards him and rest your chin on the edge of the bed. Forcing the most pathetic look you can muster, you push out your lip and stare up at him with a pleading look in your eyes. “I’m sorry Daddy.” you whimper.

“I know you are pet,” He coos, petting the top of your head affectionately, “now shut your fucking mouth and don’t move or make another sound until I say you can.”

With that, he lays back and rolls out of view and you slink back down to the cold floor. You curl yourself into a ball before daring to defy him once more by whispering back, “I won’t.”

That…was a sound.” His voice edged with warning and you barely held back your snicker. You hear him sigh loudly from the bed.

“You find this to be amusing, do you pet?”

“No. Not at all.” you lie.

“Do you want to come back up here pet?”

Scampering to your knees you quickly return to your kneeling position at his side. “Yes please, Daddy. I do, very much so.”

“…and If I let you, are you going to be a good girl for me?”

“Yes, I will be so good for you Daddy.” you promise, wringing your hands on the bed.

“You know once I let you up here, you aren’t getting down again until I feel you have been sufficiently punished, right? I must warn you to be careful what you wish for pet.”

You nod enthusiastically before taking his hand and letting him help you up onto the mattress.

“It was so cold down there on the floor, and you’re so warm Daddy.” you sigh contentedly, snuggling up against him and nuzzling your face into his neck.

“Wanton little fucking thing.” he huffs before grabbing you around the waist and pressing you flat into the mattress.

“Mmm, yes I am Daddy.” you rub your cheek into the soft firs and writhe about awaiting his next action. After spanking your thighs and ass repeatedly until your skin had turned a shade of crimson that was to his liking and your pussy was so wet that your own arousal was dripping down your thighs and soothing the burn left by his palms, Ivar pulls you onto you knees and slams into you with one hard thrust. Pants at mid thigh, he hadn’t even bothered to get undressed, he usually never did.

He fucks you like this for a few minutes, gripping yours hips and rocking you back and forth, fucking you onto his cock and hitting your g-spot over and over again. You moan and grip the sheets, begging him to make you come, but he just keeps pounding into you relentlessly and laughs, smacking your sore ass every few thrusts.

“Daddy, please, please.” you moan.

Just when you think you are going to explode, he pulls out and flips you over onto your back. Yanking you to the edge of the bed, he spreads your legs apart as wide as they will go and inserts two fingers into your wet pussy, tapping at your g-spot.

"Please, Daddy, can I cum? Please?” you beg over and over, pulling at your own hair and tossing your head back and forth on the bed as he adds a third finger and picks up the pace.

“Didn’t I tell you to be careful what you wished for pet?”

With his fingers still moving inside of you, Ivar smiled wickedly before taking your clit between his lips and sucking hard, making you jack-knife up off the bed as your body is wracked with orgasm after orgasm. His mouth staying latched on your clit and his fingers not slowing down or stopping, just fucking you silently right through them. You scream as they roll through your body in waves, one after the the fucking other.

He releases your poor swollen clit with a pop and his fingers and mouth trade places without giving you a second to breath.

“Daddy, pleaassseee! I ca- I ca- I can’t.” You wail. You cry. You plead. You push on his head and clamp your thighs around it but he just won’t let up. You were beginning to wish you had stayed down on that floor.

He continues rubbing your clit vigorously and fucking his tongue into you, forcing a few more orgasms before he finally tires of it and pulls your legs up, bending your body into an L shape and sinking his cock back into you.

“Who does this fucking pussy belong to?” He growls and slaps the side of your leg as he slams his hips into you, “Fuck, you fucking love this shit don’t you? You fucking love it when Daddy punishes you. Fucking say it! Tell me you fucking love it!”

“YES! Yes Daddy! I fucking love it, oh my Gods, I fucking love it.”

Wet sounds and the sounds of your moans and his grunts fill the room as his cock slams into your g-spot again, over and over .Every time you cum, he stops for a few seconds, throws his head back, and revels in the feeling of your pussy clenched around his cock. “You feel so fucking good pet. Fuck.”

He still hasn’t come and you have lost track of how many times you had. You can’t take it anymore and begin to beg, “Please, no, Daddy, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.” but he just grabs your hand and pushes it between your legs.

Ivar forces you to to make yourself come as his cock continues to pound into you and hit that sweet spot he knows how to find so well. Every time you come, you cry a little from the pain mixed with pleasure. Your cunt had never been so deliciously sore. Hot gushes of fluid pour out of your body to the point that the fucking sheets are drenched.

Finally, he moves your hand away from your sensitive clit,  but keeps up the brutality, thrusting into your g-spot repeatedly. You lost track of time, it was like you never stopped climaxing. You begin to float away, no longer able to make a sound or react to the things he was doing to you, when you feel his palm connect hard with your cheek and your eyes roll back in your head. You gasp and he pauses long enough to enjoy the clench of your muscles around his cock. Another smack to your face and your mind is gone and you feel yourself floating in and out of consciousness. He continues to slap at your face and keep you present as he fucks you until he can’t hold himself up any longer and finally comes shaking and yelling, collapsing on top of you a heaving, panting, sweating, smiling mess.

Ivar Imagine #6 | Mistress

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Little tickles brushing against your ankle made you vaguely aware that you were not alone. They continued as your body slowly woke up, now increasing in pressure so that you could recognize them as kisses. You allowed your eyes to open, parting your legs slightly to see a pair of striking blue eyes staring back at you. You sighed in realization, running your fingers softly through loose brown hair.

“You’ve woken me up, Little Prince. You better have a good reason.” 

He nodded eagerly, crawling so that he was directly between your thighs, his chin resting on your lower stomach. 

“Want it, Mistress. Please.” 

The poor man looked wrecked, his pupils blown wide and lips bright red from how often he had been biting them. You cooed, brushing your thumbs against his cheeks. 

“Poor thing, does my Little Prince need to have his Mistress?” He whimpered. “Alright, but just your mouth, no hands. I’m still angry at you for waking me up. Go ahead and make your mistress cum.” 

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10/13/17 -- 6pm Server Time!

Primarily an Alliance event!

The Sisters in Sin arrrr inviting you…

to join us for a night of utter passion and excitement! Share with us a drink and a tale ye scurvey dogs! Your journeys are never too small and never too dull to be told in the company of friends and lovers, especially not when a pint of ale or a hearty, bitter shot of hard liquor is readily available!

Come give our rum a taste, or plunder our booty! Lucky few with a little extra gold to spend will find themselves in the company of Azeroth’s finest women (and men)!

Find us in Mistfall Village, Vale of Eternal Blossoms, Pandaria. The large inn set toward the back of the entire village, we’ll see you there at six o’clock in the evening!

Let us forget our qualms for just this one night, for beneath the banner of sinner’s red and false gold we are all one – Horde and Alliance, lawful and unlawful, Kings and peasants. We are all just sinners in the home of the Sisters in Sin.

Disclaimer: This event will be Rated R and 18+ is 100% required. We do not condone or tolerate the exposure of such naughtiness to those who are underage. Thank you for understanding.

Discretion advised on account of themes surrounding sex, debauchery, as well substance and alcohol abuse will be involved.

We promote only positivity and love among this business, so we respectfully request no body shaming, kink shaming, or any general douchery that could leave a bitter taste in the mouths of any involved to your dickery!

We also request respectfulness for the public chat, and all ERP (Erotic Role Play) is kept in the dark of your personal messages or party chats! If you wouldn’t do it in front of your grandma, don’t do it in front of your peers!

In the spirit of the Hallows End holiday, the Sisters in Sin will be hosting theme nights for each of the events this month of October! Friday the 13th you will find the lively Brothel transformed into a saloon fit for traveling pirates, as we will all be costumed in pirate-themed attire!

We here at the Sisters in Sin welcome you to join us in this dressing up!

We arrrrr looking forward to seeing your own renditions of the pirate style!

I want to love an imperfect god:

A god who makes mistakes;

A god who knows sins like sisters,

Who made the queer children in his image

And looked upon his work and saw that it was good;

A god of “Judge not less ye be judged, in which case

Rain your tongues upon them like darts

Until your oppressors lie cowering at your feet.”

I want to love a god who stole me fire

And taught me to make a net;

How to put myself before others

And how to throw bricks at police officers.

A god who walks city streets at midnight

In high heels and glitter

To break bread with homeless children.

A god who displaces kings

And ushers in the winter

Once summer leaves him bored.

“Forgive me, Lord, for I have sinned,” you say,

And he says, “Ooo, tell me more.”

Sisters in Sin; Advertisements

<Sisters in Sin> is easily explained by the stereotypical, quick to the point definition: Brothel house.

In the shattered lands of the Vale, a Pandaren village has welcomed outsiders thanks to the certain influx of coin it will bring to their rebuilding community, even though these outsiders have brought a brothel with them.

The Sisters in Sin operate out of Mistfall Village, playing host to whoring, drinking, dancers and any other vice your boorish heart could desire. Such activities, however, do require employees for there are those which work within the tavern itself, and outside within a mercenary group attached to the Sisters.

Bring forth your finest men and women, be they of lowly bearings or noble titles. We believe in equality within the Sisters in Sin, for we all seek the same thing beneath the colors of Sinners Red and False Gold: To forget in the intimacy of our vice.

Governing the day to day activities of the whores and general functioning of the Brothel is little more than Susan Gampre, the youngest (or so is believed) madam of current history. She, along with her confidants and trusted advisors, seems the inhospitable force to be reckoned with.

Come one, come all.

Some OOC Shit!

We offer:

Horde and Alliance option.
Roleplay of an 18+ nature.
This includes sex, narcotics, and other criminal endeavors.
An open community, free of kinkshaming, bodyshaming, etc.
We actually play the game!
A discord server for communication outside the game.

1. Yes
, this is an ERP tolerating guild,
2. No, we will no over look certain immoral behaviors,
3. Yes, this guild is in a mature setting,
4. Yes, you are required to be 18 or older to interact,
5. No, ERP is not the only thing this guild is good for,
6. No, you are in no way entitled to ERP “simply because”,
7. Yes, we have a right to refuse rp with you, as any person has the right
8. No, I am not trying to bring “Pornshire” over to Wyrmrest Accord.
9. There is plenty more to Sisters in Sin, as well as the people who not only associate with, but are apart of, than just sex. 

What you should offer:

An open mind.
A player who is at least 18 years of age.
An understanding of the fundamental rules of roleplay.
A character interested in whoring, dancing, security or mercenary work, or otherwise interested in somehow supporting these endeavors.

This is not an ERP-focused guild by any means - we’d like well-rounded applicants.

Whisper Katrios, Otterhound, Alikna, or Gampre in-game to discuss joining.

The Sisters can also be hired to entertain at your events!

“For as mixed are we, still we thrive; We are those of varying taste, culture, and styles. That, dear, is what appeals most to the people. Diversity.”

Dark Night: Cautious Assault

`Wicked Wednesday series, part. 4

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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His mouth approached yours like a stag approaching a quiet spring. First tentatively pressing into yours, testing the cool water with his lips before taking a drink. His tongue traced the seam of your lips and you opened your mouth ready to receive it but he just continued in an agonizingly slow and sweet assault.His assault felt more cautious than calculated. His hands ghosted over your bare thighs and up your sides, his fingers trailing lightly over your rib cage and dancing down the undersides of your arms. You could feel the heat radiating from his hands and your skin longed to be branded by them. When you whimpered in frustration and leaned into his kiss you felt those hands sear into your skin.Gripping you by the forearms, he growled before finally showing you his true nature by attacking your mouth with the intensity you would expect from such a beast. His kiss was suffocating but only left you yearning for more. You wanted so badly to just grab his face in your hands and pull the devil in closer, but the iron grip he had on your wrists held your arms securely behind your back. His fingers bit painfully into your flesh, his grip so tight that your arms were tingling and starting to go numb.You whined into his mouth and struggled against his hold but he only squeezed your wrists tighter. The muscles in your shoulders began to scream in the forced position he held them in, but that pain paled in comparison to your need to touch him. You wanted to place your hands into the fire and get burnt. 

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“ Stand totally naked in front of me. Open your legs slightly  and feel my fingers slide between them rubbing  gently against your clit. Tilt your head back, but you may not moan and you may not cum. Only bite your lower lip. Understood? “

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Ask me if I do this every day, I said, “Often.”

Ask how many times she rode the wave—"Not so often.“

Bitches down to do it either way, often
Baby I can make that pussy rain, often

Often, often, girl I do this often
Make that pussy poppin’, do it how I want it

Often, often, girl I do this often
Make that pussy poppin’, do it how I want it


Often by The Weeknd