sinful debauchery

new wave artists/bands and their rpg classes
  • The Buggles: Freelancer/Adventurer. Reasoning: Present early on. Their breakup after their second album flopped, followed by Geoffrey Downes moving to Asia (e: the band, not the continent) while Trevor Horn shifted focus to producing, parallels the first job change of a game - the moment where, mechanically speaking, everything changes as the PCs begin to embrace divergent roles.
  • Billy Joel: Rogue. Reasoning: I want to establish that I don’t think Billy Joel is in any way cool. He’s not even Nerd Cool like nearly everyone else on this list, where yeah they’re a goofy weirdo but they own it and make it work. One time I realized I didn’t know what Billy Joel looked like so I looked it up and got confused as to why Google was showing me all these pictures of a washed-up high school physics teacher. Anyway his songs are all about shit like “seducing good Catholic women into a life of sin and debauchery” (Only The Good Die Young), or “fuck breaking my back at a nine to five job maaaaaaan” (Movin’ Out), or “you dig it when I act like a reckless asshole” okay hold on actually in retrospect maybe the bit in You May Be Right where the speaker motorcycles home blind drunk should have been a red flag?
  • Cyndi Lauper: Gladiator. Reasoning: There is no way that Lou Albano didn’t teach her a bunch of powerful wrestling secrets. There’s an alternate universe out there where she joined the WWF in 1984 and became the woman Undertaker. Nobody would have beaten her ever.
  • Devo: Either alchemists or black mages. Self explanatory.
  • Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Either cleric/white mage or druid, depending on how you feel about Weed Joke’s. Reasoning: Frankie say relax.
  • Fred Schneider: Beastmaster or Summoner. Reasoning: While he’s an excellent and unique performer, the girls in the band - despite doing what once might want to call “backup vocals” - feel like they do an equal or even disproportionately high amount of the work carrying each song, y'know? Also I like to imagine his ultimate skill is summoning a living planet named Claire.

And, of course,

David Byrne: Warrior. Reasoning:


Sanguine is the Daedric Prince of debauchery. He is often seen with some kind of alchohol in his hand, pranking, shapeshifting and humiliating other mortals. One example being a spell that removes all clothing of everyone in range.
Sanguine likes to drag mortal people down a sinful road, trough greed, humiliation and manipulation.

     ❝ Yeah, but – alright, that’s still your own fault, though. You still owe me.  A disgruntled expression appears, directed toward the ceiling as a phone is placed upon his ear. If he wasn’t so relaxed – resting upon a taller man’s lap, his head pillowed quite comfortably against his knee as the sounds of a television blared in the background, he might perhaps be even more perturbed. But this sort of thing came with the territory of being an investor. Particularly one who remained steadfastly loyal to the company he’d pledged himself to ( if secretly; it isn’t as though he can allow such things to be taken advantage of. )

       Uh huh. No, I’m not giving you an extension. What do you mean why? Nn – y – what? You’ve had this contract signed for four months. Absolutely not. It’s due by Friday or the deal’s off. Good day.  Slight movement it takes for the line to go dead on his end, while he reaches to pinch the bridge of his nose and focus golden eyes aside, a silent plead for some sort of comfort in the face of his frustration.  Help.  


Partners in Crime - Finn Shelby

Do you write with male readers? If so can you write a story where your the son of a peaky blinder and you’ve been secretly dating Finn keeping it a secret cause your both men and its the 20s. When your kissing Finn in private thinking you’re alone and his brothers and Polly walk in… You can decide who they react. :) 

I decided to set this a few years after the end of series 3 because things seemed to flow better with the characters being a bit older and more sure of themselves.

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Unpopular pairing: Junkrat x D.Va Headcanons


  1. If you dislike male x female pairings, please ignore this post.
  2. If you only plan to respond to this post with “but my ship is better than your ship because xyz” please ignore this post.
  3. This post is not meant to disprove other ships or to compare this ship with other ships. All ships are valid.

If you’ve got an open mind, please read on!

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jeusang  asked:

-FLUFF ALERT- okay so imagine if taek see's hyuk messing around with other members like how he messes with taek and taek gets all jealous and he ignored hyuk for like a day and finally hyuk asks him why taeks ignoring him and then he says hes jealous and then in the end hyuk showers taek with kisses everywhere and even places a hickey on his neck and then hyuk plays overwatch with smol taek in his lap FFKSMCNJDNSNXN I LOVE JEALOUS AU'S

can I just say that I for one am crying because fluff alert?? on my blog?? Of sin and debauchery?? god bless I am so blessed

and also im crying bc this is so cute. Tbh I feel you I’m so weak against jealous aus like not the wierd overly possessive ones but the ones where the jealous person is sorta miffed Im Weak. And then leohyuk cuddling im so ; ;

LIKE Taekwoon being all weird and quiet about it not telling Sanghyuk whats wrong and Sanghyuk just keeps bothering him and not letting him leave until he’s got it out of Taekwoon. Pushing Taek against a wall and just lightly pressing kisses against his neck and saying “whats wrong” “You can tell me” and shit every time he does it and Taekwoon is just squirming against him slowly losing his it his knees buckling and everything like i am so SAD.

I always think of leohyuk cuddling where sanghyuk will be playing his game and taek will sit in between his legs or in his lap reading a book w Sanghyuk resting his chin on Taekwoons head I’m so sad I am the most sad

God Loves You, Which Is Why You’ll Burn In Hell (Part 2): A “Good, Christian Child,” Claudine Frollo Is Not

All Frollo ever truly wanted from his daughter was for her to become a “good, Christian child” in the midst of all the sin, the debauchery, and the faithlessness that is life on the Isle of the Lost.

As mentioned in part 1, Claudine Frollo was the product of a very brief, tumultuous marriage between Frollo and a woman whose name is lost to time and even his memory, whom he only ever refers to as “Not Esmerelda.”

Even more so than the other VKs, the deck was stacked heavily against Claudine: the infamy Frollo had already accrued over the past four years and the overzealous behaviour of his flock made her a social pariah by association, the strict and rigid standards for good behaviour imposed on her were even more inflexible than her peers’ and the punishment all the more severe, and the fact that the parents of everyone else were praising them for sinning, misbehaving, and generally being very bad, un-Christian like children made for a very difficult life.

But still, she persisted, abstaining from pranks and parties, casual kissing and cruelty, stealing and sex (the sinful, pre-marital kind), being bullied, picked on, and victimized relentlessly, but never lashing back, always taking her lot in life with a smile, comforting herself at night with prayers and the thought that when Judgment day comes, she will be taken away from this Hell and to an eternal Paradise.

Unlike the rest of the Isle parents, Frollo also loved her truly, supporting her, praising her, and doing his damndest to care for her despite his ever failing health and the fact that the Isle was not kind to such “pure, holy people” as them.

Then, puberty came, and all of that went into a hand-basket headed straight down.

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Trial of Fangs

[Sound Effects]

Thmp thmp…

Your breathing begins to quicken. Your adrenaline increases.

                                                           Thmp thmp…

Your blood boils. Your fists clench. Your anger, your determination builds within your system. Each moment as you push yourself forward, you feel the tension rising in the air. Every pair of eyes land on you, each one waiting, watching… wondering if you are going to succeed in your fight or will you fall short in what it takes to be the best.

                              Thmp Thmp…

Who will win? Who will gain the honor and the right to run their unit?

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Honey and Wine

That Greek God Modern AU with @peachpitsss

Credence/Newt, teen rating but may fringe at mature if you squint.

On AO3 Here (forgive my ugly mobile format):

“Dionysus is represented by city religions as the protector of those who do not belong to conventional society and he thus symbolizes the chaotic, dangerous and unexpected, everything which escapes human reason and which can only be attributed to the unforeseeable action of the gods.”

You never felt doubt, until you looked into the eyes of a British man wearing his strange, pagan amulets, smiling nervously before he looks away and takes the leaflet from your lifeless fingers.


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anonymous asked:

Do the MonsterHaus boys ever try to use Dex's demonic flames as an improvised lighter? Does Chowder ever have to help Lardo blow-dry her art? Who uses Jack as a cooling pack in summer? Does Tango have any cat merchandise (especially Hello Kitty)? Are there any religious weirdos trying to co-opt Whiskey for their cause? Important questions u_u

These are incredibly important questions yes thank you so much!!! I love ransom Monster Haus questions. This got kind of long, and all of these are so dumb and funny and then I went a little too hard on Whiskey I’m sorry.

Short answers are: Against his will, of course, everyone, yes but he doesn’t get it, and oh yeah.

Long answers are:

Dex’s demon flames

I struggled so hard not to write this out as a fic. Dex always has a constant fire burning in his chest, but the actual flames don’t really come out all that often. He doesn’t have control over them yet either, it’s just whenever he gets too excitable they come out over his tongue and between his fingers. Other than trying to force him to cuddle to save on heating, Rans and Holtz state no one really thinks anything of it.

It isn’t until one day when Lardo goes to light up and she realizes she is out of both light fluid and matches that everything comes together. First, she meant to go to the store, she really did, but Dex was just there you know? And secondly, she absolutely would have just asked him for a light, but she knows he can’t control it. Getting him excited about something is impossible, and getting him mad enough to create flames isn’t going to happen without Nursey or some type of computer failure so they’re both out. But getting Dex embarrassed isn’t actually all that hard, and the store is far away and its cold…so she makes a choice.

And so began Dex’s Least Favorite and everyone else’s Absolute Favorite tradition of flirting with Dex until he’s worked up enough to work as a humanish lighter.

Continues after the Cut

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BTS Smut: Exhibitionist Jimin

exhibitionism kink. explicit. mature. dirty talk. sin. 

Here?” he gasps, and his voice is lined with something heavy, thicker than the charcoal smudges of eyeliner on the corners of his eyes. There’s a heat here, in this charged space with all of a few hundred people that might have something to do with excited patrons of this club and everything to do with nest of thermal energy created in the friction of your aligned crotches. 

His hands are on your ass bringing you closer, the expanse of his grasp allowing his smallest digit to just barely graze where you’re aching for him to touch. “You want me to do this here, ___? Want me to get you off right here in this club surrounded by witnesses?” Then he’s slipping a hand to trail down your front, fingers dipping into your soaked panties. “Jesus, baby, you’re so fucking wet, so slick for me. I could slide right into you.” The arms you have linked around his neck tighten like you’r holding on for dear life.

The flicks of his fingers act as that of a match. He’s setting your body ablaze so that flames crawl out of your mouth and turn themselves into desperate little moans that resonate against the ivory of his clavicles. Jimin shivers. He loves you like this.

“You’re so fucking needy.” His voice is full of approval, almost incredulous at the thought of what you’re allowing him to do. Abruptly, he brings a hand to cradle your cheek, having to photocopy the look on your face, having to burn the huskiness of your voice into his cerebrum, wanting to see with his own eyes the way you fall apart in the next couple of moments. He lips brush your cheek sweetly as he whispers praises into your ear, because you’re being such a good girl for him, taking his fingers so well. 

You gasp as a stranger brushes past you, terribly oversensitive. Jimin hasn’t stopped his ministrations at all. You’re getting closer to coming with ever shaky breathe, every twist of your hips as you grind your pussy onto his fucking fingers. 

“Look, baby girl. Should I fuck you right over there?” Through the slit of your heavy gaze you see his entourage in the VIP section, lounging around a glass table, drinks held loosely in ring clad hands, legs crossed pretentiously, judging, waiting for something or someone interesting enough to keep their attention. “Would you like that, ___? If I spread you out on that table in front of them, fucked you with your face pressed to the glass like a good little whore.” And it’s like he’s hit a switch. Your head falls back, exposing your throat. “Jimin,”you gasp.

“Or maybe you’d like it better if i let them join?” You squeeze your eyes shut tight. “If they take turns using your fucking cunt–”

“Fffuck, Jimin, God, I’m gonna—"which is all it takes and then you’re coming right there on the spot, utterly helpless as whimpers force their way out of your throat as you writhe and pant in his hold. 


You dab hysteria behind his ear like perfume. The way you press your body against him like you’d crawl inside of him if you could, like you’d rather give up your soul then not feel his touch, it invokes something savage in his chest, something foreign–some primal urge to own you like nothing he has ever experienced before. Jimin grins, fucking cherubic– the devil wearing cupids face like a mask, so disturbing in juxtaposition to the sinful debauchery that has just taken place. 

He pecks you on the cheek once, then ties the kiss like a quarter note to another on the shell of your ear. “That was nice, huh?”You can only manage a nod, already gone. 

Jimin strokes the heated surface of your cheeks with the pad of his thumb, soothing.  "Let’s try that again sometime. I’m thinking in five minutes—horizontal, maybe. With my dick.“ 

You nod. Already gone.

Any Other Name (41): Heartbeat

Izaya finds Shizuo on the far side of the school gates.

“Hey there,” he calls as the other’s blond hair comes into view, as he draws close enough to see the slouch of Shizuo’s shoulders against the wall. “Didn’t you have the patience to wait through the whole ceremony?”

Shizuo turns his head to look at Izaya, his mouth quirking into a smile as he sees the other. There’s a cigarette at his lips; he looks away again as Izaya approaches, taking a last inhale and breathing out a lungful of smoke into the air as Izaya comes to lean sideways against the wall next to him.

“I saw you graduate,” Shizuo says, fishing a paper envelope out of his pocket and dropping the cigarette into it. The ember at the end extinguishes with a tiny burst of smoke and Shizuo pockets the envelope again. “I just didn’t want to sit through the rest of your class. I knew you’d find me afterwards.”

“You just wanted to have a cigarette,” Izaya teases, reaching out to flick his fingers against the crinkle of the paper in Shizuo’s pocket. “Are you already such a slave to addiction?”

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anonymous asked:

Does Henry actually secretly enjoy all the sin and debauchery Hyde because he certainly doesn't protest besides "I've got work to do" sort?

Absolutely! Although I might argue that most of the enjoyment he gets out of Hyde’s outings is cancelled out by shame and embarrassment. The main reason Jekyll and Hyde’s relationship has worked out (up to this point) is because Jekyll relies on Hyde’s outings to give him a break from his hectic everyday life. That and he believes that whatever Hyde might get up to–however weird, raunchy or societally devious–isn’t actually hurting anyone. There are borderline cases, but Jekyll can usually find some moral loophole or another, i.e., it’s pretty fair to say that the recent bar fight would have happened whether or not Hyde was there at the time.

Sick Individuals

I was inspired by eileithyia-ya‘s Stripper!Law fic, as well as the song Sick Individual by Halestorm to write a Stripper!Nami one shot. I use the song in the fic, it’s really perfect for her to dance to. Stef also inspired me to use Hawkins a bit in this.

Also, Nami’s cowgirl outfit really, really influenced this (like, blatantly so). It’s just so damn hot and yes, I had a fun time imagining this.

Title: Sick Individuals
Pairing: Trafalgar Law x Nami, one sided Eustass Kid x Nami
Genre: Romance (?)
Rating: M
Word Count: 3311
Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece or the characters, they belong to Eiichiro Oda.

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The Many Pictures
(and Book Covers)
of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde’s sole novel still manages both to disturb and enthrall readers with its tale of a young bon vivant whose portrait betrays the ravages of his sins and debaucheries. Wilde toned down the more “scandalous” passages from the novel’s serialized appearance upon its publication in book form, yet those words would come back to haunt him during his libel trial when the excised portions of the book were read into evidence to prove Queensbury’s assertion that Wilde was a “posing sodomite.” However, even in the immediate aftermath of Wilde’s disgrace, the novel never fell out of print, and its central conceit of a painting charting the degeneration of its living counterpart has proven to be irresistible to book cover illustrators.

Top: Oscar Wilde, perhaps the most iconic photograph of the author.

Second row: The most popular cover imagery for the novel juxtaposes the pure, youthful Dorian with the artist’s interpretation of his corrupt, sin-ravaged portrait.

Third row: left, you cannot hide, or run from, your true self, Dorian Gray! Right, Dorian eyes his next conquest in what appears to be a 40s night club on the cover of this foreign language edition.

Fourth row: left, Pulp! The Classics cover, any celebrity resemblance is completely coincidental, I’m sure; right, Dorian Gray in the EC Comics vein.

Bottom row: Two of the more interesting recent editions to be issued from Penguin Classics—left, fashion artist Ruben Toledo’s imaginative cover design; right, designer Coralie Bickford-Smith’s peacock feather motif, perhaps alluding to Dorian’s pride.