sinful debauchery

The Demonic Hierarchy by Diabolus Est Nuntius


SATAN ~ Power, Knowledge, Mastery, Control, Command, Lust, Wisdom, Occult Adepthood. 

LILITH ~ Sorcery, Infertility, Lust, Feminine Power, Incubi, Succubi, Sexual Power. 

ABADDON ~ Destruction, Death, Perversion, Fetishism, Torture, Pain. 

BEELZEBOUL ~ Protection, Bravery, Authority, Power, Position, Possession, Influence Over Others, Prosperity. 

ASMODEUS ~ Lust, Desire, Love, Possession, Seduction, Excess, Debauchery, Adultery, Passion. 

LUCIFUGE ~ Money, Wealth, Promotion, Command, Employment, Attainment. 

BELPHEGOR ~ Beauty, Attraction, Love, Success, Science, Invention, Sloth, Creativity. 

UNSERE ~ Healing, Fertility, Childbirth, Vanquishing Malady, Knowledge. 

AGALIAREPT ~ Initiation, Knowledge, Hidden Wisdom, Occult Knowledge, Gateways, Guidance, Revelation. 

TAROON ~ Lust, Love, Desire, Seduction, Wrath. 

LUITHIAN ~ Knowledge, Study, Learning, Wisdom, Intellect. 

RASHOON ~ Love, Alliance, Seduction, Enchantment. 

VERRINE ~ Healing, Health, Impatience, Medicince. 

ASHTAROT ~ Lust, Love, Relationships, Friendships, Psychogones, Egregores, Homunculi, Desire. 

VERRIER ~ Healing, Herbalism, Health, Disobedience, Vanquishing Plague. 

ASAFOETIDA ~ Feminine Sexuality, Seducing Men, Beauty, Seduction, Fornication. 

BEHEMOTH ~ Greed, Avarice, Gluttony, Luxury, Pleasure, Sloth, Sin, Debauchery. 

SONNELLION ~ Hatred, Discord, Conflict, Arguments, Separating Lovers, Chaos. BAAL ~ Power, Authority, Wisdom, Occult Knowledge, Sin. 

TEZRIAN ~ War, Discord, Conflict, Arguments. MAMMON ~ Money, Greed, Avarice, Profit, Wealth, Commerce. ROSIER ~ Love, Relationships, Reconciliation, Harmony. 

BAALBERITH ~ Knowledge, Pacts, Alliances, Blasphemy. 

SATANACHIA ~ Magickal Protection, Revenge, War, Weapons, Bravery, Fortification. 

MEPHISTO ~ Death, Pacts, Desire, Knowledge, Possession, Revenge, Manifesting Desires. 

DELIPITORAE ~ Magickal Grimoires, Literature, Writing, Hidden Texts, Scribes. 

FLEREOUS ~ Victory, Power, Command, Retribution, Justice. 

SVENGALI ~ Vengeance, Revenge, Destruction, Deceit, Retribution, Malice, Wrath. AMMON ~ Longevity Of Life, Health, Strength, Fortitude. 

MUSISIN ~ Commanding Those In Authority, Binds Alliances, Sustains Partnerships, Influence Over Others. 

HUICTIIGARA ~ Sleep, Insomnia, Dreams, Dream Prophecy, Nightmares. 

KHIL ~ Earthquakes, Astral Chaos, Storms, Destruction. 

FRIMOST ~ Seducing Women, Infidelity, Lust, Wanton Desire, Debauchery, Sin. 

BECHARD ~ Stroms, Winds, Weather, Lightning, Astral Storms. 

CLISTHERT ~ Illusions, Apparitions, Insanity, Madness, Paranoia, Obsession. 

CLAUNECK ~ Riches, Wealth, Prosperity, Success, Attainment. 

BUCON ~ Hatred, Discord, Separation, Misery, Nightmares, Loss, Ruin. 

MORAIL ~ Invisibility, Astral Projection, Illusion, Apparitions. 

HIEPACTH ~ Reconciliation, Binding Friendships, Love, Allegiance, Partnerships. 

HUMOTS ~ Reveals Lost Books, Remote Viewing, Lost Texts, Hidden Secrets, Revelation. 

GULAND ~ Inflicting Disease, Causing Plague, Inducing Illnesses. 

MERSILDE ~ Astral Travel, Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Seership, Scrying, Cartomancy. 

SEGAL ~ Apparitions, Hauntings, Possession, Paranormal Phenomena, Egregores. 

SURGAT ~ Entrance To Forbidden Places, Remote Viewing, Seership, Divination. 

SIRCHADE ~ Power Over Animals, Communing With Animals, Earth Magick, Divination, Nature. 

FRUCISSIERE ~ Necromancy, Mediumship, Scrying, Necrophilia, Death. 

FRUTIMIERE ~ Happiness, Festivals, Celebrations, Victory. 


 ALASTOR ~ Death, Bloodshed, Destruction, Torture, Perversion. 

ANSITIF ~ Possession, Sin, Debauchery, Infidelity, Wanton Desire. 

ARIOCH ~ Revenge, Justice, Retribution, Punishment. 

BAALZEPHON ~ Protection, Security, Servitors, Guardians. 

LEONARD ~ Sorcery, Black Magick, Occultism, Voodoo. 

MASTEMA ~ Mergings, Pacts, Succubi, Incubi, Servitors. 

MERIHIM ~ Pestilence, Plague, Malady, Bacteria, Disease. NAAMAH ~ Seduction, Fornication, Fertility, Lust, Seducing Men. 

RIMMON ~ Healing, Health, Science, Medicine, Knowledge. 

VERDELET ~ Ritual Magick, Ceremonies, Compromise, Influence. 

ARPHAXAT ~ Possession, Sin, Decadence, Debauchery, Blasphemy, Hatred. 

BALTAZO ~ Possession, Magickal Attack, Insanity, Paranormal Phenomena. 

CAMBIONS ~ Incubi, Succubi, Homunculus, Magickal Children, Psychogones. 

OLIVIER~ War, Destruction, Conflict, Discord, Battlefields, Chaos. SUCCORBEMOTH ~ Jealousy, Envy, Egotism, Vanity, Selfishness. 

SHABIRI ~ Blindness, Deafness, Inlicting Wounds, Infection. 

MULLIN ~ Sorcery, Spellcraft, Magick, Hexing, Cursing. 

EISETH ~ Lust, Prostitution, Adultery, Fornication, Fascination. 

AGRAT ~ Lust, Seduction, Whores, Depravity, Fetishism. 

CARNIVEAN ~ Sin, Obsenity, Lust, Degredation. Wrath. 

ABYZOU ~ Miscarriage, Infertility, Psychic Attack, Vampirism, Hauntings, Possession. 

MULCIBER ~ Engineering, Architecture, Knowledge, Warfare. 

SCIRLIN ~ Divination, Seership, Infernal Messages, Scrying. 

XAPHAN ~ Fire, Burning, Fire Elementals. 

PRUFLES ~ Discord, Arguments, Dividing Lovers, War, Poverty. 

PICCOLUS ~ Mediumship, Sacrifices, Seership, Servitors. UKOBACH ~ Fire, Pyromancy, Destruction By Fire, Immunity To Burning. 

MOLOCH ~ Manifest Desires, Revealing Secrets, Portals, Entrance To Other Realms. 

RIBESAL ~ Illusions, Anger, Rage, Wrath, Phenomena. 

ABALAM ~ Seduction, Possession, Debauchery, Destruction. 

BALTHAZAR ~ Misery, Discord, Luna Bonnie, Command, Evil.

new wave artists/bands and their rpg classes
  • The Buggles: Freelancer/Adventurer. Reasoning: Present early on. Their breakup after their second album flopped, followed by Geoffrey Downes moving to Asia (e: the band, not the continent) while Trevor Horn shifted focus to producing, parallels the first job change of a game - the moment where, mechanically speaking, everything changes as the PCs begin to embrace divergent roles.
  • Billy Joel: Rogue. Reasoning: I want to establish that I don’t think Billy Joel is in any way cool. He’s not even Nerd Cool like nearly everyone else on this list, where yeah they’re a goofy weirdo but they own it and make it work. One time I realized I didn’t know what Billy Joel looked like so I looked it up and got confused as to why Google was showing me all these pictures of a washed-up high school physics teacher. Anyway his songs are all about shit like “seducing good Catholic women into a life of sin and debauchery” (Only The Good Die Young), or “fuck breaking my back at a nine to five job maaaaaaan” (Movin’ Out), or “you dig it when I act like a reckless asshole” okay hold on actually in retrospect maybe the bit in You May Be Right where the speaker motorcycles home blind drunk should have been a red flag?
  • Cyndi Lauper: Gladiator. Reasoning: There is no way that Lou Albano didn’t teach her a bunch of powerful wrestling secrets. There’s an alternate universe out there where she joined the WWF in 1984 and became the woman Undertaker. Nobody would have beaten her ever.
  • Devo: Either alchemists or black mages. Self explanatory.
  • Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Either cleric/white mage or druid, depending on how you feel about Weed Joke’s. Reasoning: Frankie say relax.
  • Fred Schneider: Beastmaster or Summoner. Reasoning: While he’s an excellent and unique performer, the girls in the band - despite doing what once might want to call “backup vocals” - feel like they do an equal or even disproportionately high amount of the work carrying each song, y'know? Also I like to imagine his ultimate skill is summoning a living planet named Claire.

And, of course,

David Byrne: Warrior. Reasoning:


Sanguine is the Daedric Prince of debauchery. He is often seen with some kind of alchohol in his hand, pranking, shapeshifting and humiliating other mortals. One example being a spell that removes all clothing of everyone in range.
Sanguine likes to drag mortal people down a sinful road, trough greed, humiliation and manipulation.

Prideshipping FanFic List

As I tend to annoy people recommend FanFics to people a lot, I thought I might as well finally start on a complete list. Have fun, and if your favorite stories aren’t on the list, please send them to me 💕
(this is a personal recommendation list, so there might still be great work missing)

List under the cut~ (Work in progress!)

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Hi my name is John Wilmot 2nd Earl of Rochester and I have a long curly brunette periwig with chestnut highlights that reaches my mid-back and sultry dark eyes and a lot of people tell me I write like Lucretius (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Ovid but I wish I was because he was a major fucking hottie. I’m Literal Sin Incarnate but people say I look like an angel or a saint lol. I have pale white skin. I’m also a courtier, I have to hang out at the royal court at Whitehall in London where I’m a gentleman of the bedchamber (I’m a nihilist but it is still kind of flattering when the King of England laughs at ur jokes). I’m a libertine (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly red because it’s the colour of passion and also it pisses off the Puritans. I love France and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a lace cravat and a ruffled long-sleeve white shirt with lace cuffs, a loose scarlet satin jacket and matching petticoat breeches, white stockings and ribboned court shoes. I was wearing white powder and rouge on my cheeks to hide the marks of the pox. I was walking in St. James’s Park. It was late at night so there were no Puritans and loads of sin and debauchery, which I was very happy about. A lot of dull fops stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.


Given below is the Ruling Hierarchy of Hell, the Devil and His true Demonic Legion  -I-  it is a Hierarchy founded upon the roots of Classical Demonolgy, and is the very Core of Creation, the Heart of Abyss of Creative Emanation  -I-  in this Hierarchy it must be said - as in the Grimoire itself - the Demons are not regarded as Fallen Angels but as ancient forces which existed long before the concept of God and Angels  -I-  forces which have been given names and clothed in guises over the centuries through the cultural and religious beliefs of humans  -I-  some such as Moloch, Adramalech and Baal have been worshipped as Pagan Gods, the Devil at its apex merged with the Fallen Angel Satan of Biblical writings and honoured at the Black Sabbat of the Ancient Witches  -I-  their guises and names are Legion, for they are indeed many, I have seen them in their true forms, their veiled forms and in the guises at times conceived by humankind … all manifestations of true ineffable power  -I-  some known to many such as Azazel, Raniel, Gadriel and Azaziel are omitted here, such Spirits are Fallen Angels and not Demons but reside in a neutral zone between the Angels and the Demons, this spoken of by the Demon Beelzeboul to me in Communion  -I-  learn well of the Demons put forth here, they are of great power and the Spirits which will guide you on your journeys upon the path Infernal!


THE DEVIL/SATAN ~ LORD OF THE INFERNAL KINGDOM (m) Knowledge, Power, Occult Wisdom, Black Arts, Seduction, Learning, Creation, Infernal Communion, Authority, Destiny.

LILITH ~ DARK QUEEN OF HELL (f) Seduction of Men, Infertility, Infant Death, Seership, Black Arts, Incubi, Succubi, Vampiric Attack, Hexcraft, Cunning, Black Magick, Spellcraft.

BEELZEBOUL ~ LORD OF THE HOUSE (m) Power, Authority, Wisdom, Strength, Command, Rulership, Bravery, Conflict, Victory, Protection, Commerce, Courage, Protection, Compulsion.

ABADDON ~ THE PRINCE OF MISERY (m) Death, Destruction, Misery, Hatred, Perversion, Torture, Violence, Violation, Sadness, Deviation, Sacrifice, Cursing, Chaos, Transformation.

ASMODEUS ~ LORD OF THE CARNAL HOUSE (m) Lust, Wisdom, Seduction, Sexual Possession, Protection, Ouija Conjuring, Magickal Knowledge, Infidelity, Adultery, Wanton Sex, Desire.

AGALIAREPT ~ KEEPER OF GATEWAYS (m) Gateways, Portals, Divination, Initiation, Knowledge, Study, Seership, Black Magick Teachings, Mysteries, Isolation, Guideance.

ASHTAROT ~ BRINGER OF LOVE (f) Love, Seduction, Friendship, Alliances, Reconciliation, Bonds, Pacts, Egregores, Psychogones, Homunculi, Golems, Affairs, Romance, Beauty.

LUCIFUGE ROFOCALE ~ PAYMASTER OF HELL (m) Wealth, Finances, Promotion, Prosperity, Inheritance, Success, Employment, Riches, Chance, Daring, Security.

BELPHEGOR ~ DEMON OF INVENTION (a) Love, Seduction, Love Bindings, Invention, Creativity, Inspiration, Ideas, Imagination.


ADRAMALECH (m) Plague, Disease, Malady, Destruction, Blood Sacrifice, Chaos, Possession, Wounds, Virus, Illness.

MAMMON (m) Wealth, Greed, Money Lending, Avarice, Management, Riches, Power.

BEHEMOTH (a) Greed, Sloth, Avarice, Obsession, Compulsion, Luxury, Immorality, Sin, Decadence, Debauchery, Gluttony.

EURYNOME (m) Death, Hate, Discord, Tears, Misery, Sadness, Destruction, Depression, Melancholy, Apathy, Loss.

NAAMAH (f) Seducing Men, Fornication, Seduction, Fertility, Lust, Debauchery, Desire. 

MEPHISTO (m) Pacts, Death, Revenge, Empowerment, Magickal Knowledge, Protection, Conjuring, Justice, Trade, Cunning, Charm, Etiquette.

ARIOCH (m) Revenge, Retribution, Wrath, Justice, Vengeance, Reprisals, Truth, Karma, Atavism, Memory, Death.

ALASTOR (m) Death, Destruction, Assassination, Execution, Torture, Termination, Slow Death, Pain, Hatred, Discord.

UNSERE (f) Childbirth, Fertility, Beauty, Feminine Beauty, Nature, Healing, Child Protection, Safe Childbirth, Potency.

RIMMON (a) Healing, Medicine, Health, Pharmacists, Science, Vanquishing Disease, Exploration, Experimentation, Psychology.

BALTHAZAR (m) Cruelty, Death, Punishment, Torture, Perversion, Sexual Deviation, Destruction Of Love Ones, Charm, Influence.

SATANACHIA (a) Protection, Astral Protection, Travel By Air, Magickal Protection, Seducing Women, Magick, Safe Travel, Astral Projection, Protection In Sleep, Transport.

SARGATANAS (a) Psychic Self Defence, War Strategy, Protection, Banishings, Lust, Power, Sealings, Victory, Defence 

MINOSON (a) Gambling, Victory In Sports, Games, Chance, Luck.

MULCIBER (a) Architecture, Invention, Creativity, Plans, Study, Mastery, Skill, Craftsmanship, Work, Buildings, Fortresses, Defences, Learning.

ASAFOETIDA (f) Love, Lust, Compassion, Relationships, Peace, Reconciliation, Arbitration, Seduction, Coital Union.

BAAL (m) Wisdom, Knowledge, Power, Magickal Knowledge, Command, Authority, Learning, Leadership, Death, Loyalty.Knowledge.

UKOBACH (a) Fire, Pyromancy, Death By Burning, Immunity To Burning, Flames, Sulphur, Alchemy.

LEONARD (m) Black Magick, Voodoo, Africa, Death, Hexes, Curses, Military Success.

NYBASS (f) Nightmares, Insanity, Illusions, Spellcraft, Visions, Portents, Augury, Destroying Will, Hexes, Prophecy, Paranormal, Ghosts.

HARISTUM (a) Protection From Fire, Protection, Safety, Summoning Fire.

PICOLLUS (m) Blood Sacrifice, Necromancy, Mediumship, Oracles, Death, Passing, Mourning, Grief, Revenge.

RAHOVART (a) Miserliness, Hate, Immorality, Temptation, Communication, Trickery, Possession, Deviation, Debauchery. Sin.

RIBESAL (a) Storms, Lightning, Weather Manipulation, Snow, Defends Paupers, Guardian, Successful Alliances, Direction.

XAPHAN (m) Destructive Fire, Catastrophe, Invention, Creativity, Inspiration, Rebellion, Anarchy, Revolution.

ABYZOU (f) Infertility, Infant Death, Possession, Psychic Attack, Vampirism, Altering Mindstates, Influence, Illness, Causes Strokes, Illusions, Paranoia.

VERDELET (m) Astral Projection, Pathworking, Insanity, Possession, Delirium, Confusion, Memory Loss, Mental Disorders.

PYTHIUS (a) Tortures, Deceit, Servitors, Cunning, Influence, Power, Familiars

ARPHAXAT (m) Possession, Violation, Sexual Violation, Torture, Deviation, Sodomy.

GRESSIL (a) Luxury, Indulgence, Sloth, Excess, Wanton Lust, Extremity.

BAALZEPHON (a) Knowledge, Wisdom, Authority, Power, Dictatorship, Wealth, Command, Punishment, Management.

SHABIRI (f) Inflicts Blindness, Insanity, Mental Fatigue, Hexes, Deafness, Loss Of Senses.

SUCCORBEMOTH (f) Jealousy, Envy, Possessions, Miserliness, Vendettas, Punishment, Hatred, Possessiveness, Influence.

DELIPITORAE (f) Seducing Men, Adultery, Fascination, Enchantment, Temptation, Tempting Spouses, Immorality.

LUITHIAN (m) Teaching, Learning, Study, Scholarship, Literary Skills, Literature, Occult Knowledge, Writing, Poetry, Verse.

VERRINE (f) Healing, Health, Medicine, Vanquishing Malady, Cures, Fertility, Resurgence, Well Being, Curative Medicines.

PROCULO (a) Sleep, Dreams, Rest, Comfort, Healing, Dream Prophecy, Tiredness, Lethargy.

ROSIER (a) Obsession, Possessiveness, Fixation, Obsessive Love, Enchantment, Brutality, Imprisonment, Conflict.

CAMBION (a) Incubi, Succubi, Infernal Offspring, Psychogones, Paranormal Activity, Phantoms, Spirits, Magickal Children.

CARNIVEAN (a) Obscenity, Shame, Depravity, Temptation, Decadence, Wanton Behaviour, Nymphomania, Lust, Exhibitionism.

CRESSIL (a) Impurity, Laziness, Slovenliness, Sorcery, Sloth, Apathy, Lethargy, Vice.

VERRIER (a) Herbalism, Healing Others, Health, Vanquishing Disease, Healing, Medication, Rest, Recuperation, Vitality.

ELELOGAP (a) Water, Sailing, Sea, Hydromancy, Journeys By Sea.

BALBAN (m) Delusion, Illusion, Phenomena, Mirages, Apparitions, Mental Illness. 

ANCITIF (a)Possession, Sin, Depravity, Decadence, Blasphemy, Inversion, Adversity.

SONNEILLON (f) Hatred, Discord, War, Wrath, Division, Separation, Dividing Lovers, Wickedness, Conflict, Revenge, Grudges.

OEILLET (a) Cruelty, Temptation, Greed, Excess, Lust, Sin, Sexual Virility.

JEZEBETH (f) Lies, Friction, Dishonesty,  Falsehoods, Injustice, Fallacy.

MULLIN (m) Military Tactics, Cunning, Warfare, Strategic Battles, Hexes.

ORTHON (a) Possession, Altering Mind State, Blasphemy, Inversion.

AGRAMON (a) Fear, Terror, Nightmares, Hauntings, Insecurity, Anxiety, Pressure.

AGLASIS (a)Transport, Travel, Communication, Cargo, Journeys, Safe Travel.

BRULEFER (a) Love, Induces Love, Forms Relationships, Incites Passion.

KEY … (a) Androgynous … (f) Female/Demoness … (m) Male/Demon

© August2017 Brother Scriniarii

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forthemoonandthestars: Do you have any recommended Carmilla fanfics? I really want a good slow burn but I am having trouble finding any that aren't crossovers. Thanks! ~Ferris

Absolution by Lordvoldyfarts 
Laura’s dating Danny. Carmilla knows that. It doesn’t stop her from wishing, wanting, waiting. And when the opportunity knocks, you let it in, consequences be damned.

Back to Back by Heylittleyahtzee 
Laura and Carmilla have always been inseperable, from the time they tried to murder each other in the sandbox to the day they accidentally kissed at a pre-highschool-graduation party. It makes sense that they’d add a few “benefits” to their relationship, especially after they move from their small town to live together in the city. So what happens when Laura goes to college and meets someone new?

Monarchy AU Series by Zbrockman 
In which Carmilla is the princess of Monaco and Laura becomes the Queen of England.

Eight Years by Mother_bread 
“It’s been eight.” She’s quick to respond, almost too quickly. Carmilla nods.
“Ah, right. Eight years. Seems like just yesterday we were committing some rather sinful acts of debauchery just over there behind the library. You look good, Hollis.”

Firefighter AU Series by Zbrockman 
Carmilla is a firefighter. That’s basically it.

No Space Among the Clouds by Chasingredballoons
In Laura’s defense, she had no idea Carmilla was her student before she slept with her. (Note: Laura is a senior TA and Carmilla is a sophomore in case you have an issue with teacher/student relationships in fanfic.)

On Your Ground by Uncreativename 
Carmilla has sustained a pretty bad injury, but it’s okay. She has a pretty hot doctor.

The Trades We Choose by Carmillasleatherpants 
Personal Assistant AU. In November, Carmilla Karnstein turns 25. In November, she becomes the new chairman of Karnstein Industries. In November, Laura will part ways with her. After November, she’d never see Carmilla Karnstein again.

Your Mom Called, You Left Your Game at Home by Catmilla 
Softball AU. Laura and Carmilla are pitchers on “rival” softball teams in the Silas Parks and Recreation softball league. Laura takes this very seriously, Carmilla does not.  

I have Devil headcanons no one asked for

  • The Cartoon Devil’s dad is a cartoon caricature of God, only known as “The Big Guy”.
  • All of The Big Guy’s kids are these sheep/human folks with the exception of the devil who somehow ended up a goat
  • The Devil’s real name is Lucy. He fucking hates it. No one is ever allowed to call him that unless they have a death wish
  • The main reason for the Devil getting kicked out of the house (banished) is he wanted to create life and be a god like his pop, which apparently was a big no no
  • The Devil is able to create life (he made King Dice and the other Casino bosses) but he considers them all failures cause they aren’t anywhere near the same quality as his pop’s.
  • It comes to the point he starts to steal his dad’s creations by swindling their souls.
  • Despite being the icon of sin and debauchery, the Devil is able to be easily duped by his own vices…at least most of the time
  • If it wasn’t already obvious, he’s got a lot of family issues, just…people issues in general. He’s not an easy guy to make friends with.
  • Not to say he doesn’t have a few decent relationships with people, he has a brother (Jay Zeus) that tries to keep a good relationship with him, but he more often tries pushing him away.
Unpopular pairing: Junkrat x D.Va Headcanons


  1. If you dislike male x female pairings, please ignore this post.
  2. If you only plan to respond to this post with “but my ship is better than your ship because xyz” please ignore this post.
  3. This post is not meant to disprove other ships or to compare this ship with other ships. All ships are valid.

If you’ve got an open mind, please read on!

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Partners in Crime - Finn Shelby

Do you write with male readers? If so can you write a story where your the son of a peaky blinder and you’ve been secretly dating Finn keeping it a secret cause your both men and its the 20s. When your kissing Finn in private thinking you’re alone and his brothers and Polly walk in… You can decide who they react. :) 

I decided to set this a few years after the end of series 3 because things seemed to flow better with the characters being a bit older and more sure of themselves.

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The below text details the Names and Spheres of Command of those in the highest Hierarchy of Hell, thousands more Demons reside in this dominion of morphing darkness, but those described here are the ruling Echelon if you will, the most powerful beings of the Demonic Monarchy.

NAME: Satan
DAY: Saturday
SOURCE: Creation
Desire, command, power, Black Magick, knowledge, wisdom, creation, intellect.
Ram Headed, male body, legs of a Goat, cloven hooved.

NAME: Lilith
GENDER: Female
DAY: Friday
SOURCE: Infertility
Lust, seducing men, infertility, slaying the pious, Incubi, Succubi, temptation, desire.
Beautiful naked woman with long black hair, clawed feet and hands, sometimes appears with wings like a Bat, often accompanied by Snake.

NAME: Beelzeboul
DAY: Tuesday
SOURCE: Command
Command, protection, possession, success, strength, bravery, military success.
Appears as a huge Fly, at other times the naked body of a male but with the head and wings of a Fly.

NAME: Abaddon
DAY: Saturday
SOURCE: Isolation
Death, torture, fetishism, perversion, destruction, misery, pain, isolation, Hexing.
Figure clad in black hooded robe, face is pallid white and skeletal almost, black eyes.

NAME: Asmodeus
DAY: Tuesday
SOURCE: Seduction
Lust, seducing women, possession, protection, wisdom, virility, carnal desire.
Horned demon of red coloured skin, sometimes fully naked at others wearing a loin cloth and cloak of brown hue.

NAME: Lucifuge Rofocale
DAY: Thursday
SOURCE: Wealth
Riches, finances, wealth, inheritance, money, legacy, promotion, success.
Triple horned, top half of a naked man, the legs and cloven hooves of a Goat, sometimes wears a cloak of red and gold.

NAME: Belphegor
GENDER: Androgynous
DAY: Wednesday
SOURCE: Invention
Creation, invention, love, ideas, intellect, friendship, mechanics, creativity.
A Demonic creature with two small horns and skin of a rust red hue, always appears naked, sometimes appears as a bearded male Demon.

NAME: Agaliarept
DAY: Monday
SOURCE: Initiation
Initiation, Occult knowledge, seership, scrying, gateways, portals, secrets.
Figure concealed in a black hooded robe and cloak, the face is never visible but the hands are skeletal with pale flesh.

NAME: Naamah
GENDER: Female
DAY: Friday
SOURCE: Fornication
Fornication, seducing men, fertility, sex, nymphomania, debauchery, sin, lust.
Naked beautiful female with long red hair, occasionally wears wraps of gossamer material white in colour, long claw like nails, deep red eyes.

NAME: Ashtarot
GENDER: Androgynous
DAY: Friday
SOURCE: Passion
Love, passion, reconciliation, friendship, bonds, partnerships, Homunculi, tact.
Appears as a Demon with the left side of their body black and the right side white, sometimes robed in cloak of crimson.

NAME: Unsere
GENDER: Female
DAY: Friday
SOURCE: Fertility
Childbirth, fertility, safe childbirth, healing, health, pregnancy, children, herbs.
A dark skinned Demon who appears as a naked woman or covered in a long gown of russet colour, long black hair, black eyes.

NAME: Behemoth
GENDER: Androgynous
DAY: Friday
Sloth, greed, avarice, slovenliness, debauchery, envy, jealousy, luxury, pleasure.
Appears as a human sized bipedal Elephant or Hippopotamus like creature of grey/purple shaded skin.

NAME: Mammon
DAY: Sunday
SOURCE: Business
Money, business, money lending, riches, the rich, greed, success, foundations.
Appears as a male Monarch like figure with two curling horns protruding from his brow and garbed in a white robe and golden cloak.

NAME: Satanachia
GENDER: Androgynous
DAY: Monday
SOURCE: Astral Travel
Psychic/Astral protection, lust, psychic defence, warfare, tactics, fortification.
Appears as an almost Angelic Demon of feminine facial features clad in a robe of purple and red, golden long hair.

NAME: Mephistopheles
DAY: Saturday
SOURCE: Contacts
Pacts, contracts, death, melancholy, trades, justice, revenge, sadness, hate.
Appears as man garbed in expensive looking upper class clothing which varies in fashion by phases of history.

NAME: Sargatanas
GENDER: Androgynous
DAY: Monday
SOURCE: Magickal Protection
Astral projection/travel, Astral protection, safe travel, security, psychic protection.
Appears as a male Demon clad in a flowing red bejewelled cloak, skin is of a greyish hue, wears a crown fixed with golden horns.

NAME: Arioch
DAY: Tuesday
SOURCE: Revenge
Wrath, revenge, justice, karma, retribution, torture, vengeance, truth, death.
A tall (at least nine foot) Demonic creature of reddish and copper coloured skin, large domed head bearing two small horns, clawed feet and hands.

NAME: Rimmon
DAY: Sunday
SOURCE: Healing
Medicine, healing, healing others, banishing malady, science, surgery, health.
A tall Demon garbed in a long black robe, appears as a human male with long dark hair and beard.

NAME: Verrier
GENDER: Female
DAY: Sunday
SOURCE: Herbalism
Vanquishing disease, renewed health, healing, herbalism, vitality, medicine.
Appears as an elfin like Demon, pale skinned, with white hair, clad in a tunic and pants which appear to be made from leaves and grass, ice blue eyes.

NAME: Alastor
DAY: Saturn
SOURCE: Execution
Torture, assassination, murder, execution, death, destruction of enemies.
A ferocious feral looking Demon of pale red skin wearing a small grey loin cloth, its wild eyes are white, its long tangled hair black, usually appears holding a dagger or axe.

NAME: Balthazar
DAY: Saturn
SOURCE: Conflict
Discord, unrest, pain, suicide, misery, conflict, cunning, misery, chaos, hate.
Appears as a handsome well dressed man but when enraged transforms into a reddish coloured horned Demon with glowing yellow eyes.

NAME: Delepitorae
GENDER: Female
DAY: Wednesday
SOURCE: Scribe
Writing, literary excellence, poetry, genius, Grimoires, creativity, Magick, books.
Appears as naked female with white skin and long white hair, grey almost translucent bat like wings, and black sharp talons, her eyes are completely black.

NAME: Asafoetida
GENDER: Female
DAY: Friday
Seduction, beauty, glamour, feminine sexuality, seducing husbands, sin, success.
Appears as a lustful tanned skinned Demon with long reddish brown hair and large wings like those of a Bat (sometimes of an Eagle), she is naked accept from a loin cloth type garment of green hue.

NAME: Rosier
GENDER: Andronynous
DAY: Friday
Marriage, love, family, home proposals, weddings, romance, obsession, partners.
Appears as a Spirit of flames, flames of red, pink and golden hues, at other times will take on the form of a serene female garbed in copper robes with long blond hair.

NAME: Leonard
DAY: Wednesday
SOURCE: Magcik
Magick, Black Magick, Voodoo, Charms, Hexes, Hermetics, Occultism, Curses.
Appears as a black male of African appearance, sometimes naked at other times in a long robe of grey and brown feathers, two small horns protrude from his forehead and his eyes are white.

NAME: Sonneillon
GENDER: Female
DAY: Saturday
SOURCE: Discord
Arguments, dividing lovers, violation, mistrust, chaos, divorce, discord, hate.
A feral looking Demon, appearing as a naked woman of bluish tinted skin, her tongue is that of a Serpent, hands and feet are clawed, she has sharp canines and sometimes as large leathery wings of purple hue.

NAME: Mulciber
DAY: Wednesday
SOURCE: Learning
Knowledge, intellect, craftsmanship, skill, learning, invention, discovery, study.
Appears as a grey robed hooded figure with wings as that of an Angel only black in colour, carries a golden staff, his face is concealed although red glowing eyes can be seen.

NAME: Merihim
GENDER: Female
DAY: Saturday
SOURCE: Malady
Pestilence, disease, inflicting malady, plague, death, poisons, pandemics, wounds.
A vicious looking Demon of dark almost black hued skin, naked, flowing long black hair the length of her body, large raven like wings, clawed feet, red eyed, he skin appears to be decaying at times.

NAME: Ukobach
GENDER: Androgynous
DAY: Tuesday
Fire, flames, burning, death by fire, pyromancy, immunity to fire, Hellfires.
A small Demon of reddish coloured skin, its head appears to large for its body, its eyes are large and yellow, it is often surrounded by flames of orange hue.

NAME: Cambions
GENDER: Androgynous
DAY: Monday
SOURCE: Gestation
Magickal Children, Psychogones, Egregores, Homunculi, Astral Thought Forms.
As been described as a hideous looking Demon its red flesh seeming to move upon its body, its gaping mouth drooling, two large horns turning back over its head.

NAME: Ribesal
DAY: Monday
SOURCE: Apparitions
Illusions, hauntings, apparitions, paranormal phenomena, rage, madness.
A small dark skinned Demon with long limp black hair and a large nose, appears wearing a tunic of leather like material and a belt holding a pouch of infinite items.

NAME: Ancitif
GENDER: Androgynous
DAY: Tuesday
SOURCE: Obsession
Fixation, obsession, infatuation, Demonic possession, Auric Vampirism.
A dark almost black skinned Demon with golden eyes, sometimes appears with the wings of a Moth, at other times like a feral female Demon, it has matted dark brown hair and often crawls rather than walking.

NAME: Moloch
DAY: Thursday
SOURCE: Business
Wealth, Pacts, sacrifice, death, trading, business, blood sacrifice, fire, death.
Appears as a man with the head of a Bull or sometimes a Ram, naked on the top half his bottom half is covered with a white gown like garment, his skin is of a brownish orange colour and he carries a staff of gold.

NAME: Agramon
GENDER: Androgynous
DAY: Monday
SOURCE: Insanity
Illusions, trepidation, fear, anxiety, cowardice, weakness, paranoia.
A Demon of no fixed appearance, it may initially appear as a white skinned naked male of female with black eyes, its skin is shedding and ripped, but it will then take the form it chooses.

NAME: Cresil
GENDER: Androgynous
DAY: Sunday
SOURCE: Impurity
Impurity, apathy, lethargy, exhibitionism, vulgarity, vice, sin, sloth, laziness.
Appears as an overweight Demon seated on a cushioned golden throne, it wears a copper crown and a blue cloth like garment covers its lower half, large feet and ears.

NAME: Euronymous
DAY: Saturn
SOURCE: Misery
Misery, suicide, disasters, loss, instability, sadness, grief, self-loathing, hate.
A horned bearded naked male Demon in appearance, the body is that of a man but the face is Demonic with a large nose and extremely large eyes of a crimson hue, the Demon crouches and moves somewhat primal.

NAME: Nybras
DAY: Friday
SOURCE: Decadence
Lust, decadence, impurity, sin, carnal pleasures, sadism, masochism, desire.
Appears as a grey skinned Demon with large pointed ears and small horns, at times he appears with crimson Snakes wrapped around him.

NAME: Verdelet
DAY: Sunday
SOURCE: Pleasure
Festivals, ceremonies, etiquette, finesse, culture, aesthetics, beauty, pleasure.
Appears as a man dressed in Tudor style clothing, black beard and hair, his eyes are black and red, at times he appears as a shadowy horned figure.

NAME: Xaphan
GENDER: Androgynous
DAY: Monday
SOURCE: Tuesday
Pyromancy, starting fires, flames, illumination, the Black Flame, guidance.
A small Demon with a large head and protruding features, one single horn upon its brow, its skin is reddish brown, also appears frequently as a Demon forged from amber and golden flames.


     ❝ Yeah, but – alright, that’s still your own fault, though. You still owe me.  A disgruntled expression appears, directed toward the ceiling as a phone is placed upon his ear. If he wasn’t so relaxed – resting upon a taller man’s lap, his head pillowed quite comfortably against his knee as the sounds of a television blared in the background, he might perhaps be even more perturbed. But this sort of thing came with the territory of being an investor. Particularly one who remained steadfastly loyal to the company he’d pledged himself to ( if secretly; it isn’t as though he can allow such things to be taken advantage of. )

       Uh huh. No, I’m not giving you an extension. What do you mean why? Nn – y – what? You’ve had this contract signed for four months. Absolutely not. It’s due by Friday or the deal’s off. Good day.  Slight movement it takes for the line to go dead on his end, while he reaches to pinch the bridge of his nose and focus golden eyes aside, a silent plead for some sort of comfort in the face of his frustration.  Help.  


i was talking to my friends earlier and like i am 100% convinced Dan Avidan is an incubus, a Dream Demon of Lust

everyone i know has dreamed about him at least once, even people who don’t actively watch game grumps or listen to nsp 

people with entirely different tastes in people have all admitted/gushed abt how Pretty this man is

and he hasn’t aged in like 20 years 

and what better way to fuel yourself as a sexual demon than creating a band completely about sex and touring for thousands of screeching, lust-driven people calling your name 

anyway i’m 100% sure he’s a spawn of Satan sent to earth to tempt us into a life of sin and debauchery and i’m one hundred percent cool with it

Temptation Flourishes

1795 Words. It got away from me, but I am more than pleased with it. I am giving a mild warning. This is slightly Dom/Sub sex/Virgin sex. It’s Cullen’s first time, in the Circle and he is 18 so is his partner to clarify. So if that offends, I apologize but I stand by my piece. Put under cut for length and the NSFW stuff. Last post of the day for Templar Cullen. Hope you enjoyed!!! See you tomorrow ;)

Anoria moved her pawn two spaces forward as she crossed her legs and leaned back in the wooden chair, “I wonder how you will attempt to best me this time, Rutherford,” she sneered as she flicked a long section of auburn locks over her shoulder.

Feeling the heat paint his cheeks he tried to focus on the board. After all he had been the one to invite to her to play this evening. Wesley had been kind enough to leave them the room for the evening. He had chuckled as he elbowed Cullen in the ribs before winking and strutting out the door. The memory drifted into his mind. Mentally shaking off the image he moved to match her pawn, “I intend to win this round. If you do not cheat,” he smirked as he watched her posture change.

“Cheat? My dear Rutherford, why would I need to cheat?” Selecting her knight, she moved him out from behind the line of pawns. “I best you in nearly everything, this should be no different.”

Trying to see the move he analyzed the board. If she wasn’t going to cheat she had several moves to make. He would need to see a few more moves before he could correctly plot his appropriate response. Opting the safest route, he moved a pawn forward to back the first, “I allow you to win. That is the difference.”

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Trial of Fangs

[Sound Effects]

Thmp thmp…

Your breathing begins to quicken. Your adrenaline increases.

                                                           Thmp thmp…

Your blood boils. Your fists clench. Your anger, your determination builds within your system. Each moment as you push yourself forward, you feel the tension rising in the air. Every pair of eyes land on you, each one waiting, watching… wondering if you are going to succeed in your fight or will you fall short in what it takes to be the best.

                              Thmp Thmp…

Who will win? Who will gain the honor and the right to run their unit?

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