Fanbot sketchdump Part 1

I’ve been too busy to draw things for fun lately, but with all the things going on in the SPG tag recently, I thought some positivity wouldn’t go amiss. Granted, it’s a bit overdue at this point, but hopefully it still makes someone happy somewhere. :)

One of the best things about the SPG fandom is that there are so many creative and inspiring people, and I’ve consequently been hoarding “likes” of some of my favorite fanbots/Kazoolanders ever since I got into SPG with the vague goal of drawing them all.

I didn’t do these people justice at all (and I fudged some details that I couldn’t see well), so please check out the links below to see these beautiful people in the flesh/in better art than mine.

Thank you, fandom, for inspiring me to take up drawing again and for just being you. :)

(Left to right, top to bottom)

1. @picklerocket’s as-of-the-present-unnamed demon Kazoolander. I think he’s still a work in progress, but the makeup was so amazing, I couldn’t help but draw him.

2. mightythesaurusrex’s fanbot Lockstitch. My weakness is giant bows, so I drew the back, but I kind of regret not being able to show the front because it’s even cooler, so please check out the rest of their tag for the full costume!

3. @walterguys’s fanbot Sweet Tooth. HOW CUTE IS THAT?? IT’S A COTTON CANDY MAKER ROBOT. EVERYONE GO HOME (but don’t).

4. edracon’s fanbot Sinewave. My art skills are super subpar, so please check the original out, it’s much cooler. ^^;

5. quorgi’s fanbot Rolf. Okay, Quorgi has a ton of other awesome characters, but I had never seen anyone do an old man robot, it’s so unique! Also, please do yourselves a favor if you haven’t already and look through Quorgi’s art tag because Quorgi’s one of my favorite SPG artists. DO IT. DO IT NAOW.

6. @robotramshackle’s Kazoolander Virgil the Hat. i love everything about this character halp

7. halofall’s fanbot Retail. Who doesn’t like cute 50’s dresses?? NO ONE, THAT’S WHO.

8. eimme’s lolibot. Please please please check out the original, she is much much much much 100000x cuter than I drew her, plz

9. goddamn-batgirl’s Kazoolander Thunk. In addition to my weakness for zombies, this character is really gross and I love it. I love it so much.

10. mikasoranocosplay’s fanbot Widget. Everything about this design speaks to my soul.


Toshimaru Nakamura “Egrets”

To fans of free improvisation and the Japanese onkyo, or noise scene, Toshimaru Nakamura needs no introduction; to newcomers, the name of his instrument the no-input mixing board may sound forbidding, as if its output would sound more machine than music. But for over a decade, Nakamura has cultivated a world of tones from this unlikely instrument, both harsh and mesmerizing, humanist and expansive with something to lure in music fans of any stripe.

(by Samadhisound)



Written by Joanna Tilsley
Performed by Chas

A Blackbird curves sweet sinewave
through the silence of the night.
I open the window to listen,
feel the sudden indraft
of cool air on my face.
The first stars are fading in,
from a time before songs began.
It is not the stars that sing for us
from their mute and distant vacuums,
it is we that sing for them.