Toshimaru Nakamura “Egrets”

To fans of free improvisation and the Japanese onkyo, or noise scene, Toshimaru Nakamura needs no introduction; to newcomers, the name of his instrument the no-input mixing board may sound forbidding, as if its output would sound more machine than music. But for over a decade, Nakamura has cultivated a world of tones from this unlikely instrument, both harsh and mesmerizing, humanist and expansive with something to lure in music fans of any stripe.

(by Samadhisound)


Shawn Feeney’s 2002 electronic realization of Cornelius Cardew’s graphic score Treatise. Sine waves are generated from the black areas of the score as it scrolls from right to left, with the y-axis corresponding to pitch. An imaginary vertical line in the center of the screen is the “sounding membrane” (

I woke up at 2am, because I was thirsty.

I filled a water bottle, and opened up my laptop–so I could entertain myself while forcing down some fluids.

I haven’t touched the water.  

Instead, I decided to spend the past 1.5 hours reading about calculus…

Because deciding to learn complex mathematics, when I’m half asleep, is the sort of thing I like to do with my spare time.

I accept the fact that this is abnormal and I am unmoved.

I may or may not be a psychopath.

  • Sinewaves


Written by Joanna Tilsley
Performed by Chas

A Blackbird curves sweet sinewave
through the silence of the night.
I open the window to listen,
feel the sudden indraft
of cool air on my face.
The first stars are fading in,
from a time before songs began.
It is not the stars that sing for us
from their mute and distant vacuums,
it is we that sing for them.


sonification of pixelgazing #02


reaction flow