Hal pulls the collar of his jacket up higher, grimacing as the rain gets heavier. He needs to buy a new car, the one he has is basically a rusted piece of shit (then again, it’s not like he’s around long enough to take care of it). Hal’s just happy he didn’t need to pick up groceries or something like that. They’d be soaked by now. He pauses as he hears a faint ‘meow’ from the alley he passes. Please tell him he’s not going to see…

A tiny black kitten shivering in the rain and staring sadly up at him.

Hal sighs and scoops up the animal, slipping it under his jacket to keep it warm. It’s so cold from the rain it doesn’t even claw him at the sudden movement and enclosed space. At least he’s somewhat near his apartment. Hal speeds up a bit, slightly tempted to fly home but resists. He’s trying the normal civilian thing for a couple days at least. God knows he needs the rest after all the bullshit lately; the almost decimation (again!) of the Corps, Sinestro absorbing Parallax’s power and vanishing, Carol dating Kyle…it hasn’t been a good week for him.

Once Hal gets home he unzips his jacket and gently places the kitten on his couch. It’s still shivering pathetically and Hal throws his jacket on a nearby chair and grabs two towels from the bathroom to dry the kitten and himself off. He almost wishes he has a hair dryer. It would probably feel better for it. Hal grimaces as he yanks off his soaking wet shirt and slips out off his equally drenched jeans; god those feel unpleasant.

He quickly dries himself off and then grabs the kitten and dries it off. He can almost sense it’s glare as the tiny animal then starts grooming itself to get its fur back in order. Hal just chuckles softly; he can already tell that it’s warmer just from being dry. He heads back into his kitchen and grabs a small bowl to fill with water and tries to think of what he has in the fridge that he can feed a cat. Hell, he barely has anything in it to feed himself, he forgot to go shopping earlier. He finally remembers the can of tuna he has in one of his cabinets, that should work.

Hal puts the food and water on the floor for the black kitten and starts looking through the random delivery menus he has. He’ll just order some Chinese or pizza or something. As a slight draft goes by him it occurs to him that he should probably put on some dry clothes. He hadn’t been wearing underwear under his jeans. And when the delivery guy gets there he won’t flash him.

After he has food and the kitten eats almost half the tuna Hal sprawls out on the couch, comfortable in his ratty old Air Force Academy sweats. The kitten jumps up onto his chest, gold eyes staring unerringly at him. He’s weirdly reminded of Sinestro for a moment at the look. Same with when it had been glaring at him earlier following him drying it off and messing up it’s fur so badly. He remembers back in their Corps days the Korugarian getting annoyed at him all the time for making things messy (though Sinestro had been being a bit hypocritical seeing as he’s the one who liked leaving Hal a mess after sex, seemed to even take a degree in pride in doing so).

“Hey kitten,” he chuckles, petting at the soft black ears. “Wow your tiny, I think my hand is bigger then you. I kinda want to call you Sinestrocat and that’s weird but oh well. You remind me of the bastard.”

The kitten just ignores him and curls up on his chest purring. Okay, now he’s definitely getting flashbacks to Sinestro. Even though the alien had been taller than him, when they’d been sleeping together he’d liked sleeping with his head on Hal’s chest. Korugarians also sorta a made a purring noise when they slept (or at least Sinestro had).

“I’ll take you to a shelter tomorrow,” mutters Hal, eyes slowly drooping. He’s more tired than he thought. He scoops the kitten up again and moves into his bedroom to sleep. He puts it down on the bed as he crawls under his sheets. It only takes him few minutes to drop off, the soft sound of the kitten purring from where it had curled up next to his head on his pillow lulling him to sleep.


A large part of Hal isn’t even surprised when he wakes up the next morning to a familiar arm and body wrapped around him. He feels Sinestro stiffen as the Korugarian wakes up and can sense the embarrassment radiating off of him. Hal grabs Sinestro’s arm as the alien attempts to get out of the bed, rolling over to face the magenta skinned man instead.

“So, how’d you get turned into a kitten?” Hal asks, completely unfazed by the other’s nudity.

“Parallax,” Sinestro says grudgingly. “It had not been pleased to be under my control for any period of time and had done that to be vindictive. I’m not certain why it chose an Earth animal or why it transported me to near you then.”

“I don’t think anyone should think too hard on Parallax’s logic,” says Hal. “That only leads to madness, trust me on that.”

“I can’t say I disagree with that.”

“So, you turned back in the middle of the night I guess?” Hal supposes. “What now?”

“I am…uncertain. For now I’d almost like to go back to sleep,” admits Sinestro.

“Fine,” Hal says shrugging. “It’s the weekend and it’s still early.”

Both men just shut their eyes and go back to sleep. They’ll deal with everything later.