sinestro x hal


Sinestro/Hal set to Katy Perry’s E.T.

I just had to, obviously.  

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Hal traces the outline of Carol’s smile in the photograph of her that he keeps in his apartment, and says to Sinestro, “You know, in movies and in comic books, the hero always gets the girl.”

“You’re no hero, Jordan, not by any stretch of your limited imagination,” Sinestro says, his voice cool and mocking as he speaks up close, right into the curve of Hal’s ear.

Hal grips the picture frame tighter and thinks, “You’re wrong; I’ll prove it; I’ll redeem myself; I’ll change,” but he can feel his skin prickle along his neck in the places where Sinestro’s breath touches him, and that, Hal dreads, is a sign of the worst kind of self-indulgence and foreboding.

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Oh god Sinestro’s facial expressions. I just loved them aaaaaaall. (If Hal’s last construst isn’t some that that breaks him out I am REALLY hoping for it to be Kyle or Sinestro.)

YEAH, I totally got to that last panel and went, “… jesus, self, did you really just wish for it to be Sinestro?”  Oh my goddddd. CRYING.  CRYING AT MYSELF.  But the tears taste so delicious.

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“What if he’s under Hal Jordon’s influence?” Yeah man, WHAT IF??! djskalhfdjkal I need the next issue

a;sdlfjaslgh;dalfg, SO GREAT, so great.  Suffice it to say that if I had a goat and an altar and a knife and enough GUTSY FORTITUDE to sacrifice said goat with said knife on said altar, I’d be doing it right now while chanting, “SINESTROOO” and “JORDAAAN” and “JOOOHNS.”  Don’t feel too bad for the goat I don’t even have.  He’d totally be psyched for it. 

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“My beautiful lantern.” What is it about Hal that drives all the purplish aliens wild?

I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW.  I’m starting to suspect he gives off pheromones that are pigment specific.