my family member are Weirdo 2(BY:Wrathion)

happy birthday to blacky(2 years old )~the worst birthday gift~

daddy and mummy’s gift:iron chin(dad’s favorite)
Wrathion:WTFFFFFFFFFFFFF,I don’t like it

elder brother’s gift:hand-made photo album(it seem to be candid camera of Onyxia)
Wrathion:Nefarian,you must be HENTAI!

elder sister’s gift:a book named <A very short history of Warcraft>
Wrathion:what a creazy book! in it the horde and alliance men are GAY and women are FUJOSHI?and the writer Katrana Prestor…isn’t youself?that’s your fan book right !?!?!?

Wrathion(cry):I HATE MY Family!!!!!!!!!!

His Butress: In Competition

Sinestra had been living in the human world for nearly a year, serving her master, Ciel Phantomhive, a young man of only 15 years (at the current time). Each day, she longed for the fires of Hell, for the fire of her King’s bed. Each night, unless she had slept with someone to get information from them, or unless Ciel had demanded that she stay with him in his room, she had gotten off in her quarters. Each of those times, she had dreamed of Jayden and his huge cock filling her.

But tonight, there would be no sleep. Tonight, was a grand ball put on by the Phantomhive household. There were a large number of guests from the Gentry and the business world, many of which were under investigation by Scotland Yard and Her Majesty, The Queen. There was one name that she was particularly concerned about, the picture of her looking very familiar – Rebekah… She knew that name…

((Sorry if I misspelled that name @thedevilslittlebitch ))