my family member are Weirdo 2(BY:Wrathion)

happy birthday to blacky(2 years old )~the worst birthday gift~

daddy and mummy’s gift:iron chin(dad’s favorite)
Wrathion:WTFFFFFFFFFFFFF,I don’t like it

elder brother’s gift:hand-made photo album(it seem to be candid camera of Onyxia)
Wrathion:Nefarian,you must be HENTAI!

elder sister’s gift:a book named <A very short history of Warcraft>
Wrathion:what a creazy book! in it the horde and alliance men are GAY and women are FUJOSHI?and the writer Katrana Prestor…isn’t youself?that’s your fan book right !?!?!?

Wrathion(cry):I HATE MY Family!!!!!!!!!!

So, at complete random, I started netherwing dailies today.

I remember this chick showing up the last time I did this grind years and years ago, but it wasn’t until I saw her today that it dawned realized SHE’S THE FRICKIN DRAGON THING IN BASTION OF TWILIGHT.

Well played, Blizzard.  Well played.

Dumbledore calls a faculty meeting before start of term, 1971, states a few changes to the curriculum, and as he closes out the meeting he says, “oh, and one of our first years is a werewolf.” Imagine that water cooler discussion.

And so, I present to you:
     Remus Lupin’s relationships with his professors, 1971-8.

The DADA teacher is strongly advised to keep the focus of the werewolf lesson for third years purposefully off of untransformed lycanthropes, and is encouraged to have the class read the new bestseller Hairy Snout, Human Heart. Whether or not they do likely depends on the professor.

McGonagall takes Remus under her wing immediately, of course. He’s a quiet, witty, studious little boy who’s clearly afraid but also so excited and doing his best to hide it. He has no one to talk to about his “problem” so she tends to chat with him after class, ask him how his studies are going, etc. She’s the first to notice in second year when he seems to relax and his friendship with the other Gryffindor boys gets deeper, and figures out that they know and they’re alright with it, and she couldn’t be happier.

Remus and Poppy Pomfrey quickly became fast friends. He called her “Madame” for about a month. Like, if she had a phone he’d call it just to chat and ask after her family. They see each other every month for several days at a time, and that’s not even counting the regular scrapes and colds a teenage boy might get to bring him up there any other time. If he reads an interesting book or article he think she’ll like he sidetracks between classes to show her. He’s spent time completely healthy in the hospital wing just hanging out. When he comes back to teach he and Poppy are pretty much joined at the hip.

His relationship with Slughorn is a bit weird, and Slug’s not one of his favorites, as much as Remus would like to be on the Slug Club for job prospects. The professor’s a little repulsed by the werewolf thing, you see, though to his credit he does a very admirable job of fighting that instinct. He’s often frustrated by Remus’ utter hopelessness at Potions and always pairs him off with Severus so the dungeons don’t explode. Slughorn’s also an opportunist as we know, so more than once after a particularly rough full moon, ole Slug’s come up to the hospital wing, chatted a bit, and casually asked to take a bit of blood or vial of saliva or that discarded tooth Remus had spit out that morning. Poppy always chases him away.

Remus accompanied Lily and Marlene to one of Flitwick’s choir tryouts once. The poor professor suffered through exactly two bars of Remus singing before he recommended that Lupin take up the triangle and keep the beat for them in practice. Charms is a practical magic which Remus really enjoys, and he’s that kid always staying after class to ask a million and one questions about the lecture. Flitwick is great about it - so long as Remus doesn’t sing.

Old Kettleburn is already ancient by the 70s, but he’s actually the most experienced in the other side of Remus’ health and management. After particularly bad moons, i.e. he swallowed half a wooden chair leg, or whenever there is an incident involving silver, it’s actually Old Kettleburn who tag teams with Poppy on Remus’ care. He’s good with beasts but he’s a bit “old-fashioned”, treating Remus like most people treat the merpeople or centaurs - not quite human, but close enough to have a frank conversation with. It’s not malicious so much as it is ingrained in his old school care of magical creatures, and Remus doesn’t resent it.

Remus gets in heated academic and philosophical debates with Sinestra, since coming from a part muggle background with a lot of time on his hands and little but the stars to keep him company, he has feelings about “real” astronomy and particle physics. He doesn’t give a damn about star charts - he wants to talk about gravitational pull and matter. In third year he petulantly started an underground “real astronomy club” with Lily that got both of them in a little hot water once Sinestra found out.

Professor Sprout finds Remus’ genuine interest in Herbology and extensive knowledge of the flora and fauna native to the Welsh moors particularly endearing. He takes fairly well to the lessons, it’s just that as the years go on and the boys get older they tend to try to grow other herbs rather than talk about beautiful flowers, so unsurprisingly they become a bit of a nuisance to poor Pomona.

He wants to be friends with Madame Pince but she rightfully doesn’t trust him at all, not for the werewolf thing but for his particular choice of notoriously disruptive company.

Hagrid, god bless him, is amazing with Remus but is also Hagrid, so Remus endures a lot of innocently awkward questioning about his condition. They talk a lot about the rights of part-humans in wizard society and it’s nice for Remus and Hagrid to have someone who has a similar place in society. I see their relationship as very similar to Hagrid’s and Hermione’s and it means a lot to me.

Professor Binns neither knows nor cares.

Happy international women’s day

some relevant warcraft ladies

Magna Aegwynn: Matriarch of Tirisfal

Lady Jaina Proudmoore: Leader of the Kirin Tor

Garona Halforcen: Grand master of the assasin’s guild

Queen Azshara: former queen of the Kaldorei, empress of Nazjatar

Alexstrasza: Dragon queen, the life-binder

Eonar: The lifebinder

Tyrande Whisperwind: High priestess of Elune

Shandris Feathermoon: General of the sentinel army

Lady Vashj: Coilfang matron

Maiev Shadowsong: Leader of the watchers

Ysera: The dreamer

Elune: The moon goddess

Alleria Windrunner: Ranger captain of the alliance expedition

Vereesa Windrunner: Ranger general of the silver covenant

Sylvanas Windrunner: former Ranger general of Silvermoon, The banshee queen

Lady Liadrin: Blood Knight Matriarch

Chromie: Ambassador of the bronze dragonflight

Freya: Titan watcher


Warlord Zaela: Leader of the dragonmaw

Greatmother Geyah: Leader of the Mag'har

Moira Thaurissan: Queen regent of the Dark Iron clan

Therazane: The stone mother


Brigitte Abbendis: High General of the scarlet Onslaught


Onyxia: Princess of the black dragonflight

Vanessa Vanclef: Defias Brotherhood Kingpin

Theradras: Princess of the earth elementals

Soridormi: Queen of the Bronze Dragonflight

Sindragosa: The frostbrood queen

Blood queen Lana'thel: Queen of the san'layn

Lady Deathwhisper: Supreme Overseer of the Cult of the Damned

Queen Angerboda: Queen of the vrykul

High Inquisitor Sally Whitemane: High Inquisitor of the Scarlet Crusade

Sinestra/sintharia: Queen of the black dragonflight

An instrumental mix for the fallen Earthwarders. [ Listen to Part I ]

The Earthwarders → Pompeii (Clinton Shorter)

Neltharion → There is a God in You (Ramin Djawadi)

Madness → The Beginning (Wojciech Kilar)

The Dragon Soul → Inferi in the Firestorm (Nicholas Hooper)

I am Deathwing → Coup D'etat (Henry Jackman)

Gruul the Dragonkiller → Thenns (Ramin Djawadi)

The Netherwing → Overture (Hans Zimmer)

The Battle of Grim Batol → Battle of the Heroes (John Williams)

The Prestors → The Trial of Loki (Brian Tyler)

Blackrock Lair → A Liar and a Thief (Howard Shore)

Nefarian’s Experiments → Dementors in the Underpass (Nicholas Hooper)

Baron Sablemane Has Requested Your Presence → The Plan (Bear McCreary)

The Broodmother Revealed → The Wall Defends Itself (James Newton Howard)

The Twilight → Jabberjays (James Newton Howard)

Obsidian Sanctum → The Dragon’s Lair (Trevor Jones)

[ Listen to Part II ]

The Cataclysm → Xaxas (Neal Acree)

The Reanimation of Nefarian & Onyxia → Masbath’s Terrible Death (Danny Elfman)

Sinestra → The Seamstress (Danny Elfman)

Fury of the Black Dragons → Dracarys (Ramin Djawadi)

The Eye of the Watchers → The Map (James Newton Howard)

Wrathion → There’s Always a Flaw (James Newton Howard)

Assassinations → The Impossible Wager (Brian Tyler)

The Hour of Twilight → Invasion of Asgard (Brian Tyler)

Wyrmrest Temple Assault → Detuned Towne (Christopher Young)

Patricide → Muto Hatch (Hans Zimmer)

Mason’s Folly → Peach Tree of Wisdom (Hans Zimmer and John Powell)

Blade’s Edge Mountains → Apocalypse Part II (Bear McCreary)

The Last Dragons → The Kuleshov Effect (Marcelo Zarvos)

Legacy → Adagio for TRON (Hans Zimmer)