No Rest for the Wicked || a Black Dragonflight playlist


Slipping || Dr. Horrible
Devil’s Resting Place || Laura Marling
No One Mourns the Wicked || The Wicked Cast
Don’t Mess With Me || Temposhark
Black Sheep || Gin Wigmore
Ash Tree Lane || MS MR
Seven Devils || Florence and the Machine
Heads Will Roll || Yeah Yeah Yeahs
I Eat Boys Like You for Breakfast || Ida Maria
Eyes on Fire || Blue Foundation
Maneater || Blue Eyed Blondes
Come Away to the Water || Maroon 5
When You’re Evil || Voltaire 
Dark Secret || Matthew Sweet
Evil is Going On || Jace Everett
Barton Hallow || The Civil Wars
God’s Gonna Cut You Down || Johnny Cash

So, at complete random, I started netherwing dailies today.

I remember this chick showing up the last time I did this grind years and years ago, but it wasn’t until I saw her today that it dawned realized SHE’S THE FRICKIN DRAGON THING IN BASTION OF TWILIGHT.

Well played, Blizzard.  Well played.

my family member are Weirdo 2(BY:Wrathion)

happy birthday to blacky(2 years old )~the worst birthday gift~

daddy and mummy’s gift:iron chin(dad’s favorite)
Wrathion:WTFFFFFFFFFFFFF,I don’t like it

elder brother’s gift:hand-made photo album(it seem to be candid camera of Onyxia)
Wrathion:Nefarian,you must be HENTAI!

elder sister’s gift:a book named <A very short history of Warcraft>
Wrathion:what a creazy book! in it the horde and alliance men are GAY and women are FUJOSHI?and the writer Katrana Prestor…isn’t youself?that’s your fan book right !?!?!?

Wrathion(cry):I HATE MY Family!!!!!!!!!!