my family member are Weirdo 2(BY:Wrathion)

happy birthday to blacky(2 years old )~the worst birthday gift~

daddy and mummy’s gift:iron chin(dad’s favorite)
Wrathion:WTFFFFFFFFFFFFF,I don’t like it

elder brother’s gift:hand-made photo album(it seem to be candid camera of Onyxia)
Wrathion:Nefarian,you must be HENTAI!

elder sister’s gift:a book named <A very short history of Warcraft>
Wrathion:what a creazy book! in it the horde and alliance men are GAY and women are FUJOSHI?and the writer Katrana Prestor…isn’t youself?that’s your fan book right !?!?!?

Wrathion(cry):I HATE MY Family!!!!!!!!!!

His Lover: Sinister

(Closed RP with @thedevilslittlebitch )

Sinestra had heard the bell from the master bedroom, as it usually did at this time of day when the Master was starting to wind down for the day. Usually, it was a gentle ringing telling her to bring tea and a dessert as a goodnight snack. But tonight, the call was different. The signal like that, Sinestra had learned, meant that it was time for a bit more personal, quality time with Master Jayden. Still preparing the tea, she also brought a second slice of cheesecake, and quickly made her way up to the bedroom.

9 Headshots i drew because why not

this style is very … anime-like xDD just wanted to try the style out? i might take a few things over to my normal style though

Sinestra (my oc), Toxic ( @salicey ), selfie (…myself)

cherry ( @salicey ), Simon (Gangster AU, my oc), Sapphire (gangster AU my oc)

Reii (gangster AU my oc), Tyler (gangster AU my oc), Berry (gangster AU my oc)

this file is so large i dont even

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