My opinion and breakdown

Okay, so for those who do not know I’m pretty close with Sineka (aka mingteukies) and its understandable to be like, “hey, I don’t like your opinion and this is why… and this what I think..” but after that you need to stop. Do not shame Sineka, do not shame her family (in this case her sister), and just don’t be a little jerk about it.

Sineka does not like exo but does that mean she hates exo fans. Just the people who decide to be jerks and shove exo down her throat. If she hated all exo fans, we would not be friends. Sineka has a heart of gold and does not discriminate on anybody, but if you treat her like a jerk she will treat you the same back; especially if you attack her family, which any of us would defend.   

Everyone in the ELF fandom has been under stress lately due to the lack of attention our group has gotten and disappointment in those who leave the fandom for exo. You do not have to sympathise with us and I’m not asking you to. We will get through this as a fandom. All I’m asking for is a little respect. When you guys lack enthusiasm at the group’s concert you are there to see and get all rowdy for a group you did not pay to see it hurts. It hurts both the group and the fans. 

So next time you wanna reply to someone else’s opinion, you can just do it civilly and if you don’t like what’s being said just keep scrolling. If you are defending your fandom or yourself do it in a way that does not make the poster upset or just prove how bad your fandom is. What I’m trying to say through this long thing is just stop being 2 year olds over it and leave Sineka alone. She can say what she wants and so can you but next time if you are going to reply in a way that comes off mean or hurtful just shoot her an ask and talk her to like a rational human being. Thank you that is all. 

P.S. I’ll always have your back Sineka <3 stay strong girly. 

School is drowning all my energy and idk what to do anymore because I want to sleep for 24 hours straight but I need to study but I cant concentrate if I’m this exhausted but if I sleep for an hour or so I will feel even more tired (or I may not wake up, which is worse) and I feel like giving up all the time but I know I dont want to and I cant and at home everyone keeps arguing and uh…
I need some love and energy hugs.