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Figure Skating AU Masterpost

This AU has taken a life on its own. For now this is all short stuff, but who knows. 

Set in a modern Thedas AU, Iwyn and Branwen Lavellan are a sibling ice dance couple and Solas is their coach. They compete for the Free Marches. 

Iwyn & Brawen Lavellan by @curiousstrawberryarts

Iwyn & Branwen by @kimberly-parker

Coach Solas by @love-in-nature​ :) 

Things I have written:

These are set in chronological order, but not necessarily close to each other. Now with dates! and now with some important events  on a timeline, too. 

Cloudreach - Bloomingtide, 16:86 Flight. Spring training. 
Justinian, 16:86 Flight. Solas becomes Iwyn and Branwen’s coach.
Justinian - Kingsway, 16:86 Flight. Summer training and competitions
Harvestmere - Haring, 16:86 Flight. Fall competitions, Cup series with Finals in Haring. 

23rd of Harvestmere, 16:86 Flight.  Iwyn can’t help but stare at her handsome coach

28th of Firstfall, 16:86 Flight. Solas does some hands on training. No, not like that. 

12th-17th of Wintermarch, 16:87 Flight, Free Marches Championships

2nd of Guardian, 16:87 Flight. Branwen confronts Solas about his sister.

22nd - 27th of Cloudreach, 16:87 Flight, Thedas Championships
Cloudreach - Bloomingtide, 16:87 Flight. Spring training.
Justinian - Kingsway, 16:87 Flight. Summer training and competitions

Test Skate 
4th of August, 16:87 Flight. Cassandra Pentaghast, monitoring agent for the Free Marches Skating Federation, visits the rink. 

Give In
11th of Kingsway, 16:87 Flight. Iwyn has had enough.

12th of Kingsway, 16:87 Flight. A meeting behind the rink.

Harvestmere - Haring, 16:87 Flight. Fall competitions, Cup series with Finals in Haring.

3rd of Firstfall, 16:87 Flight. A cold night after competition practice

Crave (NEW)
5th of Firstfall, 16:87 Flight. A stolen moment at a competition.

9th of Firstfall, 16:87 Flight. A bad fall. 

The Dress
18th of Firstfall, 16:87 Flight. Solas is really distracted by what Iwyn is wearingnsfw

26th of Haring, 16:87 Flight. Solas thinks back on his time as a competitor.

9th-15th of Wintermarch, 16:88 Flight, Free Marches Championships
25th - 30th of Cloudreach, 16:88 Flight, Thedas Championships

General Ice Dance stuff under cut! 

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                                    The Paso Doble Post

Short dance for the upcoming season is a paso doble so I decided to gather some compulsories/original dances from the past to get us into spirit. Let’s start with the gods.

*OSP is original set pattern, that’s how the original dance used to be called.

Paso Doble was one of the compulsories in season 1991/1992

In 1995/1996 paso doble was the theme of the original dance so I brought the whole top-10 from the Worlds'96.

The rest of the top-10: Romanova and YaroshenkoLobacheva and AverbukhPunsalan and SwallowMrázová and ŠimečekDrobiazko and VanagasFusar-Poli and Margaglio

In 2001/2002, the original dance was “Latin rhythms combination” and paso doble was one of the options along with tango and flamenco. I chose some paso-involved dances:

And the last time to date paso doble appeared as the CD at the 2009 Worlds.

And the rest of the top-10: Khokhlova and NovitskiKerr and KerrFaiella and ScaliCarron and JostCappellini and Lanotte + Delobel and Schoenfelder who didn’t participate in the Worlds but had the best dance, imo.


Shall We Dance on Ice - Kerr Sibs

So yeah this pic is blurry, but I had to show you guys this ridiculous lift this pair did. They’re Sinead and John Kerr from the UK. They’re a brother sister team & did some of the craziest lifts I’ve ever seen! They were definitely fan favorites because of this. At one point, she lifted HIM upside down. After she lifted him, he milked the crowd for a bit, which was funny and well deserved. 

This was during the Disco group number, which sounds cheesy, (which it was), but I thought in a really fun and good way. Everyone was tight, and did crazy stuff like this, so I totally loved this number.

It’s always inbuilt with the guy not to drop the girl. They hate to drop a girl. John’s a great lifter; we’ve hardly ever had an accident. A good partner’s very protective of the girl, and they’ll always try to save them.
—  Sinead Kerr explains that men are very protective of their partners when executing lifts.

Thanks Charlise for submitting this. And yes, I’m jealous too of everyone who were able to go.

Stars on Ice in San Jose, 4/5/15. Opening number with Meryl Davis & Charlie White, Evan Lysacek, Patrick Chan, Tanith Belbin & Ben Agosto, Joannie Rochette, Kimmie Meissner, Sinead & John Kerr, and Ryan Bradley.


SWDOI 2015 part 2 of 2

Meryl did her shimmy at the end of the show. It’s really cute! I have a video of it but tumblr isn’t cooperating. I will try later.

We saw Meryl’s parents by the tables near the concession stand before the show so we knew they were there. She has such supportive parents to be in Miami and now here. When I got to my seat, they were seated a few rows in front of me on center ice but just before the show started, they moved towards the stage. I guess to be closer to her when she was on stage. As the lights dimmed, I think Jacqui White took a seat beside Cheryl. It was dark so I wasn’t sure but I saw some tweets from Jacqui talking about Bolero so I guess it was her. Also nice to see Meryl’s mom filming her dance with Rumer. 😀 ETA: I forget to add that Sinead and John Kerr are absolutely entertaining! Love their reverse lift where she lifts him. I think that has become a signature move. Tanith and Ben were also so much fun to watch. I have been more and more impressed with Naomi Lang and Peter Tchernyshev’s hydro planing! It seems that they get lower and lower every time I see them.

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