sine function

You feel your Sin waves crawling down your graph.
the outline of the wave starts and ends in the middle meaning its a sin wave, and when I checked the pixels I found that roughly the amplitude of the wave is 132 pixels while the period is 2162 pixels. you can do the math and check the coding in the game if you really want to find the formula with the speed and number of oscillations. Of course me being the massive nerd I am, completely lost it when I saw a sin wave as an attack. You’re gonna have a bad amplitude vs time graph. If anyone is a math wiz and wants to figure out the frequency, distance, etcetera and graph it or convert it to sound be my guest. 
credit goes to NoHitRuns on Youtube for the video capture of the attack. 

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Math: Euler’s Formula

We’ve looked at how you can translate a sinusoidal voltage or current between trigonometric, polar, and rectangular coordinate forms.

Being able to do this makes it way easier to deal with these mathematically: rather than remembering a whole bunch of trig formulas and identities, we can just stick with regular addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Euler’s formula is the reason we can do this. Euler’s formula is both simple and powerful and it comes up over and over again in electrical engineering. It relates the sine and cosine functions to both the imaginary number j (or i, if you’re not dealing with electrical engineering) and the constant e. It looks like this:

Looks like the way we did rectangular coordinates, right? That’s exactly what it is.

We don’t normally write polar notation with the exponential, but that’s just what it is. When we write the polar expression A /_ φ, it’s just a shorthand for Ae^(jφ). Knowing this, you can see why the translation between polar and rectangular coordinates makes sense:

Euler’s formula will come up again for us numerous times. There’s other stuff you can do with it, but for now just keep in the back of your mind that sines, cosines, and exponentials are related and that you can switch back and forth between them at will.