“beloved sister, you are breaking my heart…with every step we take along the way…”

Photo by @brainbarbie
Costume by @sigynsheart
There will be more photos with Sigyn as Lucille, but I have to edit them first, so stay tuned for more!!!!


Do You Want To Build A Snowman? (Frozen Cover)

“I told you before, I was an epitaph” - inspired by this fanfic

Photo by DAzErO


(If you can’t buy it, please reblog and share, it’s for my little kittens surgery!)

Ok, this is a big step for me, it feels like parting with a baby, but I would do anything for my little kitten Dream and I only have a few hours left to secure to get the help he needs - I AM SELLING MY FIRST LOKI COSTUME!
It was worn, obviously, loved and had many adventures with me, as well as starred in a lot of awesome photos.
The money the sale will make will go to little kitten DREAMS SURGERY and other treatments, the costume is open for bidding now with a START PRICE OF 450euro.
Mind you it IS used, but still in just amazing condition, the only thing really damaged are the pants, but they are replaceable, since they are ONLY fake leather and easily to replace.


It is a normal german size 40/M - The shirt is a 40, so are the pants, they are stretch too. The costume was handmade by CosplayMandy and is TOP quality work.
The costume comes with arm cuffs (one is missing but I will remake it and send it to the buyer too) AND MATCHING BOOTS, in german size 40/UK7.
The trousers have some water damage, but not very visible, the jacket is intact, so is the main shirt-part of the costume, only the sleeves and cuffs are a little roughed up, but not really that visible.
If you are interested and maybe even want to help my little cat Dream to celebrate his first birthday next month, how about you start making an offer via my Facebook Fansite LOKI ON MIDGARD AKA FAHRLIGHTLOKI (tumblr offers are not counted, only FB comments and FB mails!)

THE START PRICE IS: 450euro (shipping not included)
Please don’t forget to comment under this post or via Facebook mail to THIS fansite!
Good luck!

ok so i have been debating whether to upload this or not but i figure what the hell 

(partially because my scanner is broken and so the pic is really bad quality but also because my drawing doesn’t do fahr justice)

but yeah fahr sindram is such a huge inspiration to me, mainly regarding cosplay but also she just seems like such a lovely person 

so happy (belated) birthday fahr :)