“beloved sister, you are breaking my heart…with every step we take along the way…”

Photo by @brainbarbie
Costume by @sigynsheart
There will be more photos with Sigyn as Lucille, but I have to edit them first, so stay tuned for more!!!!


Make up test, Loki from Thor: Ragnarok.

(I will say it again, because I feel really silly and proud about it, but I wore this suit outfit in 2012, before it was canon, and now it’s canon - how even!? I wore, black on black on black, as Loki. I thought I would give his suit style my own twist, now look where we are years later?! I feel ahead of my time. damn fine.)

Mother, Monster, Lover, Whore” (17 july 2016). 
Mixed media/digital oil painting, still slightly WIP.

Inspired by the Thorki fan fiction “I told you before, I was an epitaph!”. 


Loki took back the crown, now he is happy. Obviously.


BAD NEWS, help needed still:
Dream had to be rushed to the emergency just two hours ago because he bladder was blocked again/ never really unblocked to begin with. It happened late at night so we had to take the next vet that could see him.
We had an appointment with a normal vet tomorrow, thanks to the donations of you guys we could pay it. Now we had to cancel this appointment and leave him with the emergency vet. Sadly they don’t take 200£ to see and check him, but will charge us 900£odd because it was late at night, out of hours and because they said there is more to be done with him than we expected. I pretty much lied to them that I have the money and left him with them so they could unblock him and make sure he survives, but I have no idea what will happen when I will go to pick him up. there is a chance that they will have to perform surgery, which would lead to around 2K£, but lets not think of that. The only thing is now he is in with an emergency vet that will charge us 900£ pound FOR SURE in three days.

It would mean the world to me if you could help little Dream to survive this. He is only eight months old and didn’t even see the world.
(me and my bf are moving down to Brighton soon with a tiny garden and outdoor opportunities for the cats to explore and I don’t want Dream to miss this. I know will love the birds and butterflies and flowers in summer.)

Please help little Dream to survive and become the healthy happy cat he deserves to be! This is a matter of two days now, and his life is literally depending on it! ;__;

Paypal address for donations is, like before: via send money to a friend, FOR DREAM.

Thank you so much,
Dream and Fahr

Good morning and OMGWHAT HAPPENED?
I had no idea my post would go viral over night, I am so shocked. But in a positive sense.
I have to many messages, I can’t reply to them all because if I took the time it would be less time caring for Dream, he needs me right now.

Thank you so much for donation, all of you, especially every one who sent advice too! (I am writing it all down and will mention it to the vet!)

Thanks to your help Dream can be seen by the vet now and we can find out what is really wrong with him, and in case it’s nothing worse than the condition he already has, I will let you know. If he needs surgery…I will let you know too! <3

Fahr & Requiem for a tiny pancake Dream aka Sir Tiny!

for all who asked how Dream is doing right now, he is sitting in my lap and I help him pee. He tries in all his litter boxes (three different ones) as if it might help to change the box and one of them could magically allow him to pee normal. But it does not work, so I take him up and cuddle him until he manages a few drops.

(he still pees mainly very bloody thick urine)

Please keep him in your thoughts and send positive vibes!