I ran with the idea of young Loki being adopted at a much older age, by Odin. Arriving in Asgard it must have been so exciting to see the city for the first time, especially since Loki only knew the ice-cold winters of Jotunheim. But also lonely and confusing, being away from home for the first time, his parents slain and his future unknown to him ;___;. Mixed feelings. I hope I captured that?!

The look is based on the young version of Loki, from Marvels “Trials of Loki”. I loved his undercut for a while, and yeah…I did shave my head for this XD. I’m not setting myself any limits when it comes to Loki and his different looks.

His look is based on this little panel:

I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!? Please tell me if you did, I worked hard on this! <3 Thank you!

“beloved sister, you are breaking my heart…with every step we take along the way…”

Photo by @brainbarbie
Costume by @sigynsheart
There will be more photos with Sigyn as Lucille, but I have to edit them first, so stay tuned for more!!!!


I am trying my best not to draw any attention to myself, here in Scotland. I think it works so far.

That little boy up on my arm is Pancake Dream, Merlins little brother.

Horns by


So, since the film sets for “Avengers: Infinity War” are in town, Loki had to try some yummy Kebab from “Hüsnü” - best Kebab in Cockburn street!!!!!!! The Kebab-shop ISN”T real, but a set and only exists in the movie. In reality it’s a little jewellery shop called “Katies Cupcakes”!

Lokis outfit is the suit-outfit from “Thor: Ragnarok”.
XD I feel blessed with awesome sets, guy!

You like it? More to come!!!

Mother, Monster, Lover, Whore” (17 july 2016). 
Mixed media/digital oil painting, still slightly WIP.

Inspired by the Thorki fan fiction “I told you before, I was an epitaph!”. 


Make up test, Loki from Thor: Ragnarok.

(I will say it again, because I feel really silly and proud about it, but I wore this suit outfit in 2012, before it was canon, and now it’s canon - how even!? I wore, black on black on black, as Loki. I thought I would give his suit style my own twist, now look where we are years later?! I feel ahead of my time. damn fine.)

GAMORA TEST MAKE UP! -  Yupp, I painted myself green for the last hours (ok, I had help XD). NO wig, NO costume, NO contacts, NO good light, but it was so much fun and you guys wanted to know how I will look in green! THERE YOU GO!

this cosplay is happening. 

tagging my cosplay-team mates daftloki and thatotherodinson !