[ ♛ ] — A rather confused king opens his eyes widely at the kiss—however the more it dragged on, the lower they sunk. “What—was that for?”

Her features she show was pleased, no regret mixed in at all, but nonetheless the confused King was to be expected for this would be in fact the first kiss they have shared together. “Do forgive my actions, Sinbad, but I’ve been dying to do that for quite sometime..”

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"You said you’d always be there for me! But you’re not…"

Ja'far stood behind him, hands folded in his sleeves. His smile was bitter and broken, his cheeks wet with words he can’t say. The ones he does manage are softly spoken.

“I did, didn’t I? I promised to follow you until the end, no matter what came to pass, I would always stand at your side.” He paused briefly, looking down at his own hands. “I wanted so badly to keep that promise. Ever since that day, when you looked at me like I was human and held out your hand to me. No matter how much blood was on my hands, you still took them and led me forward. Into the light. I wanted so badly to repay you.. for all you’ve done for me. Even if I returned to the darkness, it was okay as long as I could still stand by your side. You’re unlike anyone I’ve ever met. I’m so happy to have met you." 

He bit his lip and stepped forward, around SInbad to kneel in front of him. He brushed his hands over his face, tried to wipe away the hint of a tear he saw. "Please forgive me, for not being able to keep my promise. I can’t go on anymore adventures with you. But you’ll be okay, I know you will. Because you still have everyone else. And even if I can’t be by your side, I’ll be here, waiting. Until the end.” he choked on a breath, hanging his head, watching water collect on the front of his robes. When did he grow so emotional, sentimental? Ah, he really has gotten soft. He puts on a smile and looks at Sinbad even if Sinbad’s not looking at him. 

He clasped his hand together and bowed his head. “You will always be my King. Even if I have no life left to give to you.” he stayed still for a while, until he heard Sinbad move. Someone was calling for him. The king looked through Ja'far, to the stone, white marble, to the fold of red wires in front of it and the daggers buried beneath the grass. And to the gold plaque he held in his hand, the little red jewel with it. He turned slowly and began to walk away. And Ja'far watched from his knees, forbidden to follow. 

                                                                                                 “Goodbye, Sin,”

sindobado replied to your post:Hands the maiden a lovely asian-styled fan, gems and silver lined what was the fabric forming the semi-circle. “For you, princess.”

He waves off her statements with a smile and a shake of his head. “Nonsense. Consider it a thank you for visiting Sindria.”

“My King, I…” Solomon, what on earth was she supposed to say after receiving such a generous gift? She certainly couldn’t continue to flounder like a fool. “Thank you very much. Though it’s truly been a privilege visiting–I shall miss it dearly once I depart." 

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“I know, I know.” Proceeds to drape his arms over the others shoulders, placing his head on one of his own triceps.

“Well if you know, then why keep doing it?” Although, that may have not been the proper question to ask at the time, but it was too late not. “I, uh, forget I asked that. I’m sure you have your reasons, so I needn’t ask…”

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"You actually thought I cared for you?"

                    ”You actually thought I cared for you?”

For a minute his throat went completely dry. He opened his mouth, thought better of it and remained silent a moment longer. He took a breath. “..Of course not,” a lie, to protect himself mostly. Because if there was one person in the world he cared for it was Sinbad. And that trust brought out the pain in his eyes. “At this point in my life, it would be foolish for me to believe that anyone would ever care for me, least of all someone as great as you.” He smiled, hurt but trying. “I’m only a vassal to you, after all. And regardless of if you care for me or not, I’ll give you my life.” Anther pause and a step backwards.

                    ”..I-If you’ll excuse me.. There’s.. something I need to take care of.”