I wish south park would update us on that positive caring relationship between butters and kenny. Even though it was usually momentaey/subtle content, it was important, especially sincr it showed how they act toward people they care about

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I've seen people complaining today about Aaron not disciplining Liv and how Robert was right about Aaron not being her best friend. like for god sake guys I understand that he's her guardian and she's being bad but look at it from Aaron's perspective it's his little sister that's what siblings are meant to be like, he sees his childhood thru her, not feeling wanted he gets that and so what that he doesn't punish her he's been there and doesn't want that for her

I agree with you about Aaron’s POV. He wants to keep family close, and siblings are different than parents. Punishment is usually a parental duty, not strictly a sibling responsibility. Reconciling the brother/parent role is going to be hard for anyone, and especially hard for someone like Aaron who struggles with rejection/abandonment in his family. So i get you. I feel sorry for Aaron that he can’t just be her playful bro. Disciplining her is still his responsibility sincr hr agreed to that when she stayed with him, but that doesn’t make it easier.