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“Kit? Kit? Wake up, honey.”

Christopher’s eyes drift open, and he smiles up at his lover. “Did you get it?” he asks as Claudia drapes herself around him.

“Yes, and I went ahead and prepared the dose for you as well. I tucked it inside the hem of the receiving blanket, so as soon as they give you some time alone with the baby simply rub a bit of the powder into their gums. Infants metabolize stimulants slower than adults, so you really don’t need to use much, but the sooner you do it the better. The cocaine must be in the baby’s system before the hospital runs any blood work on them.”

Kit frowns, his brow crinkled with doubt. “Are you certain that it won’t cause the kid any long-term harm?”

“It shouldn’t,” Claudia shrugs. “But as long as the brat survives who cares? We just need to get custody of that baby, Christopher. What does it matter if it’s healthy?”

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