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Can you please explain why bellamy is so beautiful????????

It feels like all the stars aligned with Bellamy. Everything about him is so breathtaking. He’s the paragon of the tragic hero, forever stumbling after his tragic dream. He is everything he thinks he isn’t, his self-perception is the opposite of his true character, his true qualities, his true values. He’s so incredibly selfless yet he feels selfish. He’s loved, so loved, but he isn’t aware, and doesn’t agree. He loves too much yet he thinks he can’t possibly love enough. He carries himself with so much courage and bravery but all he sees is his fear: of mortality, of time, of the uncontrollable. He’s saved so many yet he can’t help but feel this indelible sense of failure.

And Bellamy is a genuine soul, a sincere lover at heart. All he knows is loyalty and affection and this need to protect and it all stems from his upbringing. What he defines as love is more like a conflation of fear of failure, overbearing responsibility and a love so strong it can burn him out. You see it in everything he does; every step he takes, every word he utters is for the sake of one of these three things. He lets his fear dominate at times, and other times it’s his duty of care/love reaching through. You can’t even pin him down to ‘modest’ because he truthfully is not aware of his own beauty to even conceal it.

Bellamy is, to put it simply, a masterpiece. Crafted to near perfection, he’s a fusion of tragedy and fortune, of all things beautiful and all things sorrowful. Bellamy is an untapped spirit, so incredibly unactualized. His main arc is actually his road to self-actualization: Bellamy has been written for gradual ascent to his final revelation where who he wishes he could be can absolutely be congruent with who he truly is. The moment this happens is the moment he will see what everybody else has been seeing this whole time – just how beautiful he is.


even if you make the executive decision to never watch classicaloid, please watch this scene. I’ve rewatched episode 11 fifty times just for this one scene. please. watch it. watch the scene. I made a youtube account for it


Leo is usually the one to make Takumi flustered, but sometimes Takumi catches him off guard (▰˘v˘▰) 

Just wanted to draw Leo being the big tomato he really is. Also RIP TAKUMI.

(Base on one of Takumi’s english My Castle lines. Reposted from my FE twitter!)

You had sex before marriage? You had relationship after relationship? You were addicted to drugs? You drank? you smoked? you clubbed? you had boyfriends? you chilled? The world has shattered you?

Your mistakes are not greater then His mercy. Your sin is not greater than Allah’s forgiveness. Your shortcomings are not more encompassing than His gentleness. Your falling is not greater than His raising. An entire life of bad can be completelty wiped away through a sincere heart, a humble soul and a teary eye.

—  Shaykh Mohammed Aslam

The Wiccan’s Glossary

Chrysocolla, a lovely, vibrant stone of blues, teals, and aquas, is a stone associated with kindness and expression. It is a stone of peace, increased wisdom, and discretion. It promotes level-headedness, encourages clarity of thought and a neutral, cool attitude during turbulence. It can be used to decrease nervousness and irritability.  It brings feelings of an honest heart, sincerity of the soul, compassion, and wisdom. It is sometimes called ‘The stone of Peace’ and well as ‘The stone of Wisdom.’

It is used in spells to attract love and peace. It dispels negative energy, but its energy in itself in receptive. When held in the hand it can drive off unreasonable fear and illusions. Chrysocolla helps induce psychic dreams. It also can aid in resolving communication problems with difficult people.

It is a stone of virtues, including but not limited to: tranquillity, serenity, peace, subconscious wisdom, intuition, patience, nurturing, acceptance, tolerance, unconditional love, calmness, meditation, honesty, hope, intimacy, gentleness, and sensitivity.

Elements - Water
Chakra - Heart, Throat
Zodiac - Taurus, Gemini, Virgo
Planets -  Venus


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Inspired by the art style of Mononoke (not ghibli) and Gankutsuou.

以心伝心 (Ishin-denshin) roughly translates to “heart to heart understanding” but literally translates to “what the mind thinks, the heart transmits,”

Ishin-denshin (以心伝心) is a Japanese idiom which denotes a form of interpersonal communication through unspoken mutual understanding.

ishin-denshin refers to a passive form of shared understanding. Ishin-denshin is traditionally perceived by the Japanese as sincere, silent communication via the heart

(source: wikipedia bc I’m too lazy to look for a legit source rn.)




Awkward vampire in front of her crush , I’m turning her into a Oc probably since she’s tOO CUTE

I’m so original with the backgrounds (sarcasm) at least I did a background

The pic before I decided I wanted to spend the rest of the night on it <-wip

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Seventeen’s Reaction To Finding Out You Have Low Self Esteem

Seungcheol: He would be so upset to find out the person he loves most doesn’t think much of their self. He’d make it his life long mission to make sure you knew how beautiful and amazing he found you. Every morning when you woke up to him he’d always greet you with a smile and a compliment. 

“You’re the reason my life feels so perfect, (Y/N).”

Jeonghan: He’d be a bit taken aback when you told him the reason you put on so much make up was because you disliked how you looked. He’d take both your hands and look you straight in the eyes; he’d say the most sincere words with a full heart to remind you that you’re his one and only. 

“I could stare at you forever and I’d still feel like I haven’t had enough of you. “

Joshua: This little angel would go to the extreme to write you a song to tell you what he loved about you. Of course it brought a few tears to your eyes, afterwards he’d hold you in a tight embrace and show you his love through actions as well as words.

“The way you look every time I say goodbye makes it so hard for me to walk away from you.”

Jun: When Jun walked in on you frowning at your tummy he’d wrap you in a bear hug and snuggle into your neck. He’d hold your tummy to give you reassurance that he found you beautiful and he wouldn’t want to have you any other way. 

“We must be looking at different people because all I see is utter perfection.”

Hoshi: After you had finished ranting about how gross you found your birth mark, Hoshi would simply stare at you with a blank expression. He found every part of you beautiful - including your birthmark! He’d make sure that you knew this. 

“You’re a work of art and that little splodge on your leg is proof.” 

Wonwoo: You’d walk through the door with a bunch of skin care products and Wonwoo would simply look at you in confusion. Once you had explained it was because of your skin he’d kiss you all over your face and tell you that you were still his beautiful princess. 

“You’re beautiful to me no matter what, princess.” 

Woozi: You had explained to Woozi how your grades were making you feel stupid. He’d try to rationalise with you saying that school tests nothing but memory and that you’re super intelligent. He also reminded you that grades mean nothing. 

“Your grades do not define you as a person, and I mean that.” 

DK: Seokmin had noticed that you smile with your mouth closed a lot of the time; when he asked and you’d reply with “My teeth aren’t straight or white.” he’d simply caress your cheek and whisper sweet nothings in your ears.

“And despite what you think of yourself, your smile is still my favourite.” 

Mingyu: For a while now, Mingyu had noticed you had began wearing baggy jumpers. When he asked why and you told him you didn’t like your big boobs, his eyes would widen in shock. He couldn’t believe you hated that about yourself and he’d try to remind you that he loves you no matter what. 

“You might think that… But you have no idea how beautiful you are to everyone else.” 

The8: Whilst shopping, Minghao saw you had picked up various padded bras. Once you had noticed that he was staring you’d simply give him a sad smile and right away he knew why you were purchasing so many. 

“If it means anything to you, I still think you’ve got the sexiest body in the whole world.” 

Seungkwan: You and him were at a karaoke bar one night and someone had asked you to sing. Boo being the supportive boyfriend clapped for you but you insisted you stay sitting as you hated your voice. He would pout at you, however allow you to do what made you comfortable. 

“You could be the most tone deaf person ever but you’d still sound like an angel to me.” 

Vernon: He had come beaming in with a party invitation in his hand, waving it excitedly in your face. You smiled weakly and told him you’d pass because you didn’t want to annoy anyone. He began pouting and sat next to you with a caring expression.

“There could be one hundred people at this party and it still wouldn’t be worth it if you wasn’t with me.” 

Dino: He had walked in on you working out and you had stopped yourself immediately. You began tearing up as you couldn’t believe the one person you didn’t want to see you had. You told him you thought you looked horrible working out but he simply shook his head.

“You look happy doing it; and when you’re happy I never see you more beautiful.” 

I hope you beauties enjoy this! If you ever feel bad about yourself, just remember that Seventeen loves you! Gifs not mine, credit to owners! 

Love and Hugs!

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Like a kiss on the ear, a beautiful word can truly bless a soul. But a bitter word can crush a spirit. The words we use can hurt and are often taken seriously by the one we’re speaking to. We ought not to be caught saying things we don’t actually mean but instead expressing sincerity with the heart of Christ.
—  Choosing Words That Heal


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