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The guys' reaction when they find their SO sleeping and cuddling with a plushie version of them?

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Shuu: He’s not quite sure how to feel. This sort of experience is new for him and rather…shocking. He thinks that teasing you for having such a perverted thing would be pleasant. Yet, he can’t help but question…

where did you get such a thing in the first place?

Reiji: It’s unbelievable that you would somehow manage to purchase or obtain such a disgusting thing. While your ‘idol’ of him is quite amusing, he isn’t fond of such a trashy thing when the real thing is before you. He’ll demand you dispose of it when you awaken.

Laito: As the plushy dangles from his hold from its soft fabricated arm, having been gently taken from you in your rest, a soft chuckle leaves him. He hadn’t expected you to become enamored with him so quickly. He’ll definitely be using this as new material to tease you. Be prepared.

Ayato: The shit-eating grin plastered on his face was indescribable. Pride puffed in his chest as he watched you press the plush’s face, his face, into your chest. Where it came from doesn’t matter, he’s thoroughly enjoying your pure admiration for him. Never expect to live this down, he’s sure to claim ‘rightful’ passage to every part of you if your substitute of him can.

Kanato: Anger fills his veins as your seemingly innocent gesture pierces his heart with as an insult. Was he not good enough? Why else would you hold on to such an offending trinket. Expect your precious plush to be torn to shreds in a jealous rage. After all, you’re his doll. Not the other way around.

Subaru: Embarrassment flushes his skin as he watched you sleep. Where did you even get this crap? If his brothers discovered such a ridiculous thing, he doesn’t even want to think about it. While debating whether to rip it from you and punish you for owning such a humiliating abomination he watched as you snuggled the comforting object into your chest.

maybe it wouldn’t be too bad if you kept it for a while longer.

Ruki: While your loyalty to him is endearing and your attachment to the plush, or rather him is evident by the way you press it close to your body, he isn’t pleased. Such a revolting interpretation of him? His livestock becoming careless to hold such an offensive object of him at their disposal. Unacceptable. Be prepared for a punishment promptly and your doll to be destroyed before your very eyes.

Kou: Scrutinizing the plush of himself, he wondered what company he’d have to have copyrighted for making such an imitation of him without his or his manager’s permission. It was filthy though, for you to hold the finely crafted toy in your arms as if that could fill his role beside you in bed. He’s pissed, they didn’t even get his bracelets right.

Yuma: He doesn’t care. Point-blank he thinks its stupid, why do you need the damn thing when its realistic counterpart was right beside you? He won’t make an effort to remove it from you though, its too much trouble…but if it gets in his way? Well then, it’s going to be eradicated.

Azusa: He feels immediate insecurity. Were you feeling so lonely that you needed another of him? Why wasn’t he enough for his Eve? Did the doll give you more than he did? The thought of giving you more ‘friends’ becomes tempting as he wants you to get rid of the replica of him. You’ll certainly never think of pulling something like this again as Azusa uses his finest quality knife to give you his sincerest apology for making you feel all alone.

on hindsight and mint plants

[Inhindsight, Sousuke thinks, they should have planned things better.]

on hindsight and mint plants
Character(s): Yamazaki Sousuke, Nanase Haruka, Matsuoka Rin
Word Count: 1900
Rating: T+ (swearing!!)
Dedication: amoosebouche (happy birthday!!! i’m sorry this is strange and crappy)
Notes: written off the prompt “me and my buddies vandalized your backyard trampling your mini garden in the process. now i feel really shitty cause you’re really upset about this. look i’ll help fix it okay just stop with the sad faces,” because i am braindead and can’t come up with story ideas right now

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In hindsight, Sousuke thinks, they should have planned things better – for example, actually considered possible escape routes –  before carrying out The Secret Plan.

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