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لاتتردد في العوده الى الله
مهما لوثتك الخطايا والذنوب
فالذي سترك وانت تحت سقف المعصيه
لن يفضحك تحت جناح التوبه

Do not hesitate about returning to Allah
Despite your mistakes & no matter how sinful you might be
For if He covered (protected) you under the roof of sin
He will not expose you under the wing of repentance

In just a matter of hours/days, the world will welcome Ramadan inshallah. This is a gentle reminder to cleanse your body physically and spiritually in preparation for this holy month.

  • Take a shower and make the intention to fast.
  • Cleanse your mouth of profanity, backbiting, immodest discussions, as well as your mind of any negativity and anger.
  • Drop your ego and humble yourself by acknowleding your blessings, and the condition of other Muslims observing fast in crucial circumstances.
  • Greet this month with patience, a generous heart and pure intentions.
  • Strive to improve your relationship with Allah, your family and friends.
  • Strive to be a better Muslim, a better human.

May Allah accept your efforts 🕊

And I swear by God, your name has inherited a great part of all my prayers

وأقسم بالله، لقد ورث اسمك جزءًا عظيماً من جميع صلواتي

قيل: عندما يكون فكرك اكثر تهذيباً من شكلك و مشاعرك ازكى من عطرك و ُخلقك اكثر جاذبية من خلقتك، حينها تكون انيقاً

  • It is said: when you’re way of thinking exceeds your appearance in politeness, your feelings are more fragrant than your perfume, and your manners are more attractive than your looks, only then will you become elegant.