Today was special. I got to see @kerrywashington speak…. Below are just a few quotes from me talking about this woman in various conversations in the past

“ She makes me so very proud and she inspires me and teaches me with her ways. I call her sister Kerry for a reason. I can’t wait for the day I meet her. A phenomenal woman, a class act a very rare very authentic very sacred being. ”

“She is….. I can’t begin to try to intellectualize the energy that Kerry radiates. She is just….. *Sigh*”

“She is dreamy. I mean that in the most role model needy, nerdy, respectful homage-paying way. I don’t think she knows the half of what she has done…… Shes just…. I can’t even. ”

“The woman is enigmatic, fascinating, astounding and funny and grounded and talented and merited and rooted and strong and brilliant. Oh yeah, she happens to be gorgeous too! That’s what drives me nuts! I currently only pray to be described as beautiful LAST! I will go through every positive adjective I can think of before I call her pretty. She is so much more than that! ”

Needless to say…. I look up to this woman, I respect and admire this woman and to have been in her presence meant the WORLD to me. I learn from her, I support her and I am grateful to her for what she does with her talent. Tracee Ellis Ross once said “I know what it means to be moved by someone that wakes up something in you”
I know what it means too and I owe part of that to artist like Kerry.

Today was special. #sincerelyinspired #kerrywashington #acting #inspiration #yotw #womenthatrock

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