Awesome Blogs of the Day:

  1. divinq (9%)
  2. sincerelyelizaabeth (7%)
  3. im4gin4ti0n (7%)
  4. wildlesss (5%)
  5. whorehmu (5%)
  6. saskiakeultjes (5%)
  7. preachw1fi (4%)
  8. misconstruing (4%)
  9. girlaffe (4%)

These were the blogs that I liked, reblogged and queued off of the most today! They upload some amazing original photography, art,edits, gifs and writing! Check them out! xx

questions tag :/

i have been tagged in like four of these so im going to do one lol



Post the rules. 

Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post then make 10 new ones.

Tag people and link them to your post.

I was tagged by rose

1.Favorite movie scene?-Probably in bridesmaids when Jon the air marshal admits to being an air marshal.

2.A song you never got tired of is…?-Some Nights- fun.

3.Have I ever been in love?-yeah!

4.Would I ever get a tattoo?-yeah I probs would because I like them just not a lot

5.Favorite tv shows?- PLL The Fosters Devious Maids and Conan and Walking Dead yeahhh

6.Something I could never live without?- MUSIC of course.

7.The first thing i notice about someone?- if theyre skinny or not aha

8.Best thing that happened to me this year?-Thats really hard to think about but probably meeting a lot of new people

9.Somebody who you will stand by no matter what is?- nobody, ill always disagree with anyone ahah except maybe nate ruess?

10.Favorite vacationspot/ dream vacation is…?-I just really like cruises and when i get older im going on 45 of them haha

My Questions;

1.Your favorite kind of music to listen to?

2.How long do you shower for?

3.At what time do you usually wake up?

4. Favorite classic band of all time?

5.Favorite color that is not a main color i.e. periwinkle, turquoise..?

6.Do you tan or burn?

7.Blog type that you could never imagine yourself being?

8. How long have you had your blog?

9. Hair color you wish you had?

10. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

I tag: 

1. anyone who wants to answer my dumb questions, or anyone whose really bored haha

2.elizabeth, vinmaya, cara, her, alivia, lizzette, sara