sincerely interested

The ways in which I will love you

1. Truly
I won’t keep writing cheesy love poems or keep complimenting you. I will say what I think and be verbal about things you can work on, about what I don’t particularly like because there will be somethings I won’t.

2. I will love you.
There will be no reason.
Not any particular thing but you as a whole.
So you can change and grow, you can progress and you can evolve. As long as you’re you at the core, you have all my love.

3. I will be open to exploring your interests.
I may not care about sports but if that’s something you care about, I will ask you to teach me and I will sincerely learn and take interest.

4. Whatever path it may be, you won’t walk alone. On rainy days, I will share my umbrella and on windy days I will not make fun of your hair. On sunny ones I will share my ice cream and when your shoes are worn out, I will stop with you and help you fix them. Or wait until you find new ones that are just the right fit.

5. I will accept and try to love your crazy family as my own. I understand how complicated and unbelievable families can be but I do know the base is always love.

6. I will give you all my maps and some flashlights too so you can go on to explore parts of me I don’t display. There won’t be anything you will not know if you want to. I won’t let you read my diaries but I will let you read my soul.

7. I will step out of the goof closet I have been living in all my life and show you who I really am and make you laugh and smile and blush and yell.

8. I will say yes to adventure and to crazy sexual desires and have long lists of my very own I will like to explore with you.

9. I won’t cook or clean and I won’t be sorry about it. But I will keep your heart fed and the dark corners of your mind clean.

10. I won’t demand your phone/social media/bank passwords because all I really want is to look in your eyes and know what you’re thinking, to touch you and know what you’re feeling and to love a person I know as well and as little as myself.
As little as myself is only stating the disregard for the expectations and standards of the society and people and the masks we are given to wear on every birthday.

11. I will love the lazy Sundays at home as well as all the days we forget what day of the week it is or what time it really is because we are lost in time zones, on airplanes and in between magic.

12. When we argue I will never not stay silent or keep anything on the inside. I will get it all out so that there is never anything ugly left to grow on the inside.

Jupiter Signs

Jupiter in Aries: You have confidence, energy and a great enthusiasm in life. You often ignite, sometimes to the point of becoming maniac, and you have many interests, although you may not all maintain them in the long run. It’s easy for you to get carried away by your own problems, and you have to be careful with your tendency to self-centeredness and forget the details.

Jupiter in Taurus: You are devoted and kind; lovers of nature, material objects and of pleasures of the senses. You can easily get into the habit of not denying you anything. So you’re awesome in bed - but also tormented by being overweight. Fortunately, you balance your search for pleasure through your practical mind. Essentially, your judgment is sound.

Jupiter in Gemini: Nothing excites you more than an idea. You are an intelligent, multi-talented, curious and easily captivated, although you run the risk of losing interest in a subject by talking to death. All that concerns the writings is beneficial to you - from the diary to a job in a bookstore or the practice of journalism.

Jupiter in Cancer: You are sincere, benevolent, intuitive, protective and sympathetic, the absolute nurturing mother, even if you are a man. Understanding and indulgent, you love the pleasures of home, property, as well as parenthood.

Jupiter in Leo: You are magnanimous, compassionate, exuberant and theatrical, with enormous vitality and a deep need for social recognition, respect and power. Although you may sometimes be bossy or superficial, you are a sincere person who likes to include others, and you tend to be appreciated. This position is considered happy and often brings success.

Jupiter in Virgo: You are organized, practical and happy when your efforts produce concrete results. You possess a fine intellect, you are willing to work hard, and you tend to spend too many hours looking for perfection. However, this position creates an internal voltage.

Jupiter in Libra: You are kind, friendly, fair and popular. Gifted with a natural charm, you work well with other people and you feel naturally attracted to the arts. But you may be forced to fight against the classic defect of Libras who are having difficulty making important decisions.

Jupiter in Scorpio: You have gigantic passions, a magnetic intensity that other people feel, and a highly sexual nature. Although you may be booked, you have a sincere interest in what may be hiding behind appearances, and you are still observing and collecting information. You are ambitious and sometimes aggressive, with a lot of pride and a fierce will that can help you achieve your dreams.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: As Jupiter is the master of Sagittarius, this position is considered as happy. The Sagittarius draws the best from Jupiter. It makes you genial, optimistic, generous, tolerant and philosopher (you are not obsessed with little things). Gifted for teaching, you are attracted to overseas travel, higher education, and universal philosophies, religions and belief systems. But be aware that this position also accentuates your faith (or fanaticism) at the same time as your tendency to do morals.

Jupiter in Capricorn: With the planet of expansion in cautious Capricorn, you are ambitious, obedient, honest, serious, realistic, disciplined, and you work hard. When you set a goal, your chances of achieving it are excellent. But you will have to fight pessimism.

Jupiter in Aquarius: Open minded, altruistic and innovative, you have a great originality and you are interested in everything that is the latest. You are also naturally tolerant. But you do not react well to disappointment. If your high ideals do not come true, you can become selfish and authoritarian.

Jupiter in Pisces: You are friendly, indulgent and imaginative. Endowed with a powerful intuition, you capture everything that happens around you. Generous, you try to improve things by even going so far as to sacrifice yourself. But when you feel out of place, you can turn into a hermit. The spiritual quest interests you.

Steal my car, I'll wreck your life.

Back story, i am apart of a small family-owned type used car dealership (cue used car salesman joke here) we have maybe 50 cars on the lot at any time and our main business is sub-prime or people with less than perfect credit. We truly want to help the people that can’t afford/have the credit to buy from a new car dealership. We’re actually very liked in our small community.

So recently I had these customers, lets call her wife and him husband (They’re early 20’s). They come into my store and I like them, they seem like a nice young couple trying to start their lives out, they have two very sweet little girls, and could just use a break. They have made some mistakes in their early lives and have less than perfect credit. I coach them on how to improve their credit and they seem sincerely interested in fixing it so I bust my ass to get them a loan with the wifes mother cosigning on a nice third row SUV. Wife is literally crying hugging me because every other dealer turned them down. Now they are a little short on the down payment so i take a check for the balance and we agree i’ll cash it on his next payday (Mistake number one) but pretty common in this line of work.

I forget about them until the next week when I drop the check at the bank along with other deposits. The next thing i know i receive a notice that the check has bounced. Along with a couple NSF fees attached for me, and the check comes back. It’s a dollar amount that is considered a first degree misdemeanor in our state, just under a felony. I reach out to wife to see what happened and how we can make arrangements to get this taken care of. The last thing I want to do is go after a young couple with two small kids. At first wife is a little shocked and insists the funds were pulled from their account and I show them the picture of the NSF check. She understands and says they can pay half in 2 weeks when she’s paid again and in another 2 weeks pay the other half. I agree to this and just take them on their word (mistake 2).

A couple weeks rolls around and I don’t hear from wife or husband and am now thinking i’ve been taken for a ride Ignoring my calls/texts/etc you get the point. I get a call from the bank and come to find out they haven’t made their first payment either.

Now with this particular bank if the customer does not make their first payment we have to “Buy Back” the deal. Basically we have to give the bank the money they sent us for the loan. After blowing up their phones and facebook they finally call me back. I get the sob story he got let go from his job and he just started a new one and mom is going to help them get back on their feet. I go through hell and high water with the bank to make a deal that if they make their payment they’ll keep the loan but i’m still on the hook if they miss any of the next 3 payments. Wife also tells me they’ll make payments to me on the bounced check once he starts getting paychecks. So i agree, they make their payment to the bank and i go about my life….Until the next month comes around.

I get an email from the bank saying wife didn’t make the next months payment and won’t answer their calls. At this point i’m furious and ready to just go get their vehicle. They won’t answer any of my calls and call mom, mom scrounges everything in her social security paycheck to help try to make the payment for them and is short. Wife and husband tells her they’ll cover the balance and of course don’t pay. Bank says deal is a buyback we need our money back for the loan within 7 days. Now the only way I can payback their loan is if my floor plan (Basically giant credit card we buy cars on) gets pictures of the car in my possession.

I try to call/text/email/message on facebook to get ahold of both wife and husband and they block me on everything. They’re basically just stealing the vehicle without paying. They even blocked mom who has been trying to help them get this handled, yes they screwed over their own mother in this ordeal. I just want the vehicle back and move on with life. So this is where i go @prorevenge on them.

I begin by dropping the check off at the local prosecutor, and they’re delighted to file charges against them. I do some skip tracing calling family members, all of which are more than happy to help because come to find out husband has had 7 jobs in 4 months and has burned every single family member with money they’ve borrowed. I find wifes Father on Facebook, Father has been trying to take custody of deadbeat wife and husbands 2 kids because of how they treat them. He informs me they are staying in sisters house right over the border (we are on the state line of 2 states remember this) I call up a repo company and even myself drive the hour to go get the vehicle. They’ve been hiding it in the garage (according to neighbors and repo company). I do some searching and find out they’re both on probation for stealing a bunch of stuff from multiple stores. So I of course find and call up Mrs. Probation officer to see if she has a last known address. I then mention to her they’re staying above the state line and bounced a very large check to me, and they’re facing fresh charges in my town, she appreciates the knowledge.

Now while I was up at their house one evening I talk to one of the neighbors (Who also hate them they’re always yelling at their kids and eachother) and convince neighbor to call me if they see the vehicle outside. It took one day, I get the call, I send a very large friend who lives nearby them to go get the vehicle. After many expletives, berating my friend, they hand over the vehicle. But not before finally calling me while he was there and tell me how they’re going to sue and blah blah.

I’m out quite a bit of money from the ordeal, but here’s the best part. I just found out by living out of state they violated probation and just got sentenced to 30 days in jail from that, and they also just had their “video court date”(because they’re currently in jail with the probation violation) with the local judge on the new charges of the bounced check. I got my vehicle back and guess what? Deadbeat wife’s Father got custody of the 2 kids.


AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER // Masters’ + Element

Hey guys!

After receiving such a positive response from Avatar fans on these ATLA phone wallpapers and receiving requests for possible purchasing, I’m happy to announce that these pieces are now available for purchase on redbubble! 

To those interested, I sincerely apologize for the wait and I hope you enjoy them! :)

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Okay but guys, can we talk about something for a sec. Something I think is really genius.

In Andi Mack, Jonah’s passion is Ultimate Frisbee. Amber makes fun of him for it and says he’ll play a “real sport” once he gets to high-school. And he gets upset because he wants his girlfriend to genuinely support him and his interests, which is of course a valid and important wish to have in a relationship.

Then with Andi, she joined the team because she had a crush on him, not because sh actually really loved or enjoyed Ultimate Frisbee but because she wanted to be in a relationship with Jonah. Not to say this was bad exactly, but Andi even realized that she didn’t really care all that much and was happier when she left the team.

And then you have Cyrus, who, showed up for every game and brought refreshments and was so???supportive??? for no reason other than he wanted to be. Until now he didn’t consider himself a contender in who Jonah would date/be in a relationship with and he wasn’t really gaining anything from what he’s been doing other than seeing Jonah happy and being a part of Jonah’s passion.

Jonah recognized that, he recognizes that  Cyrus is the one that supports him unconditionally, the one that sincerely cares about his interests and not just the possibility of having a boyfriend like a status piece essentially.

Finally, Jonah has shown time and time again that he loves his sport a lot and by recognizing Cyrus as the mvp he’s sharing with Cyrus the place his heart is at and is recognizing that Cyrus is the mvp of his heart basically and. If that isn’t??? awesome??? and precious??? Then I don’t know what is.

Unknown Number: [text] Greetings, my friend! Allow me to express my sincere interest in developing a business relationship with you. My name is CROWN PRINCE WUMI and I am from an Outer Rim system very far away. After my father the King’s untimely death, I inherited Fifteen million five hundred thousand Galactic credits (15.5m GC). Shortly thereafter our government was overthrown. I am in desperate need of your assistance in helping me transfer this sum of Fifteen million five hundred thousand credits (15.5m) offworld. I am willing to offer you 15% of the sum as compensation for effort input after the successful transfer of this fund to your designated account. 
Obi-Wan: I see. So I would get a cut of this money, then, for helping you? Is that right?
Unknown: Yes of course! I am a trustworthy person and you can put your faith in me, my friend. 
Obi-Wan: Let me guess: I need to wire you credits first, right? In order for me to collect on this vast fortune you are offering?
Unknown: We must truly be meant to work together on this venture, for that is precisely what I was just about to inform you of! It will require a small Galactic Western Union payment of ten thousand credits to be made to a business associate of mine, one H. OHNAKA. He is a very trustworthy businessman and he will ensure that the rest of these proceedings go forward smoothly. I will send you his bank account details posthaste!
Obi-Wan: Oh my God. Hondo, is that you? 
Unknown: You are familiar with this associate of mine? How is that?
Obi-Wan: Hondo, it’s me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. 
Hondo: General KENOBI!!!! !!!!!! How about that! How are you, my good friend? It has been so long! I presumed you were dead what with the Empire and the killing and all. 
Obi-Wan: Yes, well, I am alive. And I’m not about to wire you money for whatever scheme this is. 
Hondo: I’m wounded that you think I was attempting to run some sort of scam on my old friend General Kenobi! 
Obi-Wan: Well the fact that you identified yourself as some sort of crown prince at the beginning sort of gave it away. 
Obi-Wan: Someone would have to be spectacularly gullible to fall for something like this, Hondo. 
Hondo: All right, all right! Perhaps you have a point. 
Obi-Wan: Actually come to think of it, why don’t you try this number instead? You might have more luck. [sends him Vader’s cell number] 


Unknown Number: [text] Greetings, my friend! Allow me to express my sincere interest in developing a business relationship with you. My name is CROWN PRINCE WUMI and I am from an Outer Rim system very far away. After my father the King’s untimely death, I inherited Fifteen million five hundred thousand Galactic credits (15.5m GC). Shortly thereafter our government was overthrown. I am in desperate need of your assistance in helping me transfer this sum of Fifteen million five hundred thousand credits (15.5m) offworld. I am willing to offer you 15% of the sum as compensation for effort input after the successful transfer of this fund to your designated account.
Vader: whoa sure im totally in !!!! 
Unknown: Wonderful! It will require a small Galactic Western Union payment of ten thousand credits to be made to a business associate of mine, one H. OHNAKA, before we can proceed. He is a very trustworthy businessman and he will ensure that the rest of these proceedings go forward smoothly. I will send you his bank account details posthaste!
Vader: ok cool 
Vader: lol its weird i actually used to know a guy named h. ohnaka but he was a pirate so obvs not ur friend 
Unknown: Ah, yes, a coincidence indeed! 
Vader: im on my way to the bank right now 


The signs as types of flirtation

Physical flirting — One of the quickest ways to communicate attraction and develop a relationship. Has a higher chemistry and emotional connection. Flaunting and full on.

Aries, Gemini, Capricorn, Sagittarius

Sincere flirting — Communicating a sincere interest in someone and a desire to establish a deep emotional connection. Easy and quietly intense.

Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio

Playful flirting — More a way to boost the self-esteem of the people involved. This is the least likely flirtation technique to result in a meaningful and lasting relationship. Fun and short lasting.

Leo, Libra, Aquarius, Pisces

Being a good RP partner

So I saw this thing going around and it made me think about just what it means to be a good RP Partner. These are my thoughts. Feel free to add to or disagree. But I think these are key.

  1. Take interest in each other’s characters.  You mutually appreciate each other’s characters. You understand your character enough to talk about little headcanons and backstory pieces and you ask about your partner’s.  There is sincere interest on both sides.
  2. Have your own story. Be able to keep your story going on your own. If the other person has to leave for RL, your characters should be able to stand on their own. Each should keep their own identity within the relationship and story.
  3. Make time for each other, together and apart. You honor commitments and make adequate time for each other to RP in whatever medium you have chosen. You are respectful of other commitments (RL or other) that you each have. You spend quality time together doing things that are mutually fulfilling as well as quality time apart doing what is important to you individually.
  4. Be genuine. Be authentic. Show your true colors always. You encourage each other to grow and change. In other words, you inspire each other to be better.
  5. Communicate. Discuss when something is bothering you.  Whether it is the story line, a change to the character, or even the amount of time spent together. Be honest with each other when feeling out of sorts. A strong sense of trust is built between you. Openly discuss everything—the good, the bad, and the ugly. There is no hidden agenda and no secrets about the story, goals, or challenges. Listening carefully with undivided attention is essential to real understanding.
  6. Give feedback. Share your positive and constructive thoughts on how things are going, on writings, and be accepting in return.
  7. Share the spotlight. Make time for each character to develop equally. Each of you contributes your fair share to the relationship, whatever that happens to be. Each partner brings their best strengths and abilities for the benefit of the “team.“
  8. Be Respectful. Be nice to each other. Be on the same page in terms of your basic values and story goals. Know what each wants out of the story, what each person’s common goals are, what each of you wish to accomplish. Be committed to achieving these together. Each person feels safe communicating personal needs and wants. Time is set aside to discuss issues. You respect each other’s differences even if you disagree on important issues. And you are able to turn your differences into fair compromise.
  9. IC stays IC. While discussing OOCly the actions taken IC and how they make you feel is important. It is also important to remember IC is just the story you are telling.
  10. Meet new people. Its okay to RP with new people and even introduce them into your story. The story is richer the more details and people help add details.

(Thanks to @high-inquisitor and @enigmatic-elegance specifically for inspiring this.)

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So proud of Danny in the Defenders... He was my favorite. His fights were a huge improvement from his show, I loved them all! What do you think about Danny this season?

    Danny was a rockstar in this show. As Daredevil bloggers, we’re contractually obligated to say that Matt was our favorite… but well… we loved every second of Danny’s journey, and the wait for Season 2 is going to be very long indeed. We really enjoyed the fights in Iron Fist, but we agree that they were awesome in The Defenders– particularly with the addition of those glorious Luke/Danny tag-teams! If you don’t mind, we’re going to take this as an excuse to do a deep dive into Danny’s Defenders arc.

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Sherlock Holmes on Elementary is definitely a jerk. But he’s also a good person with a deep sense of empathy. Let’s explore how Elementary fits into the legacy of Holmes Adaptions, and how the character is depicted in these complex, contradictory ways.

Transcript below the cut

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If we’re going to talk, then let’s talk. Forget about what is polite or proper and delve right into what is sincere and honest. Lead me down through the labyrinth of your true, spectacular self. I am not interested in pleasantries. If you want a conversation, then let’s get lost.
—  Beau Taplin, Real Talk
US vs UK healthcare

I am not the smartest person in the world, nor even close to the smartest person I know. Nor have I visited the vast majority of countries on this magnificent planet. But I did happen to move from the US to the U.K. two and a half years ago at the age of 37, i.e. after almost four decades of inhabiting an incredibly hairy human body. Thus I’ve had a good deal of experience as a patient, or as they call you in the US, a consumer of American healthcare before moving to the UK to experience the NHS for two-plus years as a father of three, a husband of a woman whose reproductive system is more glorious and has more complex needs than my own, and as a person whose own body is subject to the ravages of gravity, time, and secret Oreo milkshakes from Five Guys.
What I’m getting at is that I’m in a pretty good position to speak with some degree of clarity on the NHS as it compares to the American healthcare system. And here’s the verdict: the NHS is superior. That isn’t to say it’s perfect; no healthcare system is or can be. People (myself included) have and will continue to complain about their healthcare, wherever they receive it, because medicine is treating your body, or your loved one’s body. It is not performing the far less important and less fraught tasks of selling you a car or fixing your mobile’s broken screen or painting your house or making you a sandwich (though to be fair both the NHS or UCLA Santa Monica Hospital in Los Angeles will make you a reasonably good sandwich if you have to stay in hospital.) Medicine is treating your body! Your hearing, your intestines, your tits! Sometimes even your… nodes! The delicacy of this, and the emotions involved are going to leave you with a mixed bag of feelings, even if you achieve the optimal results of whatever it is you went in for.
​I should also make clear that I’m comparing the US healthcare system with the NHS of today. The NHS constantly in the headlines for being cash-strapped and worse than it was in the past. Is it? It sounds to me like it is, but I don’t personally know, and that’s not the purpose of this piece. The purpose of this piece is to tell you that the NHS of this exact moment in 2017 is better that the private healthcare systems in the US. (I have to pluralize “systems” because there is, sadly, no one unified “system” in the US, much to the detriment of so many millions of Americans. I must also make clear that most Americans receive their healthcare privately, unlike the U.K.)
​How is it better? I will say right away that just like in the U.K., my loved ones and I have received generally very good medical care in the US. The American doctors and nurses are mostly kind people, working hard, sincerely interested in helping others. Unfortunately these doctors and nurses are paid with money the hospital receives from health insurance companies. And health insurance companies are motivated by profit, not by successfully setting your broken shoulder or curing your daughter’s leukemia. Those results aren’t discussed in their shareholders’ calls. And insurance companies don’t pay for all your care either. My wife and I, who had what’s considered excellent insurance in the US, received bills for about $1,300 after each of our first two kids were born. When we were in the US on holiday recently, our youngest required an emergency ultrasound on his kidneys. As we’ve been in the UK for years now, we don’t have American health insurance anymore and I had to pay a $500 deposit before they would do the test. On my baby’s kidneys. In the richest country in the world, in which I still pay plenty of taxes as a citizen. Also it was my baby’s kidneys if I haven’t already said that.
​As an aside, that same baby was our first to be born in the UK, with the help of a young Scottish midwife in a hijab. A midwife who, I’ll add, did a better job than both the doctors who delivered our first two kids at UCLA Santa Monica Hospital. If there are better people than British midwives on this planet, I have yet to meet them.
​I’ve digressed a bit, or perhaps not, but I suppose these anecdotes only bolster my case. The main point is this: if our bodies and minds are connected as modern medicine insists, the stress one feels as an American worrying about how you’ll pay for your healthcare – or whether you can even get it – shortens your life and reduces its quality much more than the wait for knee replacement surgery on the NHS does. I used knee replacement surgery as an example because if you need emergency surgery on your brain or your heart, you won’t wait on the NHS; you’ll have world-class doctors doing their best to fix you right away.
​Fifteen years ago, I had to max out two credit cards and borrow a third from mom to pay for surgery to put a pin in a broken wrist after a car accident. (My insurance company had dropped my coverage after the accident because I was generating too many bills for them. That was 100% legal before the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare” came into effect. The Obamacare which President-Elect Trump and the Republican Congress have pledged to repeal, mind you.

​Now before you send me flowers because you agree so vehemently with what I’ve written, or alternately, to tell me via Twitter to make love to myself because an NHS doctor once sewed your arm back on upside down, nobody asked me to write this and I have nothing to gain from it. I’m just a (nearly) forty-year-old comedian who does a graceful, elaborate jig every time my wife or kids or I visit a GP, an A and E, a birth centre, or an operating theatre and don’t have to worry if we’ll A) receive the care we need or B) be able to afford it, even if we have insurance.
​Americans forego care and medicine that their physicians prescribe, because of cost. They also commit suicide because of medical debt. It’s hard to hold in one’s mind the idea that those things can and do happen in a country as wealthy as the United States.

​I hesitate to end this piece with a call to action, though I know what I’d do if I were a U.K. citizen and something as remarkable as the NHS were under threat. I pay taxes here too, but I’m not British, so it’s up to you, if you care. I wouldn’t wish sickness on anyone, but you might consider imagining yourself or your child moving or traveling to the US and getting sick or being in an accident. Then imagine that already miserable experience magnified because you’re marinating in the fear that you won’t be able to pay for your care. Or maybe you can with a credit card, but then you can’t keep up with the payments so you begin to receive aggressive phone calls from the company the hospital sold your debt to. Maybe you get taken to court.
​If that’s not something you’d like to experience, and you think the NHS of today is closer to that scenario than the NHS of ten years ago, or if you think that there are those in government or on the boards of private healthcare corporations who might be okay with that sort of future unfolding, what might you do about it?

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I've been listening to the su podcast and I love how often you say "gotcha!" because you just sound so sincere and interested and it's honestly adorable, thank u

omg this actually makes me so happy cuz i hate how often i fall back on the same phrases cuz im always a lil nervous haha!! I got more comfortable with hosting as time went on though, it was so so fun

Jughead Isn’t Aro

According to the Sexuality section on Jughead’s Wikipedia page…

  • Jughead got jealous when Ethel started dating other guys.
  • The Archie writers have said that they want Jughead and Betty to end up together.
  • He has showed a sincere romantic interest in Betty in a few stories.
  • In one comic, it’s revealed that being around girls actually makes Jughead nervous, and he deals with that by eating.
  • In another, it is revealed that he liked a girl called Joani when he was younger, but had to leave her behind when he moved to Riverdale. Joani ends up visiting Riverdale and she and Jughead kiss.
  • In the 90′s, Jughead three girlfriends, Debbie, Joani, and January McAndrews.


Take away: Jughead may be asexual, but he isn’t aromantic. So the show setting him up with Betty is not only not erasure, but actually in keeping with some of the comics and the writers’ own thoughts on the subject. 

Some good Meihem
  • After the two sorted out their perceived negative notions towards each other after a particular mission where the two actually worked really well together and somehow “carried,” the team, it was Mei who decided to reach out and apologize for her behavior and name calling, while Junkrat also gave his best apology for how crude he can be; it was awkward at first, trying to act more friendly and understanding, but as days became weeks, and they continued having late night conversations about themselves, then their pasts, it was as if they never had a rough start out to their relationship. Really, the two became more like close, best frenemies, still being able to crack jokes at each other, tease and make quips, both knowing it’s all fun and games now, no real spite to their interactions.

  • Nobody really takes Junkrat’s intelligence as anything real, nor his inventions and innovations very serious either– they think he’s just a daft man who spends too much time “tinkering,” away like a loon… Except Mei. Although, like everyone else, at first she also thought of his “intelligence,” as nothing more than a freak accident of his inventions and explosives somehow working out and not killing him in the end, but she was proved extremely wrong when Jamison invited Mei to join him in his “personal,” workshop– only personal because Tjorbn refused to work in their anymore after Junkrat nearly blew up an important project the Engineer had been working on for months –since Mei was having trouble sleeping, or focusing on her own research. 

  • That night, the two stayed up until the sun began to peak over, Junkrat actually pleased to have someone in the workshop with him, who wasn’t Roadhog, someone who he could excitedly talk to and ramble to about his inventions, how each chemical placed needed to be perfect– showing Mei his plans, which were mainly scribbles and hurried drawings to her, but even so, Mei was someone who actually listened to him with open eyes, smiling every so often at Jamison’s almost childish excitement to present his work to her. She was also awestruck with how brilliant Jamie was, even though he seemed too jumpy and all over the place, and his plans made real no sense to her at first, and how simplistic many believe his inventions were… when studied, Jamie’s plans were quite detailed, especially in drawings and measurements, but watching him build the bombs seemed so foreign and difficult to her while his hands appeared mastered to this. At the end, when the two were exhausted from a long night of creating, of Jamie talking and explaining to the best of his ability, answering any questions Mei asked, loving how sincere her curiosity and interest in his work was, Mei had decided everyone who questioned Jamison’s intelligence and workmanship was more blind than her. She later found herself in his workshop more nights often, sometimes just there to talk and watch and ask questions, or bringing her work with her to do her research alongside him in quiet. 
    Of course, she never got use to being there when he would test his inventions; luckily, Junkrat actually made sure Mei was securely safe before he decided to set anything off. 

  • Junkrat was not as organized as Mei when it came to her work, her research and planning, but that was one of the great things; Mei learned from him that making mistakes in her work was actually kind of fun and, in the end, a very good learning experience. Jamie did get exasperated at times when his inventions and creations kept malfunctioning, but Mei could see him just take a deep breath of gas and smoke all around him, smile, and just laugh it off. He’d tell her that his whole life was learning from huge mistakes, and it’s better to just accept it as something of a lesson than a huge downfall of your own smartness and work– and the times Junkrat would join Mei in her own room, to watch her do her own job, although sometimes slow, he enjoyed listening to her ramble off about science this and equations that– found her to be the smartest sheila he’d ever met. He was also there to keep her grounded when she became too frustrated over her mistakes, even the small ones drove her up the wall; he’d give her a gentle nudge, and although he wasn’t great at doing such things in an organized manner, he’d offer with a smile to help her with whatever he could, especially when it came to mathematics– or, he’d try to pull her away from it and offer her a bite to eat, or maybe try to get her to laugh by bringing up his recent flunks, or maybe even a joke Roadie had told him earlier. Although it didn’t really seem to work, Mei appreciated it greatly, knowing that Jamie’s intentions were pure and quite kind, even if they were distracting.. which was good.

  • Mei is actually quite insecure about her true age, and believes she’s actually not at all that attractive, that due to her cryostasis, she’s somehow no good in general– she finds it a very stupid thing to be insecure about, but she has days where she can’t really look at herself, dislikes being around others, not wanting to be looked at. One late night, she confessed this to Jamie as they shared a cup of coffee– and of course, Jamison almost choked, and with as much sincerity as a Junker could give, told her that to him, she was absolutely perfect, clean and beautiful– and this absolutely killed her, not expecting such things coming from him, and at the end of the night, she was red as a rose and choking down sobbing laughter of embarrassment and bashfulness from how serious and ruthless Jamison was when telling her exactly how he saw her, both inside and out– how her insides made her glow twice as bright as any star.

  • Ever since then, even on missions, when Junkrat can tell Mei is down and blue, he will go up to her, hum to himself as he stared at her, and whenever she’d ask what he was looking at irritably, he’d just give her that knowing smile, and for the whole day he’d do nothing but compliment her– I ever tell you you have the cutest smile? I mean Jesus Snowflake, is there a day you don’t look absolutely perfect? –and of course she’d just blow up into snickering and laughter, telling him to shut up and stop being such a child, red and trying her best to act angry at him, while their teammates just watch with amusement, especially when Junkrat, being clawed at by a Mei who’s trying to cover his mouth, asks them if he’s right about her being absolutely beautiful, that her smile makes the sun envious… and of course, he’s trying to be melodramatic with his compliments, but he meant them despite that, and Mei, pouting with red cheeks, knew this, and hated him for that, because he made it so hard to listen to the negative words about herself that she herself made up. Of course, Jamie would only quite if she promised that she believed him, and that she’d repeat that she was beautiful, perfect, and no matter what, nothing would change that… She found it so ridiculous, but she would do it, laughing as she said it, slugging him afterwards. She’d try to act angry at him, but they both knew she just couldn’t.

  • Mei found a perfect way to get back at Jamie though– and to her, in a positive way… because Jamie had his own insecurities, especially when it dealt with his missing limbs. She found it personally ridiculous that Jamie would feel less of a human being, less of a man, just because of his missing leg and arm… He could perform insanely physically demanding tasks, maybe a bit clumsily, but she believed that he was just naturally clumsy at times– but even so, he did it despite being slightly disabled; Mei never saw Jamie in that light that he would sometimes believe she, and others did, and it sort of frustrated her, because she could not be that superficial when it came to others… She did judge Jamie at first by his appearance, yes, but only from the grime and consistent smell of gasoline and burning hair… not from his missing limbs. After sitting on it, thinking of how she could maybe make him feel better, show him he wasn’t less of anything… smiling a small, sweet, mischievous smile, she began her own melodramatic reaction to his insecurity– saying how manly Jamie was, how a woman could only hope to get someone so full of manliness like Junkrat, even as far to go and fan herself as she spoke; at first Junkrat just stared, his face and neck and shoulders growing redder by the second as Mei continued to say how wonderfully complete he was to her, and how so many others would be envious by how much man he was– until he started laughing, almost crying, trying to tell her to stop now, how crazy she actually was. 
    After Mei decided she got Jamie feeling better again, she dropped her foolishness, and with an honest expression, told him there was nothing making him less of a man or human to her, and all she ever really saw was a full person, even when she disliked him at first… she’d get bashful now, but she’d cross her fingers and tell him that she promised he was nothing short of a man, despite what he believed or was told. 

  • The team of Overwatch, especially Roadhog, noticed how practically inseparable the two opposites would be of late; sure, they’d spend time with other teammates, Junkrat mainly with Roadie, but whenever it was possible, the two were hanging out in each other’s rooms, working together, talking, laughing, teasing each other, and as of late, Mei had started teaching Junkrat some Mandarin/Chinese, and Jamie tried his best to pay attention and even with his accent, to pronounce the words to the best of his ability– Mei found it rather endearing and cute how he’d make such silly mistakes, and how hard he’d try to do it correctly and when he did, grinned so big. 
    Junkrat on the other hand, helped Mei understand more about the recent weather patterns of Australia, how much he could remember about the quick changes that occurred after the fallout– of course Mei never pushed him, but always thanked him as it did help with her research and understanding of the new world she had woken up too– not to mention, Jamie would try to get her into building her own “innovated,” weaponize icy cold explosives, and offer suggestions on what to possibly modify on her cute little robot friend– really the only robot Junkrat was friendly too. 

  •  Of course, they still had bouts of disagreements and even arguments, that being of their personal perspectives of the world– Mei still believed the world was full of good, more than bad, and that it deserved as much hope and saving as it did years before, while Jamie believed the world was lost, especially after witnessing the fallout, could only see the bad, and that the only way to survive in this world was to steal what you needed, and kill if it’s you or them. Similar to politics, it was difficult for the two to see each other’s views, and usually ended up in indifference, anger, and stubbornness.. and sometimes things were said that weren’t really meant to be said, and that neither meant towards each other. Those fights ended in tears from Mei, angry and cold, and a seething Junkrat, hurt and somewhat violent, leading to both shutting themselves in their rooms, not talking for maybe two days.

  • But as the team had watched, the two were rather inseparable, and it didn’t take long until one of them went to apologize to the other, Mei usually red eyed, regretting her actions and words… While Junkrat was extremely ashamed of himself, gentle when it came to reaching out to give Mei the biggest hug, repeatedly saying he was sorry, how horrible of a man he was, that he could never think of her in such a bad light much less mean whatever he said.. and Mei would always accept the hug, because physical affections from him were something so special and sincere, since the junker was extremely put off by any type of gentle contact, or offering any such comfort, besides Mei. To her, him hugging her close was showing honesty to his actions and words, and for her to accept him touching her was to him her being just as true to hers. 
We All Fall Down - Six

The funeral was, well as far as funerals go it was as nice as it could be.

You’d finally pulled yourself together and got dressed, realising at the last minute that the short sleeved black shrug you were going to wear wasn’t going to be adequate. Spencer had gripped your wrists so tightly this morning that you now had red marks on each arm, marks you knew would soon turn light purple. You’d always bruised easily, often waking up after drinking binges with marks that you couldn’t remember where they came from or how you got then. You traded it for a long black cardigan, Spencer giving you the once over when you met him in the hallway. You must have met his approval for a change as he didn’t comment.

A car came to pick you up, Diana, Jennifer and Will seated inside. Diana greeted you warmly, clasping your hands as you sat opposite her. Her eyes were red rimmed as was to be expected but she seemed to be coping well. The ceremony itself was full of heartfelt readings from the family and afterwards the funeral goers made their way out to the graveside. You stood by Spencer’s side, as close to him as you dared stand without touching him. He’d barely spoken to you at all since you’d like left the house this morning.

Afterwards, you didn’t know what to do with yourself. The was family was being approached by various people, all of whom wanted to offer Diana and her children their condolences. You spotted a bench off to once side and took yourself away to it, sitting and waiting until you were summoned by Spencer again.

In the end it wasn’t Spencer who came to you, it was his mother, your mother in law. She sat by you and rested her hand on your knee, the contact unfamiliar to you.

“My dear, we’re all going back to the house now. William didn’t want a wake as such but the family and a few close friends will be there.”

You waited, unsure what you were meant to say. Spencer was stood close to by, a frown on his face. Diana continued.

“Spencer had mentioned that you weren’t feeling well this morning and that you might not be able to join us. A migraine he said?” Ah, another illness stopping you from interacting with his family. You caught his eye, seeing him shake his head.

“I wondered if you were perhaps feeling well enough to come with us? I haven’t seen you in so long, and although I know I’ll be able to see a lot more of you now that you’re staying in town, on days like these family should really all be together. Will you come? I have some extra strong painkillers back at the house if it is very bad.”

Spencer was glaring at you now, his mother oblivious to it. Don’t you dare, his eyes were saying. You didn’t want to anger him but you didn’t want to say no to Diana. She was being so nice to you and seemed to want you there with them.

Against your better judgement you found yourself replying, “I feel much better now. I think it was just the emotion of today getting to me. Of course I’ll come with you.”

The rest of your afternoon was spent with you feeling so incredibly out of place. Both Spencer and Jennifer barely acknowledged your presence, where as Will and Diana seemed to be trying to go out of their way to make you feel welcome. Diana had linked her arm through yours once you’d entered the LaMontagne residence, the close physical contact making you jump. She led you towards a large couch, parking you down and sitting next to you, instructing Will to bring you both a large glass of wine.

You paced yourself, knowing that getting drunk this particular afternoon would do you no favours at all although you desperately wanted to throw back the whole glass in one go and ask for the rest of the bottle. Expecting Diana to bombard you with questions about yours and Spencer’s lives together, you were suprised when she didn’t. Instead she settled for felling you about the town you had moved to, about her and William’s favourite spots and the best place (there weren’t many) to buy take out from.

“Spencer must get you a car sorted though, my darling. In case you haven’t noticed you’re not exactly in the centre of town. You’re nearest neighbours are my friends, Tara and Emily,” she nodded over to two friendly looking women who were fussing with the buffet that was laid out. “And they’re a two mile walk away.”

Although you hadn’t noticed it last night, you certainly had this morning on the drive to the church. You were at least five miles from the nearest store which with a car, was fine. But so far there was no mention of a car for either yourself or Spencer, although something told you he would find his way to own one. You, on the other hand….

Diana went on chatting away and you tried to appear interested and sincere. She really was a very lovely woman, kind and warm. Almost exactly how Spencer had been to begin with. You wondered if she too could switch so quickly to cold if the mood took her. After a while you excused yourself to the bathroom, ignoring the glares coming from your husband and his twin.

You dawdled in the bathroom for longer than perhaps was necessary, taking a slow walk back to the large living area and pausing by some photos on the walls. What suprised you was that you were the subject of one of the photos. Well, you and Spencer. It was taken at your wedding, him looking more handsome that you’d ever seen him before at the point. Your eyes were drawn to your tummy. The Reid family had connections so the wedding was only eight weeks after you’d discovered your pregnancy. You couldn’t tell, not really. But you knew that underneath the clichéd white lace in the photograph was a tiny bump. A bump that didn’t ever get chance to grow much larger. You blinked quickly, looking instead at the other occupants of the image. Will and Jennifer were stood at your side, Will grinning widely at the camera. Jennifer was smiling but it didn’t quite reach her eyes. In her arms though, was a blonde haired, blue eyed two year old. Your nephew Henry. You’d only met him a few times, like the rest of the Reid family. Henry though had never had any misgivings towards you. He never treated you coldly or smiled at you in a way that you knew wasn’t really a smile, like his mother did. He looked at you with the grin that any child looked at an adult who willing to get down on all fours and play Lego with them. You wondered where he was?

“Great photo, isn’t it?” Will had appeared at your side. You nodded, more out of politeness than anything.

“Where is Henry anyway?” you asked, suddenly feeling a longing for your nephew.

“My parents have him for a few days. Jj thought he was too young to be here with all this going on. I agree to an extent, he is too young to fully comprehend why all these people are here.”

That made sense.

“I’m pleasantly surprised to see you here this afternoon though Y/N. Spencer had us all believing you’d be heading back to house to sleep off a migraine.” Will looked at you pointedly and you sensed a kinship with him somehow. Like he was on your side. At least for now anyway.

“I get the feeling Spencer may often tell people that I’m debilitated with a migraine when in fact, there’s nothing wrong with me,” you risked.

“Yeah, so do I. Come on, let’s get you back to Diana.” Will nudged you lightly towards the door, you both stopping inside the living room when you saw that Spencer had taken up your seat.

“Or maybe not,” Will breathed out under his breath.

“No, perhaps not,” you agreed, looking around the room at all the people you realised you didn’t know. You asked Will who people were.

“Honestly Y/N, you don’t need to know who most of these people are. Some are from William’s old publishing house, there’s the odd nurse from the hospital and a few teachers from his lecturing days at the high school. Emily and Tara are worth knowing though, they’re your closest neighbours and are really great people. Tara is one of the town’s General Practitioners so she literally knows everyone, and Emily owns her own catering business. She catered today actually. Over in the corner there, talking to Jayge is Henry’s teacher Luke Alvez. He’s a pretty swell guy too. His dad was very close to William and William mentored Luke a little when he was in college.”

You looked around at the people Will was pointing out to you. Names to faces for people that you’d probably rarely speak to. Names for people who lived in the town you felt you’d had no choice to come to.

“Is it okay if I go through to the next kitchen and grab myself a drink Will?” you suddenly felt the need to escape again.

“Sure thing doll, you want me to come with and keep you company?”

You shook your head. “It’s fine. I just need a breather.”

Will nodded and you made your way through to the closed off kitchen area and poured yourself a glass of water. The wine was extremely tempting but you resisted. Catering trays and various kitchen items littered the counter tops and you decided to make a yourself useful. Filling the sink, you rolled up your sleeves and began slowly washing the utensils and dirty equipment that you were sure Emily must have used.

A good thirty minutes or so must have passed when you heard a female voice, “you don’t have to do that.”

Startled, you nearly dropped the glass you’d been washing and spun around to see Emily and Tara staring at you.

“I um…. I wanted to help.”

“That’s very sweet but we normally just load everything into the back of the car and toss it into the dishwasher,” the woman Will had pointed out as Tara spoke up. “Emily has an industrial sized one just for these occasions. She claims she gets her hands dirty far too much to be washing up.”

Emily nudged her playfully. “Hey now, I do. You try cleaning day old pastry mix out and tell me how easy it is.”

“No no no love, I’ll leave that to you.” Tara turned back to you. “You’re Y/N right? Spencer’s wife?”

On paper you guessed. You nodded, their faces lighting up.

“Diana speaks very highly of you,” Emily smiled. You frowned. Diana barely knew you.

“We were planning on dropping by at some point, welcome you to town properly,” Tara told you.

Voices approached the closed kitchen door and the two women stopped talking.

“She went to get a drink Spencer, I’m sure she’s fine.”

You didn’t hear what he replied but seconds later he and Will had entered the kitchen.

Will bit back a chuckle when he saw the counter tops laden with drying dishes.

“And apparently she’s decided to clean up as well.”

You expected some cold remark from Spencer about how you never even did that back at home but instead his eyes were focused on your arms. Your bare wrists specifically.


You hurried to roll your sleeves down to hide the very obvious marks around your wrists but it was too late, Will had seen them.

“Y/N, darlin’, is there anything you wanna tell me?”

You shook your head, avoiding Will’s gaze and staring at Spencer. He looked shocked…. and somehow ashamed.

“Are you sure doll?”

You could feel Emily and Tara staring at you too and you knew you had to think quickly. They all would have seen.

You laughed, “Look , I know what you think you saw Will and I appreciate your concern. The truth is, it’s a little embarrassing. Spencer and I… Well, sometimes I like it a little rough in the bedroom…. and I think with the emotion of today and everything, well….”

“Say no more, Y/N,” Emily interrupted you, breaking the tension that had formed. “Tara is a little tiger in the sack too. So many times I’ve had to cover up marks from her.”

“The woman tells no lies,” Tara laughed, not embarrassed at all.

Will looked between you and Spencer, his eyes searching his brother in law. Finally, he spoke. “Well alrighty then. Maybe keep you those sleeves rolled down then. I’m sure Momma Reid doesn’t wanna discover that her baby boy is a freak between the sheets.” He laughed but to you it sounded forced. Still, situation difused. You let Will and the girls lead you back to the living from, Spencer staying behind in the kitchen.

The day had been long and finally you were home. Well, to Spencer’s childhood home. The cab ride home had been quiet, but then again when wasn’t time with Spencer quiet recently?

You entered the foyer of the house that felt so unfamiliar to you and was just about to head upstairs when Spencer called your name.


You paused, turning to him.

“I…. I’m sorry. For this morning. I didn’t realise I’d…. I didn’t realise I’d hurt you. I’m so very sorry.”


“And thank you, for covering it up with Will.”

You nodded, not really knowing what to say. You started to walk away, taking the stairs one step at a time when you stopped again. He was still there, watching you walk away from him.

“I’m sorry too Spencer.”

For everything.

Everything Ep.10 changes

I’ve already made a post briefly summarizing the most important changes, but now let’s get a deeper look at everything I could find whose meaning is different now that we know about the party:

1) Victor watching the video of Yuri dancing to “Stay by Me & Never Leave”

Before: Victor saw the potential Yuri had and decided to coach him

Now: Victor saw the potential Yuri had and, considering the routine is about asking someone to stay by your side, likely also interpreted it as Yuri calling to him to be his coach.

2) Victor’s certainty in his choice

Before: Victor is so sure of himself he didn’t even worry that Yuri might not want to have him as a coach and simply moved to his place without asking.

After: he wasn’t worried because he thought Yuri remembered asking him for it and considering the video of him, Victor assumed that hadn’t changed.

3) The flirting and closeness

Before: Victor doesn’t understand personal space and/or is trolling because he knows how Yuri reacts to flirting

Now: Victor saw Yuri even pole dance half naked. They held each other and danced together. Yuri clung to him while dry-humping him. And Victor clearly had a thing for him at that moment. He didn’t think Yuri would mind the closeness so much because of how Yuri had behaved that night, and all the flirting wasn’t a joke but Victor sincerely interested in Yuri

4) Eros: the playboy was…Yuri

Before: Victor made a routine on Eros where a playboy has the heart of the prettiest girl in town then leaves her. This is likely modeled on himself and his playboy/idol character

After: Victor might have modeled the playboy after Yuri. Yuri showed up, stole his heart, then left to Japan without another word. Sure maybe Victor might not have been too much in love yet, but maybe still enough that it inspired him to make that song. A more indepth analysis of this is here.

This is getting too long, so here’s a cut:

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anonymous asked:

every bit of suave leaves genji when he meets zenyatta. he's staring & blushing & has a hard time thinking & hearing things other than zen's voice. no pick up lines no innuendos he just watches him, enchanted by everything he does & keeps blurting out very sincere sudden compliments. zenyatta just thanks him & continues, very pleased he has genji shimada hanging onto his every word


hanzo is shook tbh bc he’s never seen genji be so sincere to someone he’s interested in, but it’s almost like genji can’t help it. the pick-up lines, innuendos, and suggestive jokes die on his tongue and get replaced with unnervingly gay and sappy shit like “you have the most beautiful eyes i’ve ever seen” or “your smile is so bright”. zenyatta is absolutely delighted and thanks him sweetly with little touches on his arms that make genji melt. 

hanzo is in the background like whom is this? where is my stupit little brother