sincerely grammar

To: Evan Hansen <> 

From: Connor Murphy <> 

Subject: Long Time No See

Dear Evan Hansen,
We’ve been way too out of touch! Things have been crazy, and it sucks that we don’t talk that much. But I should tell you that I think of you each night
I rub my nipples and start moaning with delight
 I’ve gotta tell you, life without you has been hard bad rough, and I miss talking about life and other stuff. I like my parents I love my parents but each day’s another fight. If I stop smoking drugs crack pot then everything might be alright. I’ll take your advice, I’ll try to be more nice, I’ll turn it around, wait and see! 'Cause all that it takes is a little reinvention, it’s easy to change if you give it your attention. All you gotta do is just believe you can be who you want to be.
Sincerely, Me