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Desires- Sherlock Holmes (BBC) (Smut)


Ok can I make a Sherlock smut request where it’s Sherlock’s first time and then reader confesses it’s their first time too so they kind of figure it out together? 💜

Warnings: Smut! First time, slight dom sherlock

God, you loved the consulting detective with all your heart, but sometimes you felt like ripping his arrogant little smirk right off his face because, dammit, he could be irritating.

“Sherlock, just shut up for a moment.” He glared at you, attempting to finish his assumption soon.

Once Sherlock was finished he ran a hand through his dark curls, causing the buttons on his tight shirt to strain. John stormed out, furious about what the man had said, cursing like a sailor. That was a normal occurrence, though.

“Sherlock. That was rude.”

“Was it? I hadn’t noticed,” he responded in a tone that was either sarcasm or sincerity. You could never tell with the man.

You got up and moved to the kitchen, in desperate need for a cup of tea. Soon enough you felt arms draping around your waist and lips kissing your ear slightly.

You froze; this wasn’t Sherlock, it couldn’t be. But it was. It was Sherlock who moved his slightly cold hands under your jumper, it was Sherlock who kissed and bit and sucked on the sensitive flesh in your neck.

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Yesterday I went to Solstice! It was lovely. There was a participatory exercise, which I did not participate in because Merlin was occupying both of my hands and at least half of my attention. The exercise was, “imagine someone you care about has been working on something terribly important and terribly difficult, and they are exhausted and on the brink of giving up, what do you say to them?”

The reactions were interestingly varied - everything from positivity - “you can do anything!” - to support - “how can I be here for you -” to dramatics and sarcasm and sincere encouragement to give up. It was sort of a fantastic encapsulation of competing needs, because I think everyone wrote what they’d need to hear, and what people’d need to hear, in a place like that, is astonishingly varied. 

Since I didn’t participate, I think I’ll leave my answer here. 

There’s a place to ask ‘is this worth it? am I working to achieve a thing I care about or working to convince myself I deserve the thing I care about or working just so I won’t feel evil for stopping?’ When you are exhausted and miserable and about to give up is not that place, though. When you are exhausted and miserable and about to give up you are badly equipped to answer that question, or at least I am. When you are exhausted and miserable and about to give up, the thing to do is to stand up and step back and maybe scream at the ocean and maybe call a friend to sit there and encourage you through it. 

But this only works if you do ask yourself, on the things that are hard, ‘is this worth it? what am I working for, and am I achieving it?’. You have to ask yourself that question when you’re feeling good and full of energy, so you can trust your answer when you’re exhausted and drained and in doubt. You have to be in the habit of asking, and you have to be in the habit of listening to yourself, of not pushing yourself to that breaking point except for the things that matter.

I know people who push themselves too hard, and almost always what I mean by that is ‘push themselves hard towards things that aren’t really what they want’ or ‘push themselves because they cannot think of any way except inflicting suffering on themself to prove that they deserve the things they want’. 

So when things are good, ask that. Ask it every time, and live by the answer. And then, when things are hard, trust yourself, and push forward, and change this world that so badly needs changing.

I’m just gonna say that between Lari and Cata, I was rooting for whichever girl showed the greatest potential to go. Yes, Lari is my personal fave from an emotional point of view, but this doesn’t matter at all and I was ready to accept Cata as a candidate if she showed to be the more promising one. I honestly don’t think that the gap between them at Romanian Nats turned out to be so big that it would have been impossible for a great gymnast like Lari to catch up in a month’s time. Therefore, I’m disgusted that they went ahead and picked Cata out of nowhere when up until a day ago they kept highlighting how they’d go for the ~best~. Lari, for one, didn’t deserve this last straw after all she’s been through. And Cata didn’t deserve to be chosen in such a shady way that will have everyone think that she only got the spot because of preferential treatment and not for merit. Both of these girls deserved better.