“When have you most recently been happy?”
“When a professor of mine complimented me a few days ago for doing well on an assignment.”
“Why were you happiest then?”
“He’s the first person to have complimented me since high school.”

“근래에 가장 행복했던 적이 언제였나요?’
“며칠 전에 교수님이 과제 잘 했다고 칭찬을 한마디 해주셨을 때요.”
“왜 그 때 가장 행복했었나요?”
“중고등학교 때 이후로 처음 받아본 칭찬이었거든요.” 

Happy birthday to one of my closest friends that I could ever call a brother. He has always been there for me whenever I need him. You truly are my ride are die. Better get shit faced tonight or else 😜🎉🍻 #bestfriends #sincehighschool (at Tally Ho Tavern)

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These girls are something else!! They never fail to put me on the spot & be loud as hell even in a restaurant. Sheesh soo embarrassing 👏😂❤️ These sly chicks I call best friends haha Thanks for a wonderful sushi date my loves!! Till next time 😘❤️ #bestofthebest #sincehighschool #kenzo #sushidate

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