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HEY GUYS: I wrote this song in 2013 originally, right before I graduated from High School.  Then, about a year after completing an exceedingly rough, and emotionally crippling first year at Penn State University, I decided to completely re-write the lyrics, and apply them to how I am feeling now, now that I have accomplished and learned so much more.  I am not claiming to be the next big thing, but I do enjoy writing so I hope you guys like this.

I am also using this as my submission for Kelly Clarkson’s Open Mic Night.  It would mean the world to me if she and her musical director Jason saw this, and liked it enough to pick me, because as anyone who knows me knows, Kelly is such a huge inspiration to me, and especially since the two of them wrote one of my all time favorite songs, Catch My Breath, together. 

Thanks <3


Arrow Fic: The Substance of Things Hoped For (Oliver/Felicity)

There’s been so much fantastic road trip fic since the finale, I thought I’d try writing some night-before-the-road-trip fic instead. You guys, I swear when I started this, it was going to be smut, but then somehow it turned into angsty hurt/comfort instead. Oops. The heart wants what it wants, I guess.

Felicity paces nervously, from one end of her apartment to the other. Bedroom to living room. Living room to kitchen. Kitchen back to bedroom.

She’s supposed to be packing, but instead she seems to be wandering around aimlessly like a crazy person.

Her suitcase lies open on the floor next to an impractically large pile of shoes. Her bed is strewn with clothes she’s pulled out of her closet and then abandoned in indecision. And she’s standing here freaking out over nothing.

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Yeah, so, since I recently changed urls and I’m so so close to 5K I thought it was about time I got around to doing another one of these! curagaa was lovely but Aerith  ♥ ANYWAY! Thank you so much for following me  and for not unfollowing me even though I’m trash you guys are the best  ♥ These guys fill my dash with awesome stuff and are lovely in general, so check their blogs out! c;


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Prompt: Anonymous asked: Ok, since we’re doing this, let me contribute to the season 7 wishlist too: I want Caroline pushing Stefan against a wall to kiss him hard, basically a reverse vending maschine situation! The chances aren’t that bad either, we all know she’s gonna jump his bones sooner rather than later, probably because of jealousy issues, and that’s when they finally take it to the next level, so I can totally see something like this happening. And she’d be the one in control which she has been craving…

Disclaimer: Alright you guys asked for it. My first fanfiction ever. This is very much smut and rated M because I am 100% trash. You’re welcome.

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I promised that I would do this give away again so here it is! I thank each and every one for sticking around with me, for sending asks, for reply to posts and for just being there! It means so much to me! 

I love you, guys! <333

The Rules
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The Prizes

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  • A crocheted Thor and Loki
  • A graphic promo on my blog

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  • A graphic promo on my blog

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  • A crocheted Thor or Loki (you can choose which one)
EXO reaction to you having one dimple

dimples are cute

Xiumin: “Where’s the other one?” 

Luhan: *thinks its super cute* “Look at us we’re both so cute!” 

Kris: *his favourite way to annoy you /if he wants your attention/ is to poke it* 

Suho: “Its so cute!!!” 

Lay: ‘wait since when does she have a dimple…’

Baekhyun: *You guys are just like laughing or something and your dimple will show and he’ll just love it so much and like bite his lip because you are so cute* 

Chen: “Who let you be so cute?” 

Chanyeol: “My Jagiya is so cute isn’t s/he!?”

D.O: *too cute, he can’t handle it* 

Tao: “You know you are really cute with that dimple of yours” 

Kai: ‘How do I tell her/him her/his dimple is cute without it being considered weird?’

Sehun: “I’m still the cutest!” 

I don’t own any gifs

I hope you liked!

Requests of any kind are welcomed ^.^

Embarrassed // Cameron Dallas

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted recently I’ve just been extremely exhausted and busy so I hope you like this one💜

“Y/N, the guys are here, you ready?” Cameron called from downstairs.
“Yeah I’m coming,” I called back as I grabbed my phone and skipped down the stairs. Cameron gave me a quick kiss on the lips before intertwining our fingers. He opened the front door and we all walked outside since we decided we were spending our day out since we usually just end up watching movies and eating too much pizza. We all talked together when we approached a park with three really big hills. As a bunch of young adults do, we all sprinted to the top of the hill.
“It’s so nice,” I said as I looked around. The sun was shining bright and it was a perfect day. I lied down on the floor and stared up at the clear blue sky. Everyone decided to do the same. We talked about everything as we all sat underneath the warm sun, just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. Cameron’s fingers were slowly running through my hair and I was smiling widely.
“Guys we should play tag!” Matt exclaimed.
“Yes!” everyone cheered. I stood up and instantly felt like something was wrong.
“Y/N did you sit in strawberries?” Gilinsky said.
“Yeah ‘cause uh, you got a little something,” Nash said,mall the guys began to laugh and tease and I felt so embarrassed. There was a small little building in the park where people could go to the bathroom or drink water and all that. I instantly took off sprinting to it, and ran into the bathroom once I got in there. I stood in front of the mirror and turned my body. Why did I decided to wear a white dress? Only someone stupid wears a white dress when they’re on their period. I went into a stall and put down the toilet seat, sitting on it. I placed my head in my hands. I felt so humiliated, this was probably the most embarrassing thing ever. I heard the bathroom door open and I stayed silent, assuming it was just someone coming to use the bathroom.
“Babe? Are you in here?” I heard Cameron say.
“Get out, this is the girls bathroom,” I said quietly.
“I’m not leaving until you come out,” he said
“Well then you’ll be in here for a while,” I said back.
“Come on baby, come out,” he sighed.
“No, I’m so embarrassed,” I groaned.
“The guys were just being dumb, they’ll get over it,” he said.
“You know they don’t get over things, they’ll hold it against me forever,” I said.
“If they were thinking about it I’ll make sure they won’t,” he said.
“It’s still embarrassing to fucking bleed everywhere in front of your boyfriend and friends,” I said.
“Y/N you know I don’t care,” he said softly.
“I don’t want you to laugh,” I mumbled.
“I’m not gonna laugh,” he said. I sighed as I unlocked the door and walked out. He pulled my into his arms and kissed my head.
“They’ll all forget about it, don’t worry,” he said.
“I know it’s just so humiliating,” I sighed.
“It’s okay, here, take my flannel and wrap it around your waist, I’ll take you home and you can change,” he said.
“I’d like that,” I smiled. He handed me his flannel and I tied it around my waist before we walked out of the bathroom.
“We’re going home for a second, we’ll be back soon!” Cameron called to the guys. We quickly made our way back to the apartment and I changed my clothes and lady product.
“Okay, I’m fine,” I smiled.
“Great,” he grinned.
“Thank you for being so good to me all the time,” I gushed.
“You deserve it,” he winked as he leaned down and pressed his lips against mine.
“We should probably get back,” I giggled as I pulled away breathlessly. He laughed as he took my hand again and we made our way back to the park.
The rest of the day was filled with laughter and zero humiliation.

Greetings Bobby stans ^^

With the iKON’s debut just around the corner, we wanted to connect jiwon’s fandom together and cry a little bit more like a lot for him. I mean, its better with company than alone, right? So, since we didn’t find any network dedicated to him, we decided to make one and bring us all together ^^ So tell us guys, are you ruined by him? Are you in a physical/emotional pain because of him? Do you want to slap his beautiful face everytime you see him? Because you love him so much? You are in the right place!!!  

Kim Jiwon’s 1st Network is finally open!!

To be a part of the network:

  • You have to reblog this post.
  • You can apply even if you are a multifandom blog. The only requirement is to bias and love Kim Jiwon.
  • Must follow the network.
  • You don’t have to follow the admins (stacy & dep) but you can check out our blogs if you want to!
  • After getting accepted, please link the network somewhere in your blog.
  • Track the tag “jiwonet” for updates and also to check out creations of the members.
  • If you want your creations to be reblogged in the network, make sure to tag “jiwonet” in the first 5 tags of your post.
  • Rudeness and bullying towards the group or the network members will not be tolerated. Be nice to each other and just have fun! okay? =)

You can apply here.

We hope you will enjoy being part of this community. Let’s support each other because frankly speaking, that bobby dude ruined us all!

If you have any questions give us an ask here or message the admins in their personal blogs ^o^


Taylor, Kinsley has grown up a little bit since the first time you guys met in 2008 and she’ll be at the Tampa show on October 31st with me she would really like to recreate at least one of these. She loves you so much and has stuck by your side since obviously she was tiny. 😜

This week’s wonder tag hunted pokemon!

Last week, we asked you guys to send out Cubones over wondertrade for WTW, and I was the lucky admin to receive one first! Therefore, I get to pick which pokemon to ask from you guys this week [insert maniacal laughter here]!

So, this week I’d like to see you guys send out bunches of Pichu!

Look at this sassy little bugger! I thought this would be a good pick since I’ve only seen pichus once or twice on WT, despite Pikachus being much more common. Plus, Pikachu can be caught in all the gen 6 games, so all ya gotta do is breed them!

We also want to encourage you to make these pichu as special as possible! Last week we had several people tell us how nice the pokemon you sent out were, and we want to see that happen again. Good IVs, held items, hidden ability, shiny, cute nicknames, anything you can do to make your pichus stand out is welcome!

This should give you guys plenty of time to get to work on breeding these babies! Good luck everyone ^_^ -TC

uhm, excuse u. it’s been four freakin’ days and i’m already at 200 ?? i honestly don’t know how i got this far in short few days, butt thank you ?? you guys have been awfully kind and i cannot believe ?! thank you for following me and giving me a chance to portray one of my favorite characters ! it amazes me how much people do like kisumi since majority of people focus on the protags more so than the supporting characters. everyone here is really supportive and kind to each other that i sometimes forget that there are EXTREMELY rude people in the roleplaying community. thank you for being yourself and supporting others. so here’s to those whom i love and enjoy on my dash♥


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                    this is a surprise, really. i wasn’t expecting to reach 150+ followers in so little time. it was only a week or so since my first milestone at one hundred. ( i still wasn’t expecting to reach so far with this muse ). but i’m really thankful every last one of you, thank to you guys– i was able to get here. but there’s no time to be all mushy. we’re about to get to the good part, the giveaway.


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1st place; 80-100 icons of any character of your choice. 100 x 100 px. gif by request, border by request.
2nd place; 50-70 icons of any character of your choice. 100 x 100 px. border by request.
3rd place; 30-60 icons of any character of your choice. 100 x 100 px.


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             so, about a week ago or so, i hit ONE THOUSAND+ followers. &
               honestly im just ??? a mazed wowie. it’s only been fIVE MONTHS
               AS WELL WHAT THE HEck im so. im just so blessed that each &
               every single one of you follow me & that i’ve been able to develop
               mabel as much as i have because i love her so much &!!!! love you
so much !!!! so thank you ! also it’s been five months since i
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DREAM TEAM:  those of you i absolutely adore !! whether or not we’ve interacted or not or if i’ve followed you for months or only days, i think that you’re all great & pleasure to see on my dash & i would probably follow u memes to the ends of the earth idk  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ( this is in no order !! )

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                    yells i probably missed so, so, SO many people & i will definitely
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                                               & again, thanks for 1k!!

anonymous asked:

I'm asking your this bc we're the same age and well idk but sorry if its weird :( I've been dating this guy for 10 months but I just have a lot of trust issues and i get jealous whenever he's talking to this one specific girl. I wanna tell him because I don't wanna keep shit like this from him, since it bothers me so much but I'm afraid that he'll think that it's his problem and feel bad when i just need a hug or wtv. so do you have any advice of how i should talk about this kind of thing?

just tell him what you just told me. say that it’s not his problem, you have insecurities and you realise it’s unfair that you get jealous but you can’t help it. give him some direction on how to help with your insecurities like for example tell him you need a hug, want more affection, ask him just not to mention that specific girl you’re jealous of to you if it’d make you feel better. I’m sure he’ll understand, you’re human and being jealous is human no need to beat yourself up over it as long as it’s not getting in the way of your relationship

To people who say “Lydia was so mean to Stiles in season one and two and she ignored him forever! Stydia is just a creepy obsession!” :

Lydia also used to act like a complete ditz 

Lydia also used to sleep with every guy she came in contact with 

Stiles has matured so much since since season one and two 

Lydia has gone through so much since season one and two 

Stiles has gone through so much 

They’ve both changed so much

 Did you even watch season 3a, 3b, and 4? 

Lydia and Stiles are completely different people

Stiles hasn’t made one “obsessed” comment to Lydia since at least season two (see: his reaction to the kiss) 

So many more things honestly. To not recognize the development of these two characters and their relationship is an insult to the writers for this beautifully constructed relationship progression, to Stiles and Lydia as characters that have undergone so much change it’s unreal, and to Dylan and Holland as actors that work so hard to show just how much their characters have grown over time.  


um idk if anyones thought about this probably but how do the boxers smell???? when they arent gross and sweaty???

glass joe: bread probably. he doesnt really eat anything else sooo,,, maybe cats too, since i headcanon him having like, 50 cats.

von kaiser: maybe metallic??? something industrial

disco kid: old spice deodorant. nothing really strong, though

king hippo: pineapples. and every other food hes eaten within the past 20 minutes.

piston honda: incense, and nothing much else. 

bear hugger: that one mountain candle from yankee candle everyone was freaking out about saying “omg thats what captain america smells like”

great tiger: same as piston honda, he doesnt really give much of a shit but kinda ends up smelling like those fake fur carpets.

don flamenco: absolutely terrible- he is every asthmatics nightmare. he wears only the most expensive and over bearing perfumes money can buy in and out of the ring. no one knows how his lungs havent collapsed inhaling all that perfume

aran ryan: potatoes and more potatoes.

soda popinski: soda, kind of a hint of vanilla mixed in.

bald bull: he secretly uses bath bombs so whatever bath bomb he decided to try the night before

super macho man: sun screen and fake tan

sandman: he’ll use a teeny dab of cologne from time to time, but its mostly after shave and junk.

bonus gays

heike kagero: hairspray, bath bombs, and maybe a hint of make up if his hairspray is starting to die down

dragon chan: probably sweat most of the time because he trains a lot of the time, but he usually uses some generic brand of soap so thats what he ends up smelling like.

narcis prince: perfume and tea. 

first of all, shout out to thefxreinourveins for making this for me like a billion years ago when i reached 100 followers <3 you’re the

since i’ve reached 150 followers, imma shout out some of the babes that have been so amazing to me since the dawn of this blog one random, lonely day over reading break in February <3

my better quarters (aka the fab foursome)

snacking-at-midnight: mickey you started this all for me <3 when I was just a shy, scared lil bunny floating around the indie rping world you took my babies in and loved them and i’ll be forever grateful for how much that boosted my confidence being here. and even beyond you being an amazing rp partner and the fact that we’ve got like a billion ships, you’re such an amazing person and i’m so glad to have you in my life <3 love you 5ever

pillsnpctions: jordyn my love, you were hella intimidating to me for a while before we started following each other and interacting and i’m so glad we did because we got these amazing ships and all of these feels and even though you’re evil you’re still so amazing and ilysm. and like i said with mickey, beyond the ships and the writing, i’m so glad i’ve gotten to know you ooc because you’re so so so amazing

xxfarawaylandrpxx: mikaaaaaaaa we’ve got these two incredible ships that hurt me more than is reasonable like, they don’t even really exist but gdi they rip my heart out constantly, and then we’ve got others starting and ugh. you’re the sweetest little thing and i’m so glad we started interacting ic and ooc because my life would be so much more boring without you <3 <3 ily bby

lovers dearest (aka all the people i would follow to the ends of the rping earth, through url changes and losses of muses and total cleanses and absences)

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so that’s the run down. join me in stalking all of these beautiful people, and I honestly appreciate every single person who follows me or reblogs my starters or maybe stalks ME from afar and is intimidated (in which case don’t be i’m such a lame little bunny you just have to ask me! or send a meme! or hit up my opens!)


What do you think?

Since I’m still stuck on part 1 of the main quest and slowly making my way into completing it, much to my dismay, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the characters.

One in particularly being where would they be sorted into in Hogwarts.

Like I’m pretty sure the Valmont’s would be in Slytherin along with the Stones, maybe except Desiree, Crash would be Gryffindor maybe and Tyler would be in Hufflepuff…

But what do you guys think? I’d like to know your thoughts about it, might make my waiting more fun :)

Truth be told, I’m kinda shock that I haven’t seen any Hogwarts AU yet. Ahaha

since i’m going through my tag, i also noticed i was tagged in the phone background challenge by quantumbanana and constiellation. to the utter surprise of absolutely no one, both backgrounds are cas/misha. (also i don’t even like iphones but both of your homescreens all look so much smoother?? jfc)

anyway, i’m feeling nosy about livebloggingmydescentintomadness, vinnie-cha, domcas, stardustruby, puppycastiel, sunlitcas, deanisanactualprincess and deanlovesdudes. (obviously you can all ignore this if you want! i’m just curious!)