Its always been us two - Carl Grimes imagine

Word Count: 1.126

I decided to combine two anonymous requests:

Anonymous: Hi :) Could you please do an imagine where Carl and reader have a crush on each other but they can’t admit it. Enid likes Carl too and she try to be with him a lot of the time. At the end Carl and reader start dating and something smut if you prefer it.

Anonymous: Carl Fluff!!!!!XD

A/N This is my first “long” imagine, so i really hope you enjoy it. Another thing is that since i live in Scandinavia, I havent seen the season/episode where Enid gets introduced, I only know what i’ve seen on Tumblr wich isnt alot. But i hope it makes enough sense. :) I also hope that the anons who requested it likes it aswell. FEEL FREE TO REQUEST ANYTIME <3 :) Request here

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anonymous asked:

unpopular opinion: I don't find jungkook attractive since many people sexualized him when he was so young and it made me feel so I mean imagine how he felt , so I only want to protect him? ,?

this is pretty pure wow. i guess u only see him as ur kid?? this isnt all that unpopular i think, alot of di older fans literally just wanna protect him. im glad for tho, hes a virgo n hes still trying to find himself, he needs to b protected

why so serious

This is mainly for people who are taking the dekubowl and shipping in general over the top. its not alot but ive seen a few people get so angry over a noncannon thing that its driving me crazy. some people saying stuff like, people are shipping abuse and that deku isnt a prize to be won. And im not only saying this for the bnha fandom, there are alot of fandoms that get crazy, example being that some narusaku shippers tried to get naruto banned since he ended up with hinata… anyway im just here to say that 

1 calm down

2 its only a ship

nobody here is thinking that abuse is cool or anything like that, people ship for fun and thats it :-) dont take it so seriously, anyway thats all i have to say bye

im gone from here

hey its me. ive had some timr to think and decicded that tumblr isnt rly good for me and i should work on myself amd my own interests than putting alot of time on here. although ivr had alot of fun here i think its time for me to stop comimg on here perminately. im sorta bored and tired of all the anger and hate that sometimes comes from here and ive been here for 3-ish years its bout time for some change. im not deleting, ill keep this blog up just 4 the free pics of bands and such and for amyone else who does the same (?) if ur sad, dont be. im sorry if this is bad or upsetting news for anyone but theres some places to find me. i appreacte every one of u, everyone of my followers mutuals or not for ultimately making my time on here enjoyable and being there to support me, i csmt thank u enough for that. thank u for sll the njce messages, and mentions in and art over the years(or months) sorry again for leaving but its for thr best really

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thank u for reading and if this unfortunately is the last time we ever see eachother then i hope you have a good one 👍🏾💖

the new su ep was super emotional but i dont feel anythin atm so rip everyone else.  “i should have thought of doing thins a lot sooner” yes steven im sure it would have been a lot happier and less anticlimatic. something gives me the feeling the, although everything in the room is pure fantasy, that there isnt still some…essense of rose left that contibute to her cloud form. cloud rose was stereotypical/almost fanon i would say, giving speeches on the beauty and uniqueness of life/sports,very loving and caring version of steven interpretation of what she was like. oh, and interesting how steven talks to the room like it’s its own entity again, like its another person. What would be absolutely hilarious if rose pulled a voldemort and hid parts of herself in different forms like lion/room/steven somehow, but this doesnt  make alot of sense, since gems cant seperate from there gem without being shattered or currupted, so thats not very likely. also classic charlie brown reference, whos writing these epsiodes?

Tododeku mermaid au with Deku as a smol merman who has a deep interest in humans, who meets Todo while he is out on a walk after getting in a fight with his father.

They sit and talk by the water alot, Todo telling him the good, and bad stuff hes experienced on land, and Deku becoming even more interested, learning how its not all good, even there. Merman Deku has a defective fin so he isnt able to do things all the others in his community can, which gets lonely. Todo tells him about being isolated from the rest of his siblings and the expectations placed upon him.

Neither of them are very good at swimming (since Todo wasnt really allowed to do much outside of train), so they practice together whenever Todo gets the chance to sneak away.

Its really gay

Please reblog so people can see!

Im really wanting to draw more, but its really hard to draw for myself! I know alot of people/artist dont do art trades because they charge for their art. I dont have money for commissions but would love some practice, hence I’m willing and wanting to do art trades. Also wanting to make some new art friends. Since moving overseas i barely draw anymore and all my art friends went off to school and ive lost touch. If anyone is willing to do some art trades please just message me. My art isnt the best but id like to make some new friends. Thanks so much for reading!