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can you imagine a bioshock with elizabeth as a kid tho

Imagine her and booker living in rapture. She and eleanor are friends since they were so little and have been growing up making plans for their future. Then one day elizabeth is kidanapped. Booker looks frenetically for her but cannot find her and he feels himself turning crazy because he misses his baby girl so much. Since he works as private detective, he is aware of the latest issues of the underwater city and uses his methods to find her, fearing for what he thinks happened to her.

One night, eleanor comes to their house and crying, tells the man she’s seen her. It’s been a week since he lost her. With an accelerated heartbeat, he rapidly grabs a gun and heads off to the point the girl has told him. When he arrives at Arcadia, he feels a mix of fear and excitment for what’s to come.

He finally sees her, a shadow over the bridge. She’s looking at the water and pointing at something. He slowly approaches to her and stops some meters away form her. Swallowing, he finally talks:

“Elizabeth, it’s daddy!” As she turns to him, he waits to see those big blue eyes full of happines and love but when he sees the yellow in them, he falls to his knees, all his strength disappearing all of sudden. His crusade was right; she was a little sister now.

He tries to reach for her but she gets scared and steps away, screaming: “Mister bubbles!”

Booker feels the ground moving down the beast legs and knows what is gonna happen next. He knows there’s no cure for her and that he can’t do anything about it. He feels empty, she was his ray of sunshine and now it will always be night. He knees in front of her with a sad smile and tells her: “I’m sorry, darling, I failed you. But you are the best that has happened to me. I love you more than anything”

He doesn’t have more to say but if he wanted he couldn’t because he is just breathless, his vision turning off for a second while the Big Daddy impales him. He have never felt this pain, not even in war or in fights with gangs. No, this pain was just comparable to losing her.

As he falls to the ground, with blurry eyes he sees elizabeth sitting in front of him and caressing his hair, when she says: “What a beautiful angel”

He manages to give her a faint smile while darkness covers him and he thinks that whenever he’s going, he’ll just wait for his sunshine.