This is a collection of people in the Tumblr fitness community; they’re all extremely inspirational and are always willing to help others out!


One of the most supportive girls on Tumblr. She’s always willing to help and share her journey openly with her followers.


As her name might suggest, Sam’s posts are some of the most uplifting I’ve seen. She’s made a great transformation and is always pushing herself.


Nika has completely transformed her body over the years. She recently became a certified personal trainer, she’s a vegan, and she always gives well thought out answers.


It’s been years since I’ve followed Kayla and she just keeps getting better. Her personality is one of the best, and she’s now a powerlifter in training.


Aubrey is both extremely motivational and inspirational. She works hard in everything she does, in the gym and outside of the gym.


Natasha went through an incredible weight loss journey, became a personal trainer, and is now an accomplished runner and yogi. She’s also a new vegan!


Sharee has lost 121 pounds and always takes the time to answer the questions she gets. She also shares a ton of health tips and tricks!


Sunny is an incredible runner and has battled an eating disorder. She’s a cross country and track athlete for her university, and she takes time to answer questions to the best of her ability.


Ally is incredible. She biked across the country in high school and she just won first place in her first NPC bikini competition. She puts in a ton of work and it really shows.


As her name might suggest Leah’s blog is mostly about yoga. She also posts lots of yummy food and excellent answers to people’s questions.


Kelly is a wealth of information. She’s got a killer body that’s she’s worked extremely hard for. She’s also very thorough with her answers to questions.


Christiana is one of the sweetest people on Tumblr. She’s a runner and has a lot of personal posts, food posts, and other tips and answered questions on her blog.


Talk about fierce. If you ever need a dose of confidence go check out Devyn’s blog and I’m sure some of hers will rub off on you. 


I’ve been following Russell for a long time and I’ve never been disappointed. He’s a coach and he lifts a ton of heavy weights. I think his Tumblr name sums his blog up pretty well.

favorite lesser-known fairy tales : {the bremen town musicians}

“From that time forth, the robbers did not dare go back into the house. However, the four Bremen Musicians liked it so well there, that they never left it again. And the person who just told that, his mouth is still warm.” {x}

Tiny snippet thing for this self-indulgent AU of a survivor/ reluctant rebel Aresko

’Ah, yes. Please do bring up my history as an imperial officer’, he snapped, his meekness finally replaced by anger. ‘It’s most helpful for this discussion.’

‘I meant no offense, Aresko’, the younger rebel raised her hands up in apology.
‘I just think it possible that you might not understand what kind of potential damage we’re talking about. I mean, how can we know you’re clearly seeing the Empire for what it is? It did so much for you before, didn’t it? I don’t think you can just forget that, right?’

In response, he moved his collar away to expose the gaping lightsaber wound on his neck. He had kept it hidden away until now, in shame of all the failures associated with it. For the first time, he realised that it was important for the other rebels to know the torture had happened.

‘As you see, I know excruciatingly well how much the Empire has done for me. And you are correct: I can’t just forget it.’

He left the meeting.

awesomemeowley asked:

Okay, so I'll be watching the show with a friend of mine on Friday because I want to show her the awesomeness that is TOS, but she has never seen anything Star Trek related before, and I'm a bit scared that the "trashiness" of the 60s (I call it charming, but many people seem to disagree ;)) might scare her of a little bit. Since you're a huge fan of the original series, I was hoping that you could recommend some "episodes for beginners" that I could watch with her? Thank you in advance :)


Well. I wonder what people that would call Star Trek “trashy” because of its age think of things like Citizen Kane or Of Mice And Men*.

Anyway, here’s a post I made about that very thing.

(*You know what? I don’t really wonder. Screw those people.)

Unsolicited Advice: Kylie Jenner

By Vanessa Quilantan

Dear Kylie Jenner,

As your eighteenth birthday approaches fast, I feel compelled to gift you with a little wisdom, woman-to-almost-woman. You might be asking what possible advice I could offer some rich, beautiful jail bait such as yourself; since I am a mere normo working-class broad with no tabloid pull. Well, I might not own any Balmain, and you probably make more on a sponsored Instagram post than I have ever made writing open letters to celebrities on the internet, but that matters not. Knowledge is free and useful in any tax bracket!

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holldroden asked:

Hi there, sorry to bother you I know you've recently already made several Teen Wolf icons but would you consider making some of Allydia and/or Sciles please? If not, I understand! Xx

Hi, you’re not bothering me at all! I fully intended to make a sciles icons as well but it’s been two weeks since you sent this request and even though these were pretty much finished ages ago the psds only just copied from my old laptop onto my new one today so I might as well just post them now. Anyway, more colours under the cut:

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What is this????? Something I made up after being forced to watch Pretty Little Liars with my little cousin during a quince and hearing Bad Romance??? Probably, but since I made it and put effort into it, I might as well post it. 

abductedbyalienaishas replied to your post:abductedbyalienaishas replied to your post:dunno…

there’s always going to be some amount of “printing money” on sites like this. there’s games, fc, the bd etc pumping out money daily. and i’m making way less than ever since kq and habi are gone.

yup! i made a lot of money with KQ AND HAD SO MUCH FUN! and habi was so lovely! I made a lot of NP during those times and used neo more than ever! if i’m going to be bored now you might as well give me money for so much as coming to the site, lol

for what it’s worth, i’m also annoyed by the community screeching ‘think of the kids/protect the kids’ all the time while simultaneously getting bratty when ‘easy money’ is introduced or items are deflated from 8mil. i wasn’t a savvy kid and i was terrified of forums, i had no way of knowing about FC, or how to utilize the stock market, i could only do the native games. I didn’t know how to take advantage of the site bc the site itself won’t instruct you on how to do that… and didn’t understand how some people WERE millionaires. mind you some kids have that ability and some adults (me lol) don’t, all in all there ought to be options for ‘basic players’.

but all of that hardly matters, bc Trudy’s isn’t going to make anyone an insta-millionaire any more than anything else

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finally someone who loves MGS4 as well! I’m always torn between 3 and 4 because they’re both so incredibly well made and the story is amazing. I really don’t get people who don’t like MGS4

I can understand why some people might not like it much, cos it changed a lot of things gameplay wise but yeah, it’s been my favourite game since I played it c:

(Also I much prefer Snake’s story arc and character to BB’s tbh)

anonymous asked:

I was looking at your synthesis guide and found a possible error your tips. For lightning crystals you recommend (too lazy to look up the names) the purple tron heartless and say the best post game location is the solar sailor simulation. I noticed that this is an excellent location for finding the purple heartless, but they don't appear to drop any items. I have as many lucky lucky equiped. Sorry if I'm not doing something right but I thought I would try to help since you helped the public.

That might very well be an error! When I made that post-game locations list I was solely looking for numbers and I may have forgotten that the general public would actually use it for drops LOL I’ll change it asap thank you so much for picking that up!!!

since people are posting their irken ocs here on tumblr, might as well introduce a new one I’ve been working on… (btw it’s an adopted Irken from here

Meet Kip! A young Irken who wants to be a scholar/scientist instead of an invader. His main interests are studying and researching other alien lifeforms and alien technology. Though, not many Irkens stay in the scholar class, Kip enjoys what he does and is willing to do anything to help the Empire. 

Yeyyyyyyy I finally made some arts

Well here is the colored versions of that sketch I posted early today. I chose gems that are supposed to boost positivity and energy, since this character is supposed to be  very energetic and excitable. It might be a little hard to see but Sunstone has lots of freckles on her face. Sunstone itself has bright speckles because of other minerals inside the stone. Whichever gem I go far, she’ll be in a perpetual state of being starry eyed and smiley. She might be a liiiitle corrupted since her arms are wings. 

Haha I made a sunstone gemsona and gave her a crescent shaped gem aren’t I hilarious

Reblog if you’re interested

Would anyone be interested in my posting about how one can make money online?  I mean, not a lot of money.  It’s a fairly measly amount, but it adds up over time.  Like, I’ve made about $5 since Saturday and I’ve also been exercising a lot, watching a bunch of shows, and even writing a bit.

~Used to make more, but some of the sites aren’t as good as they once were…I’ll warn you/notify you of that one as well if you want.

*I have 87 followers, so I guess I’ll do this I might do this if I get at least 22 reblogs.

Sarnai’s Great Big RP Lore Post

 I didn’t really want to do RP stuff when I first made this blog I just wanted to write shit

But hey, a huge chunk of the FFXIV fandom does RP so I might as well at least make a bio thing for Sarnai. Also talking to new people might be nice. My social anxiety makes it hard for me to interact with people irl and online but I should challenge myself. 

Keep reading for cool character stuff! I actually spent time on this.

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