since they keep getting mentioned lol


Incubus!Nyx and Succubus!Lunafreya concepts done for the AU that @destatree and I are working on! They were already mentioned and revealed in chapters early on and I finally did some visual stuff to fall back on when I have the spark for drawing them on their own again! Succubus and Incubus physical traits only differ a little. One has wings while the other has a tail instead :3 I just wanted them to be different from one another in the AU and they got their own perks too! (Twitter doodles)


You’re overestimating tumblr’s intelligence @blueyoshi15 xD

Might as well just make frisk a male right? I mean regardless of me mentioning they’re genderless, people WILL however fight over what gender they are in glitchtale since they don’t have one, so what’s the point of me keeping them genderless if people are going to pick one anyways…

I’ll think about it and see what I do since I’ve treated frisk as a they the entire series. Maybe not mentioning it in the series but officially in a post/tweet or when I get asked I can answer with an actual gender lol

anonymous asked:

yay! sugar baby wonho or shownu please! I think it might be more than 3 lol, I sent almost one each day ever since you posted the scenario 😅

For my poor, dedicated anon who couldn’t get their ask through. I hope the wait was worth it 💕

((I think you mentioned in a following ask (that tumblr has since eaten right before my eyes) that you’d prefer Wonho, so here you go.))

And yes, since anon didn’t specify their gender, I tried my best to keep this imagine genderless. I’ll admit it wasn’t very easy at times, though 😅.

Warning: Smut.

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You guys! I think that I have reached yet another milestone in my academic career as an art historian. I have been officially mansplained lol. 

A few days ago, I received a message here on Tumblr from a fellow art historian who wanted to talk more about some of the issues raised in a question I had answered on my blog. I was very excited to have a conversation with him to be honest as I don’t know that many people who study art history on Tumblr. 

He politely suggested that I asked him questions about art history. I asked him what his research interests were after I told him mine, expecting to have a somewhat academic discussion I suppose? 


He proceeded to throw an entire list of suggestions of, if I’m being totally honest, very basic concepts on art history that he thought that I should read on so I could educate myself in the field. I wish I was making this up. I was very surprised to say the least because apparently this person has been a follower of my blog for the last 6 months so I assumed that they knew that I am an actual art historian. 

I then told him that I am an art historian and proceeded to mention a few of the things I am working on at the moment and offered a few conversation points to start off a discussion. Specifically on existentialism and its influence on the field of art history. He has not answered back since and I am pretty sure that he has blocked me LOL. 

You see, this is the issue that art history faces today in my opinion - it is too exclusive and full of academics that are full of themselves. I do my best to keep things simple on the blog so more people can get interested in art history, art, paintings, museums etc. I am not one to start using fancy words and terminology in order to prove myself to anyone in what I do. All I want to do, is engage people in conversations and if they wish to read more on a subject regarding art history, then I will refer them to more complex texts and so on. 

I don’t even know if I am making sense and I hope that I don’t come across as condescending. I guess this is what I would call elitism in the art history field.

All I want to do is share pretty pictures with you guys and occasionally have a chat with the hopes of inspiring the art historian in you. 

But yeah, I think that counts as mansplaining right? 

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Hi! Do you have any tips on how to guess the ascendant if you don't have the birthtime? I hope its okay to ask this question and that it doesn't count as a request? If it does then I'll just resend it when you open them again 💕 also, thank you so much for taking the time and answering everyone's questions, it's really interesting and helpful! I'm also a huge fan of your tags lol, so please never stop doing that as well 💕

Hi anoon! You’re very welcome and omg I blushed because of what you said about the tags because I ramble so much on them and often have to control myself because I talk too much. lol Anyway. Thanks! And sure it’s ok to ask this. :) I’m really only good at guessing people’s Ascendants by their looks and frequent little quirks. And a lot more so when I’ve seen their charts without the birth time, since I’ll get how their rulers are working. So I’ll explain characteristics of each Ascendant but please keep in mind that you have to check the rulers and understand their strong placements. Eyes are often a good way of finding out if they’re Cancer, Gemini, Libra or Pisces Risings - so I’ll talk about these first.

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Reveling in Richonne

#49: The Reflection (7x8)

It’s funny how before 6x10 fully opened my eyes to the greatness that is Richonne, I was not overtly aware of how often R&M seemed to look at, be near, and think about each other. I knew they were together a lot and I was here for it but I didn’t realize just how much they took note of each other. 

However, once I was aboard this five star cruise of a ship, this was me every episode as I looked for any and every Richonne moment I could get…

Lol so now if R&M so much as mention the other’s name it’s noted and mentally stored in my brain, cuz it really does provide some further insight into their relationship. (I also just like any time they say each other’s name so there’s that too 😋 ) Thus this scene right here.

Rick is with Aaron getting stuff for the jerks. I know I’ve said it already but I am in full support of the Rick/Aaron friendship. Like especially after this episode, I just feel like he’s a man that Rick can really talk to. Cuz Daryl, of course, is Rick’s brother but Daryl’s also not one to talk too much lol, especially about feelings, so I like that Rick has Aaron as a guy friend as well. 

So as Rick and Aaron load stuff up, after wading through the swamp of horrors, Rick lets Aaron know that his earlier comment, about Aaron not having to go on the boat if he didn’t want to, wasn’t because he thought he couldn’t do it. I appreciate this because it’s Rick being mindful of Aaron’s feelings. Like Rick could have just brushed off the unintentional offensiveness of his comment but he addresses it, even though it happened a while back, which is really sweet.

Part of me feels like Michonne’s “bring you into the family” leadership approach rubbed off on Rick. Cuz Rick has always deeply cared to keep people protected and alive, but what this moment shows us is that he also cares about their feelings on seemingly small issues too. Real one. 👌🏽🙌 

So Rick then explains further where he was coming from when he tells him, “It’s just going this far, risking this much, to get stuff for them. People don’t agree with it.” and he tells Aaron he wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t either. Now, y’all, the second Rick said “people”, I knew Homeboy was thinking about Michonne lol. 

Like he was trying to be slick Rick and act like he was just casually mentioning “people” but I know the person specifically on his mind in that moment was the Queen. And I love that we get confirmation that he was in fact thinking of her in this moment, thus making this a Richonne scene lol. 

But just before that, Aaron reminds Rick that he was there for the worst day on earth and for that lineup so he understands that this is the way things have to be right now in order to keep people living. And then Rick says what’s been on his mind since 7x4 when he tells Aaron, “Michonne doesn’t think this is living.”

I love that this is yet another reminder of how much R&M really let their words soak in. Rick mentioning this is him reflecting and calling back to 7x4 when Michonne expressed feeling like this “Submit to Negan” life really isn’t any kind of a life. The minute she said those words “What kind of a life?”, you knew Rick would never forget them and they would replay in his mind until he figured out how to give her a better life. 

It’s funny how quickly Rick says this. Like it feels like this was the main thing he wants to talk about and I just love that this gives us insight into how he really does reflect on her words and take them fully into consideration. 

I appreciate the way he says this line cuz it doesn’t even remotely sound like he’s frustrated with her for not thinking this is living. Instead, it sounds like her words have pushed him to really assess if this subservient way is really the right way. He’s, again, acknowledging the validity of her point of view. Real One. 👌🏽🙌

Another big reason why I like this scene is because it’s Rick talking about Michonne with someone other than Michonne, and sort of giving someone else insight into the relationship. It’s such a husband moment. Like he’s with his guy friend and reflecting on his wife’s words with him. 😋

You can tell Aaron understands the significance of Rick opening up to him in this moment, especially about the love of Rick’s life. Like Aaron sort of takes a moment cuz he’s like “Oh so Rick’s getting all the way personal rn.” And it’s cute cuz Rick tries to bring up Michonne’s words casually but he’s not that slick lol and it’s clear those words weigh on him. 

It’s always so interesting to me because I know that probably most people in the community see Rick and Michonne as like these Apocalyptic All-Stars and their Warrior Leaders and so I love when characters get to see not just their “superhuman” side but their super human side. 

And Rick opening up to Aaron about Michonne is big cuz it makes R&M just people. It just reminds us and other characters that R&M are a couple who have talks and disagreements and share feelings just like other couples (except even better lol). 

It’s also funny cuz Aaron started off by talking about how he was there for the lineup so he gets that they have to just play along to survive but then when Rick says Michonne doesn’t feel like that’s living, Aaron switches the style up just a little bit and starts listing all the reasons why she’s right. 

Like Aaron wants to make it clear that he gets where Michonne’s coming from and that she’s definitely not wrong. Aaron knows not to disagree with Rick’s queen lol. 😋

And then, Aaron does give a good point to Rick about how what matters most right now is that they and their loved one’s hearts are still beating. I appreciate him saying “loved ones” cuz it’s him taking note that when Rick talks about Michonne he’s talking about his loved one. Aaron just keeps climbing the ranks in my book. 😋 

I also felt for Rick in this whole sequence of scenes, cuz he’s out here trying to row through walker infested waters and struggling just to get something to appease Negan, meanwhile literally everyone else back home is trying to find a way to fight back. 

Like Rick’s just out here trying to keep people safe and make fetch happen, while Carl is shooting machine guns at the Sanctuary, Rosita’s forcing Eugene to make a single bullet, and even Michonne, who’s cause is the more thought out and justified of the three, is in a car with a Savior. And then you have Spencer and his snakery as he’s trying to dethrone Rick. And to top it off, Negan is in his house shaving in front of his children. 

I was like “Rick, buddy, pal, I really do appreciate what you’re doing for TF rn, but I think it’s time to stop trying to make fetch happen. Cuz ain’t nobody else on board with fetching for Negan anymore” lol. 

Seeing so many people enact their own plan to take down Negan just goes to show that TF, but especially Grimes 2.0, have the fighter spirit so engrained in their DNA that they just can’t continue to take this oppression laying down. 

Rick gave the “Submit to Negan” approach a shot but you know that deep down he’s been wanting to fight back too. And all it takes is a superbly excellent moment in a cell with a superbly excellent woman to really seal the deal for Rick on fighting back. 👌🏽🙌

Also I really appreciate the later moment when Rick waits for Aaron when they return to ASZ and the Saviors start beating Aaron up (over the pettiest thing in the world). Like they tell Rick to run along and, especially knowing that Negan is in his house, Rick could have had a lot of reason to want to get to his home, but I like that he stays and he’s there for his newfound friend. And then he further supports Aaron by helping him walk off. So one more time for good measure lol; Real One. 👌🏽👌🏽🙌

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Side Note: This look right here tho!! 

Originally posted by corlgrimes

This look from Judith was everything and that baby is too cute for words! If we hadn’t had that beautiful, awe-inspiring, Richonne gold moment that comes towards the end of the episode this would have been my favorite moment. (this, and Michonne telling the Red Head Savior “But you don’t know me.”) I adore that Judith is looking at Negan like “Try something. I dare you.” 😂 

Judith is so unimpressed and #overit. And since this post is called “The Reflection” can we talk about how much Judith reflects Michonne here? This baby is giving Negan that signature Michonne “Homie, you don’t faze me” face. Like look at this parallel.  

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Lol I love it! Judith is definitely Rick and Michonne’s daughter. 👌🏽😋 

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Ok but do you actually share things like shipping with your therapist irl? I have been on therapy with mine for almost two years and I barely mention fandom things to her I can't get over the embarassement lol

I have to make a story out of this, I’m so sorry… So, one day I got to her with kind of red, glassy eyes and since I generally looked really tired and sleep-deprived she asked whether I couldn’t sleep or sth. My response was that I was “reading” (translating) all night and she figured I hesitated to talk about it, but I wanted to tell her (bc why keep that away).

So I started awkwardly explaining what snk is about and how some people on the internet kind of root for their faves so much that they imagine how they think they would behave in a relationship or in non-canon situations and turn that into fics. She was super interested and grinning and asking questions and I was nervously laughing and sweating a bit, but also relieved that someone doesn’t think it’s crazy.

In the end she said I seemed really passionate about it and thanked me for letting her know all this and afterwards she sort of analysed all of that (like the theme of snk) and then we quickly got deeper into translating and how learning languages is basically the only thing I’m really confident and interested in.

…I spared her the dicks, tho. I simply said how awesome the chemistry between Erwin and Levi is, and how sad I was in 2016, when Erwin died.

The answer turned out pretty lengthy, but I hope it’s okay.        

I could totally see a Hogwarts AU where Nori is muggleborn and is basically an entrepreneur on the Weasley twins’ level, making a nice profit selling muggle stuff to other students.

Everything from candy (“Jelly beans that you know what taste they are going to be? Wow!”) to normal pens and pencils (never worry about spilled ink again!) and notebooks to just random shit like rubber chickens or whatever the student wants.

Latest books and music I guess. Music players (because batteries has to work at Hogwarts since there’s been mentions of wrist watches).

Lol condoms maybe? Because if there’s such a thing as spells for that sort of thing you better make sure you sleep with someone who studied. Condoms would be a lot less risky.

Anyway, Dwalin (a pureblood) totally gets hooked on some muggle candy or other, or that’s his excuse anyway to keep finding reasons to seek Nori out.

Nori would probably be a kickass Seeker too, and I can see Dwalin easily as a beater, so maybe they can bond of Quidditch too. Or well, argue about it since I don’t expect them to be in the same Hogwarts house.

I just want Dwalin eating gummi bears by the fistful and being all adorable and Nori fighting to hide that he also thinks he’s adorable as fuck. (“So these aren’t actual bears, right?”)

Part 3 dvd documentary

*Yoko keeps on coughing huh? Must be due to change of season

*Yoko, Suba, Kura compliments Maru’s song count skill. Maru then said sometimes he utter an entirely wrong song title altogether though lol. Like how he’s supposed to do count for Gamusahara but he thought it’s Zukkoke. Halfway he suddenly remember that it’s Gamsuhara so it becomes “Zu-pyon!!!!” to cover for his miss lol.

*Nagurigaki beat. Yoko’s trumpet solo makes Yasu wants to drink sake lol. Coming from you it feels as if it could both be a diss and a compliment Yasu! XD

*Seems that the choreo for Nagurigaki Beat is more to choreo of girl idol groups? XD

*(I may get this part wrong since I keep on repeating but I still couldnt get what he says at the beginning) Maru says that after the con everybody goes to the bath tubs. By Ohkura’s response it seems that as usual he didn’t join members bathing together lol

*Hina close to bashing his head to the floor due to his acrobatic attempt with the chair. He’s so restless! 😂

*Right so they skipped MC too. FYI, the Mc part was deliberately cut short in DVD due to mention of Ohkura’s dad shop, lol. That was the part that got cut out. 😏

*I to U-Yasu & Ryo keep on shaking their legs in synchrony in order to keep the tempo. Maru had to practice a lot for his “mou nidoto modorenai hibi” part a lot of times because he keeps on failing to do it during reharsal. According to Ohkura it’s hard to play I to U on timbal.

*Ohkura goes to add more coffee. “Anybody wants more?”
Maru: No. Thank you very much (past tense)
Yoko: lol, why past tense? Say it in present tense!

*tuning part after I to U, Maru said a really lame dajare and said that he utter that because he felt like he’s in the normal green room (instead of dome) lol.

Ohkura: It doesn’t really matter to you how many people are around you right?
Maru: Yep! Year by year it’s getting worse lol (as in it doesn’t matter whose around, he’d just be his usual weirdo self lol)
Ohkura: But when there’s fewer people you’ll start acting cool.
Maru: Yep, like when there’s just two person (flirty face and voice lol)
Ohkura: It feels as if you’re going to say “It is just my acting/pretense”
Maru: “My pretense?!” lol.

*According to Maru, Ohkura and Yoko Itta Janai Ska was really difficult to play/learn

*Ohkura: This lighting makes everybody so pretty huh?
Maru: Young
Ohkura: Beautiful…

*Maru made a small change to his bass arrangement of Itta Janai Ska compared to the usual one

*Ohkura ended up sleeping lol. So Maru wakes him by flicking Ohkura’s nipple lol.
Ohkura: Iya! *woke up* NOOOOO (whinyly)
Maru: That is also one of my favourite home lol
Ohkura: …. Nipples are big no (of touching)
Maru: Wah, that tone is for real huh? Lol

*There’s a bit of fall of tempo for Rolling Coaster acoustic version compared to usual one since Maru’s bass arrangement is different and it does not fill the gap between drum beats like how it usually was.

Maru: Ah, since my bass didn’t fill in the gap
Ohkura: Ah, since there’s no Maru’s bass, then I couldn’t keep the beat together?
Maru: nonononono lol. Not like that, not like that (I’m not dissing you). It’s just the way you hear it lolol. Am I the kind of person who’d diss like that?! 😅

*lol, Maru and Ohkura say the lighting looks like some sort of ceiling fans above their heads. Due to their silly small talk I end up seeing that too! 😂

*Ryo: Maru, you made a miss there right?
Maru: I probably go to a different direction (figuratively)
Ohkura: you don’t want to say it as a miss? Lol
Maru: I go to a different direction, will listen to it one more time
Ohkura: Don’t act so cool! XD

*Yoko: (Hadaka) Now that I’m thinking of it properly, it really is such a crazy costume!

*Maru: *saying lame stuff again*
Ohkura: lolololol.
Maru: Aren’t you the only one who laugh? 😂😂

*Hadaka has the same beat as PPAP. Apparently Subaru insist on that. Subaru created the song and during recording with actual instrument Yoko saw how much fun Subbaru had with the musicians. It uses clarinet as the main instrument like what Stevie Wonder used. The costume is made with the newspaper on the exact date when Subaru and Yoko were born.

Ohkura: Yokoyama-kun are you wearing socks?
Yoko: I do. …. Why’d you go there?
Ohkura: lolol nonono (idg what this guy is usually usually thinking lol or is it the “shinpai shinaide haiteruyo gag?”)

Ohkura: If me and Maru as we are now do this, it’d be bad huh?
Maru: Baaddd.
Ohkura: Just by clapping our hand our belly will be shaking lol
Maru: If you were to run probably your chest would be pyon~pyon too (shaking) lolol
Ohkura: lololol. …… let’s lose weight.

*Steal Your Love
Ohkura: Oh yes, we never mention anywhere that it was Yara kun who did the choreo huh? (But I think they did? During MC or sth?)
Ryo: Yup. Even when he actually didn’t have time, he actually do it for us.
Maru: he was in the middle of stage play practice right?
Ohkura: Yup. He said, “Since I was given the offer to do TORN previously, so please let me do the choreo for this one too.” (is Yara a TORN fan? lol)

*Ryo and Hina discussed about how fans changed their penlights according to member colours on their own accord (except for Maru’s lolololol)

Maru: That’s one hell of a choreography!

Apparently the overlapping shadow thingy is not planned at all or intentionally choerographed by Yara. Yara didn’t have the chance to see the result of the choreography (at the con) even once.

Ryo: It ends with shadow?!

*After Syl,
Ryo: at this part it was Murakami-kun who usually pass me my costume-(got cut off by Kura lol)
Kura: Yokoyama-kun thanks you for the costume each time
Yoko: Every time I gave it to Ohkura, he’d be like (putting his palms together in front of his face) in the dark (to thank me) lolol.

*Black of Light
Maru putting his hand against Ohkura’s shoulder
Ohkura, Yoko, Subaru: Woahhh that’s cool!
Yasu: That’s so on point!
Ohkura: So wild!
Yoko: You’re singing with your body huh

*Black of night
Ohkura: It really is an interesting choreo huh?
Subaru: What’s the name of the choreographer?
Maru: *says an entirely different stuff altogether*
Subaru: Eh??
Hina: Oguri-kun.

Ohkura: I really don’t want it if we miss on the very last day lol after practicing so hard for it.
Maru: lol, really didn’t want. It’d be like “What were you doing all this while?!” lol

*according to Kura and Yoko, during the part where they rise up on lift (King of Otoko) since they suddenly stationary, their sweat was pouring like mad XD

Good Old Days (Sean x Mc)

Pairings: Sean x Mc (Taylor) 

Rating: PG-13 for the mention of alcohol and people getting drunk 

Word count: 4,105 (lol sorry this is super long)

Summary: Five years after escaping the island, Quinn puts together a reunion for the original 12 in Costa Rica. However, Taylor hasn’t spoken to anyone since they returned home, including Sean. Will the pain of the past keep her from having a good time?

Author’s Note: Lol hi I know this is super long hahaha but I had this idea and just really wanted to write it. Also, this is the first Friday of ES being on hiatus so I don’t think anyone will complain about this being long. Also this isn’t my best work but enjoy anyway lol 

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could i ask for kid!tsukiyama being confident enough to try and ask out kaneki (who is begrudgingly endeared by it)? thank you so much! your art is incredible, and probably the only thing that gets me through the day...

(18. As a kid/adult)
anonymous: “hello, i sent in an ask the other day, i forgot to mention it was #18 (i just realized going through the tag…)! i’m so sorry! have a nice day, and please keep up the good work!”
>>>i prettyyy sure these asks were the same person, since…it wouldn’t fit w any other requests I got lol :’D
Wahh thanks ;-; that’s rly sweet, i hope ur doing ok! Here u go…obvs this situation is platonic, tho :’D I feel like kaneki wouldn’t know what to do in that situation.

anonymous asked:

Hey! So, sorry if this is a bit of a bother? But, I'm a vulture that's trying to get into witchcraft, particularly by working with the animals in my collection. I want them to feel safe and at peace here, but I'm not sure what to do when they don't. I've been getting a really depressing vibe from one of my foxes, and I'm not sure what to do to cheer him up. Would you happen to know where I could go to learn these things?

So this is Angel. I’ve had her since probably 2012 or 2013 and she is still the most grumpy fox in my collection. I can’t really touch her because she gets upset being handled. I wanna say the circumstances of her death were particularly upsetting because I think she was improperly snared. It’s not malicious anger, it’s just a very general upset vibe. I’ve tried to sell her in the past to see if a new home would cheer her up, but she gets even more angry when I mention it lol. She’s one of the few bad vibe animals I keep around because she’s choosing to stay in a safe space, even if she’s not entirely happy. She’s calmed down significantly over the years after a couple tarot readings and bonding rituals (mostly meditation with the hide involving crystals to even out her energy), but she’s also done well just being displayed with the other foxes with better vibes as they seem to calm her down a bit! Basically, some animals do not like the circumstances of their death (or may have suffered in life) and will give off bad vibes because of it.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any resources for this kind of work and can really just share my experiences. My death work has been very personal as I don’t really have any access or knowledge of resources covering the topic of working with animal remains. The best advice I can give is try to communicate with the animal to figure out what’s wrong (tarot works best for me, gives the most direct answers), and then go from there. 


Hanamaru Cafe 2010

Comment from Higashiyama-san:

He’s a very quiet person. It feels like there are a lot of unknown things about him. Seems like he could come to my place and confess, “Actually I am Indonesia’s prince” or sth. (? XD) So, I hope Yakkun (MC) could dig infos about him because I want to know more too.

Talk about drinking:

Ohkura once drink with Matsuoka-kun and Higashiyama-san. He was so nervous that he didn’t know what to say. So he just listen and drink… and drink… and drink. He became so drunk that he end up unconscious. Higashiyama-san and Matsuoka-kun carries him on their shoulders and bring him to sleep at Matsuoka-kun’s room lol. The next morning, in order to not wake Ohkura up, Matsuoka-kun quietly showered and prepares himself for filming (his schedule is earlier), writes a memo for Ohkura and leaves quietly. When Ohkura met him at filming site, Matsuoka-kun tsukkomi him with “Are you my woman?!”

2nd picture is a mail from Ohkura’s father. It says “Who looks like racoon!! (Dare ga tanukiyanen!!)”  In 2007’s Hanamaru Cafe, Ohkura jokingly say that his dad looks like racoon. Apparently his dad watches and after watching it, immediately mails him with the tsukkomi lol. Apparently, his dad sulked for real due to that. XD

His dad keeps on saying that he was a famous handsome guy when he was younger and so he has an image to keep with. He keeps on talking how famous it was that it irritates Tacchon and he asked his mom but his mom met his dad when they are already working so she didn’t know. He asked his father’s side of grandmother but his grandmother didn’t know about his dad’s school stuff. So Ohkura is appealing to the audience to tell him if there’s anyone who knows the real stuff about his dad’s school days XD.

His mom is a very talkative woman with a personality of a typical Osaka obaa-chan lol. One day, she suddenly ask Ohkura to bring him to the hair saloon that Ohkura frequented. Ohkura agrees and bring her there and leave her there since he has work. Later the hair stylist called Ohkura and said, “Your mom is really friendly and talkative huh?” Apparently, she brought the saloon staffs manju  and apparently dig infos from the staffs about whether Tacchon is behaving nicely and how he is here in Tokyo XD. Also she talks about what kind of person Tacchon is and his childhood stories to the staffs and then left XD. Ohkura got embarrassed when the hair stylist retells the story to him lol.

His face is a very close replica to his mother’s. His dad didn’t want to lose so his dad always says, “You look like your mother now, but when you were a school kid, you look like me you know?” Tacchon was like, “Yes, yes… whatever” XD. Funny dad-son relationship!

His dad has always been a very busy person since he was a kid. But his dad always makes sure to have the whole family gather and eat out together once a week. Even until now they are still doing it. At the most recent gathering, the two elder brothers and his dad drinks while teasing the youngest brother (at that time 18 years old) who got his first girlfriend. His father never asked him about his love life though even when his father did ask and tease the younger brothers.

Apparently Higashiyama-san gave a present to Ohkura. The present is face washer. “Be Kanjani’s number one member with the smoothest skin!” said Higashiyama-san XD. That position belongs to Yoko though. (But I think Ohkura’s face scars does heal quite a lot when I compare the New Year gathering SP with his Shigotonin era facial scars. Thanks Higashiyama-san! XD)

Hgashiyama-san commented further that Ohkura is very natural at interacting with people. He didn’t force the interaction and start the conversation very naturally and with a niko niko smile lol. He became the lovable character in GM Odore’s filming site. Higashiyama-san wanted to do a sumo battle with Ohkura but Ohkura keeps on declining him. He wants that as a way to get through Ohkura’s heart lol.

Picture 3 shows the figures and teddy bears that Ohkura keeps at his house. Apparently Ohkura once mentioned that he bought teddy bear and since then, during his birthdays, he received a lot of teddy bears lol.

He cleans his house little by little on daily basis and he thinks that it is clean enough but when his mom comes, she checks every nook and corners including the tv and check for dust. She then goes, “This is disaster!” XD.

2007 Hanamaru Cafe

Sometimes his brother comes to his Tokyo house and wants to eat with him so Ohkura will go out to buy food to cook. He’s very slow at choosing things and thinks a lot when buying. In the end he’d usually choose the cheapest ones. It takes him up to 2 hours to buy stuff in supermarket lol. Whenever his brother comes to his Tokyo house, his brother would ask Tacchon to cook for him and Tacchon would cook a lot for the brother lol.

He wash his clothes once a day and the smell of clothes detergent his healing for him. He can’t relax if his room is not clean.

Kanjani8’s BBQ Party DVD extra 2013

On off days, Ohkura will clean his house. He still washes his clothes on daily basis and he complains that Ryo’s washing machine is dirty XD (So he still goes to Ryo’s house in 2013?).

Recomen (don’t remember the date but around 2012-2013) & Sukiyanen Radio

Ohkura complains that Yasu’s house is dirty. He says even the bathtub is dirty XD. Yasu replies that it is just fine; it’s Ohkura who’s just too fussy lol.

3rdeyetruthandsoul  asked:

Here is some news. The SJWs are trying two tactics at the same time. Laci is lying about being "red pilled" it is sad to see some are falling for it. This is their attempt to get close, "keep your friends close and enemies closer" deal. And the SJWs are posing as the Alt-Right to infiltrate anti-SJW circles. Been running into some of these hostile cunts a lot this past week. How about you?

Well aware of that. Seen BITBOTB’s latest video?

She mentions toward the end that this (screenshot below) was sent to her and that page or thread has been deleted since. Aren’t they so cunning. 

See the title “We need to infiltrate alt-right safe spaces”  ….lol well I doubt alt-right even have safe spaces since that is a snowflake thing. 

well best of luck to them if they want to flip alt-right ‘defectors’ to their side, haha it will only make their side more extreme than it already is, who is to say that the alt-right won’t flip again on them once they’ve gained the commie’s trust? Such fools. They think reality works like their favorite fictional shows and films.

ok so i’m going to cut to the chase, i think i will be discontinuing ‘meet you there’, well maybe not discontinuing per se but putting it on an indefinite hiatus. i have been struggling to create new parts and whenever i look at my plan i just come up empty so for now i’m going to leave it and hopefully come back to it at a later time when i have some ideas for it.

instead of ‘meet you there’ i’ll start posting the wenjun college au that i’ve mentioned before. i’m going to try and work out a posting schedule that i’ll be able to keep to without my job being annoying and in the way lol. also i’m going to try and get ahead and pre make parts and queue them since i’ll be going away for like a month at the end of november so i won’t be able to post things then.

anyway, sorry to anyone who was enjoying ‘meet you there’, i know its annoying to have a story you’re reading stop midway through ://

anonymous asked:

Your top 5 fav fics rn?

I have recced the same fics so many times already in this kind of asks, so this time I decided to rec some of my favorites that haven’t been listed yet. However, my top fics are pretty much always the same, so if you’re interested to see my real top 5, just click HERE to see our Admins’ Favorites tag. - Admin J

I’m in the same situation as admin J. We’ve both recced our top five fics way too many times to even count, so here’s five top picks that I haven’t mentioned in my favorites yet. - Admin A

Title: Smells Like Roses

Author: BoMarlowe

Rating: Explicit

Words: 53,828 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: This is my style of a fic. I love it. Loveitloveitloveitloveit. Nothing more to say. I’ll never get bored with fics like this.

Summary: Dean’s life is beautiful. He wants for nothing, has the pleasure of his family and friends, and is desperately, irrevocably in love with his husband. Everything is perfect, just as it should be. Then he wakes up.

( Read here )

Title: Muscle Memory

Author: komodobits

Rating: Explicit

Words: 18,961 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  

Admin J’s notes: This fic I have recced so many times. It’s one of my sad fics, the ones I read when I want to feel miserable, eat ice cream and cry in the corner of the sofa.

Summary: Dear Castiel. Hello - it’s Castiel. This must all seem very confusing, and I’m sorry for that. Dean says to tell you that this isn’t some kind of ‘time -travel stunt’ although I’m sure that won’t be your first thought. I know it wasn’t mine. I’ve told Dean to leave now, as this is my notebook and I want everything in it to come from me - or rather, from you. I know you think it’s the fifteenth of January, 2010, but it isn’t. At the time of my writing this, the date is the fourth of October, 2013. Dean Winchester is your boyfriend of a year and a half, and you no longer work at the library, and in early 2010 you were hit by a car and hospitalised. I’m sorry.

( Read here )

Title: Pick It All Up

Author: thepinupchemist

Rating: Explicit

Words: 126,611 – Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  

Admin J’s notes: Veteran Cas! I have a thing for soldiers and also to sad fics about broken minds and people, so this is just for me. I love it.

Summary: Army veteran Castiel Novak is a wreck after his tour in Afghanistan, brought home to his brother’s apartment in Lawrence, Kansas with scars both mental and physical. He copes poorly, and during one night of bad decision making, meets somebody just as much of a disaster as he is – a prostitute named Dean Winchester. And suddenly, two damaged men might not be as irreparable as they believed.

( Read here )

Title: Nine Times We Met (And One Christmas We Parted)

Author: almaasi

Rating: Explicit

Words: 58,400 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★  

Admin J’s notes: More angst! For some reason, I first didn’t even want to read this fic. I have no idea why, but I just kept skipping it. Then I read it and loved it, and now I once in awhile re-read it. It’s so good.

Summary: On the last day of school before Christmas vacation, Mr. Castiel Quinn discovers that one of his young students has smuggled male pornography into the classroom. Upon being told that the photos belong to the boy’s uncle, Castiel vows to himself that he will keep the other man’s preferences a secret. It’s 1947; a man experiencing attraction to another man or fantasising about his sexual touch are transgressive faults, which could potentially result in imprisonment - or worse. But then the uncle walks in. The photos are of him: Dean Winchester, a rogue with an empty pocket and a child to feed. Castiel doesn’t know it yet, but his life is never going to be the same again. Years pass between chance meetings, but even though they live their lives apart, Dean and Castiel’s story is proof that absence truly does make the heart grow fonder.

( Read here )

Title: Story Time

Author: CaremKefo

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 1,264 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I am always only adding fics that are long, so here’s one of my favorite short fic.

Summary: I like to imagine that someday when Dean and Sam and Castiel have finally saved the world, and are able to settle down, that Dean and Cas will get married and settle in a little town and Dean will make friends with all the neighborhood kids. He’ll keep an eye on them, and keep them out of trouble. And he’ll tell them stories….

( Read here )

Title: Everytown, USA

Author: aileenrose

Rating: Mature

Words: 56,972 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  

Admin A’s notes: Okay so I may have said that this is one of my fav fics of all time, but I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it in a specific top fics post…? Lol or maybe I have, but who cares since this is awesome and I’ve read this way too many times already.

Summary: Dean’s determined not to stay in one place for long–he’s enjoying his new-found freedom too much.

Castiel might be the one to make him stick around.

( Read here )

Title: Say a Prayer and Light a Candle

Author: tiptoe39

Rating: Explicit

Words: 56,996– Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This is a newer find for me but I’ve already read it twice so that alone should mean something, right? I don’t know, for some reason this just keeps staying in my mind as a really great read.

Summary: Dean comes home with Castiel for the holiday. Only the holiday is Hanukkah, and Dean’s not Jewish. Which presents a problem.

( Read here )

Title: Crossroads State

Author: Mercy

Rating: Mature

Words: 51,002 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: It’s so hard to choose only five fics for this list but at this moment in time, I do have to mention this fic since I just re-read it and fell in love with it yet again.

Summary: Castiel has a nice predictable structured life teaching high school, even if he happens to be overqualified for it. Then this guy moves in around the corner and literally knocks him on his ass.

( Read here )

Title: The Sawdust Men

Author: linoresearch

Rating: Explicit

Words: 123,363 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This is my go to fic when I need something dark and angsty. I have recced this way too many times in the past so I apologized to those of you who are sick of seeing this fic,  but I just love it so much.

Summary:  Castiel Novak is an inmate at a labour camp. Life is brutal and no one ever gets out. Castiel’s only goal is to go unnoticed by the barbaric guards, and the violent inmates. Dean Winchester is a soldier without a purpose since the civil war ended. Dean accepts an assignment at a labour-camp, under the mentorship of Alistair, the Commander. From the start, Dean and Castiel are drawn to each other, and their relationship develops in a way that changes their lives. But Alistair has his own plans for Dean, and Castiel is a complication. When Alistair fails to separate them through threats and violence, he turns to manipulation; feeding Dean’s confusion about his feelings for Castiel, and goading him into a terrible act in order to break him. As Dean and Castiel try to fight back, they uncover secrets that are more far-reaching than they ever imagined. In such a dangerous world, can they ever be together? Can they even survive?

( Read here )

Title: the inexhaustible silence of houses

Author: Askance

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 31,820 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I can’t do a favorite’s list without at least one horror-esq fic. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but everything horror, be it movies or books is my jam and I’m religiously keeping tabs on every new horror release. So yeah, I had to mention this fic since it’s one of my favorites in Destiel horror fics.

Summary: Almost two years after the world doesn’t end, Castiel falls from grace—and loses his voice in the process. It is the impetus for confession and change; before long, he is settling into a loving relationship with Dean, the Winchesters are tired, and hunting for a place to land has taken precedence to hunting anything else. Dean and Castiel fall in love with the strange little house on the end of Swallowtail Drive, and for a little while life is as it should be—sweet, affectionate, and beginning afresh.

But more and more Castiel sees and hears things in the house that beg the question of whether or not a place itself can be alive. The walls and rooms seem to shift and grow and breathe, and one night, Dean comes home from a hunt changed in a way that Castiel cannot explain. In the months that follow, their domestic bliss takes turns for the dark and sour, and the confusion of their circumstances will ultimately test everything Castiel knows about the man he loves, and everything he believes to be true.

( Read here )

anonymous asked:

Isn't it cute that Phil remembered those 2 songs Dan made up? :D any opinions on phil's life show? I think he seemed so calm and happy, it was nice!

Amazing younow. He seemed in such a good mood and I was actually dying of laughter so many times in the show. His brilliant and wonderfully weird brain. I’ll never get tired of listening to him talk for an hour.

AND YES OMG. Not only did he mention having Dan’s “I like bananas in the sunshine, I like bananas on the moon moon moon” song stuck in his head, he also started singing “don’t step on the glass” from rave time. I think we were just talking on my blog a few weeks ago about them always remembering and singing their old little songs they’ve made up. It seriously makes me smile so much.

I tried to take a few notes during about the other parts I liked from the show:

He seems so excited for VidCon which is awesome. I liked hearing about the reason behind their panel choices and everything. “Can you imagine Dan and Glozell together on a panel” His little laugh hahaha he found that so amusing.

“YOU’VE SEEN MY PUNS” on a t-shirt. I don’t know why I laughed as hard as I did.

Ambivert extravert or introvert discussion was so interesting. I’ve always thought of him as an introvert and he seemed to think that fit most closely until he realized he was probably kind of inbetween. Which I can also see. I just love when he talks about personality traits (like the time he listed off which parts of his zodiac sign fit him). He’s such a tough egg to crack when it comes to that kind of info so I cherish the times he gives us some extra insight into the way he thinks.

Cute Louise discussion about being bathbomb twins. He had texted her that he was now a “ human sprinkle of glitter” (HE WOULD) after using that bathbomb and getting glitter everywhere. 

ANOTHER HOUSE PLANT. Get this man his garden oasis for god’s sake. The whole house is gonna turn into a plant if he keeps continuing lol. Anyways, welcome to the world “plant susan.” Hope you didn’t cause any more domestic arguments between your dads.


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[SUBBED]  - My Daughter is an Idol (Kizaki Yuria)

Here on Google Drive

And here it is :) I tried to complete it as soon as I found some time to!
I hope you enjoy. As for what it’s possible to perceive of them, it’s really no wonder how Yuria grew up to be like this, with such kind and nice people as parents.
Also, I believe that the fact that she looks up to her father is even more clear after getting to know him a bit. (and no matter how many times I see it, the resemblance is amazing lol I’ve been curious to see him ever since Yuria herself mentioned looking like him)
Anyway you really can feel - well, I do and I hope you do too, that is - the warmth of the Kizaki family and how much they treasure each other.
I’ll keep looking forward to the family stories Yuria is going to tell from now on (she often talks about her beloved family) and now that I “know” her parents I guess they’ll be even funnier and more interesting to hear!

Lastly, allow me to invite you to cast a vote on Yuria if it’s in your possibilities and you think she might deserve it. Thanks!