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Pentagon: Reacting to you sleeping half naked

Scenario: You went on a trip with Pentagon and their manager, but you only booked 6 rooms, so you had to share with one of the members. They all know you always sleep half naked, so what happens when you start taking off your clothes?

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In case you haven’t heard the news - MONA LISA IS GOING TO APPEAR IN THE 4TH SEASON OF NICKELODEON’S TMNT!! And Zelda Williams is going to voice her?! AHHHHHHHH!

-insert fanfare-

So to celebrate, have a badly sketched Mona Lisa the Salamandrian Warrior with a bad/incorrect colour scheme! YAY!

Dear Nick Team. Please please please Do Not FUDGE her up. I’m begging you. I and many others have wanted to see her since day #1 and while I am bouncing in my chair in excitement as we speak, I can’t help but have my doubts. I mean you guys killed off Irma. Seriously.

I’m also super excited to see all the new species the turtles will meet in the dimension x/ space!! TRICERATONS, FUGITOID (voiced by DAVID TENNANT?! AHHHH), A CREEPY BUG GUY AND MORE SALAMANDRIANS. 

OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS I GOT MY COMMISSION FROM MOONMOLT JUST NOW AND LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT HOW CUTE THIS IS!!!!!!! i asked her to just draw me a lil wander cuz I wanted to see how he’d look in her style and I only asked for a half-body, but she went ahead and did full body since he’s so simple ;u; LOOK AT HIS LITTLE EYELASHES LOOK AT HIS FLUFFY FUR AhHHhHhHh….. aaaaa….. thank you so much jj <3333333333333