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I´m here to vent a little. These days have been harsh for me since I´ve been doing poorly in class…and the date…and looking for a job. Also, money is very tight. So tight that we´re running out out of food. Well, your commissions and @xanthosmara have been feeding me haha.

I know these are just harsh times and i´m sure they´ll pass quick but i can´t help feeling a bit down with all that has happened. But thanks to you, your asks and you reblogging and liking my posts really brighten my day. Thank you everyone and i´m sorry i had to vent here. Have a nice evening.

Why I’m leaving Christianity.

Hey guys! I’ve been on Tumblr for two years now, blogging about my faith. Since I haven’t posted in a long time, an I feel like I owe an explanation to all my followers. I’ve been inactive on my blog because I’ve been rethinking my faith, and I’ve decided to convert.

I don’t really like labels, but since many of you have asked, I now refer to myself as a Messianic Israelite.

Messianic is Hebrew for “Messiah Follower.”

So technically I’m still a Christian since Christian means “Christ Follower”

However, people who refer to themselves as Messianics are different than people who refer to themselves as Christians

Messianic believers observe the Torah. I still believe in Jesus, and I still believe that I’m only saved by his grace, however, I do not believe the Law or Torah was “nailed to the cross” as many Christians believe.

Some of the major differences are:

1. I am going to start following the dietary laws of the Old Testament, meaning no more pig meat, shrimp, crab, rodents, or any other bottom feeders. Since Jesus didn’t put those in his body, I will not either.

2. I am following a Saturday Sabbath instead or Sunday, since that was the original day that Jesus rested on before the Roman Catholic church changed it.

3. I will no longer be celebrating Christmas or Easter, instead I will be following the Hebrew calendar and celebrate the feasts of the Israelites such as Passover, Sukkot, and Pentecost, and all the other feasts that Jesus celebrated being that he was Jewish.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading scripture and learning more about our father Yahweh, and from my studying, I believe this is the right thing to do. I feel like the scales have been removed from my eyes, and I’m excited to move forward with my new perspective on scripture. If you have any questions feel free to message me.

Demon Finn Balor

Demon Finn being rough (biting, pinning etc.) Then Finn being super sweet and gentle afterwards? Please? ❤ queenbalor
Guys I couldn’t tag the username of the person who requested this so I’m sorry for not tagging you!!
You have been looking for Finn all day. You haven’t seen him since this morning and you wanted to wish him luck before his title match. “Hey Hunter have you see Finn?” You ask your boss. “He was heading into his locker room when I passed by there earlier.” Hunter says.

“Alright thank you.” You say walking down the hall and heading towards his locker room. When you get there, the door opens and you see Finn standing there looking down at you. “I’ve been looking for you all day.” You say.

“What are you doing here Y/N?” He asks. “I wanted to see you and wish you good luck.” You tell him. “You shouldn’t have come here Y/N.” He says.

“Finn-” “It’s Devitt Princess.” He snaps. “Well I guess I’ll see you later.” You say turning around. “Those shorts are too tight for your ass Y/N.” He says catching you off guard. “What?” You ask not really knowing what to say.

“Those shorts are showing all of your curves and it’s making me extremely hard.” He says stepping towards you. You stand there not knowing what to do or say, so he says, “Tell me Y/N, do you want me to fuck you? Do you want me to eat your pussy out until I have you screaming my name?”

You feel yourself getting wet but you don’t say anything. “If you don’t answer me Y/N, then I’m going to punish you.” He snaps. “Y-Yes Finn, I want you to fuck me.” You say.

He grabs your arm and pushes you in the locker room. He walks over to you and rips your shorts off. You hear him chuckle and he says, “No underwear? It’s like you were begging to be fucked.” His hands come up to your shirt and he takes it off along with your bra.

Finn starts kissing your neck and you feel him sucking your skin. “F-Finn-” “This is my last time telling you princess, it’s Devitt.” He says biting your neck. “I’m s-sorry Devitt.” You moan.

His hand slides down your body and touches your clit. “You’re so wet for me and I’ve barely touched you. Tell me Y/N, is me dominating you turning you on? Do you like it when I’m rough with you?” He says leaving a trail of bite marks down your neck and collarbone.

“Y-Yes Devitt. Please, I need you to fuck me.” You say grinding your hips down on his hand. He smacks your ass and says, “You need to learn patience princess.” He pulls his trunks down and pushes you to your knees.

“Be a good girl and sick my dick, if you do a good job then maybe I’ll reward you.” He tells you. Once your mouth encloses on his dick, he thrusts forward making you gag a little. You start bobbing your head and you hear a throaty growl come from Finn. He grabs your head and starts fucking your mouth. Not long after he starts, he releases in your mouth.

“Swallow all of it Y/N.” He says pulling out. You do as he says and he leads you over to the couch and pushes you down on it. “Hold your legs up for me Y/N and don’t let them go” He says. You hold your legs up for him and he starts kissing and biting around your thighs and clit.

His tongue swirls around your clit a couple of times until he shoves his tongue inside you making you arch your back. He shoves you back down and pins you down with his arms. You lay there moaning curse words and his name since you really can’t do anything else. He stops and says, “You better scream when you cum or else I won’t let you cum while I’m fucking you.”

He goes back down and starts licking your clit while shoving two fingers inside you. You feel your orgasm rolling up to you and you feel your legs start shaking. “AAHH FUCK DEVITT, RIGHT THERE FUCKKKKK.” You scream while trying to keep your legs up.

“You taste so good Y/N.” Finn says wiping his mouth. Without warning he shoves his dick inside you. You arch your back and you feel Finn push your hips down. He starts fucking into you mercilessly and you let out a string of moans. “Damn Y/N, you’re so fucking wet for me. I’m so close to cumming because of how good you feel.” Finn says grabbing your thighs and throwing your legs up on his shoulders so he can go in deeper.

“D-Devitt, I’m so close.” You moan touching his hair. “Wait for me Y/N, I’m almost there.” He says. You try to hold your release as long as you can, but with the way Finn is fucking into you, you can’t. When you’re about to release, he lets out a low, “Now.” His cum feels you up while you release all over him.

He puts his face in your neck and just lays there. You run your fingers through his hair trying to calm him down and he lifts his head up looking at you with his bright blue eyes. “I’m sorry you had to see that other side of me. I didn’t mean for it to get as rough as it did.” “It’s fine, honestly it was the best thing ever.” You say.

He smiles and says, “How about I run you a hot bath and I go get my paint touched up before I have to go and win my title back?” “Sounds great babe.” You say. Finn pulls out and heads towards the bathroom. You hear the water running but you just lay there thinking of how lucky you were to have a guy like Finn and Devitt.

The Coffee Shop Incident [Tom Holland smut]

Request: “ ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) daddy kink tom holland” -  @shirokirito-sao

Words: 1.7+k

Rating: M

Trigger warings: Smut

Summary: Tom gets jealous and you take advantage of the poor boi’s kink.

A/N: This came from a chat we had on the sin chat with the x-fam so I hope you like this sin.

Tom have been acting up throughout the whole day.  Ever since you left starbucks this morning he hadn’t let go of you, with his possessive grip on your hand or an arm around your waist. He had been grumpy all day.

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7 Minutes in Heaven Pt. 1

Requested by a sweet little anon: “Can I request a smutty 7 minutes in heaven game with Mark? You guys have been friends since he lived in CA but the other guys think you would be better together?”

I split it into 2 parts because I love to tease you all. Pt 2 will go up tomorrow after work!

Genre: Suggestive/Smut

“Your turn Y/N” Jinyoung smiled.

You were kicking yourself for letting the boys talk you into truth or dare.

“How many truths do I have left?” you asked.

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Teal - Clarity. Trust. Healing. Stability. Serenity.

Aaaand its 5 am and ive been working on this mess since september /scREAMS/ or was it october…@msmarshmallowmadnessi told you a kiss was coming 😈 i guess i’ll dedicate this to our awesome prguy @teamlolirock bcuz you and the squad have given us all so much already! Thank you guys for making lolirock bcuz it honestly means so much to us! We wish you all of the above!  #alsolowkeycelebratorykiss4s2 😉


There is finally a NEW STORY TIME on my channel!!! Thank you guys soo much, because of you my last one has close to 15k views!!! Since then a lot of you have been asking for a new story time so here it is!! This one is extra juicy and I hope you all enjoy!! Be sure to watch and subscribe to me channel if you haven’t done so already.


Heya guys! Mod Tictac here! i’m making this post to update you guys on something serious that you have been asking and wondering about. “Why doesnt mod vinegar post if they run the blog” 

Alrighty look guys,YES, Mod Vinegar owns and runs this tumblr. But she doesn’t post a lot as the beginning. since they started, she has been getting rude and harassing anon asks from the same person, and it brings mod Vinegar down and she loses all of her motivation to post or even draw. you might be asking, ‘why doesn’t she block them?’ another good question with a scary answer. We DO Block them. they just decide to change IP’s and come back. so, Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this blog stalker. And frankly, it;s really affecting her and the others around her, including me. She’s one of my best friends in the world, and seeing her brung down by someone shitty enough to go through and do everything to make her unhappy, is honestly the worst. especially when we can’t do anything about it. so i’m just calling this person out, whoever you may be. Just leave her alone.

Vinegar is legitimately afraid. for her sake and everybody else’, please please please respect mod Vinegar. even if she doesn’t post, she still runs this tumblr. without her we wouldn’t be able to give you guys all these shitposts we make for your guys’ entertainment.    

Ok, but seriously, imagine Isak doing exactly what we have all been doing and thinking back to that locker room scene and what he said about not wanting mentally ill people in his life. Imagine him looking back and thinking about how Even must have felt….just like we have all been doing.

Guys, listen, imagine it like this: Isak is texting his mum and arranging meet with her. Even asks him what he’s doing and he’s like “oh I’m just going to see my mum tomorrow.” So Even, who hasn’t heard anything about Isak’s mum since that time in the locker room, is surprised and says something like “So are you talking to her again now? That’s great!” Isak’s a bit confused for a moment and then he remembers their locker room convo as well and that he had mentioned to Even at the time that he wasn’t speaking to her. 

So anyway, later that day they go to a party and they both get pretty drunk. The minute they get home they collapse into bed and soon fall asleep. But Isak’s still drunk enough that he can’t sleep that well at all, he tosses and turns a bit and ends up waking up after like an hour. He can feel Even breathing next to him and he starts thinking about him and their relationship. He looks over at Even and feels a wave of relief that this guy is really here, this guy who he was so close to losing is here and is with him. He thinks back to some of the times things very nearly went wrong and they almost never got together {he is still pretty drunk rn so his thoughts are getting emo - just bear with me here guys}. Their meeting in the locker room that time pops into his head. He thinks about their conversation, about what he said to Even about his mum. And suddenly it hits him like he’s been plunged into ice. He told Even that he didn’t want mentally ill people in his life. Isak’s heart starts contracting in pain as he thinks about it. As he thinks about how much that must have hurt Even. He feels shame wash through him like boiling water and hot thick tears start streaming down his face. 

At this point, Even stirs, it’s like he senses that something is wrong. He turns on his side to face Isak and mutters “mmm what’s up? you awake?”. Isak can’t answer, he is trying to suppress his sobs coming out in quick little gasps. Even reaches out a lazy hand and lands it gently across Isak’s chest and feels it trembling. Even stirs again, he opens one eye to see the outline of Isak in the darkness, “Baby, what’s wrong? you’re shaking.” Isak takes a deep, shuddering breath, “Even..?” Now Even is really worried he hears the anxious and serious tone of Isak’s voice and both his eyes fly open. His full attention is on Isak’s silhouette. 

“Even, you know when you came to see me that time when I was doing PE and we were talking in the locker room?” “Yeh?” Even’s heart starts to quicken. “Well, eh…you know…eh, remember what I said about my mum and….” Isak’s voice breaks.  Even is motionless terrified about where this is going. “Remember I said that I didn’t want mentally ill people in my life…” Isak lets out a huge gasping sob and the tears are running down his cheeks now, coursing down his neck and onto the pillow. Even feels close to tears as well but he is frozen, he is scared about what Isak will say next……..’is this it?’ he thinks. “I……I…..I I’m so sorry!” Isak manages to blurt out. “I didn’t know….I was stupid….I’m so sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry” Isak’s chest is heaving now underneath Even’s hand and Even is crying now: thick, hot tears. Partly because he can feel Isak’s pain, he can feel how awful Isak feels about the whole thing and he can’t bear to see him hurt; but also he is crying for himself. He remembers all too well how heartbroken he was after that meeting, how he had walked home in shock, feeling like he’d been slapped, feeling like his insides had been hollowed out and all that was left was cold. 

Even moves his hand from Isak’s chest and gently, using his thumb, finds Isak’s forehead and traces down to the soft hollow underneath his eye to feel his tears dripping out.  He wipes Isak’s tears away and then slowly moves his thumb over his eyelid, feeling his eye close underneath. “It’s ok. It’s ok now” he whispers to Isak, “You didn’t know about me then. I should have told you, it’s not your fault, I should have told you”. Even can feel Isak’s breath on his hand, coming out in deep, slow sighs. Isak’s hand is in Even’s hair now gripping on for dear life, “I shouldn’t have said that. It wouldn’t have mattered to me. It doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t have wanted to lose you. I - I…I want you in my life I do. I really fucking do.” Isak’s tears are trickling out slower now but his chest still feels tight. 

Even moves closer to Isak so their noses and forehead’s touch, Isak can feel how Even’s breath shudders and he realises that Even has been crying too. “Hey,” Even whispers, “I’m not going anywhere”. Isak presses his face closer to Even’s so their lips are almost touching, “Neither am I.” Even kisses him, a long deep kiss. Isak lets out a stuttering sigh and whispers, “In this universe we are together”. Even lets out a soft chuckle and a small tear escapes from the corner of one eye, “In this universe we are together” he echoes back. 

And for an hour or so they just lie there like that, hands entangled in hair, soft kisses, tears and sighing and muttered drunken phrases. Clinging onto each other in sheer relief. And they fall asleep that way, unsure who said what last. And when they wake up the next morning they see each other with red puffy eyes and small smiles and they just lie there for a little bit longer than usual; drinking in each other’s presence like they have done so many times before. Except this time, it is quieter and more precious somehow. They don’t say anything more about last night but they don’t need to. And when they are ready to get up, Even leans over and presses his lips to Isak’s forehead and inhales. Breathing in Isak’s smell, Isak’s warmth, all of Isak. And he smiles against Isak’s forehead in contentment. 

{ok so this is super long and emo but this is what the skam drought is doing to me guys sorry!} 

Re-blog made some corrections :).


Danny stood across the room. He had his back to the wall, his arms folded across his chest. From where he sat on the couch, Steve threw his partner a smirk, knowing that alone would piss Danny off. “You’re mad at me.”

Danny kept his hard gaze locked on Steve’s chest. “I’m not mad.”

“Screw that, Danny. You’ve been mad at me since the raid on that house on Maui. Like it was my fault.”

“You got shot. Twice.”

“I didn’t ask the guy to shoot me.”

Danny made eye contact with his partner, “You might as well have. You went at him like you had no training at all.”

Steve sat up with a jolt. “Are you calling me a shitty SEAL?”

“No. I’m calling you a reckless one.”

“I know you don’t mean that.” Steve sighed in frustration. It hadn’t been his abilities - or lack thereof - that had been gotten him injured. It was the asshole homeowner and his brother who’d fired on them as they were attempting to execute a search warrant. He got off the couch and went to stand in front of Danny. “Just like I knew in that house you’d have my back. Like always.”

Danny met Steve’s gaze again and snorted out a laugh. He didn’t let up on the tense posture, though. “You always think you know everything.”

Steve let out his own terse laugh before he returned to the more serious expression. Maybe to serious, but somewhere deep inside, there was a part of him that ached to hear Danny say the words. “Just admit it. You’re pissed about the shooting because it freaked you out.” He jabbed a finger at Danny’s chest. “Because you’re in love with me.”

Danny’s lips parted. He sucked in a shallow, audible breath. That was enough of reaction for Steve. He reached for Danny and cupped his cheek, then drew him forward until they were kissing, their mouths and tongues and bodies coming together slowly, tenderly, all of Danny pressing into him, focused on him with that usual intensity of his. Shit, Steve would never tire of kissing this man.

When they finally parted, Danny fell back against the wall. “God you’re infuriating.” He smiled with a softness Steve had rarely seen from him in the past few months. “And you’re right. About everything. So don’t ever get your ass shot again.”

“Deal.” Steve gripped Danny by the waistband of his pants and tugged until he was in his arms again.

Can’t Stand Pt. 12

Admin K: Tbh I finished this series already just waiting to post the last few parts! (so sad) only 3 parts left tbh so request please. I want to thank you all for the support and always being positive towards my writing :) it really makes me so happy! I hope you enjoy this part. Have a good day/night! 

i warned you guys about fluff last time lol so this one might be too? honestly, it’s been a while since I wrote this so…I forget lol

word count: 1,104

Originally posted by hansoltheist

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I started this blog on the 1st of January and already! You guys are amazing (and fucking insane). This might be a humble number out there but to me it’s more than anything that I imagined. Thank you so much for following me even though all I do is flooding your dash with shitty memes (are you ok).

It has been a long time since I last enjoyed being active in a fandom so much, I started off 2017 genuinely happy because I was able to have fun reading KS and sharing my love for it with you guys. I think a lot of you feel the same since most of us are hibernating and waiting for season 2 of yoi, snk etc. All of us from different fandoms enjoying KS together, I’m shook (in a good way).

My message, ask and submission are all open. I would love to talk to you guys, so send me your questions, headcanons, or even edit request of something you would like to see (if I like it I’ll make it). 

Hi there guys!

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, since now you’re +1700 (man, where you came from?! so many, love you all) so I’m here to ask you, what you want to celebrate it? Yes! what you all want.

Even if I have some sketchs done for future comics, there’s alot of things that maybe you want to know better, so this gonna be your time! That said, there are two thing I wont do now, there are an art raffle (because I have commission open) and “The origin” comic, aka “how kitty!sans and Pupyrus end with the fellbros” (sorry guys, I promise this one like months ago, but is going to be more in the future).

So hey! let me now your ideas and I will post them for you to vote. You can use this post to comment or send me an ask mentioning that is for “+1700 thing” (others ask won’t count if not)

Luv ya <3

Stress Reliever

Originally posted by wowdrugstiles

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Summary: Barry being (Y/N)’s stress reliever.

Word count: 768

A/N: Who’s up for some fluff? I hope that you guys like it. I am power-posting until I have time to write imagines, let’s thank weekends. YAY!

Feel free to give me some feedbacks or request me something, ask box is always open for you, guys.

I love you all so much.

- G. x

It’s been a long and tiring day for you at work, since your shift at CC Jitters was during the most hectic part of the day.

You didn’t do anything, except preparing uncountable types of coffee, from a simple macchiato, latte macchiato, cappuccino, espresso, double espresso to American coffee, and cleaning the coffee tables the whole morning.

It was Iris’ day off, so you didn’t get much help today. Your co-workers had other things to do and you had no choice but to satisfy your clients’ needs alone.

Once you arrived in your shared flat with your boyfriend Barry, you plopped down on the red and cosy couch.

“Tired, Babe?” Barry asked you as he picks up your trench coat and black leather bag from the floor, putting them on their places.

“So much.” You said after you unleashed a long and deep sigh. “No work today?”

“I decided to stay here with my lovely girlfriend.” He gave you a peck on your cheek and you flashed him a sweet smile.

“Sweet.” You bit your lower lip as he sat on the part of the couch where your feet were. “How about at S.T.A.R. Labs? What if they need you?”

“They can call me, but you are always my priority. Remember that.” He seriously told you as he took off your boots and threw them across the flat’s door.

“Why are you so sweet?” You raised an eyebrow and he flashed you a death glare. “Where’s my Barry?”

“Oh, shut up!” He threw you a cushion and it landed on your face.

“Bar!” You corrugated your forehead as you threw him the cushion back, but he managed to dodge it. “Unfair.”

“I love you.” He told you as he tried not to laugh.

“I don’t.” You glared at him and you kicked his leg playfully with your right feet.

“Your feet stink, idiot.” He got your feet and he started to tickle it. You hated him for knowing your weaknesses.

“Bar, stop!” You said in between your loud laughs. “Barry!” You kicked him, trying to escape from his grip.

“Loser.” He teased you as he stopped tickling you. You rolled your eyes and you pouted your reddish lips.

“Loser my ass!” You threw him a cushion and you hit his face fully. His eyes widen as he realized that you finally hit him. “Who’s the loser now?”

“Stupid.” He snorted for your childish gestures, also because he knew how competitive you were.

“What now?” You threw him another cushion and he dodged it.

“Nothing.” He stopped laughing, but he flashed you a wide smile. “I love you, no matter how peevish and competitive you are.”

“Aw.” You melted in his sweetness and you flashed him a wide and flattered smile. “I love you too, pain in the ass.”

You both let out a loud laugh as he got up and laid on top of you to hug you tight.

“Still tired?” He whispered in your ear as he tried not to crush or hurt you.

“Kind of.” You honestly replied, even though he somehow helped you a little bit.

“Then the cooking is on me tonight.” He happily exclaimed.

“No!” You harshly shook your head. “You suck at cooking and you know that.”

“I was trying to be sweet here.” He rolled his eyes. “Party pooper.”

“Oops.” You covered your mouth and you giggled. “Sorry.”

“I was kidding, idiot.” He pressed his lips on your forehead. “C'mon, pizza is it then.” He rolled his eyes at the thought of how you spoilt his plans.

“Much better.” You winked at him and he playfully pinched your nose.

“Stop bullying me or you’re not getting your free full body massage tonight.” He threatened you and your eyes widened for excitement.

“I’m sorry, babe.” You caressed his cheek and you kissed him on his lips. “You know that I love you so much and that you are the best boyfriend that I’ve ever had.”

“Sweet talker!” He brushed his nose against yours and you flutter shut your eyes.

“I love you, Bar.” You seriously said still having your eyes closed.

“I love you too, (Y/N).” He replied, leaving your childish discussions behind. You smiled once again and you then felt his warm lips closed the gap between the two of you.

You both shared a deep and passionate kiss, relieving your stress even more. You both spent your night cuddling and making out as you waited for the night to come.

You somehow felt relaxed and relieved and that’s all thanks to your favourite, lovable and adorable stress reliever: Barry Allen.

Hey guys, Mod Bol here! We’d like to say thank you to the 100+ followers we gained in such a short time! Me and the other two mods thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We’ve only been around for probably less than a week and look what’s happened! We’re shocked to see the love for Bitty Bendy and his friends! Thank you, thank you all so much!

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simon & raphael “I don’t know if I should kiss you or slap you.”

Everything that happened with Valentine was a blur in Simon’s mind, mostly because he was half conscious for the most part.

Thanks to Jace he was still undead. Even when the soul sword was touched and each downworlder in the room drop like flies.

And yes he still hope that one of those downworlders wasn’t in the building at all. “Have you guys seen Raphael?” He asked Clary and Izzy for the 5th time that morning since they began to carry out the dead downworlders.

Both shock their heads no “Simon-”

“Don’t say it’s going to be okay, I can’t lose him, not after everything we’ve been through”

“Simon, really just t-”

“G-” the word burnt his tongue like the thought set his hurt and anger a flame. “Clary, please tell me nothing happened to him”

“Nothing happened to him” Simon started at Clary but it wasn’t she who spoke.

Within a second, Simon crossed the room to where Raphael stood in the shadows of the large pillars that held up the institute, his arms flung around Raphael, drawing him into a fierce hug.

“What?how?” Simon asked as he held Raphael.

“Magnus took me and Madzie with him just in”

“I don’t know if I should kiss you or slap you.” Simon laughed in relief “I was so scared”

“I know, I didn’t want to think about collecting your dead body among the others”

“I want to go home, with you” Simon said and took Raphael’s hands “please”

Raphael nodded and smiled.

a few people have asked where they can see the completed coffee drawings, and the answer is that i’ll link them in the stretch goals post when they’re done (they’ll also just be posted on this blog if they’re sfw). since this thing just happened, the currently met goals haven’t been posted just yet, but i can tell you that all four of the currently met goals have been sketched! you guys can expect some weird chara x anon art soon enough!

Just Ask Her

Originally posted by imagineseverywhere

Requested by: @all-fandoms-imagines

Request: Can I please have an imagine in which the reader has been at camp half blood for a very long time and Luke is getting sad because all the reader’s attention (and all the other one’s attention too) is on the new guy Percy and he’s getting jealous, even though the reader is just friend with him and has loved Luke since the first time but didn’t know he felt the same?

A/N: im just warning you, the ending sucks and the imagine is short.

                                                  Luke’s POV         

Everything was fine until he came. Percy Jackson. The only known living half-blood son of Poseidon. I don’t even see what was so good about him anyways. Yes, he could control water, create storms and talk to horses, but that didn’t make him any better than anyone else. Everyone, and I mean everyone was intrigued by him. I really didn’t care about how everyone was in love with him, the only thing that I cared about was the fact that Y/N was part of the crowd. It was absolutely revolting. She joined the other girls to drool over him and stalked his every move. To say that I was hurt would have been an understatement. I was crushed. It was supposed to be Luke and Y/N, not Y/N and Percy. I was the one there for her when she first came to Camp Half-Blood. I was the first person she opened up to about her problems at home, not even Annabeth knew before me. It was as if as soon as he came she lost interest in me. So I did the only reasonable thing a love struck boy would do, I ignored her.

At first, it was only a subtle cold shoulder, but later on, it turned into not talking for days, which quickly turned into weeks. It was taking a toll on the both of us for the worst. I was not focused on anything anymore. I had sleepless nights and felt like a zombie in the morning. Y/N was taking it even worse; she had puffy eyes and a bedhead whenever I saw her in the cafeteria. However, the good news is that she stopped stalking Percy like a lost puppy. Everyone did really, he got old very quickly. It wasn’t until the last day of the second week that I’d had enough. Y/N was—I mean is my best friend and I don’t want to live without her. I wandered around the Camp looking for her until I found her sparring with a foam dummy. That’s what she always does when she has things on her mind.

I walked up behind her, “Hey Y/N.” She was taken off guard and spun around. I ducked down, only missing her 3-foot sword by an inch. There were some casualties, as she took off a strip of the blue shirt I was wearing.

“Oh, my gosh Luke, I’m soo sorry!”

“No. No, it fine Y/N. I, um, actually came here to talk to you about something.”

“Oh, is it the fact that you’ve been ignoring me for the past two weeks?” What she said was true, but what surprised me was the fact that she said it through gritted teeth with venom laced in her words. I didn’t blame her.

“Look Y/N, it’s not my fault. I—.”

It’s not your fault? Did you just say that it’s not your fault Luke because that’s a whole load of crap?. You chose to ignore me. You chose to give me the cold shoulder whenever I tried desperately to talk to you. You chose to do all those things to me, but you still call yourself my best friend.”

“Look Y/N, I wouldn’t have done any of those things if you’d just stop following Percy Jackson around and pay attention to me for two seconds! If you’re happy following Percy around then so be it, I honestly just want you to be happy because that’s what best friends do.” I said staring straight into your eyes. “But what am I supposed to do when the girl I like is following around some kid that loves water more than air?” I muttered.

“You’re supposed to tell her that you like her Luke,” You said with a small smirk growing on your face.

“Wait, you heard that?” I said, my face growing a dark shade of pink in the process.

“Yes Luke, I heard that, and I personally think you should grow some balls and tell the girl you like her, because maybe, just maybe, she likes you back.”

I knew she knew I liked her by now, now all I had to do was just ask her.

“So, um Y/N, I uh like you a lot, like a lot a lot, and I’m just wondering whether you uh—you uh wanted to go out with me on Saturday?” As I said it sweat beads were forming on my forehead.

“Yes, Luke. I would love to.” She exclaimed with a huge smile on her face while engulfing me in a heart-warming hug.

Little did the two of you know that that date would be only the beginning of the several dates to come.