since when was being good looking a talent though

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(Hello I absolutely LOVED your non-au headcanon!!) Could you make one where jikook are not a couple (yet) but Jungkook is super jealous of exo’s Chanyeol being all over Jimin at ISAC and Seoul music awards 2017?

yes yes bb! thank you so much for reading my stuff and sending in a request!! (also my chronology is probably messed up, i can’t remember if isac came first or the music awards lmao. i’m going with music awards….i feel like that was first….

+ “who are you texting?” jungkook asked jimin. they were in their dorm on the couch watching some show but jimin kept smiling at his phone. it was making jungkook very curious. 

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Morning Cris, given how well Niall and Liam are doing why do you think Sony passed? I really couldn't be a financial decision could it? Niall has always been popular in America, if they are following the 'one breakout boy and act' I suppose, but 1d have broken so many boyband rules, N and L seem to be very appreciated by their labels I imagine much mashing of teeth at Sony.

I think you nailed it, they have been jonesing for solo Harry for YEARS and they literally never understood how talented all of them were.

As for Niall, Simon did try to sign him, if you’ll recall, it was announced that it was in the works, then Niall “betrayed” him by signing with UMG like Liam. As I’ve said before, I think Capitol simply offered more than Syco was willing to match. Syco may have seen his potential to be a mid-level act solely supported by 1D fans, but by not offering more money/control/whatever, they underestimated him to their obvious detriment.

Last night my 1D insider revealed: “Niall is the band’s secret weapon — Modest and Syco believe he has what it takes to become a break out solo star.

“He has the songwriting and music talent, good looks and cheeky Irish personality which made him a favourite in the States. A deal with Syco is going to be signed in the coming weeks and Niall is already back in the studio writing.

They were right about him being the secret weapon though :) I hope they’re crying in their corn flakes right now!

As for Liam, I’m going to believe him when he said that Simon didn’t make him an offer. It’s no secret that Liam has consistently been the #4 or #5 in popularity with the band since the beginning, and I think Simon took that to mean that he wouldn’t have support. He was not only wrong about that, but even if Liam wasn’t the fan favorite, fans ALWAYS knew how talented Liam is and how much potential he had. So that was just a stupid, insulting move on Simon’s part to not even try.

Unfortunately, with the way they’ve treated Louis, it feels like his signing was Simon’s desperate attempt to save face by keeping one of the members of 1D - whether he wanted to be “kept” or not.