since when do you have a secret identity

You Don’t Have to be Superman

(Put a read more in cause it got kinda really long oops)

  • Ladybug and Chat Noir are together
    • Like together together
    • Very much together
    • And everyone knows it
  • They don’t know each other’s identities because it’s not safe, not with Hawkmoth still out there
    • When they defeat him, that’s when they’ll tell each other, they promise
  • They defeat Hawkmoth when they’re twenty three and Gabriel Agreste goes to prison
  • Their Miraculouses are running down, or Adrien needs a minute to himself, or something, but the point is, they split up and are going to meet up that night and reveal themselves
  • Marinette doesn’t count on Tikki and the earrings disappearing as soon as she transforms
    • It’s awful, but she and Chat are in this together and they’ve got a hotel room booked so she’ll just meet him there
  • Adrien doesn’t count on there being a lot of paper work when it turns out your father is a supervillain
    • There’s a lot
    • Nathalie is handling it mostly but they still need his signatures and no one is letting him out of their sight
  • Marinette goes to the hotel room and waits for Chat to arrive
    • He doesn’t
  • Adrien glances at the clock every few seconds, trying to pull himself away from the mess of his life for long enough to get to Ladybug
    • He can’t

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Hunter, Part 2

HERE IT IS!  The often requested and long-awaited sequel to my fic Hunter.  If you haven’t read the first part, make sure you read it before you read this!  I was quite nervous about writing a sequel to Hunter, as that fic is nice and steamy, so I hope this does it justice.  There’s some nervousness, smut, fluff, and cute Sam-Dean banter toward the end.  I hope you all enjoy!

Summary: Your semi-regular phone call with a sex hotline brings you to meet a very attractive stranger.

warnings: smutty smut, some fluff, and some cuteness

word count: ~4800 (you asked for it!)

From the previous part:

You were standing face-to-face with the Adonis from earlier, the one who had started the whole fantasy you and Hunter had.  Like you had been hoping, he was only wearing jeans, bare torso directly in front of your face.  Unable to control yourself, your eyes roamed his muscles, admiring the sheen of sweat that covered his pecs and collarbone.

“Um,” he spoke, the familiar rumbling baritone sound sending jolts between your legs.  Your eyes snapped back up to his, a beautiful mixture of green and hazel swirling in front of you.  “Can I help you?”

You swallowed deeply, and he looked at you with curiosity.


A widening of eyes and sharp intake of breath confirmed your wildest dreams.

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Tim Drake Headcanons

Hello my lil wings! How are you doing?

So Anon requested:  Hey can I get headcanons for what tim drake x reader argue about when they’re dating and how they resolve things/make up afterwards? There isn’t enough tim stuff out there. Thank you!! 💕 

And they’re right! Timmy needs more love! So today with this headcanons and tomorrow with a new Timmy x reader fic I’ll give Timmy all the love he deserves! 


  •   We all know Timmy
  •   And he doesn’t take care of himself very well
  •   So after months of arguing, crying ect He confessed he was Red Robin
  • It took you by surprise
  •  But then the pieces clicked
  •  Why he looks so bruised
  •  Why he’s so sleep deprived
  •   Why his family now matches the batfamily
  •  Why Red Robin always flirts with you.
  •  Why he smelled the same as your boyfriend
  •   Why RR always yells “IM NOT TIM DRAKE!!” When you questioned his identity.
  •   Since then, you vowed to yourself you’ll take care of Timmy.
  •   Because he can’t do it properly
  •  Alfred is very happy
  •  Now someone controls Tim
  • He has taught you Tim’s favorite foods and (secretly) gave you his secret way of make him sleep.
  •   Valeriana
  •   Even though you have your own way
  •   ;)))
  •   You two argue mostly about how Tim often disappears for days.
  •   And when one of his brothers brings him to your home, with bloodshot eyes, still in costume and more than often, hurt.
  •   You always bring him to your bathroom where you clean and stich his wounds
  •  Then you help him get on his pajamas (because he has clothes in your home, he often sleeps there) and help him to your bed.
  • You bring him a cup of warm milk and lie down next to him.
  • In minutes the two of you are cuddling, asleep.
  •  The morning after you two quarrel about Tim’s poor health care when he is in one of his moods.
  •  More than often Timmy can be pretentious. He ends hurting you with his words.
  •   He regrets it immediately.
  •    Your hurt expression, your teary eyes, your twitching lips…
  •   He felt his heart drop
  •  You slap him in the face
  •   And he deserves it.
  •   You go to your room and lock it.
  •   He runs after you, apologizing.
  •  “(y/n), please! I’m sorry! Just-Just let me in!”
  •   “Go away to your dear computer!”
  •   He ends breaking your door
  •  It’s the 50 door he’s broken
  •  Good thing his dad’s rich
  •  Bruce is not amused
  • Srly Tim, stop breaking doors!
  •  Kissing you all over and whispering how sorry he is, how much he loves you.
  •  “Please-kiss-(Y/N)-bite-I Love-hickey-you-smooch-so much”
  •   “Oh, stop Timmy. You’re getting your drool all over my face! You’re worse than Titus” You push him away half-heartedly.
  •  “You wound me!” Tim jokes
  •  The morning is full of apologizing kisses that turned in playful kisses and in the end things got hot.
  •  “God, I love how you shout my name in your climax” Tim groans
  •   “And I love how your hair tickles me when we cuddle” You giggled
  •   You two sometimes argue about how you wanted to help him in his fights.
  •    He would refuse and refuse.
  •   He had died multiple times and he couldn’t bear the thought of losing you.
  •   And what would his enemies do to you…
  • God he was so afraid of telling you about this for that reason.
  •   Once, you dressed in your jogging pants, a spare Red Robin shirt and a mask.
  •  You appeared out of nowhere in the middle of a fight with Two Face.
  •   You got pretty hurt
  •    Nothing mortal
  •   But yeah, you’ll remember it for a week, minimum.
  •   Tim was furious when you two arrived home.
  •  He angrily argued about how irresponsible you had been, how scared he was, How childish of you it had been… While cleaning your wounds rather softly.
  •   When all was set he kissed all your wounds, the same way you would do it to him.
  •  “Don’t do this again. It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have told you about my secret”
  •   “Of what are you so afraid?”
  •   “…” Tim stopped dead in his tracks
  •    “Timmy? Tell me” You caressed Tim’s face and he rests his face in your hands.
  •   “Of you dying”
  •   “Tim, where did you get that idea?”
  •  “I’ve died, everyone I love just dies or leaves me. I don’t want that for you”
  •   “You won’t lose me, Timothy Jackson Drake”
  •   “I won’t let you go, (y/n) (m/n) (l/n)”
  •   Then you two would cuddle in the couch, with a blanket around you, watching (f/m). Tim kissed your hairline softly after you feel asleep on his shoulder.
  •  Once his brothers caught you two on the act.
  • They don’t let Tim live it down
  •  Jason and Dick joked about it for weeks.
  •  Damian….
  •   Damian was Damian 
  •   “I’m surprised somebody wants you, Drake. I’m sure she’s replacing somebody with you, as you’ve been always a replacement” 
  •    All hell broke loose
  •   Chairs flied 
  •    Knifes too
  •    Your couch was broken
  •   Your TV, too
  •  “YOU DEMON SPAW” said Tim before kicking Damian. He flied and hit…
  •   Yeah, you guessed it
  •    Your door
  •   “MY DOOR :d ” 
  •   “THAT’S ENOUGH !!!” 
  •   Everyone freeze 
  •  Even your average mobster in the alley next to your house.
  •   You sat them and yelled at them to be more responsible, more mature.
  •  Then Batman appeared on the windows. 
  •   Looking at his children, the two older on the floor behind at the couch as protection against those knives buried on the couch. And the two younger being yelled at by his middle child’s girlfriend. 
  •   Then he looked at the state of the room
  •   “I’m going to have to pay for this, don’t I?” Bruce singhed
  •   That night Tim sleep in the counch 
  •  In the remains of the counch* 
  •   You two fight sometimes, but Tim’s love for you goes beyond any categories
  •  He loves you a lot, with your flaws and perfections. He loves your laugh, and seeing you every morning by his side is his favorite moment of all the day 
  •   The same goes for you, You love him even with his Know-it-all attitude and his anxieties, his hearty laugh makes your day and how his eyes twinkle when he has a clue or he has found something important has you falling in love all over again.
  •   When he has to stay up to many nights, you make his coffee and sit next to him. Trying to stay awake until you fell asleep on his shoulder.
  •   He finds it adorable.
  •  Sometimes he brings you to the bed, other times he indulges himself and lets your warmness calm him. 
  •   It makes him work harder
  •  So he can help to make a better world for you
  •  Overall the two of you are cuties who sometimes argue of your unhealthy habits.

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Crying at Midnight supercorp


She does her best to avoid seeing the brunettes face but it is hard when everywhere she goes there is a reminder of the woman she loved, the one she pushed away and broke. Kara knew she had no right to be angry but she could not help herself but hate the fact that Lena was gone from her life. Kara had broken Lena’s heart she had no right to feel anything for Lena anymore, she gave that up when she walked away.

The memories of that day in the office, the look on Lena’s face as she walked out haunted her everytime she closed her eyes. What could she have done though, it was for the best that she was walking away, it was to protect Lena from something far worse than heartbreak. Kara could never stand back, knowing that she was the cause of Lena’s death so she broke the woman she loved, in order to protect her.

It felt like someone had reached inside her chest and torn out her heart, torn it apart and shoved it back in the wrong space. She could feel the broken pieces of her heart in the pit of her stomach. She was choking back tears, as she sat in her living room trying to pull herself together after everything she had done. It felt like it was all a screwed up nightmare, and if she blinked hard enough it would all go back to the way it was supposed to be. The way she had planned everything to be, where the ring in the drawer of her nightstand would ended up on Lena’s left hand.

It would have been perfect she had it all planned out, she would ask Lena to marry her, and then Lena would cry because of course Lena would cry. Lena the sap Luthor is what Alex had started calling her; after they had found out how easily Lena is made to cry happy tears. She had started making it her goal with every romantic gesture to have it make Lena cry. Maggie had thought it was sweet and James would always help her set up the romantic gestures.

It hit her hard in the gut, that she would never do that again, that everything was done no more Lena, no more midnight debates about a new piece of technology. Lena would wake up with an idea in her head, and the two would end up sitting on the couch going back and forth with ideas trying to figure out what would work. Those nights she had taken for granted, always thinking that they would never end, that what they had would never end. When she looked around the apartment all she could see was Lena and her smile, the way she would dance around in the morning as they made breakfast.

Now when she thought of Lena, she thought of the tears running down her face as Kara told her that they were over, as Lena tried to fix it when Lena had done absolutely nothing wrong, Lena was perfect it was not her fault, it was Kara’s. She had promised never to break Lena’s heart, she had promised to protect Lena, but she had broken Lena more than any other person ever had. How she wished she could run back to Lena beg her to take her back, say she was sorry, so sorry. The thought was pushed from her mind, as she thought of why she had to break it all of in the first place.


“ what does she see in you?” the voice asked her, as she lay on the ground in a cell.

She tried to respond, but an electric shock stopped her causing her to cry out in pain, she should not have been hurt by it but she could feel her powers weekinning. She was losing her powers, Clark had told her once that sometimes when solar flaring it is less of a sudden thing sometimes it is a gradual loss of her powers; she should have known and no doubt her captor knew that she was losing her powers as well.

She tried to keep herself from passing out from the pain she was enduring, as the electricity continued to surge through her. It felt like eternity that it kept going, but when it finally stopped she nearly cried in relief. The large metal door in front of her opened, hitting her in the head as it opened. She was flung back by the hit it had actually hurt some. The figure that walked into the room was far too familiar to her. No wonder the question that had been asked earlier seemed so personal, after all Lillian Luthor made everything personal.

“ hmm more resilient than I had thought.” she said, her voice even and as malicious as always, it caused Kara’s skin to crawl.

“ what do you want Lillian, planning to kill all aliens again.” she spat back, trying to give off an air of strength but it was not very affective, as she sat her head bleeding from being hit with the door, and burns on her hands from the electrocution.

“ oh what do I want, hmm quite a few things but only one of which I need you for now.” the taller woman said, she was composed as always, her voice still as chilling as the last time she had been captured by Lillian. “ my daughter you know her, uh intimately to say the least, I want you away from her.”

“ no, you do not get to control her; she made her own choice to be with me” Kara spat back, Lillian had long since stopped pretending that she was not aware of Kara’s secret identity.

“ oh I know that, but here is the thing supergirl, I can destroy her life I can take her company I can take her wealth, I will take everything she loves if you do not do exactly as I say. And if you decide not to out of some romantic idea that  you can make it without everything then I will have no choice but to kill her.”


The memories caused her to curl into herself, the feeling of the electric shocks still could be felt on her skin when she remembered those moment. She wished that Lillian would have just left well enough alone, but of course Lillian Luthor could never let her be happy, even if that meant breaking her own daughter’s heart. How could anyone be so cruel and so cold, Kara wished that there was some way to make it better, to get rid of Lilian but that would only hurt Lena. Kara could not take the little family Lena had from her, even if it meant that Kara would be left in shambles.

If she had never become supergirl maybe things would be different, she would have Lena next to her safe and happy, they would be safe and happy together, the rest of the world would not matter. How could she not be supergirl though, she was so much better for becoming a hero, and she knows Lena would agree that being a hero is good for Kara. It made her feel closer to her home, to the one that she had lost.

She had felt at home with Lena, after landing on earth she had come to accept that nothing would ever feel truly like home again. That was until she would find herself sitting snuggled in bed with Lena watching tv, and binge watching shows with Lena, because Lena never watch the whole show unless she was forced to in one sitting. Home had become Lena, the dark haired ceo brought out part of Kara that she had not been able to feel since she was a child.

She was losing that home all because of her first home, it was as if the universe had decided that she was never allowed to be truly happy. Some how in her years of life she had committed an unforgivable crime against the universe, so that now she was cursed never to have happiness that would last. She wanted to scream into the sky, then she thought why not she could fly.

She got up and changed into her suit, with only one thing on her mind making the pain stop making it all go away, if only for a second she did not want the crushing weight of the universe on her shoulders. She flew faster than she should have, breaking the sound barrier outside of the city. No destination in mind she simply wanted to feel something besides the heartbreak, that was trapped in her chest, something that would fight off the tears that were still clouding her vision.

She changed her angle soaring up into the sky  higher and higher until the memories stopped swimming through her head, as the wind stung against her skin, she was still weak from her capture, Alex had told her not to push herself but, Kara knew Alex was just being overprotective, she was fine and she needed to push herself today. The air was thinning out as she rose through the clouds.

Lena was scared of hights, but Lena had gotten to where she enjoyed flying with Kara, she would hang on tightly, tighter than necessary every time and Kara would pretend like she did not know why. She could remember the sound of Lena’s laughter as they flew arms wrapped around Kara’s neck a smile place on both of their faces, the world was perfect in those moments. No villains existed in those moments, it was nothing besides the two of them and the feel of the wind against their skin, and the feel of the warm body next to them.

The ghost of Lena’s arms was still around her neck, as she came to a halt in the air, sobs made their way out of her mouth without her permission. She hated how weak she was, how she was unable to let go of the woman she was in love with. She had planned on proposing while they were flying, it would be simple but heartfelt. Lena had grown to love flying with Kara, and it would be the perfect way to ask the love of her life to marry her. It was all going to be perfect their life together, a happily ever after. Another sob wracked her body, forcing her to drop a few feet.

She had never felt as weak as she was in those moments, as uncontrollable tears made their way down her face. She was distraught stuck in the middle of the sky, where no one would see her or notice that she was gone. The lies that she had come up with when explaining to Alex and Maggie in order to explain to them why she had to break up with Lena were in the back of her mind, they made her mouth taste like bile.

She had never spoken so many lies in such a short time, she was lying to everyone she loved telling them that she was angry at Lena, telling them that nothing could fix them. Telling them that she did not love Lena, when all she wanted to do was love Lena, spend nights making love to her. The time had passed for their love though she had to accept that, and it was all going to be better for Lena this way.

Deciding that she was not going to hover there and mourn what was over, she took off again, heading upward trying to push everything out of her mind. Trying to stop the ache once again. She flew high till she had trouble breathing in the air, till she could feel the cold seeping into her bones till she could feel her muscles giving out on her. Until the only thing she could feel was the pain of her own body nothing else, not ghost of Lena’s touch nothing, but physical pain.

Then it all went bad though, as she started to fall she struggled to keep flying but her powers were giving out again. She tried to scream as she began to fall, first it was only a few feet then another few feet, then all at once she was plummeting to the ground, her strength near gone. Sights flashing before her eyes as the ground approached.

Lena’s smile her laugh, game nights spent with friends, the ring sitting in her nightstands drawer, the days spent in bed with Lena, days spent with the people she loved, she felt hopeless as the impact of the ground shook her. It felt like everything in her body was broken all at once as she lay there alone, it was getting cold so cold, and it was so hard to keep her eyes open, she gave into her body, letting herself fall into sleep.

It took over an hour for the DEO to pinpoint her location, they were lucky that it was a sunny day, or Kara would have been dead by the time they got there. Although she was not much better than dead in the state they found her, Alex had cried when she saw her little sister, broken legs bent in ways that they should not have.

It was the expression on Kara’s face that seemed to break her more, the sheer hopelessness that her expression relayed made her sob even more, she wished that she could fix it that she could snap her fingers and her little sister would be fine, but this was not something that she could fix. Alex helped them load Kara into the vehicle, she could not even hold her little sister’s hand on the ride as her hands had been broken and hurt.

They rushed her into surgery when they reached the DEO, Maggie was waiting there for them, she held Alex back as they took her sister into surgery, tears could be seen in Maggie’s eyes as well. The rest of the superfriends quickly made their way to the DEO as they were informed of Kara’s state, J’onn stood outside of the surgery room. He was not about to lose another daughter.

Eliza was on her way she would be conducting another surgery on Kara, they sent M’gann to get her as they had no quicker way to get her there in time to help Kara, no one at the DEO had seen Kara in such a bad state before. They were worried that she would not make it through. James cept telling them that they had to have hope, Kara was strong she would pull through she would not give up on them so easily. She was going to wake up and be her cheery self, they needed to believe that she would be.

The procedure took hours even after Eliza got there they could not stop worrying, Alex had demanded to know what Kara had been fighting that had put her in this condition. It had broken Alex that much more when she found out that Kara was not fighting anything that they knew of. When Kara had finally gotten out of her last surgery, Eliza had stepped in for Maggie to comfort Alex and had sent Winn and Maggie to Kara’s apartment to pick up her some things. Stating that it was just a matter of waiting for Kara to wake up and that Kara was ok broken but ok.

Winn called Lena on their way out, he told her that they needed the key to Kara’s apartment. He left out her injuries not wanting Lena to feel guilty for the state that Kara was now in, after all Lena was not the one who had hurt Kara. Maggie had spent the car ride helping Winn come up with a believable story to tell Lena, so that she would not suspect Kara’s injuries. They arrived to find Lena at the door waiting for them, her eyes were red rimmed and puffy from crying.

Lena should have known better than to go into Kara’s apartment. It should have been simple for her open the door, and help them find Kara’s clothes and things, she should never have found the ring. She should never have broken down again in the back of her car, as her driver took her home. She should not have been hurting that much but it would not stop, all she wanted to do was go running back to Kara.

a.n. I would say i’m sorry so here it is I am sorry. I apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes this was a bit rougher than I wanted it to be

A Derek Hale Imagine Series (PART 3)

Background:You are an omega wolf or at least that’s what you think you are/special agent who returns to Beacon Hills after being suspended for failing a mission. Beacon Hills is your childhood home and are long-forgotten friends with Derek Hale. You are currently a teacher at Beacon Hills high school, trying to live a normal life until Derek Hale returns (whom you’ve thought was dead long ago) and trouble ensues within the town. And the succeeding events makes it harder for you to control your ‘other’ abilities

Setting takes place in episode 1

Chapter 3: By Blood

The sun rose and you were on your way to Beacon Hills High but with Derek still in your mind and the suggestion that both of you should consider forming a pack, it was impossible to focus. Even in class you couldn’t focus, feeling a little nauseous that you found yourself back to sitting down on your chair while the class noticed.

“Ms. (y/s) are you alright?” Lydia Martin asked.

“I’m fine sweetheart,” You replied back but Scott and Stiles knew you weren’t.

After class they went to your desk and asked how you were doing.

“I really am fine,” You said to the boys.

“You looked like you were going to faint Ms. (y/n),” Stiles pointed out.

“You probably need to get yourselves checked, it might be a fever. We can’t be too sure these days, weird things are starting to happen.” Scott added and Stiles gave him a glance. “What?”

“Nothing.” Stiles stammered. “Anyways we’ve got to go to Lacrosse practice.”

“Oh yeah.” Scott said. “We got to go Ms. (y/n),”

“Sure, go ahead. Don’t worry about me.” You smiled.

The boys exited the class and you frowned once they left, placing your palm on your forehead. Groaning, you rested your head on the table, with your cheeks against the cold surface.

The sound of heavy footsteps farther away caught your attention and you turned your head to the window and found Derek staring at you from afar. And after you gave him a nod, he turned around and left.

“That asshole.” You muttered.

You let out a heavy sigh and got up to gather your things. You took your books and your bag before leaving the classroom, thinking it was best to go home and relax, take time off to think.

You passed by the field and saw Scott and Stiles warming up. Stiles saw you and he waved gleefully. You waved back and so did Scott when he saw you.

“Good luck!” You said proudly. “I got to go before Finstock stops and asks me for a date again!”

“Oh! Yeah sure!” Stiles laughed.

“See ya!” Scott waved.

“McCall, Stilinski!” Finstock voiced out.

“Shit.” You muttered and you turned around, walking away as fast as you could.

“Ms. (y/n)!” Finstock called.

If the world could just end, you thought, it was preferable that it ended now as Finstock came closer. You exhaled heavily, gathering the nerve to face the rather overly excited coach of the lacrosse team.

“Coach,” You greeted with a fake smile.

“It’s been a while. It’s almost like you’re avoiding me,” He joked out loud in his coaching tone that almost everyone could hear.

“I didn’t notice.” You laughed along, sensing the attention. “But I have to go home early,”

“I was wondering if you’d like some coffee some time,” he continued, ignoring you completely.

Scott and Stiles, along with the rest of the team were watching an chuckling. You heard clearly how they mocked their coach, talking behind his back and you were just irritated.

“I don’t like coffee. But thanks though.” You said in conclusion and turned around to leave.

The boys reacted at the come back and Finstock watched you walk away, rejected once more.

“Ms. (y/s)!” He called.

“Goodbye coach.” You waved your hand.

You went ahead, relieved to be out of the awkward situation. You were about to get into your car when Derek appeared out of the blue, making you jump and curse out loud.

“What? Didn’t hear me?” He teased with a frown. “Or were you distracted with Finstock’s flirting?”

You gave him a glare. And he returned a similar expression.

“Then you don’t have very good ears then. Get away from before anyone sees the two of us together,” You warned as you opened the door but Derek slammed it closed.

“You don’t want anyone to see us? Why?”

“Because as you have seen. I am a teacher here - an innocent one that isn’t suspected to be anything other than human.”

“And why do you want to be like the rest of them?”

“You wouldn’t understand.” You concluded, shoving him in the chest. He backed off a few steps and you opened the door to your car and got in.

“(Y/n)!” Derek called out of the car, his hand on your window. But you started the engine and went home.

Nothing felt right between you and Derek, and you felt more distant. His constant pestering and expressionless stares annoyed you as you gripped the steering wheel. Not to mention, his overly nosy combined with intimidating attitude had crossed the line for you.

It was a relief to come home. Diablo greeted you and you were all smiles but once you reached your kitchen, you sensed a presence and pulled out a gun underneath your skirt, aiming at the intruder.

“Derek!” You shouted. “Dammit Derek! I could have shot you!”

“You have fast reflexes,” He smiled. “But you use that instead of your natural born claws.”

“It’s safer this way if situation comes to worst, at least I won’t be hunted.” You said seriously, done with his superior attitude.

“Hey, I didn’t mean it that way.” He said, seeing what he did wrong.

“No. It’s fine. I’m not proud of being a werewolf, it’s okay.” You flailed your arms after shrugging.

“I didn’t mean it (y/n),”

“You know, you are not the Derek I used to know. When have you become -” you paused, crossing you arms as you tried to contain your emotions.

He raised a brow again.

Sighing, you took a moment to calm down before looking at him in the eye once more - “When have you become so self-centered and nosy?”

“Me?” He raised his voice.

“Yes you”

“I’m not self-centered or nosy.”

“Yes! Yes you are!” You persisted. “Ever since you showed up and started interrogating me like some kind of criminal, I have every right to say that! Especially when you make an appearance at the school and mocking me because I want to keep my werewolf identity a secret!”

He couldn’t utter a word and sighed dramatically, rolling his eyes in exaggeration.

“Did you just roll your eyes at me?” You scoffed.


“Yes you did!”

He sighed again.

“There! You doing it again!”

Then he laughed. You couldn’t help but be outraged by the sudden change of emotion.

“Why are you laughing? What’s so funny? I’m angry at you Derek Hale!”

“Haven’t you realized that this is how we fought when we were kids?” He reminisced. “Hence the reason I laughed.”

He was right and you paused just to remember.

“You’re adorable when you’re angry. You still haven’t changed at all, maybe except for the color of your hair. And the fake teacher glasses.” He chuckled.

“Oh this is just the first stage, the worst hasn’t even come yet.” You responded with a snarl, taking off the glasses and throwing it at the counter. “I’m not letting this go after the horrible things you’ve done.”

“Okay, okay. I’d rather not see you at the most frightening of all stages so let me make it up to you,”

“You’re not bribing me Derek. And what’s up with the attitude change? Have you become bipolar?”

“I’ll treat you.” Completely ignoring everything you had just said.

“Nope. Not buying it,” you crossed your arms.

“How does milkshake and cake sound?”

You glared at him and he just smiled.

“Dammit.” You said, dropping your arms before turning around. You went to grab your car keys and headed for the door - “I want Vanilla milkshake and the same goes for cake!”

Derek grinned, hands in his pockets - “Always her weakness.”

And he heard you say in silent but grumbling mumbles - “why is he so good at changing my mind? Ugh!”

Lounging within the diner was not in order. So you waited in the car with your sunglasses and sun hat on as Derek went to get your free take-out. You drummed your fingers on the steering wheel, turning left then right then behind then front again to see if anybody you knew was around. So far none and Derek exited the diner and went back in the car.

“So…” he started. “You look ridiculous by the way.”

“I’ll just pretend that I heard you say my hat goes well with this sunglasses.”

He laughed and so did you.

“I know a place where we can chill.” You said as you drove out of the diner parking lot and onto the road, heading to Beacon Hills preserve.

“You did not just say the word ‘chill’,” he exclaimed.

“What? This is how I relate to the kids. And they dig it. They love me,”

And for the first time, you witness him smile his widest. You were almost taken aback that you took a moment to stare at him laugh heartily. It made you smile as well, reminding you have a family once more.

Derek’ took a small break from the widest smile he could conjure and noticed you staring at him. He stopped to stare as well, realizing only now how you’d blossomed.

“What?” You muttered, eyelids lowered.

“Nothing. It’s just that you look much different that before,”

“It’s the same for the both of us. We hadn’t see each other for ten years and I thought I was never going to see you again after finding out about the fire,”

Derek looked down for a moment, “Yeah.”

“But I’m glad.” You said, taking his hand. “I’m glad you’re alive and that’s enough for me. Even if its just the two of us, I’m happy.”

“I really thought you were dead. I threw a fit when ma broke the news to us all, saying that you died in the forest fire.” He revealed. “Cora and I didn’t want to believe. I literally went out looking for you because I believed that you were still out there.”

You gripped the steering wheel because you felt the tears swell, “You don’t have to say any more. I’m sorry that I faked my death, I really am.”

“Can you at least tell me a reason why?”

“Once we get back to the Hale house, my milkshake is going to melt otherwise we’re going to have to turn around and get another one.”

He laughed once more and you took a glance just to see him do so as it made your heart lighten and skip with delight.

Disclaimer: Gifs used are not mine! They are from Imgur, Tumblr and Giphy! Credits to the owners!

anonymous asked:

I'm actually really excited that Lena doesn't know about Kara. I want to have a big reveal scene so badly and those two would be perfect for it. Do you think it could possible happen in season 3 though?

I’m not sure…

Supergirl loves to blow through plot points at the speed of the Flash (remember how quickly Alex keeping the secret of killing Astra was resolved? Or how Kara got into a relationship, broke up with him, got back together- rise, repeat- finally was happy with him, and then finally lost him, all within the course of a season?)

And everyone else on the show found out comparatively quickly.

But if I were them I’d milk the shit out of this dynamic as it is, especially since Kara doesn’t have the identity secret with anyone else on the show. It’s a fun thing to play with, in my opinion. And like Katie Mcgrath said,

Part of the fun is the fact that she’s one of the only people who doesn’t know, and that gives their relationship something different than she has with anybody else. With Lena, Kara can just be Kara; she can be Kara Danvers, not the superhero. She doesn’t have this weight and this responsibility on her. All she has to do when she’s with Lena is be a good friend. 

So I hope you, in a way, never see it, because what you have between the two is a very equal relationship. Lena doesn’t have to be this powerful corporate leader, she can just be a flawed human being, and so can Kara. The longer that you don’t ever see that, to me, the better.

But, for me, what would be great to see is how, after some angst over the reveal and then eventual subsequent reuniting, they find that same balance again.

Then we’ll be able to see Kara still feel… normal even if Lena knows she’s Supergirl. Wouldn’t that be great to see? Kara expecting everything to change because of who she is, the dynamic to shift and for her to lose that part of her life, but after some time and airing everything out Lena just… still sees her the same way?

But then, the reveal. Won’t that be fun. Just.. really digging into these two and their fears of not being accepted by the other. Kara, fearing that Lena will hate her for keeping the secret, and Lena, fearing that Kara thinks she’s untrustworthy. 

Do both of them succumb to their fears? 

Kara, never telling her until Lena finds out on her own or is showed, and Lena, lashing out and destroying their friendship when she finds out Kara’s been lying to her? How do they mend everything after that?

There’s soooo much we can play with here, on so many levels and in so many different directions. There are things we should really dive into while the secret is still in play, when it’s revealed, and then what it means for them on the other side of it all.

So I think they should take their time. Not tooooo long, like I don’t need her to finally find out in season 8, but give it enough time to really give the stages the significance they can achieve.

But, that being said, Supergirl does like to have very quickly paced plot points.

And then again, they also seem to be, for once, playing the long game with Lena’s character and her morality. (But like… I don’t think they’re quite comfortable with that narrative style, hence the weirdly rapid pace “Wait does that mean she’s evil??? Nope! Wait what about this thing, will that make her evil… No? phew.” over and over again. Like they don’t know how to not resolve a plot point, so they just keep resolving it and then bringing it up again and call it a slowburn moral arc.)

So really, it’s whatever the writers feel like. In fact, it probably depends on what they have in store otherwise.

Lena could find out in the season 3 finale or the first season 3 episode. Who knows? I can’t guess what they’ll do, or what’s best for the overall plot beyond these two, because I don’t know what they have planned beyond this dynamic.


Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Your special abilities happen to catch the attention of a certain friendly neighborhood superhero.

Warnings: None :)

A/N: Will this be a series? Maybe. Maybe not. *insert sly smile*

Part 2   Part 3

You didn’t want these powers, they just happened. You didn’t mean to burn down the house. You didn’t know that your powers would leave you homeless. You were cast aside from your family and friends to be left alone on the streets of New York. You could easily handle yourself on the streets, but you wanted more. You wanted a home and a nice hot meal, but you had no access to those luxuries on this dark, rainy night. You were walking back to your box in an alley when you heard commotion. You walked down further to see a fight taking place between Spider-Man and a masked mugger. You hid yourself away when you noticed the mugger pull out a knife that Spider-Man didn’t see. The mugger held the knife centimeters from Spider-Man’s torso when you intervened.

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Running Out of Time

Prompt: I can take care of myself with Barry. I went ahead and chose the CW Flash.
Note: I had this written even before it was requested, for a friend.

You snapped in surprise as you saw a dark figure landing in front of you. You tried to kick, you tried to punch but the figure kept blocking you, until it hit you. Barbara had informed you about your stay in Gotham.

Don’t get surprised if you meet him

As you stood still, recalling the exact moment and trying to get together the shit that had been going on that night, you felt your hand being pulled behind your back, pain bringing you back to reality.

“Don’t break it please” you hissed, with a pleading tone.
The figure let you hand rest freely in it’s place and finally made it’s way to confront you. “You’re coming with me! ”
Just the moment you saw his face you lost your control. Your jaw fell to the ground and you looked at him with a face of amusement.
“You’re friggin Batman” you screamed, something you were sure Felicity would do if she was in your shoes right now. An instant rush came through you and you started to smile like a fool, remembering your exact words to her.

‘Man…if I ever meet Batman…I’ll go crazy.“
‘You admire him so much?” Felicity called.
“You don’t even have to ask Gooooood… I love his work.”
Felicity looked at you in disbelief. “(Y/n), promise me you won’t get involved into the vigilante life.
“But it’s exciting ”
“Dying isn’t exciting believe me…”

And now here you were, the Dark Knight in front you, you smiling like an idiot, and you just remembered how you should have followed Felicity’s advise and never do the whole vigilante thing. What if Batman wanted you out of his teritory, or what if he knew your secret identity. Would he find Oliver’s too? Laurel’s?

“I need you to be to Keystone by tomorrow afternoon”
Hearing the words you fell from the clouds.
“Come again?” How could he order you?

“ I’m not repeating it. You will grow bonds with Flash and give me a report about him every day”
Your eyes widened and you felt your eyebrows raise inside your purple domino mask.
“Since when do I follow your orders? I just met you!”
He had turned his back to you before you talked. You quickly made your way to him, as he was rather fast for walking slow. YOU placed your hand on his back and once he snapped it you were thrown to the ground so fast you did not have time to comprehend what was happening.
“This is my city. You’ll do as I say.” He let you get up and swipe some dust away from your black clothed feet.
For a reason you wanted to obey him. He seemed to get what he wanted; he was way too scary for you to say no. Maybe that was why bad guys listened to him. Plus, it would be really helpful if you were a vigilante with a good reputation, not like Red Hood…

“Fine.” You muttered. “Oracle will give you the exact identities and your supposed job.”
“Uhm.. Mister Batman… will I have to… y'know tell them about my secret identity?”
“You will do everything needed to give me the I formation I need.”

You moved your head around as to get familiar with your surroundings. Central City looked a lot like Keystone
“They’re called twin towns for a reason dumpass.” You thought.
You signaled at a passing taxi to get you to your destination.
21 High Street.
With your arrival, you set your suitcases down and unlocked the door to the apartment. As expected, Barbara had the rooms filled with furniture to your liking, similar to your apartment in Gotham. There was a big frame window and a couch facing a television that stood in the right corner of the room, then next to the living room laid the kitchen; a shiny creamy colored kitchen with a table for at least two people in the middle. Finally there was a small hall that led to the bathroom and your bedroom.
You laid on the couch at once; the exhaustion of a one night speed trip from Gotham to Keystone then Central City had worn you out so much that your eyes blurred instantly.

You walked though they glass doors of CCPD department, taking small, slow steps you headed to the chief.

You didn’t know how, but it happened in a flash. You fell butt-down on the floor; your image looked horrid; papers and files we’re spread on the groung, on you, even on the one you had (literally)crushed into.
“I-i’m sorry. I wasn’t looking where I was going and” you were taken aback by the person in front of you.
Sure coming to central city to meet Barry Allen was the key to your mission, but you didn’t expect to meet him so easily…
“Hello…. you’re in there?” Barry said as he tapped lightly on your forehead. You shook your head so you could come back to reality and fell right into the mission.
“Yeah..yeah… I’m okay… sorry I stopped listening to you… ” you gave a cheeky smile to him.
“Anyway” he smiled back as he got up.“My name is Barry Allen and I’m… ”
“A crimeologist… I know… I’m (y/n), I was sent here by Commissioner Gordon and Bruce Wayne…”
“Bruce Wayne?” Barry’s eyes widened at the name. “What is your connection with him?”
“I know you seem amazed.” You stopped for a bit and took his offering hand to get up. Wiping some dirt of your skirt and blouse you went on.
“I just graduated academy the Police academy , and I thought Gotham just wasn’t for me… Central city is…calmer…” you smiled nervously.
“Oh, believe me it’s not…” Barry mumbled before going down to pick up your papers and files….
“oh.. Mr Allen.. you don’t have to… really…” you bent, and he raised his head a little for his eyes to meet yours.. “just call me Barry Ok?”

After he gave you your files you frankly greeted him and headed to the chief.
Everything went according to plan. ~×~

You laid on your couch in your dark blue bath robe. Lately laying on that particular cream sofa had become your favorite alternate activity.
You’d lay there to think, to read, to watch TV. Everyone of your new friends had sat on that couch, which made it somehow special, everytime you sat.
Tonight though, you felt nothing.
You really wondered whether agreeing to do that mission was right, ethic…

But was there really a time in our lifes we are actually being ethic?

The doorbell rang, signaling you didn’t have more time to think. You got up and headed to the door,putting on a fake smile for the one who was behind that door.

“Baaary! ” you said in joy.
Barry came in, after he kissed gently on your cheek.
“Sit down” you said. “I’m going to change Ok?”
“Yeah…” Barry smirked absorbing your image from head to toe.“take your time.”
It wasn’t fair. Barry had asked you on a date again. He had been doing so since he met you. Not to mention, you would always say yes, You could see, how Barry was looking at you and you could sense the was you looked at him.
It was mutual.

“I’m back!” You announced as you entered your small living room. Barry, once again stared at you like a fool.
You wore a simple red dress with black high heels. Simple, but it still left him knocked out.

“Well you like veggies? ” Barry burst.
“I was thinking we could go to a restaurant for vegeterians… y'know.. try something different..”
“Like when we went to that basketball class?” You went out, to close your apartment door, followed by Barry. He stood behind your back waiting for you to turn around, so he could kiss you suddenly.

“I love basketball” he said in a darker tone of his voice
“ I hate it . Deeply.” You turned your back so you we’re facing him: you didn’t expect him to be so close , neither to eliminate the distance in such way as he did.
His lips stayed for long on yours, while his hands rested on the small of your back.
Barry stopped, only to start kissing you across your jaw line and neck, though you pushed him back.
“Nononono…. Barry stop… we have a date..”

So we’ll disturb the neighbors in a place to freeze ..

You were cut off by Zayn Malik’s voice, signaling that your phone was ringing.
Once you saw the caller your eyes widened both in horror and realisation of what was coming on you.

Not now goddammit. Not now.
You turned your head to Barry, who stood frozen on the spot.

“I gotta get this one Barry ”
Barry nodded.

“Hey bab. Ill be coming over Gotham City tonight, care if I pass by?”
“Guy…. you can’t… I’m not..”
“So you’re on your way…”
“ anyway.. whatever. I was thinking I could come over we could talk, eat, drink wine…maybe…”
“Nooo. Guy stop it.
"C'mon (y/n)! I still love you and you know you still love me.”
“Guy.. it’s not the right time right now..”
“Don’t tell me your banging another guy!”
Barry looked at you in surprise and started to talk, though you ignored him.
"Guy” you pleaded. “Guy, once I’m back in Gotham we can talk, k?” You closed the phone not caring about Guy’s voices and stuff and turned to Barry with a smile.
“My brother, Barry, he’s one hell of an asshole. And veeery stubborn.”

“Oh, he wants you back in Gotham?”
You took a moment to reply as you were thinking about the sacrifices you made for this mission. Sure, Guy was all about muscles, but he was a good man, who had been through a lot. His father harassed him when he was young, and would only be nice to his older brother. Guy had worked his way to the top and you’d didn’t want to abandon such a person. He was just stubborn because so was life.

The reason though that made you go distant from him was that he had taken away two years of your life. Without him even knowing.
You and Guy got together once you first started college. You had classes together and even hanged out, until you decided to go out with him. To cut a long story short; You two dated for a good, nice year, until you realised you pregnant. Not wanting to kill the child, you dropped off college and went to Gotham, so you could give birth and leave the kid to your sister



While the Guy matter took most of your concentration off Barry’s words, you actually enjoyed hearing him talk about all his problems, the concerns of The Flash. You could at least remember that night as the happiest one with him, before Cisco found out about your identity (you still didn’t know how he had figured it out) including your civilian life back in Gotham and Star city, as well for your daughter and Guy.
    You reported to Batman, who had nodded in understanding, comforting you to go back in Gotham and help you settle down with an actual life of your own. You agreed, of course, and packed your things eagerly to go back to your little daughter as soon as you could.

   Although luck didn’t seem to get to you, as the same night Zoom had snatched you, locked you in a room and send footage if your tied up and beaten form to the Flash team.
   You knew you were going to die, so you held nothing back from trying to emotionally hurt the black clothed son of a bitch.   “Why do you think you got anything to take away from me Zoom?”

“I don’t have something to take from you. But from him. ”

“Oh, please Zolomon you gotta hit me harder than that. My mission thrashed my heart, I don’t feel pain Hunter. I don’t. So go ahead. Kill me. But it won’t be Barry who will hunt you down. Batman will put your brains in your ass..”
Hunter’s eyes widened at your reference.
“What? You got him in your earth too?” You got cocky.
“in my earth Batman is man who’s wife was killed, he was paralyzed by the Joker, his kid he has given away. And he’s not even the only one. Batmen are going around eliminating people like me.”

Your lips formed a cocky grin. Of course hunter was afraid of Batman. You’d play fear’s little game until anyone from the batfamily was there. Though, they wouldn’t. Barry wouldn’t save you either he wouldn’t. That’s why you had activated your communication with Batman. He’d hear everything. all he needed to know from the start. then your mission would be over. You’d be dead. And Batman wouldn’t take revenge. Just like he did for the second Robin. You hoped that Talia Al Ghoul would throw you in the lazarous pit. But it wouldn’t happen. You were never a member of any vigilante family.

“You don’t want earth 1’s Batman to hunt you then. He much worse than any Batman you encountered in your past.”
You closed your eyes as Zoom hit you with his speed once again. .oh how you wished you were a member of the Amazon, or an Atlantean.
Instantly you remembered Felicity. She didn’t want you dead.
Sorry.” you muttered.
You felt greatful that you were being killed by Zoom and not Joker. Better speed than vandalism and sadism.

'Then it be my pleasure to kill you. Send you to hell.“
"l’m already there”

    It was some moments after that Barry blurt in asking if you were okay, and Zoom laughing as he looked at the man in red.
  Quickly you answered to Barry with a small
“I can protect my self you know”

  But you didn’t die. You couldn’t exactly comprehend why, but Zoom run away after a small intense fight with Barry, who rushed you to the hospital. He stayed by your side, the whole time; even when your sister and your little toddler came to visit, even when Guy did, hell he was even there when Guy met his little daughter for the first time.
    You knew you could get any better than that, having someone to care so deeply about you and somehow Batman had made his promise come true. You had a normal life. As normal as it could ever get with Barry, but that was your idea of normal to be honest.

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Adrien turns into a cat(blond) due to an Akuma(famous rich boys are turning into animals) and Marinette found him. But he slowly is starting to like the idea of being Mari's cat (part of the transformation is going into the animal's mindset)

a cat is no angel [miraculous ladybug, ladynoir] 

Summary: Adrien gets turned into a cat, Marinette adopts said cat, Plagg just wants cheese, and Tikki just wants some peace.

Word count: 2.8k

A/N: This was supposed to be a nice short fill, but plot happened so it was supposed to be a long oneshot. But then I’ve got exams right after break so I’ll be posting this as chaptered to give myself some peace of mind. 

Part 1/3 [also on AO3]

“You know,” Adrien says while scanning the list of missing pets tacked on a corkboard. “If my father ever finds out that I’m at a police station right now, I’ll be grounded forever.”

No response. Just the slightest rough exhale that Adrien would hopefully call a snort. He looks sideways at Ladybug. To a casual passerby, there doesn’t seem to be anything off about her. Her expression is all business, her lips pursed as if she is concentrating on something significant, but through all the time that Adrien has spent with her, he now notices the tense line of her shoulders and the way her hands twitch as if she’s resisting the urge to clench them into fists.

He resists the urge to sigh on his part. So they’re still ‘not talking’. Fine by him. He petulantly crosses his arms and turns back to the list.

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victoriander  asked:

Do you think that since it has been so long of Shinichi lying to Ran about him being Conan, she could forgive him when she finally does find out? Do you think he actually tells her or she finds out another way? What is your opinion on this sort of situation? I love them so much but oh well, this situation is still pretty frustrating lol p.s., have a happy day! I love your blog.

Thank you! I’m so glad that you like my blog~ 

I would like to think that Gosho is toying with the idea of having Shinichi reveal his secret identity to Ran. But since he’s also deadly protective of her when it comes to the Black Organization, I don’t think that he would confess everything to her right away. I think that he would tell her after he defeated the Black Organization and once the antidote was completed. 

And I don’t think that Ran would hold anything against him for keeping his identity a secret. Because once she’s told the truth about what happened to him after their date at Tropical Land, I think she would understand the danger he put himself in just to see her again in his normal body. 

Though it did take us 1,000 fucking chapters just to get a kiss between them that I’m still happy and salty about. So who honestly knows. 

Just Talk to Me (Part 1)

Pairing: Peter Parker x (Female) Reader

Warnings: angst

Word Count: 1453

Summary: "I don’t think he loves me anymore.”  (This was supposed to be a drabble request that kind of has a mind of it’s own and is now a multi-chapter story…)

Notes: Sorry the title sucks, I almost went with “Love Forgives” but I couldn’t do it.

Part 2  Epilogue   Final Part

         The roof of your apartment building was a peaceful place that very few people came to this late, unless they were desperate for a smoke, but didn’t fancy the streets at night. You were lucky enough to have the place to yourself for a bit. Your picnic quilt was spread out on the ground, pillow behind your back, creating a comfortable little nest as you looked up at the night sky. Light pollution hid most of the stars from your view, but a few peaked through, enough to remind you that the universe was absolutely gigantic, and you were just a tiny little spec in it, and that ultimately the pain you currently felt in your chest would not matter, that the universe would get over it, and you should get over it. So why does it still feel like the world is crumbling around me?

        You had been trying not to cry. Coached yourself to keep a straight face at school when your best friend avoided you, ignored you, at home when he didn’t respond to your texts or answer your calls, in the hallway outside of his apartment when his aunt told you that he wasn’t home. Come on, Y/N, crying doesn’t do you any good. It just makes you splotchy, and you can’t breathe, and you get a headache, and then people hear you and ask questions and tell you that everything will be okay. And what do they know? They don’t know how this feels. Who are they to tell me that everything is okay, and I should cheer up?

        Tears slipped from your eyes as your brain carried on with its angry monologue. And now I’m crying. Great. I’ll have to go back inside and answer those stupid questions, and convince Mom and Dad that I’m perfectly fine when I’m not. I’m not alright. Why can he - how can he do this? I thought he was my friend, that we would always be -  “I was so stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid.”

        “What did you do that was so stupid?”

        You let out a little yelp and jerked upright, heart pounding as you looked around for the voice. Looking behind the closed off chimney you had been using as a backrest, you saw Spider-man, leaning against it casually, as though he was meant to be there.

        “What are you - you - you’re?”

        “Hi, I’m Spider-man. Nice to meet you…?”


        “Y/N. Lovely name. So, I was just swinging around, and I heard crying, and that’s usually a sign that something bad is happening.”

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Peter in your room finding a scrapbook with newspaper articles about Spider-Man after he saved you would include…

  • Explaining to him that you’ve been Spider-man’s biggest fan since the night he saved you
  • Peter being beyond surprised when he saw your room floor littered with newspaper cuttings of him
  • Walking around your room slowly, taking time to see all of the photos of him in his suit stuck onto your wall
  • Flicking through your scrapbook full of articles about him
  • Finding a bunch of your own personal comments about Spider-man doodles along the pages
  • “I don’t think he’s a menace, honestly. The media’s got it all wrong.”
  • Finding a story your wrote about the night he saved you (Because you still don’t know he’s Spider-man)
  • You walking into to your room, not expecting to find Peter rifling through your scrapbook
  • “Pete, what do you think you’re doing?”
  • Explaining that you’ve been a big fan of Spider-man ever since he saved you from muggers
  • Peter trying to act like he doesn’t know who Spider-man is, to keep his identity a secret
  • “So, um, who is this Spider-man dude?”
  • Rambling on about how cool Spider-man is
  • “He’s so awesome, and he has these cool web shooter things. You have got to meet him one day, Peter.”
  • Peter smiling when you can’t stop talking about Spider-man
Happy Birthday Shannon!

I hope you will accept this offering

Piper feels like dying. Everything hurts, including muscles that she’s sure never existed before. A disturbingly heavy layer of sweat clings to her like a gross, uncomfortable hug. There’s no doubt in her mind she looks like a train wreck. Her hair is probably soaked and a rat’s nest, while what little makeup she had on when she came in is probably smeared across her face. Between the ambrosia and the hours of torture she’s just been through she feels like she’s just drank molten lava. The only thing keeping her from sucking down any more of the small squares of lifesaving goodness is the fear of spontaneous combustion.

Soft, throaty humming starts up from the corner of the room to her left and she forces her eyes open. Hunched over in the tiny chair squeezed between her bed and the wall of the tiny room is Jason. For being the great and powerful New Rome the infirmary room is incredibly small.

“She’s not even an hour old and you’re wrapped around her finger,” Piper croaks.

Jason stops his humming and grins at her. His glasses are crooked, his hair is a complete mess, and the bags under his eyes could carry an elephant. He’s also holding their daughter like she’s made of glass and because of that alone Piper can forget everything else.

“Guess she takes after her mother,” he says with a stupid, make-her-stomach-flip smile.

“Shut up,” she mutters, dropping her head back into the mound of pillows stacked behind her.

“We still have to give her a name,” Jason half whispers.

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// Secret Valentine's //

Since Valentine’s is coming up, how about a secret Valentine?

All you have to do is reblog this! I will try sending each one of you an URL by February, 5th. 

When you receive an URL, try messaging the person daily! On Valentine’s day, you reveal your identity (: 


Arrow | Speculations - Spoilers?

For what we have seen on promotional pictures and videos (CTV promo), Thea will finally discover Oliver’s secret identity…

In the first picture above, we see Thea entering the lair (we saw more details on the CTV promo)….But in the second and third pictures, I wonder if Roy is there to reveal her the truth about Sara’s death.

I think Roy can help her better than anyone to cope with the shocking news, since he also killed someone without knowing when he was “under the influence” of Mirakuru

What do you think?