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Story time

Today when I was walking home from the bus stop I got caught at a stoplight. I had been crying since about halfway through my bus ride and I just couldn’t seem to stop. While I was waiting for the light to turn green this lady approached me and asked me if I was okay. Partially due to my shock at a stranger talking to me, and partially due to my current state of mind, all I could manage to do was look up at her and say, “Gay.” She smiled and patted me on the shoulder and said, “Well, gay is okay!” And then she walked off and I crossed the street and carried on with my life, hysterically sobbing and laughing as I went. 

Because little did she know,

I was crying about the new episode of yuri on ice.


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Anonymous asked: What in your opinion was the best season finale so far? And why? (And please talk about film techniques! I love when you do that!)

Damn here we go. You know, I love all season finales for different reasons, since they all ended very differently, but I gotta say that no finale had me as breathless as the season 1 finale.

There is just so much going on that I absolutely love. I think it’s important to note that we have 3 different endings in season 1: Clarke pulling the lever; The Mountain Men arriving; Clarke and Monty trapped in Mount Weather. This is very interesting to me, because the show tells us that we are not allowed to focus on just one storyline, but have to pay attention to many storylines that are interwoven with one another (if not yet, they will be in the next season – see: season 2). This, in effect, challenges you to tease apart the significance of the multiple layers that exist within each storyline, and creates this complex, richly textured and puzzling narration, but not to the extent where the viewer is left with the feeling that the illusivness of the story is not logical.

My favorite finale ending: Clarke waking up in Mount Weather – Season 1.

Before I start I have to point out that this episode was shot by my favorite director of The 100, Dean White, who really knows how to establish a very captivating and surreal moment. Everything about the last scene of season 1 felt very much like something out of a classic 80’s horror movie, with an outstanding aesthetic, suspensful atmosphere and a very great plot-twist. Note: I will go through each moment step by step, because it is just that great. Let me also preface that, when I watch something, I give myself up to the character’s vision and the setting completely. Even if it’s illogical or makes little sense factually sometimes, I follow the logic of the character and the design of the setting so that I can see what the vision is, what they are trying to say/realize and what they are trying to make me, as the viewer, feel. I power through faulty logic expressly to get at what the character and the setting is trying to communicate. So, it’s safe to say that my emotions were really being fucked with during the last scene in season 1, lmao. But anyway, let’s start.

Scene 1 – close up shot and sound.

The first scene opens with a very close face-shot of Clarke lying on a pillow, after the screen went white before and then decided to fade out to Clarke’s sleeping face. At the same time, while the camera fades out from white to Clarke’s face, we are treated with two different sounds: 1. classical music, and 2. the sound of a heartbeat. This mixture of visual image and audio sound is very important, because the viewer is supposed to come to one realization – Clarke is still alive. Note: This scene has an important relationship to the last scene before it.

The last image of Clarke, before the scene turns completely white, is of her lying on the ground with a laser-sighted rifle pointed to her head, after someone/a few people threw red smoke grenades at the Delinquents, with the ‘goal’ to knock everyone out. The 'cut to white’ screen effect (also known as a fade in) therefore works wonders, because we don’t actually find out what exactly happens to Clarke and her friends, until we cut to the next scene (see pictures above where the white page fades out to clarke’s face) where she is obviously still alive (hear: heartbeat sound). We know what these people are called that attacked the Delinquents, since Anya already names them 'Mountain Men’. But it is still interesting how this all plays out, because the viewer is left with something mystical. We don’t find out any more about these people, but are left with that last image of a human who looks like anything we have seen on the show before. It surprises and shocks the viewer at the same, because you see these 'creatures’ that attack our characters, who they manage to knock the fuck out and then everything turns white, and you are left with a bazillion questions: Who are they? What do they want? How did they know where Clarke and co. were? Why do they look like that? etc etc. It’s great honestly. The show continually stages these massive scenes where the 100 are faced with horrifying actions and turning-events (killing 300 Grounders, Mountain Men), only to cut to these smaller moments where the character and the viewer are thrown into these new positions where they go ’???’, because everything feels so out of place at first. I say 'at first’, because even if you don’t instantly know what’s happening, the show candidly creates a very strong connection to the recent events through these rather smaller moments.

In the case of the first shot of Clarke it’s no different. Even if the viewer can’t be expected to understand what is happening initially, since you only get to see so little of Clarke’s body in combination with the strange whiteness of the background (see: white pillow, and very bright lighting) mixed with the classical music and sound of a heartbeat, this moment still creates a very visibal vibrant energy that is both contrasted as well as paralleled effectively with whatever was happening before this moment (Mountain Men at the dropship). Clarke is alive, and she seems to be well. The white pillow and lighting sort of indicate that she seems to be somewhere safe - in a hosptial; her face is clean, her wounds have been cared for, and she obviously lies on something comfortable (white pillow). The sound of the heartbeat clearly belongs to her, as we continue to hear it throughout the moment. It only starts to slowly diminish when Clarke starts to open her eyes. The sound of the heartbeat completely vanishes as soon as she has her eyes fully open – hence: she is really alive. What is really interesting to me is that the sound of the classical music, that comes in a mixture with the heartbeat, decides to stay, while the heartbeat sound clearly dissolves. While the heartbeat is significant for the viewer to realize that Clarke is still alive, the music actually has a complete different task. The music is supposed to calm the viewer, because hey, Clarke is alive! And she seems to be somewhere safe! (somewhere that is not the ground, but resembles heaven maybe – see: whiteness/lighting). This effect is actually misleading and only works to a certain extent. The music definitely has the conventional sting of a sound that you usually find in dramatic situations that happen in horror movies. The music might sound classical, and might suggest a 'soothing’ atmosphere, but to me it feels rather sophisticated and almost as if it were done in an operatic style on purpose, because it already wants to suggest a suspensful, horrific turn of events that our protagonist will undergo in a few minutes.

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2/19/2016 Daily Report:

Accomplished / Notes:

  • 20k STEPS! WHOO! This is the first time I’ve actually done that! I got the badge before when fitbit doubled my steps mistakenly, but this is for REALS!
  • Got to spend another couple of hours with my BFF walking the beach for a while then we sat down on a bench there and just talked for a while.  She’s going back now, so won’t see her again for a while. Hoping it won’t be too long.
  • She was talking about wanting us to do a Mini-Tri by her 55th birthday, like the year between my 55th and hers. Eeep! She seemed serious and wanted to use it as motivation for herself to get back into shape. I’ll have to see just what that involves.
  • Got the tomato seeds planted.
  • God damned Mockingbird ate another one of my half-green tomatoes today when I left the cover off the plants for a while. I thought he might’ve forgotten it by now, or not bothered since I’d picked all the ripe ones. Nope. Little shit. 
  • Work-work done and mailed.
  • Called my friend in the assisted living facility and apologized for not making it over there this week. I need to get over there for a visit next week for sure.
  • Grocery shopped.
  • Jazzercised
  • Calories a bit high. I bought some peanuts while shopping and stupidly opened them in the car on the way home and ate out of the container. I know better than that. Oh well … they were good and I haven’t had them in a while for this very reason
  • Got utterly and completely pissed off with the BF, which completely fucked up my good mood this afternoon. Still feeling a bit angry about the whole thing, but venting to my wonderfully understanding friend, @mybigfatfitlife , and going to Jazzercise reduced my anger level down from murderous to manageable. Thank you, Harmony!

I can’t think of anything that I didn’t get done that I should’ve so, yay! Thank goodness for my bad memory! :)